Summer Breezin’

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Memories… sweet sweet memories, I’m trying to remember.. It has been a really hot day, a hot long day, I can still feel the heat on my skin.

Should I eat something, should I drink something, I am craving something; I just cannot quite put my finger on it. I feel sticky, I feel hot. I can smell the sun block, and the faded smell of vanilla mixing. How I love the smells. Sweet, sweet smells.

The day turns to evening… I don’t know when it happened, but suddenly it was dark and I was walking along the beach alone. I can see glimpses of the stars and the moon sparkling along the ocean. I have never been in love, but this feels like love, but love of a different kind. In love with just everything. I can’t explain it, just that it feels magical. I’ve never noticed how the lights shimmer along the ripples in the water or how sparkly the stars are. I’d been staring for a while, at only the ocean, the skies mirror. Beautiful.

I felt a breeze and I breathed in, took it all in, closed my eyes.


I was trying to remember him, it, love, was it? If it was, where did it go? I couldn’t remember, his touch, his laughter, his eyes, his body, his dick, oh his hard dick. It’s been so long, I was fighting with myself trying to remember. Nothing. I opened my eyes and breathed out. Release, I felt light.

In the distance, on the beach there were people, I heard laughter, I smiled.


I smiled again, a voice so familiar, yet so new, musky, rough, sweet, I did not turn straight away. I felt a touch on my shoulder and whisper in my ear, “Hi there beautiful.” his hot breath on my ear, my neck. So hot. I felt paralysed. Turn around, I told myself, still nothing; I could only let out a sigh “mmmmm…”

I slowly looked up, he had no shoes on, his feet were sandy from the beach I suppose, the tan on his legs was almost gold, little manly hairs, white long shorts, no shirt. Oh my God, no shirt, his chest, the curves and shapes, the shadows on his body, he was delicious. A man, a beautiful man.

He was ripped, so nice, he was beautiful, finally his face and smile caught my attention straight away, not that was a ever a problem, he had me at hello and the moon twinkling in his dark eyes. Dark hair, curly dark hair…. I wondered if it was curly elsewhere.

“Hi there,” I said.

“It’s a beautiful night, mind if I join you?” he asked rhetorically.

I have seen him before, a couple of times before; I have spoken to him before. We had flirted before… I giggled at this memory at how easy it was to recall him, someone I hardly knew but could not even remember the face of someone I spent what felt like eternity with.


He smiled, “I have been waiting to get you alone, finally”

I smiled.

My heart was racing, I wanted him, and I felt scared and excited, and nervous, arghhh! I always get shy when I like someone! I didn’t know what to say.

“Drink?” I asked,

He turned around shouted something in Spanish, and after a few minutes a waiter came over with a bottle of tequila, salt and lemon…. I love a man who is in control, in charge of the situation, its so hot.

“Yum” I said… “but really? I was thinking a beer or something?”

“Enjoy!” said the waiter and left.

Alone, again.

He poured the shots, so cheeky and said “Shall we?” We had a couple of shots, we laughed, and we flirted.

I don’t know what got into me; I did not even have time to think before the words started coming out of my mouth. “I shall show you, let’s do it my way!”

I smiled; I got up and üsküdar escort dusted the sand off my dress. I knelt in front of him, he still held the shots in his hands, I took the salt and looked at him, I licked my fingers, covered them with salt and put the lemon in my mouth.

“Ohhhh that looks nice” he said, before I even looked up, he put my fingers in his mouth, sucked of the lemon, had his shot and with one hand, took the lemon out of my mouth and squeezed it on my neck and then his lips touched my neck and he sucked on it. It was so quick. He sucked, hard, it was almost painful, but the pain, excited me.

I ran my fingers in his hair and pulled his hair back so he would stop sucking my neck, he wouldn’t stop. He started kissing up my neck, (OMG). I was still on my knees right in front of him, and he just grabbed me and pulled me close. This embrace, I couldn’t get out, I felt stuck, suffocated, and then I relaxed, he stopped.

I looked into his eyes, his beautiful dark eyes, and it started. I could not stop myself. I could feel by nipples getting hard and taut against my bikini top. I could feel the onset of wetness on my pussy. My lips, both sets of lips were tingling. Nothing seemed to exist for that moment. I had no control. My fingers through his hair and I pulled him close, and without a thought, our lips touched. Shivers went running through me. The night had taken over, or the tequila, either way, it was insane. I wanted, I wanted more I did not want it to stop.

