Suit and Tie Sex

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We’re coworkers. Coworkers in nice clothes, digging each other for months, undressing each other with our eyes every time we cross opposite sides of the room. And one night, we’re alone in the office, and that’s when I move.

You’re clad in a modestly short skirt, and a blouse, and your hair is put up in a bun. Your lipstick has dots of removal from nervously wrapping your lips as every single last coworker leaves, and for the first thirty minutes of our night together you have a close eye on me. But five minutes ago, you lost me, and you can feel yourself getting wet as you imagine me skirting off to the bathroom to unload the sexual frustration that you’ve been giving me since we started working together. So naturally, your breath catches in your throat when you feel my hand wrap around your bun, and my other sharply grip your waist.

I pull you back against me and you can feel the hint of my throbbing cock pressing against my slacks and settling against your ass.

“Feel that?” I breathe into your ear. You whimper and bite your lip. “That’s been a constant in my life every day I’ve seen you, and now I can finally deal with it.” You’re nervous, but wanting, and you’re digging your nails into your palm as I unbutton your skirt and let it fall to the ground, your white panties beginning to soak. Every so slowly your ass begins to grind against my hardening cock as I undo the knot in your hair and let it fall free, before moving to massage your neck.

My other hand slides around front, and I graze a finger tip over your pantie-covered slit, as your breathing increases.

“Please,” you whisper. I grip a handful of your hair and pull you back as you inadvertently sit on the desk that sat behind us, your legs splaying out. Before you can get back up I capture your face between my hands and hotly kiss you on the lips, biting the bottom one before pulling away, and pressing my crotch rokettube into yours. Your legs faintly on instinct wrap around me, but I reach down and undo them, not ready yet for what you want. My hands find your blouse and rip the buttons open, your matching white bra showing the caps of your hard nipples. I wrap one of my arms around the small of your back and pull you tight against me while the other unhooks your bra so my mouth and tongue could feast on the skin of your swelling tits and nipples, your hands digging into the back of my head and holding me there. Your breath increases and you moan as my teeth graze each nipple, savoring the taste.

Suddenly, I push away, and you pout, so I kiss you deeply one more time before grabbing an office chair, sitting in it, and sliding over, so my eyes are level with your crotch. In a flash, my hands find your ass and I pull you against my face, kissing and tonguing at your pussy through the material of your panties as you moan and cuss at the pleasure. I slow down and spread your legs apart, kissing up and down each thigh, and biting here and there, one of your hand snakes down and begins to finger your pussy, and I grab it, quickly, sucking your juices off your fingers before pushing it back up your body, glaring at you before you settled with just playing with your tits as I slide my hands under your panties to pull them off. My tongue adventures around your lips, and I nip at your pubic bone before diving mouth first back into your cunt, licking and lapping at the juices inside. My hands squeeze your ass then come back front to spread your lips so I can slide my tongue in as deep as possible, before I move back up to lap at your clit, and finger fuck you at the same time. All this time you’re pinching your nipples and moaning my name.

I pick up my speed and alternate between finger and tongue fucking you as you drench my face and moan loudly. asyalı porno Finally you wrap your legs around my head and scream my name, squeezing your tits as your walls constrict around my tongue and fingers.

I lean back in the chair, smiling at you and licking my lips, my cock throbbing in my slacks. After you recover you saunter off the table and run your hands up my thighs, as you settle on your knees in front of me. One hand strokes my cock against my thigh, the other pulls my chin down for a deep kiss, and then you expertly undo my belt and slacks, pulling out my cock, stroking the shaft and breaking our kiss to take the head in your talented mouth. My fingers dig into the armrest of the chair before I move to keep your hair out of your face as you stroke and suck me. Your tongue works my head as you pick up speed on my shaft, before you kiss a path down and take my balls into your mouth.

“Fuck…you’re such a good fucking girl,” I let out, gently bucking my hips into your warm mouth. I can feel your smile on my cock as I feel cum beginning to get ready to blast from my heavy balls. You feel it too.

“Let it go, baby,” you whisper as you pick up speed jacking me off and gently touch the tip, and in an instant your hand finds mine and holds onto it as you begin to take me in your mouth, inch by inch, and you fuck my cock with your mouth, gagging a bit as you deep throat me.

“Fuuuuck,” I say squeezing your hand as I feel ropes of thick cum erupt from my member, painting the insides of your mouth. You stop the mouth fucking and purse your lips around my head, slurping up the rest of my seed, and use your hand to stroke the last bit out of me. I rest back in the chair, my cock half hard. Smiling, you straddle me, the lips of your pussy pressing down on the shaft of my half hard cock.

“It still feels great baby,” you whisper into my ear as azeri porno you begin to grind against it. Your hands rove over my chest, before settling on my tie. Our lips meet as you pick up your grinding speed and your hands loosen my tie. You break our kiss as my cock begins to harden against your lips. “I’m dripping and you’re not even inside me,” I smirk back at your seduction act. Your small hands begin to unbutton my shirt as I let my hands slide up and down your back, my cock nearly at full length under your sexy lips. You feel it, obviously, and after you pull my shirt off, you lift my tie off my head, and stand up.

“Fuck me.” You mouth, as you put my tie on and tighten it around your neck. Smiling, you flip it behind your back, and then bend over in front of the desk, wiggling your tan, perfect ass and looking back at me, biting your lip.

I’m on you in an instant. My nails dig into your hips as my cock slides into your cunt with ease, my heavy balls bouncing off your pussy. Your hands grip the desk in front of you as your face huffs and puffs, finding rest and the wood…until I grab the tie and pull your lips back to me, as we hungrily kiss each other and fuck, the sounds of our bodies slamming together permeating the office.

My hands hungrily claw at your breasts as one of yours finds it’s way between us to work my balls in your hand. I let one of mine slide to rub your clit as you begin cumming hard onto my cock and fingers, kissing and biting at my lips and tongue more ferociously as you lose control. Breaking for five seconds I pull out, flip you around and shove you onto the desk, before pulling your body tight against mine, as your cunt chokes my thickness and I slam hard against you, romantically kissing your lips and then biting your neck.

“Fuck, fuck fuck,” you moan, digging your nails into my back and burying your head in my chest as you lose yourself in bliss, my cock getting more sensitive and more close to cumming with every hump.

Finally your legs wrap tightly around me and I thrust one more time, blasting cum deep into your pussy, before collapsing back into the chair, with you still in my lap…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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