Summer School

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It was raining outside – a typical Amsterdam spring day with heavy grey cloud casting a chill gloom upon the city. A Little natural light was managing to find its way through the dirty, rain spattered windows as they rattled in their frames, carrying with it the luminous presence from the spring leaves on the trees outside that lined the canal. Inside, the room was cool almost cold: the old cast-iron radiators beneath each window giving out only enough heat to take the edge from the day.

I studied the room feeling another thrill of anticipation run through me. It was a classic classroom with bare wooden floorboards and faded cream paint on the walls, the front of the room was dominated by a large blackboard with ‘Welcome to St Mary’s, class of 2007’ written in large chalk letters – the writing sloped down to the left as if the writer was unused to a blackboard. The chalk continued to scratch, spelling out a line beneath the first. ‘Miss Megan.’

The writer turned towards her class of mostly empty desks and tapped a ruler against her palm. She made a striking figure in a long flowing black cloak that offered tantalising glimpses of black corset, stockings and heels as she moved. As she placed a hand on her hip, the cloak fell open displaying a tanned chest and breasts forced up by the corset, nipples barely concealed by a soft lace trim. For a moment, she allowed us to admire her – the long stocking clad legs, suspenders lying taught against warm, tanned thighs – the corset, satin and very expensive – Miss Megan was truly stunning. Long dark hair gathered in a classic schoolteachers’bun and beautifully made-up face with deep red lipstick and heavily applied black eyeliner presented us with a teacher to adore.

There were three of us sitting at separate desks in front of her, writing pads and pencils in front of us like good schoolgirls – good and very nervous schoolgirls.

We had never spoken. In fact, we barely knew each other beyond chatting on the internet. For me, laughing, giggling and flirting with other women was a wonderful distraction from the reality of my working day in a bank. I had found two other women that loved someone controlling them as much as I did, and we would chat, flirt and say outrageous things in the security and privacy of our own computer screens. But then I had introduced them, via the chat site, to Mistress Megan, a very special person that had shown me a world of incredible pleasure. A day after I had introduced them, we were talking excitedly about the invitation each of us had received – an invitation to a weeks summer class with ‘Miss Megan’ where strict school code would apply.

I wondered again at what that last part of the invitation had meant. Of course, I knew how Mistress Megan liked to play. She had instructed me to dress in school uniform several times before and teased and embarrassed me … but the other two girls were basically strangers to me and I felt incredibly self conscious sitting here dressed as I was – I wished again that I had worn a cardigan or something, it really was chilly.

I love wearing a school uniform. The first time Mistress Megan had told me to dress up in one and play the part of a shy schoolgirl I had thought she was joking. I wore a uniform like this for several years at school in England, but I’m 28 now so that had been some time ago. I remember telling her I would wear anything she asked … do anything she asked. I wanted to please her desperately and had in mind lacy, revealing lingerie, but no, she wanted me to dress in school uniform and so I had done so … and now it was my favourite thing to wear. It’s funny really. I could wear expensive, silky or lacy things with stockings and heels, and feel incredible … but I wouldn’t feel as naughty and sexy as when I was wearing a sexy school uniform.

I glanced down at the skirt I had chosen for today, red plaid that I had frayed and torn it at the hem so that it was little more than a rag barely covering my bottom. When I was sitting, it fell away to the side exposing my legs to my upper hip. It had looked incredibly sexy in the mirror when I tried it on for the first time in my apartment, but now I thought maybe I had gone a bit too far – it screamed slut and I was incredibly nervous. Maybe I should have worn something a little less provocative. I changed my position on the hard wooden chair and waited for class to begin, wondering what she had in mind. The two other girls were fidgeting, waiting for Miss Megan to say something. They were undoubtedly as nervous and embarrassed as I was, probably more – at least I knew Miss Megan.

My legs felt cold. I had tried on stockings – black with a suspender belt firstly, and then a white Pair of hold-ups, but I had finally opted to wear little white socks and black heels on my first day of summer school. I should have worn the long grey socks, they looked and felt sexy and would at least have kept me warm. I had bought a new white blouse with short sleeves and a red and white striped school bursa escort tie to match the skirt. I knew my lacy black bra was showing through the blouse and the matching knickers were small and uncomfortable … but in a nice way – I liked the feeling of them cutting up between the cheeks of my bottom …they felt suitably naughty for the occasion.

Mistress Megan brought the ruler down hard on her desk, startling me out of my reverie. I sat up and twiddled my pigtails, straightening the red ribbons tied into the ends, genuinely quite nervous of what was to happen.

