Summer Love

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Set in Australia in the early 1960’s this story is based on actual events in the life of two young people.

The difference is that I have tried something new – just to see if I could! I have written this story from the point of view of the girl. This is based on what I recall of her emotions, things she said and what we shared all those years ago. We knew each other very well and I like to think that I have captured something of that wonderful girl who made my life so special at the time.

I hope you like it!

Like yesterday I remember the wonderful feeling of those summer days the year I finished school. I had more than 4 months before starting University and apart from swimming training and upcoming state and national championships I was free to enjoy the freedom of being an adult now that school was over.

Mum and Dad seemed very pleased that I had put a huge effort into my final exams and fully expected me to get the University place I wanted so much. My swimming was going well too and there was even a chance of making the national team.

We trained at an open air pool and that year I didn’t start serious training until after my exams so the water had warmed up by the time I started arriving at 6:00 am 6 days a week. We trained for up to 4 hours in the morning and then came back again at 3:30 for another 2 hours. There were usually 30 of us in our squad and about 10 of us were in our late teens and either just finishing school or at Uni. We were a close knit bunch of guys and girls and several were already Olympians or national representatives.

There were also a number of boyfriend / girlfriend relationships in the squad which was understandable when we spent so much time together training and going to various events together, sometimes involving travelling and staying for several days in another city. The previous season I had become quite interested in a boy from the country who came to join our squad. Tom was a very promising swimmer who had excelled despite not having a coach and swimming officials arranged for him to join our squad. Tom had also just finished his final exams and we started back into serious training together. We soon renewed our friendship and as the days went into weeks we became closer and started spending time together during the day between our training sessions. Pretty soon our coach made comments about us being an “item’ and we started arriving and leaving holding hands.

It felt good to have a boyfriend and as Tom was living with another squad member’s family, he was often invited for meals at my home. It was an almost euphoric time and Tom and I moved along with our relationship to the point of being inseparable. My parents liked Tom and so he was always welcome at our place. Tom had a car and I had the use of the family “spare” to get to training but most often we were together in Tom’s car which had lay back seats! We would spend hours in his car parked at the beach kissing and cuddling. As it was summer, we wore very little, usually shorts and t-shirts which meant we were getting a fair bit of skin to skin contact. Gradually we allowed our emotions to get involved and we soon realised that this was more than either of us had experienced before. We were in love and it was the best feeling in the world.

With so much training our daily routine usually involved a sleep between sessions and when there was nobody at my place we tried to sleep together on the daybed on the back veranda. Little sleep was achieved and our hormones were running wild. But, we sort of knew the bounds and didn’t get carried away. There had been no intimate touching to this point although I could feel Tom’s erection when he lay on top of me and he would occasionally “accidentally” brush his hand across my breast. It often got pretty hot and we both knew that it would be so easy to move things to another level.

I was so horny, an expression I now understood and on several occasions I headed to the bathroom as I was so wet I feared my wetness would run down my legs. On these occasions I had to touch myself and it was just divine. I had pleasured myself quite regularly for a few years and whilst it was very enjoyable, I had the feeling that there must be something more. Of course I had talked about sex with several girlfriends and I knew that there was this super pleasure called orgasm. But I wasn’t sure if the feeling I had when I played with myself was orgasm or not. I suspected that there was more to come . . .

One hot afternoon just before we were due to head to training Tom was on top of me on the daybed and before I knew what had happened, I had my legs around him and we both began to thrust into each other. As usual we were both wearing shorts and I had a t-shirt on. Tom had his hands under my back inside my top and we were kissing furiously. The breathing was heavy and a few moans escaped us both.

Tom was in exactly the right spot and his hardness was pressing into me in such a way that I was turning my pelvis up to him and gripping him tightly with by legs. Suddenly Tom thrust his hips forward İstanbul Escort harder than before. His body went rigid in my arms and he made an almost agonising sound. Our heart rates were right up there with what we experienced at the end of a race.

I knew that Tom had “come” and I loved him for his restraint and for expressing his love and desire for me in this way. I was left wanting more and when Tom went to the bathroom, I raced to my bedroom, stripped off my shorts and sodden knickers and threw myself on my bed, my hands furiously trying to prolong the feeling. I wanted more but I didn’t quite know what.

