Summer Loving Ch. 01

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The bottle of Captain Morgan’s on the table slowly disappears as the warm summer night goes on. The two people sharing it, virtual strangers, drink and laugh. They share stories and opinions, and while they know they would probably never share a bed, a couch for a couple of hours would more than suffice.

The man stands from the table, his 6 foot 8 frame little wobbly from the rum. “I suppose I should be leaving. I finished the glass, like I said I would.” He grabs his glasses off of the red cloth where they had been set earlier in the night. She drains her glass, mustering the courage for what she knows they are both expecting next.

“You sure I can’t interest you in another drink?” she asks, hand reaching in the vague direction of the bottle.

“You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to get me drunk,” he replies, a smile on his handsome face. “But no, I shouldn’t. I have to drive an hour to get home.”

She stands to collect their glasses and takes them to the kitchen as he moves slowly towards the back door. Leaning against the door frame, she can tell his body is lean and cut from hard work and many hours. Walking towards him, she chooses to lean on the stair rail about 2 feet from the door. She doesn’t want to appear too quick, although she knows they’re both thinking the same thing.

“I had a really good night, you know. And I hope you can forgive me for being so boring at dinner.” A self-depreciating smile comes to her face as she remembers his comment earlier in the night.

“Nah. I had a good time too. And you’re not too boring,” he replies, a smile gracing his lips to make the joke apparent.

She looks at him, holding his blue eyes fast with her chocolate browns. “Any way I could get you to stay a little longer?” she asks, leaning forward slightly from her position. He leans away slightly, causing a frown to come to her face as she leans back.

His smile turns mischievous as he does so, causing her own smile to return. She leans forward again, but makes no move to cross the distance between them. “You seem to be a little reluctant,” she says coyly, her head tilting slightly to the side as she puts a hand on her hip. “How about you come a little closer? So I can show you exactly why I want you to stay with me?”

“Why don’t you come closer?” he replies, his voice dropping slightly as he shifts his weight and leans a little harder into the door frame. Her eyes go wide, a puppy dog pout coming to her full lips.

“I just tried that, remember? You’re the one who pulled away.” He laughs, but says nothing. “And it’s so far to get over there,” the younger woman whines, gesturing to the 2 feet of distance between them.

“I’m sure you can make it,” he responds, his eyes closing slightly as he looks her up and down. She sighs, eyes rolling as she leans, left hand finding the door frame while the right finds his rock hard abdomen.

“There. I’m closer now. This ok?” He looks down at her, which is rather sancaktepe escort astonishing considering her height of 6 feet.

“I suppose we can make this work.” His hands move to her hips as they feel each other for a second before she tilts her head all the way back, waiting for him to make the move now.

Dipping his head slowly, his eyes close as he nuzzles her nose for just a brief moment before softly kissing her lips. He’s tentative, which she thinks is adorable, and she lets him dictate the pace. He speeds up rapidly, one hand now firmly gripping her waist while the other pulls her shirt over her head. He tosses the garment on the stairs behind her and now lets his long fingers move, trailing up her spine and leaving her with goosebumps.

She breaks the kiss for a moment and looks at him before standing on tippy toes to catch his lips with hers, nibbling his lower lip for a moment. Her hand slides up his shirt, feeling his chest and abdomen, before traveling a littler lower and reveling in the “v” that led below the line of his jeans. She was sorely tempted to reach further, but was steadfast in letting him lead.

This time, he breaks the kiss with a few breathless words. “Maybe we should go to the couch?” She nods, stealing one last kiss before grabbing his hand and leading him to the largest couch in the living room. She takes only a second to throw off some of the larger, in the way, pillows as he sits in the corner. She sits next to him, leaning over the kiss him for a moment before deciding to simply straddle him. They kiss again, more fervently now as they both start to find their rhythm. The woman tilts her head to find a better angle and moans softly as his tongue sneaks past her parted lips.

Both of his hands find her hips again as one of hers goes up his shirt while the other moves down his body to rest on the soft bulge in his jeans. She feels him flinch slightly, but presses on, stroking his half hard cock through the fabric for a moment before removing her hand. “Arms up,” she says, her voice husky after the sloppy make out and her patience beginning to thin. He complies eagerly, and his shirt is off quickly. He leans back into the couch, the first piece of his clothing gone.

She leans forward once more, running her hands through his hair as one of his hands move from her hips to her breasts. He pushes his tongue farther into her mouth, exploring the new area, while he pulls one cup of her bra under her breast, propping it up. She pulls back momentarily to catch her breath and is caught off guard as he pinches her exposed nipple, rolling it between his long fingers. She gasps, then giggles, the sensation shooting straight to her core. The red head rolls her hips, pushing into his now hard cock.

He gasps now, his nails digging into her ass through the coarse material of her jeans. She repeats the motion before leaning down to whisper in his ear. “I think we’ve ümraniye escort both got too many clothes on.” The hand on her hip immediately goes to the button of her tight jeans, quickly popping it open and pulling down the zipper, while the hand that was on her breast moves to deftly unclasp her bra.