‘Welcome to St Mary’s, girls. My name, as you can see from the board, is Miss Megan. For the duration of your stay, you will address me as Miss Megan. Do you understand?’

‘Yes Miss Megan,’we chimed together.

‘Very good, girls. I am sure that you’re aware of why you are here, but I will remind you anyway. You have all shown yourselves to be a disruptive influence in your own schools, and your teachers have all but given up on you. This is your last stop. Unless you graduate from St Mary’s, you’ll be expelled from the British education system. Therefore, I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important it is for each of you to do exactly as you are told during your stay here. This is possibly your last chance. You are here to learn obedience. My teaching practise may seem extreme at times but never…and I mean never refuse me … do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes Miss Megan,’we each replied warily.

‘Very good, girls. Should you, at any time become uncomfortable and wish to leave the class, you need only say, ‘expel me.’ If you choose to do so, however, be warned – whatever activity we are engaged in will immediately cease, but you will then leave this classroom, leave the city, and never come back. If you say ‘expel me,’ it is a final wish to quit … to be expelled … there will be no going back if you say it but the opportunity will always exist for you. Do you all understand, girls?’

‘Yes, Miss Megan.’

‘Good.’ Miss Megan sat on her desk and crossed her legs, the cloak falling away to the sides. ‘I know that two of you are new to St Mary’s. Joanne … Anna, please stand.’

I watched as the two girls stood up, the wooden chairs scraping noisy on the bare-wood floor as they pushed them back. They both waited, hands folded in front of them, eyes held downcast, for Miss Megan to continue – at least, I considered, they looked as embarrassed as I felt.

Anna was the youngest. She appeared to be about eighteen, long blond hair, very attractive and was fighting to conceal an almost constant smile. I instinctively liked her. Her skirt was blue and green tartan plaid, pleated and only just long enough to cover her bottom. She wore long, grey socks held up with blue ribbons that were very pretty with black heels. The other girl, Joanne was also very pretty. She was a little closer to my age, with light shoulder-length brown hair and had a blush of embarrassment colouring her cheeks. Both had very nice figures – I looked forward to getting to knowing them both better.

Standing up, Miss Megan walked forward and stroked the ruler down Joanne’s front, slowly following the outline of her breasts, and then hooked it beneath her skirt and gently lifted it. Joanne didn’t move, but the blush became deeper and she swayed on her four inch heels. I could see that her black, seamed stockings were attached to a suspender belt and that she had deliciously long legs. I felt my nipples harden and crossed my legs as I watched her discomfort.

‘Please .. don’t … I’m…’

‘Shhh …’ Miss Megan reached forward and laid a finger against Joanne’s lips. ‘Good morning, Joanne. Welcome to St Mary’s.’

‘Good morning Mistress, thank you for inviting me,’ replied Joanne in a whisper.

‘Sit down.’ Joanne Sat, a look of relief crossing her face, and Mistress Megan moved across to Anna.

‘Good morning, Anna. Welcome to St Mary’s.’

‘Good morning, Miss Megan.’

Miss Megan’s ruler lifted Anna’s chin and turned her head from side to side. ‘A little more eye make-up tomorrow, Anna.’

‘Yes, Miss Megan.’

‘You report claims you’re a lesbian slut, Anna? Caught with your hand in a teacher’s knickers?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

The ruler moved down Anna’s chest over the curve of her left breast, lingering for a moment over the raised area of her nipple. It slapped down, not hard, but firmly and Anna winced.

‘Good girl.’

‘Thank you, Miss Megan.’

The ruler continued down and slowly lifted the little tartan skirt. I couldn’t see her knickers from where I was sitting but Mistress Megan could.

‘Hold up your skirt and open your legs a little … good girl.’ As Anna did as she was told, the ruler disappeared beneath. After a moment, there was a small slap and Anna winced. I still couldn’t see but knew she had been slapped on the pussy with the flat of the ruler. I felt my own pussy grow wet at the thought.

‘Good girl. bursa escort bayan Drop the skirt and sit down.’

‘Yes, Mistress, thank you.’

‘… and now we come to Josie. Stand up Josie.’

‘Yes, Mistress.’ I stood up and brushed my skirt down. I could feel them all looking at me, and a flood of embarrassment coloured my cheeks.

‘This isn’t the first time you have been in my class, is it Josie?’

‘No, Miss Megan,’ I mumbled.

‘Walk to the front of the class, Josie.’