The warmth of his tongues, the more I tasted the lemon and salts in his mouth the more passionate our kiss. I needed to stop, to breathe. I pulled out; he was holding me very firmly, his hands almost discovering my body. I could feel the hardness of his dick through, his shorts. It was rubbing against my body, bursting at the cotton. I pulled away, stopped, looked into his eyes; they looked hungry, horny, dark eyes. I leaned in for some more, this time, biting his lower lip. Little soft kisses now.

Then I was just blank.

I could feel soft silk on my skin, a hand on mine… my lips felt sore, my neck felt bruised and my legs ached. I was dazed and confused. I opened my eyes. It was blurry still, I was still a little bit drunk, the taste of tequila… mmm…

I turned my face on the pillow to face this gorgeous man lying next to me, he was awake, he smiled. I smiled.

“Beunos dias mi cielo”..

“Hi..” I murmured.

He lifted his hand and moved a wisp of hair away from my face. I looked around, he was wearing his white shorts. I was naked, my breasts on display for him. My nipples were still erect and heard.

“Why don’t you freshen up while I get some breakfast?” He smiled that lovely boyish smile of his. Like he didn’t care about the world. Then he walked out.

I got out of bed, all alone yet still shy of my nakedness. I looked around for my clothes. They were everywhere. My dress by the floor, my bikini top by the wall, the bikini bottom by the dressing table.

Then as I got under the shower it all came back to me… in flashes, his hands, my hands, my clothes, the sound of clothes tearing of me, of him, HIM!?

Who.. what happened. Oh it felt so good, the flash backs of him.. mmm..

On the beach,there was tequila, kisses, he had whispered something in my ear in Spanish, I did not know what he said, but I said yes. Our bodies had pressed closer. His dick yearning at my pussy through our clothes, my pussy calling out to his. Wet. Hot.

He led the way, his hotel was şerfali escort just a five minute walk. I was trying to act sober at this point. There was no point, I wanted him, he wanted me. We got in the elevator, there was someone else. We stood behind.

Suddenly, I felt his cheeky hands running down my bare back, cupping my butt cheek, I tried to stop a moan, it was too late, I covered it up with a giggle. Waiting now, the lift stopped and the person in front got off and as soon as the doors shut again, I don’t remember how, but I was against the mirrors on the wall of the lift. Up in the air. He had my legs wrapped around him, fiercely kissing, he had ripped my dress apart.

His mouth on my chest. His hand up my thigh searching for my wet quim. His dick still grinding at my clothes through the shorts. I wanted to grab it. I wanted to suck it. I wanted to fuck it.

The lift stopped.

He put me down, led me into the empty hallway, against the door now, fumbling for keys, into the door, I could not see straight at this point, It all felt like a dream. He swung the door open.

“After you beautiful”

I walked in, my dress was holding on by a string now on my shoulder, as I walked in, it slipped off. There I was in my bikini, still, purple. I was looking around, lights were dim, from behind he put me against a wall, undid the strings on my bikini. I was completely naked, and could not see his face. Still facing the wall, my eyes shut at this point.

He let go, started kissing my neck, my back, all the way down my thighs. They were already wet and glistening from my pussy juice. His lips went onto my legs and I turned around with one leg over his shoulder.

He went down on me… his tongue was like a serpent. Licking, exploring my curves, my cavities, my body. His tongue was licking everything from the tip of my vagina along the lips, all the way down.

His tongue, flickering inside my pink wet pussy like a flame of a fire. Fire of desire. Lustful fire. He was lapping at my juices like a thirsty dog. I looked down, the visual pleasure combined with the sensation brought me to the verge of an orgasm.

His tongue went on my clitoris. Pressing. Caressing. Teasing and tantalising. Throbbing and flickering. Exploring. Then I felt a finger go into my pussy. Spreading and gently inserted like a key into a key hole. He started fingering me with the long calloused finger, it was a joyous feeling. It was a good stroke, it went deep. I orgasmed. Once. Twice. I was floating in ecstasy like a butterfly. This much goodness had to be a sin I thought.

