Summer School Ch. 02

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He called her the next morning.

They talked a bit, small talk, and she said,

“About last night… I don’t know…we need to talk about some things, you know?’

“Yes, I’ve been thinking too,” He said, “and, yes, last night was great and….yes, we need to talk about some things, maybe. If you can, if you want to, why don’t you come out later?”

“I can and I want to.” She answered. “I need to do some things around here this morning but…how about lunch? I could stop and pick up some things if you want.”

“How about maybe stopping by the drive-in on your way out and picking up some burgers or something? I’d pay for it and, well….could you pick up a case of beer too?”

She laughed. “Yes, I could do that. That would be fine.”

He gave her directions to his place.

It was going to be a warm day so he was dressed lightly, just shorts and a t-shirt, and he did some straightening up around his house, made the bed and put away the dishes in the drain rack next to the kitchen sink.

He was sitting on the front porch reading when he saw the faint dust cloud down the dirt road that passed his house and shortly, her light green Falcon pulled into the driveway.

She got out of the car wearing a light yellow sundress carrying a paper bag and opened the door to the screened porch.

He stood from his chair and took the bag from her and set it on the table on the porch.

“Hey,” he said. “Glad you could make it.”

She came to him and hugged him close and gave him a long, deep kiss.

“Glad I could. Beer’s in the back seat.” She said.

He brought it in and put it in the old refrigerator in the kitchen.

“You want soda, tea or beer?” He called to her.

“A beer would be nice. It’s going to be a warm day.” She answered.

He went into the house and came back with two cold beers.

“We can eat out here.” He said. “I have a cooler but it’s just in the bedroom and doesn’t keep the whole place cool.”

“This is fine.” She answered as she took the hamburgers out of the bag and unwrapped them. “In fact, I like it out here.”

She sat in the chair next to him and they began to eat and talk between bites.

“When you said you lived outside town….I didn’t realize it was this far out of town.” She said with a laugh.

“Well, it’s not much,” he said. “but I like it here. It is…remote, I guess. I don’t mind not having neighbors and a bunch of people around. I can do what I want, here.”

He took another bite of his burger and another sip of beer.

“It had been abandoned for years and the family that owns it were happy to have someone here. I fixed it up some so everything works. It doesn’t look like much, but…the rent’s cheap.”

“I think it’s wonderful.” She said.

She finished her meal and went in to get them both another beer. When she came back out, she sat down and said,

“Listen, I need to explain some things. About last night and…other things.”


“Well,” she began, “Things happened pretty fast with us. I hope you don’t think…. well, Anadolu Yakası Escort I don’t put out for every guy that gives me a wink and a nod.”

“I didn’t think you did.” He said.

“I just felt something when you first came to class. And the way you write, that just piqued my interest in you. Maybe I came on to you a little strong, but…I wanted to get to know you better. Last night, well, I can’t say when I invited you over that I wasn’t thinking in the back of my mind about taking you to bed, but….it didn’t have to happen. Not that I minded, I just….”

He smiled. “Are you apologizing?” He asked.

“No.” she answered. “Well… Okay, I just don’t want you to get the wrong idea, that’s all.”

He sipped his beer and said,

“Well, my idea is…I don’t think you don’t play games. At least not much. You don’t play ‘chase me until I catch you’. You’re honest. Now, I may be wrong, and I don’t have a lot of experience with girls…women…but I’ve seen how it works. I’ve experienced it, some. I think you decide what you want and make an honest effort to get it.”

“Well, yes.” She said. “You do pick up on things quickly.”

“Sometimes, yes, sometimes, not so much.” He answered. “Now what ‘other things’?”

“Let’s go inside.” She said and took his hand.

They went into the kitchen and disposed of the remains of their lunch and she stepped close to him, put her hands on the back of his head and pulled him down for a long deep kiss.

He pulled her tightly to him and one hand moved up the front of her sundress over her breast as the other moved down her back and over her rear. He could feel the waistband of her panties under the thin dress as his hand moved over her cheeks and his other hand felt she was not wearing a bra.

“Mmmm…” she whispered.

He stepped back from her and began to unbutton the top of her dress.

“If I’m moving too fast, just say so, but….”

“No, you’re moving just fine.” She said.

She pulled the unbuttoned top of the dress from her shoulders and it fell to the floor around her feet and then she was just in white panties and sandals.

He kissed her again, one hand moving up and over her breast stopping over her nipple, feeling it rise with his touch as the other moved down her back again and over the sheer nylon panties.

She returned his kiss and her hand moved up his bare leg and over the front of his shorts feeling the erection beneath.

“Want to go to the bedroom?” She asked.

“Yes, if you want to.” he answered.

“I do.” Was her answer.

In the bedroom, he pulled his t-shirt over his head and dropped his shorts as she stood beside the bed and watched him. He was wearing no underwear and toed off his sneakers.

He moved behind her and slid his hands down her sides and her panties slid down and off as moved one hand to her breast and she felt his erection press against her from behind. She tilted her head back against his shoulder as his other hand slid slowly down her body and between her legs.