‘Yes, Miss Megan.’ I walked forward, my heels loud on the bare wooden floor.

‘Stand there … turn to face the class. Look at the state of you, Josie. This isn’t a very good start, is it? Your skirt is a rag, your lipstick is too dark and you were slouching at your desk. I think, to show our new girls what happens her at St Mary’s, we need to make an example of you … don’t you agree?’

‘Please no … I’ll try harder, Miss Megan,’ I stammered.

‘Silence, Josie. If you girls would like to take Josie by the hands and lead her to my desk … ‘

Joanne and Anna rose and came to me, took my hands and led me to the desk. Anna was grinning and even Joanne appeared eager to see me punished.

‘Lean forward onto the desk, Josie … head down, legs straight, bottom pushed out … I’m sure you remember the correct position, don’t you?’

‘Yes, Miss Megan, but please … ‘ I mumbled, my face resting on my arms, the smell of the wooden desk filling my senses.

‘Stop your snivelling. Now, girls, take a leg each and spread her.’ I felt the rags of my skirt lifted over my back and my feet forced apart. ‘Hold her legs while she is punished and don’t let her close them.’ I felt my legs being held apart and caressed, a hand gliding up and down before brushing against the swollen lips of my pussy. My bottom was pinched painfully, and then squeezed, presumably by Miss Megan, and then the ruler came down making a loud slap. It didn’t hurt … in fact, I was a little disappointed. It felt deliciously lewd to be forced into this position and I wanted more than a tiny slap. I moved my bottom, pushing it out in invitation and was rewarded with three harder slaps in succession followed by several to the inner part of each thigh – ouch … that was better. I felt so exposed, and in such a lewd and vulgar way. The fact that I loved it so much made me feel such a slut.

Voices were speaking behind me. ‘As an exercise in doing as you’re told, I would like you both to expose Josie’s vagina, and wet your fingers with her juices.’

‘No, Miss Megan.’ I tried to rise but couldn’t move as hands kept me in firmly in place. ‘Please don’t do this to me…it’s humiliating.’ I felt my knickers pulled from between the cheeks of my bottom and cool air playing across my exposed vagina and anus as they were lowered to around my knees – I moaned in embarrassed delight.

‘Silence, Josie!’ The ruler slapped down, hard onto my bottom and I flinched away from the probing fingers, but then quickly pushed my bottom out again. Hands parted the cheeks of my bottom and then firstly one, then two fingers gently entered my wet cunt, opening me, pushing past my swollen lips, searching and probing within me before sliding in and out several times.

‘Kiss her anus.’ I felt one light kiss and then a second followed by a wet tongue that made me flinch again.

‘Anna! … Josie, stand up and turn around.’ I did as I was told, and reluctantly turned around feeling flushed. I pulled my knickers up and smoothed down my skirt as Anna was drawn into a deep kiss with Miss Megan. ‘You licked, Josie’s anus, Anna, I can taste her …you weren’t instructed to do that. Bend over…’ Anna eagerly bent over and waited for her punishment.

‘You two sit down.’ We sat and watched as Miss Megan gently lifted Anna’s skirt exposing her very pretty bottom. ‘You are not to move, Anna … do you understand?’

‘Yes, Miss Megan.’

Miss Megan stroked her hand gently across Anna’s exposed cheeks and I could see the rise of goose-bumps on the tanned flesh. The soft caress continued down the back of Anna’s thighs to the ribbons holding up her grey socks, then back to hook beneath the waistband of her black knickers.

‘Spread your legs a little more … good girl. Keep your legs straight, dip your back and present you bottom properly.’ Anna’s bottom raised slightly as Miss Megan lowered her knickers to around her knees. ‘This is the correct position to receive a spanking, girls – remember it. It isn’t meant to be comfortable, Anna is being punished, I don’t want her comfortable. She should be embarrassed and ashamed as well as offering an attractive sight for the person delivering the punishment.

‘Are you ashamed of yourself, Anna?’

‘Yes, Miss Megan.’

‘But not embarrassed enough I don’t think. Your classmates are looking at you Anna. Looking at you bent over, your naked bottom exposed.’ She brought her hand down hard on Anna’s bursa merkez escort bottom and it jiggled deliciously, a pink hand print rose as a blush to the surface of her skin.

‘Seeing as you like bottoms so much I think we should all see yours, don’t you girls?’

‘Yes Miss Megan,’ we answered, both entranced by the spectacle of this girl being punished.