Tom tapped on my door and asked if I was OK. I grabbed a robe, put it on and told him to come in. Tom stood just inside my room and smiled a little sheepishly. “Sorry Jen, I didn’t mean to let that happen – but I couldn’t stop. I just want you so much . . .” he said with love in his voice.

I held out my arms to him and told him that it was OK and that I couldn’t stop either. I was sitting on the edge of my bed and as he walked towards me I could see the wet patch on his shorts. At the same moment he looked down and saw my shorts and knickers on the floor. We both laughed and suddenly a barrier was swept away. We both knew that we each wanted more.

“We’ll be late.” I said and dashed into my bathroom with fresh clothes. I left the door open and I knew that Tom could see me in the mirror on my bathroom door. But I wanted him to see me. I didn’t look up but I knew he was watching. When we got in the car he said: “Jen, you are so beautiful. It was all I could do to just stand there.” We drove to training with Tom holding my hand when he wasn’t changing gear.

My family had a beach house up the coast about 2 hour’s drive where we had been a few times on Sundays with Mum and Dad. The next Friday we were training in the morning and with a meet coming up on the weekend at which we would both be competing, we got the afternoon off. I casually suggested to Tom that we should spend Friday at the beach house. We agreed on this plan and my heart skipped a beat. Tom kissed me and we both knew why we were going there.

We left straight from training and had a fun drive listening to some of our favourite music on the radio. We arrived at the house and as it was such a magnificent day we decided on a swim in the sea which after pounding up and down a pool was kind of fun. We did more cuddling and kissing than actual swimming and again I wrapped my legs around Tom in the water with him just touching the sand and bouncing up and down.

The sand was hot enough to burn our feet so we ran back to the house and used the outdoor shower to wash the salt off. Tom went to the kitchen and retrieved a bottle of Champagne he had put in the freezer when we arrived. Our coach would have killed us if he had known! We were both old enough to drink but we never did as our fitness was so important to us.

Tom opened the Champagne (it really was French) and we raised our glasses to us. One glass was enough to make us both feel the effects and after our morning routine we were both ready for a snooze. We went to the guest bedroom on the ground floor and curled up together somewhat exhausted and a little tipsy from the Champagne. There was no rush and we both knew that we had the rest of the day together. Sleep came easily and it was delicious to fall asleep so close together.

There was something very pleasant bringing me from my sleep. Gradually I woke and a brief second of surprise caused me to flinch as I realised that Tom was cupping my breast with his hand. His right hand was up under my t-shirt and with no bra he had easy access to my small breast. I pretended to be asleep and just enjoyed the feeling of his hand on my breast for the first time. It was incredible how good this felt and I yearned for him to move his hand. I could feel how hard my nipple was in his palm and I decided to move slightly to bring his fingers to my nipple.

Feigning a sleepy movement I managed to bring my nipple under his fingers and it worked a treat as he began to gently brush his fingers over my almost aching nipple. I squirmed some more and Tom took my nipple between his fingers and rolled it in a way that sent waves of pleasure through my body.

“God Tom, that’s incredible!” I said and kissed him hard and urgently. Then I sat up and peeled my t-shirt over my head. Tom kneeled in front of me and I took his t-shirt off. We looked into each others eyes and he said something about how beautiful I was. Then he leaned forward and kissed my nipples one after the other. I fell back on the bed and his mouth followed me. Now he was sucking my breast into his mouth and I thought I would die. What an exquisite feeling. My stomach was melting or something and I could feel my juices flowing again. It was like my nipples were connected to something down there and it just felt so good.

Tom was lying on top of me and I could feel his erection. I knew that to this point, it was all about Tom giving me pleasure and I knew enough to understand that he İstanbul Escort bayan wanted to be touched as well. So, I pushed him off me onto his back and began kissing his nipples and chest. My hands were wandering over his stomach and chest, feeling his fabulous muscles. Looking down I could see the tent in his shorts and I wanted to see him. I undid the draw string on his board shorts and reached slowly under the waist band. Tom shuddered and I reached for him. I will never forget that feeling as my hand slipped over the head of his penis and down the shaft. I wanted to see so I pushed his shorts down over his hips and took them off. Tom was naked and magnificent. His well tanned body was stark contrast to the white skin protected by his Speedos. His penis was utterly beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Almost involuntarily I moved over him and kissed the top. He jerked and his penis leapt. “Tom, it’s beautiful!” I said. “But is scares me too . . .”