“Mmm…” she moaned softly. Bostancı Escort “You have nice hands.”

She spread her legs slightly as his fingers glided over her mound and touched her now-damp lips. He rubbed over her as the fingers of his other hand gently pinched and rolled her nipple between them.

She moved to the bed and he followed, lying next the her, taking a hard nipple between his lips as the fingers of his other hand spread her open a bit, feeling her wetness and warmth between her legs.

Her hand found his hard manhood as she spread her legs wider and she pulled him over between them, guiding him to her entrance and he slowly began to push inside her.

He slowly flexed his hips, sliding deeper inside her as she rolled her hips up to meet him.

“Oh, god, you fell so good inside me….” She moaned.

Wordlessly he began to move his hard cock in and out of her tight pussy, slowly at first and then gaining speed.

She gripped his forearms supporting his body above hers and spread her legs wider yet and pulled her knees up, allowing him to penetrate her more deeply.

“Oh, yes…” she moaned softly and he buried his hard shaft inside her.

After a minute or two, He increased his speed a bit and she wrapped her legs around his hips, heals pressed to the small of his back, pulling him to her in time with his thrusts.

Her eyes were half closed and her face flushed and he plunged in and out of her, his eyes locked on hers.

She felt him swell all the more inside her and gripped his forearms more tightly and in a few moments, she felt his cock jerk inside her as he began to come.

She tightened her legs around him, holding him deeply inside her as pulse after pulse shot from him, filling her with his hot thick cream.

When he was finished, he slowly lowered himself to her and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, holding him to her as they relaxed and calmed.

Minutes later, he slowly withdrew from her and opened the drawer in the bedside table and removed a washcloth, sliding it between her legs to capture the combined juices leaking from her and rolled over and lay beside her.

She turned to him and laid her head on his chest, running her fingers over the light hair on it as he rubbed her back.

“Wow.” She whispered.

“Yes, wow.” He answered.

They lay side by side for some time before she slowly rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom.

When she returned, he had slipped his shorts and shoes on again.

“Do you have a t-shirt I could borrow?” She asked.

“Sure.” He replied and pulled a white one from the dresser drawer.

She slipped it over her head. It was large on her and fell to the middle of her thighs just covering her.

“Ahh, that’s better.” She said. “If no one is around but you, I’m more comfortable in this than my dress. Is this okay with you?”

“It’s fine.” He answered. “Here, you don’t have to wear anything at all if you don’t want to, except…”

“Except what?”

“Well, if you walked around naked I don’t know Erenköy Escort if I could even carry on a conversation with you, it would be so distracting. I might not be able to think of anything else while looking at your body.”

She smiled and took his hand.

“Show me around.” She said. “I want to see this place. It intrigues me.”

He led her out of the bedroom..

“This place was once a cattle ranch.” He started. “I guess it wasn’t big enough to be very profitable. The owners never became ‘cattle barons’, but they did okay for some years. The original house, built in the ‘teens, was torn down and this place built before the war.”

They returned to the front door into the living room with its stone fireplace. There was little furniture and a bare wide plank wood floor. He led her to the right, into a large room with a fireplace and built-in bookcases along one wall partially filled with books, two casement windows on the outside wall, a recliner, side table and floor lamp the only furniture. Double doors opened onto the front porch.

Back through the living room on the south side of the house were two bedrooms with a shared bathroom between them, the first bedroom empty and the other they had just left with the large four-poster bed, two end tables with lamps, a chest and dresser. A large desk on one wall held a typewriter and reems of paper and legal pads and pencils. Windows on two walls let in light and air.

The large kitchen was in the back of the house with another bedroom, also empty, on the other side of the kitchen.

The bathroom and kitchen had the old original fixtures and appliances but they were all in good condition.

Out the back door was another full length screened porch with a couch and two armchairs, a rustic wood table and a large swing hung by chains from the ceiling.

He led her out the screen door into the back yard and around the house.

The whole place had thick plastered adobe walls that could use fresh paint both inside and out, a rust brown tin roof with two bright, shiny new panels

The place was old and from the outside looked a bit neglected and in poor repair with weathered wood window frames, the old post and wire fence that surrounded the house leaning over in some places.

The yard around the house had turned to dry brown grass and weeds, and beyond the fence the ground turned to desert again, broken only by the dirt road that ran in front of the house. Four large cottonwood trees shaded the house, two in the front and two in the back.

“Oh, I love this place.” She said, squeezing his hand.


“Yes, really.” She answered. “So many pluses. To me, anyway.”

He led her out the rusty gate in the back fence to a small barn, mostly empty except for his ’56 Chevy and a workbench and a tool box.

Beside the barn was an old windmill turning lazily in the light breeze.

She tugged at his hand and pulled him out beyond the property, a little way out into the sand, rocks, mesquite and sage brush.

“Mmmm…” she moaned softly and then turned to him and kissed him. “I love it out here.”

He could not help but become aroused again as she pressed her body against his for the kiss. His hand slid down her back and over her firm behind.

“Let’s go back on the porch,” She said, “and discuss some things.”

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