Summer Loving

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I love summer! Today was just one of those beautiful days; the sun was shining high in the sky and it just put me in such an incredible mood. My favourite place to spend my time at during days like this was round my best friend Scarlett’s. She was pretty wealthy and had the most beautiful home- a lovely, stranded cottage in the country surrounded by plenty of fields and a beautiful lake where she had put a big float in the middle of.

Scarlet and I had been best friends since we were very young, even though we had always been very different, she was gorgeous, confident and popular and I was very shy, but that never affected our friendship. Scarlet was a bisexual, I was straight but that didn’t stop me from noticing her beauty. She was quite small and her body had the most beautiful curves around her small but perky breasts, her flat stomach and round bum, her long golden hair flowed perfectly down to just above her breasts and her green eyes sparkled in the sun.

I slipped on my favourite black lace panties, a vest top and a pink mini skirt. I usually went braless in the summer. I put on some flip flops and jumped into the car to head down to Scarlet’s. After a long drive, I was finally there.

Before I even got out the car Scarlet was out the door to greet me. She was dressed in a pretty little floral dress which sculpted her figure very nicely.

‘Hey Liz!’ She said as she walked over and gave me a little hug, ‘I was thinking we could go down to the lake today.’

‘Sure that sounds like fun.’ I replied as we began to walk to the lake, exchanging small talk about our lives in general.

As we got to the lake Scarlet turned to look at me and grinned ‘Race ya to the float!’ she shouted as she lifted off her dress and ran towards the water, revealing her white bra and pants, and more of her tanned skin. I quickly slid out of my skirt and ran into the water in just my panties and vest. The water was usually pretty cold, but the sun had warmed it up a little. I made it to the float just a couple of seconds before she did and we both collapsed onto the float, ‘Well I guess you win!’ she sighed.

After a few seconds of lying their silently she turned onto her side so she was facing me, she put her soft hand onto my stomach and began stroking me. It was a little strange but I just relaxed because her hands felt so good against my skin. She moved her hand onto my chest and stroked across, pinching my nipples as she got to them, it made me notice how see through my vest had gone!

‘You’re so beautiful, Liz.’ She smiled as she cupped my breasts with both hands, ‘Let’s get this off.’ Scarlet pulled at my shirt and I lifted myself up so she could pull of my shirt. She put my vest to one side then continued to play with both my breasts. I had never been like this with a girl before, but I was definitely enjoying it.

She lowered her soft lips onto mine and kissed me gently. Slowly, she moved her kisses down my jaw, then my neck and then down to my chest. As her lips met my now hard nipples, she licked, kissed and bit them lightly. Whenever she was pleasuring one nipple with her mouth, she would play with the other between her fingertips. Her actions were beginning to really get me wet.

‘That feels so good, babe.’ I sighed as she sucked my nipple into her mouth.

Then she moved away from my nipples and kissed down my belly until she reached the top of my panties. She looked up at me and I nodded in approval. She stroked her hands between my thighs and kissed my clit through the panties. After a minute of this she pulled my panties down and put them to one side. She kissed up my thigh up to my pussy lips then she stuck her warm tongue between them, making me moan so loud. She licked and sucked all around my pussy and I had to bite my lip from screaming out in pleasure. Her hand moved up until it met my pussy, she pushed a finger into me and pumped it in and out slowly as she licked away and my hard clit.

‘Baby, your pussy tastes so sweet.’ She said between licks.

‘God, this feels amazing!’ I exhaled.

She continued to lick and suck at me while her fingers wiggled in and out of me. I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure!

‘Make me cum, honey! Don’t stop.’ I squealed as I felt my orgasm fighting to get out.

Scarlet moved one hand onto my chest and one onto my clit as she shoved her tongue into my soaking pussy.

‘That’s it, I’m cumming!’ I shouted as I let my orgasm take over my entire body. She continued to lick me until I stopped shaking and my breathing became regular. She moved away from my pussy and I sat up, so our lips could meet. We shared a passionate kiss and I could taste my juices on her tongue. I wrapped my arms around her and unclasped her bra, letting her perfect breasts fall out. I wasted no time teasing and sucked her nipples one by one into my mouth as I rubbed at her clit through her panties- I could feel how wet she was through the material.

I pulled down her panties and licked at her gorgeous pussy for a few moments until she turned around so she was on her hands and knees. I cupped her ass cheeks then moved one of my hands to her pussy and let two of my fingers slide into her. She gasped as I began to wiggle them. I moved my head between her cheeks and let my tongue slide around her ass hole as I fucked her with my fingers and rubbed my thumb over her clit.

‘Fuck! Babe, that feels so good, don’t stop.’ She screamed- it would have taken a lot to stop me! I continued until she told me she was going to cum, I went even faster as I felt her juice run down my hand. She turned around so she was straddling me, and then shocked me by sucking my fingers into her mouth, tasting her cum on them. I knew this wasn’t over.

We adjusted our position until I had one leg over hers and she had one leg over mine and we began to grind our pussies together. We stroked each other all over while we rubbed our pussies with one another. It wasn’t long before I felt myself about to cum again.

‘I’m cumming!’ as squealed and she told me she was too. Our orgasms erupted through our bodies and once we calmed down a little we were just staring into each other’s eyes.

‘Let’s go back to mine.’ Scarlet said with a little smile. I agreed and reached for my clothes, ‘You won’t be needing those.’ She said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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