“Don’t worry Jen, I won’t hurt you – ever!” was his reply.

I began to run by hands over his lower belly and the tops of his thighs brushing his scrotum and running them up and down his shaft. His penis bucked and twitched and I could not resist taking the head into my mouth. It tasted salty and sweet. What a feeling – hard and soft and I loved the feeling of him in my mouth. More, I wanted more of this magnificent thing in my mouth and as I began to suck and move up and down Tom agonisingly said “I’m going to come Jen!”

As I didn’t know what to expect and had never even heard of taking his semen in my mouth, I pulled away but kept my grip on his penis. Almost before I could move away, I watched in awe as Tom ejaculated. Instinctively I pumped his penis with my hand and kept this up till Tom put his hand on mine to stop me. His belly and heaving chest were covered in white globs and Tom was laying there eyes closed saying how wonderful that was.

Still in my shorts I walked to the en-suite bathroom, ran the hot water and wet a towel with warm water. I was about to walk back when I decided to remove my shorts and panties. Suddenly I was nude in front of my boyfriend for the first time. Tom was still lying on the bed with his eyes closed and I began to wipe him with the warm wet towel as I kneeled beside him.

Now I was able to look at his penis in its normal status. It was fascinating that it could grow to such a magnificent proportion. I used a corner of the towel to wipe his penis and as I handled it, it began to grow in my hands. This was remarkable and I could not take my hands off him until he was hard again.

Tom was propped up on his elbows, watching me and then reached out to stroke my back and my backside. He shook his head and I asked what was wrong. “Nothing is wrong Jen – in fact, everything is perfect. I have dreamed of seeing you like this. You are just so beautiful!”

“Let me look at you.” Tom said and I stood beside the bed. Feeling slightly embarrassed in my nudity I spun round with a giggle. Tom leapt off the bed and wrapped me in his arms. He held me tight for a long time and I loved the feel of him pressed against me with his penis against my tummy. My hands roamed his body and Tom did the same to me.

Then, gently he lowered me back onto the bed with my legs over the edge and looked down at me. He moved forward and I opened my legs to let him stand between them. Leaning forward, Tom began to kiss and suck on my breasts again and that wonderful feeling in my belly returned. Gradually Tom worked his way down my body, pausing to probe my belly button with his tongue and making me giggle. He began to kiss my thighs and all around my pubic area. I was pleased that I had taken the time to visit Mum’s beautician and have a bikini wax. I didn’t have much hair and it was blond anyway, and I kept it trimmed short.

It had never occurred to me that Tom would kiss me down there but now it seemed natural and I wanted it so badly. I felt my thighs being pushed apart and Tom was now kneeling on the floor with his face right between my legs. He could see everything but I didn’t mind somehow.

My knowledge of my anatomy down there was OK but I had never given my vagina a name. Later, Tom and I decided to call it my “kitty” which we liked better than “pussy” or some other names we didn’t want to say. The first time Tom touched my kitty, I jumped and Tom asked if he had done something wrong. Not at all – I was just very sensitive.

“Tell me what you like.” Said Tom, as he ran his fingers lightly up and down my outer lips. Oh God, it felt good. I encouraged him with sounds of approval and as Tom began to push his fingers forward, my wetness made it easy for him. He had placed his thumbs on either side and opened me. Then I felt his tongue pushing into me. Oh My God this was the most beautiful feeling in my life.

I reached down and pushed my fingers into his hair and pulled him into me. I wanted him to lick me higher up and by guiding his head I was able to move his lips and tongue to the right spot. He found my clitoris Escort İstanbul and began to suck on it like he did my nipples.

There are no words to really describe this feeling for the first time. Wave after wave of magnificent pleasure ran through my body. Each wave grew in size and intensity and I had no idea where it was leading except that I wanted to get there.