‘Please Miss Megan. Don’t make me do that…’ Anna really did sound as if she were having second thoughts about exposing herself like this.

‘But you must, Anna. Spread your bottom for us and don’t you dare argue.’ Anna’s hands reluctantly came around and gently parted the soft cheeks of her bottom – her wrinkled anus exposed with her pussy, wet and open slightly beneath, the shine of moisture in the pink folds evidence to her heightened state of arousal.

‘Joanne, please lubricate Anna’s anus and insert this please. Mistress Megan handed Joanne a small bottle and small silver butt plug. Hesitantly, Joanne took the offered items and approached the offered bottom – Anna shifted her position slightly, unsure of what was happening behind her.

Putting the butt plug on the table, Joanne upended the bottle and squirted a generous amount of lubricant. It was quite thick and stayed as a glistening mound upon Anna’s anus. Anna gasped but continued to keep the cheeks of her bottom spread.

‘Sorry,’ whispered Joanne apologising for the coldness of the gel, and then began smearing the mixture gently around, being sure to push a little into Anna’s anus. I could hear Anna gasping, and the flush on Joanne’s face had increased, I didn’t know which of the two girls was more embarrassed. She took the silver but-plug and gently forced it in – Anna gave a low moan as he sphincter muscles finally relaxed and the larger part of the plug slide inside her. Joanne sat back down, wiping her hands on the cloth Miss Megan gave her, while Anna remained bent over, the butt plug twitching in her anus, her pussy very wet and gaping open.

‘Slap, slap, slap!’ Mistress Megan’s hand came down hard on Anna’s bottom. Then she slid the poor girl’s knickers back up and flipped her skirt down. ‘Sit back at you desk.’

‘Yes Miss Megan,’ murmured Anna. I knew from experience how uncomfortable she was feeling. The hard obtrusive device still in her anus, designed to allow her sit, but not be comfortable.

‘Anna is now modelling one of my favourite punishment devices,’ said Mistress Megan, a smile on her face. ‘Simply by pressing this button…. ‘ She held out a small device and Anna let out a surprised shriek. She jumped up from her chair and leant forward over her desk. ‘As Anna would tell you if she could, the butt plug vibrates.’ She clicked the button again and Anna stopped trembling, turned a flushed face towards us and slowly sat back down.

‘Well I think that our first day of summer school is going splendidly. You are all learning to be good and are following instructions well. Our first real lesson can now begin. Are you ready, girls?’

‘Yes, Miss Megan.’

‘Good, we’re going to study biology. One of you can be our model for this lesson. I think, as Anna is a little preoccupied and Josie has already been subject to punish, that leaves Joanne as our candidate. Stand up and come to the front of the class, Joanne.’

Joanne was still very nervous and almost hesitant in her approach to the front. I watched her as she slowly, reluctantly walked forward. Her heels were high but she walked well in them, they showed her legs in their black seamed stockings beautifully – I knew I was about to see more of her and couldn’t wait. One thing about wearing a ruined short skirt is that I had very easy access to my own pussy. I parted my legs, slipped my right hand beneath the desk and into my knickers, and began teasing my clitoris, feeling how wet and slippery my vagina was.

‘If you can just sit up on my desk we will all be able to see you, Joanne.’

I watched in delight as Joanne brought a chair across, stepped onto it, and sat on the desk facing us. She was blushing furiously and I actually wondered if she was going to whisper ‘expel me’ and run from the room.

‘Actually, Joanne,’ said Miss Megan holding out her hand. ‘Stand up on the chair for a moment, it would be better if you remove your knickers first.’ Hesitantly, Joanne took Miss Megan’s hand and stood on the chair; Miss Megan stepped back to watch but Joanne didn’t move. ‘Take your knickers down and sit back on the table, Joanne.’

‘Please, Mistress,’ whispered Joanne. She fiddled nervously with the hem of her skirt.

‘Do as you’re told, Joanne. Remove your knickers and sit back on the desk … now.’

Tucking a long strand of hair back behind her ear, Joanne plucked up the courage and slipped her hands beneath her skirt to find the waistband of her knickers. She pulled them down to her knees and then allowed them to fall the rest of the way. She quickly sat back on the desk with her legs firmly crossed, nervously smoothing her skirt.

‘Very good, Joanne.’ Miss Megan brought another chair over and set them to either side of the prone girl. ‘Scoot forward so you’re on the very edge of the desk and put a foot up onto the back of each chair.’ Joanne hesitated and offered Miss Megan a pleading look.

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