She sighs in relief before squealing in pleasure as his hot mouth finds the nipple he’d just been toying with. “Ahhh…I knew you were a silver tongued devil…”

He snorts lightly, his tongue lavishing her areola before gently grazing her nipple with his teeth. Her back arches involuntarily as she moans, her hands moving now to unbutton his jeans. “I-I need to move to g-get these off youuu…” she manages to stutter out.

“Mmm…In a moment,” he says quickly before sucking her nipple into his mouth and putting a hand to her back, preventing her from pulling away. His unoccupied hand moves to her other breast, rubbing and kneading it gently at first, growing rougher as the movements by his mouth do as well.

The woman gasps, her hands moving back to the man’s hair, gripping it tightly and pulling his head closer to her chest. Abruptly he stops, switching his attentions to her other breast. As he continues, her breath begins to grow shallow, and one of her hands falls from his hair to her crotch. He pulls back slightly, more than strong enough to break the light hold she still had. “Ah, ah, ah. That’s for me to do,” he playfully scolds, removing her hand and pinning it behind her back.

She laughs breathlessly, arching her back more than necessary for the applied pressure. “Well, you’re making it hard to resist.”

Taking her pinned hand, he moves it to his own crotch. “I’m certainly not the only one making things hard around here…”

She licks her lips, eyes gazing lustfully at the bulge there, fingers now working to undo the button and zipper to his now straining jeans. “So much for being reluctant,” she retorts, a smirk finding its way to her face as she breaks his hold to sit next to him on the large couch.

“It’s not my fault that I naturally seem to attract women who can’t keep their hands to themselves,” he replies, eyes beginning to cloud with lust as she finally manages to free his cock from his jeans.

She gasps, momentarily shocked as she holds him in her hand. “I’ll take that sound to mean pleasant surprise?” he asks, it now being his turn to smirk.

“More than pleasant, that’s for sure,” she purrs out, loving the feel and size of his cock. “You are, honestly, a lot larger than I was expecting. And believe me, I wasn’t expecting you to be small…”

His smirk now turns into a full blown smile at her statement, and she can barely contain her laughter at his reaction. Instead of continuing to laugh at him, she decided to focus on the semi-hard cock that was currently about a foot from her face.

Leaning closer, she shifts positions, getting on all fours tuzla escort to accommodate his size, and also with the hope that he would at least try to pleasure her. To her delight, he stopped her, pulling her from her knees and pulling her jeans down as far as they would go.

“How about you stand up for a second and pull those off?” he asks, the smirk now back on his face. The woman smiles, rapidly standing and shedding the restrictive garment before climbing back onto the couch.

“Much better,” he says, his voice deep and gravely with lust as he watches her ass sway behind her while she leans towards his cock. Licking her lips, she reaches out to touch his shaft with just the tip of her tongue. Finding his taste more than tolerable, she comes closer, now licking from base to tip with a long, slow stroke of her tongue.

The man moans, placing his hand on her ample ass and squeezing roughly, causing her to moan in return and wiggle her back-half in pleasure. Noticing her reaction, he smacked her ass, lightly as first, then harder as her only reaction to the first smack was to simply look at him with arched eyebrows.

The second smack makes a resounding “crack”, causing her to squeal in pleasure and begin sucking instead of licking his cock. He moans loudly, hand moving from her ass to the back of her head before resting it there tentatively. She notices his hesitation, and gives a deep moan before completely deep throating him, hoping he would get the message without her having to remove her mouth.

His breath catches in his throat at her action, causing him to nearly choke as all of his cock slides down her throat. “Oh wow. I figured you would be good, but not this good…” he says dreamily as he watches the very base of his cock disappear and reappear from inside her mouth.

“Are you ok?” he asks tentatively as he enjoys the woman’s work.

“Mhmh…” she manages to get out, nodding her head while bumping into his hand slightly.

Finally catching on, he smiles lecherously before placing a small amount of pressure on the back of her head, forcing her down onto his cock. She gags only momentarily, during which he let up slightly, before pushing down with a little more force.

This time she took the change with no issue, the tip of his cock now visibly moving in her throat. “Jesus fucking Christ,” he says, watching as she takes his dick like a pro. She smiles before letting one of the hands that had come to rest on his thigh move towards her pussy.

Noticing the movement, the man takes a chance and applies even more pressure, causing the woman to stop immediately. “Did I tell you that you could do that?” he asks with a growl, eliciting a small “nmnhm” and a head shake from the cock gagged woman.

Leaning slightly and reaching between her legs with his other hand, he lightly caresses her soaking pussy through the thin material of her underwear. Moaning, she begins to move her hips, causing him to stop his movements and push down on her head once more.

Louder than before, he asked “Did I tell you that you could do that?” Squeaking, she shook her head and closed her eyes, trying hard not to move despite the bolts of pleasure radiating through her from his fingers. “You still should be sucking my cock,” he said softly, pulling her panties aside to play with her clit unimpeded.

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