Tom could sense that I was building to a peak and he was alternately furiously flicking my now hard little nub with his tongue and then sucking it into his mouth and stroking it with his tongue. I was thrashing about and making noises I didn’t know I could make.

It went on building way past what I had ever experienced and I knew that something incredible was about to happen. And then it did. I began to shake and quiver and I think I stopped breathing. My body took over and I exploded with lights and a whole body feeling I already knew I was addicted to.

Oh how I loved this man at that moment. Nobody had ever given me such a gift. Somehow I pulled Tom up on to me – probably by his hair – until I had him locked in my arms and legs. Aftershocks ran through my body and I showered his face with kisses. Then I began kissing him deeply and tasted myself on his lips. Incredibly I understood why he seemed to like kissing and licking my kitty. How would his sperm taste I wondered?

Orgasm suddenly had a meaning – a double meaning. His orgasm and mine. We had each given this gift to each other and yet we were still both virgins. I was almost content with life at that point as I could not imagine anything more wonderful.

“Tom,” I whispered, “I love you and want you to know that that was the most wonderful feeling in my life. It has never happened to me before. I have never had an orgasm before.”

Really? Didn’t you ever try yourself? Breathed Tom, as he began kissing my neck.

“Yeah, I tried and I even talked to Susan (my best friend) about it and I decided that this orgasm thing was over rated. Susan kept telling me how wonderful it was and that she did it almost every night. I tried again the other day thinking about you and what happened on the daybed. But as nice as it felt, it was nothing compared to what just happened.”

“How about you, Tom? How was it earlier?” I asked.

“Well, I have been doing it since I was about 12 and it happens every time. But it’s more like a release or a way to go to sleep. Recently it has been so much more intense as I imagined you were with me. The other day on the daybed was the first time it has happened without me having a hand in it!” He chuckled.

“But today was the first time anyone has ever done it to me and it was just incredible. I have never come so hard and it went on much longer because it was you doing it to me.” He said.

Tom was being gently rocking by me as I still moved with the afterglow of my first ever orgasm. I could feel his penis lying on top of my mound and his balls were right against my kitty.

“I want you inside me now.” I said and Tom lifted himself up and looked at me with love in his eyes. “Are you sure Jen?” he said. “We can just keep doing what we have already done if you like . . .”

“Tom, I don’t think I could stand it if we didn’t go all the way. I am aching to have you inside and I want it to be wonderful for us both.” I had already told Tom that I was on the pill to regulate my cycle. It had all been a bit haywire during the early part of the year and my Doctor recommended going on the pill.

“OK Jen – but I’ve never done this before and I don’t want to hurt you. So, I’ve got an idea.” He said. “Actually I read about it is a book and it means that you have control.”

Tom rolled off me and lay on his back. He told me to kneel over him and position myself over his now huge looking penis. I was shaking and I was not sure if it was fear or desire to have him in me.

“Now,” he said, “Put me in the right spot.” I did and it seemed to nestle nicely into my lips. I had this urge to just sit down on him but I was afraid too. So, I started to just move around and make little up and down movements with my hips. It felt so good and I could tell that my lubrication was working well. He felt so smooth and slick in there and I thought that this was going to be easier than I expected it would be.

“Jen, that feels so incredible! Said Tom as he reached up and cupped my breasts in his hands. I pushed forward into his hands and as I did he slipped a little further into me. Tom began to squeeze my nipples between his thumbs and fingers and I told him how good that feels. I even told him how it seemed to connect to my clitoris and I touched it to see if I could feel it there. I was swollen and running my fingers around his penis I could feel how distended and puffy my entire kitty was. I had never been in this state before and it felt so good and natural.

Tom was making little upward jerks of his hips and I could tell that he was resisting the urge to thrust up into me. So, in fairness to my wonderful man, I decided to get on with it. I told him to stay still and whilst biting my lip I eased down on him. Tom was watching his penis disappearing inside me and I leaned forward for a look as well. Something happened at that moment and I realised that by changing the angle I could change the feeling. My God, how many wonderful feelings in one day?

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