I was moaning, screaming his name now. I pulled his hair back. Stop I thought. Stop!!! I screamed for him to stop, he just wouldn’t let go of licking my pussy, fingering my pussy. I finally pulled him away, and reached for him pulled him up and kissed him. I could taste myself. My love juice on his lips. I wanted to taste what he tasted, the sweet saltiness of my sex.

He had his hands on my waist now.

I pushed him to the floor. His shorts were already off. His dick was hard. Oh so hard. He wasn’t circumcised, somehow I wasn’t shocked. I took his dick in my hands, gently, gingerly. He was watching me with anticipation. The foreskin was already half back from the erection. The head of his manhood was red, filled with blood. It was throbbing. The veins on his dick thick and exposed like a racehorse.

I slowly approached his dick with my mouth (me idea of teasing him) and licked it. Like a delicate ice cream, from the base of the shaft to the tip of his manhood. I could feel the bumps where the veins were. I could feel the skin tight from the erection, smooth as marble.

I pressed my tongue on the tip of his dick. . I wanted to taste more.

I circled my fingers around the shaft in one hand and took it in my mouth. I went down with my mouth on it and at the same time up with my hand. I’d read about this technique in a woman’s mag and his reaction was instant. I could taste the sweet pre-cum in my mouth. He was thrusting his hips and I was enjoying the teasing. I sped up. I slowed down. Then as I felt his ecstasy building, I stopped.

I got up, looked up at him with what I call ‘my bedroom eyes’, I spread my legs and sat on top of him, his dick going inside me, my pussy lips spreading, parting. Welcoming. I let it in slowly, it had to open up even though I was dripping wet. I started rocking gently and then fiercely!

He swung me around and he was on top, and then again I was on top and then he was behind and I was against a wall again, in the air. How he managed that, I don’t know, I don’t care… it was hot!

That’s all I could remember. I heard the door open. I heard it close. I hadn’t shut the bathroom door, it was pointless. I could see him in the reflection of the fogged mirror. It was a blurred vision of him but the curly hair on his head was visibe.

He walked into the bathroom. I blushed again, I was half way soaping my breasts.

He smiled again. This time the cheeky smile from the beach. He tugged at the drawstring on his shorts, he pulled them off. He peeled his t-shirt off.

Yes, that was the body that had been on me. Under me. Behind me. His dick wasn’t hard, it wasn’t soft. It was a half erection, demure. Like it was admiring me but not excited. Yet.

He walked into the cubicle. We smiled. He turned me around and soaped my back. His hands lathering the suds, massaging my back.

One arm reached past my waist and picked a shampoo from the cuby hole in the bathroom. He lathered my hair raking his amazing fingers through my hair like combs. His hands went down my shoulders and cupped my breasts. He had one in each hand and I could feel his dick rising against my back. It was slowly getting hard. I felt it caressing my skin as it rose.

I turned. We kissed. Softly gently like humans and not like the animals we had been. His hands ran down my spine, he grabbed my butt cheeks. He lifted my body and pushed me against the tiles in the shower cubicle.

They were cold, I squealed, he laughed. He gently slid me down onto his dick and expertly inserted it into my wanting pussy. I was already wet. I had been wet since I woke up. I had been wet from the flashbacks.

Now that he was in me, the wetness increased. I arched my back both from the cold tiles and the ecstatic feeling. I shuddered and came but he didn’t stop. I scratched his chest, my nails digging into his body. I went lower to his navels. He pressed my body harder against the wall and came in for a kiss.

We were both breathing heavy and moaning, no way to lock lips. I caught his lower lip in my teeth as he continued pounding me. His dick in and out of me like a piston. Ramming at me.

I thought I was losing consciousness as my next orgasm came along. I could feel the muscles in my vagina enveloping his dick. I squeezed as I came and I could feel his manhood inside me shivering too. I could feel the veins like little ribs. His face was turned up and his eyes were shut. I grabbed his hair as we both came. Together.

He slowly put me down. I held on to him, not trusting my feet.

“Maybe we should have breakfast” he said.

“Yes,” I said “if we’re going to be doing this all day, we’ll need our energy” I boldly flirted back. He smacked my ass, lightly as we reached for the towel.

Ti amo I thought to myself.

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