Summer Songs and Perfume Ch. 07

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The sun crept low on the horizon as I walked home from the secluded beach. Jack had left me over an hour earlier, hanging out after our sexual encounter to talk and finish oiling up my body for some tanning time. I think we’re becoming friends, I thought with a laugh as I neared the beach house. I don’t need any of that right now. He’s just fun for me. I have needs.

My hair felt horrible, wet from the ocean and dried by the afternoon sun. The kitchen felt cool as I entered the sliding door, dropping my beach bag in the floor. Removing my shirt and shorts while I walked up the stairs, my hot skin tingled as I moved around naked. My bikini was in the beach bag, having never put it back on after the last time Jack untied it. I walked into the bathroom to turn on the shower before grabbing some clean clothes from my closet. The hot water refreshed my body, my hands soaping up my large breasts and my hips and ass. Leisurely washing my hair, I closed my eyes and relaxed in the steamy shower, cleaning the beach from my skin. My hot fingers slid over my mound and I began throbbing as I remembered Jack’s hands and mouth all over me. Stopping myself, I opened my eyes and turned off the shower to grab a towel.

As I dried my hair walking naked into my bedroom, I almost screamed when I turned to my full length mirror. The towel fell to the floor and I was completely exposed to my masked intruder. He wasted no time grabbing me, putting one arm around my waist and the other hand covered my mouth with a white cloth soaked in something horrible smelling. I was out before he left my room.

When I woke again, I was in a dimly lit room I didn’t recognize on a bed with a gag in my mouth and tied behind my head. It was quiet and I was still naked and a little dizzy with a headache. I moved slowly at first, unaware of my surroundings beyond the bed or where my kidnapper might be. I tried to sit up and found I was bound to the bed by my wrists over my head with shackles. I started to get scared as I tried to relax on the pillow under my head.

A door opened not too far away. I closed my eyes again and laid still, hoping whoever had entered would think I was still unconscious and I could find out what’s going on. No such luck, I thought as the person came over to the bed and sat down near me, shaking my arm. My eyelids fluttered open and slowly focused on the man. It was Lars!

“Good evening, honey. We meet again,” he whispered to me, smiling. His eyes were almost comforting.

I looked at his face, confused. What was he doing here? It seems like he’s taller than my intruder was…

“She awake yet?” another deep voice asked as the door opened again. “I’m getting tired of waiting.” He and another man came into view, both of them looking at me lying naked and bound on the bed. They were smiling. The first one who spoke was of medium height with very short hair, balding a little on top. He seemed as wide as he was tall, his muscled arms were very defined and tan. The other man was taller and not as strong looking but he was a bigger guy. He had a baseball cap on but I could tell his hair was also cut short. These two men surrounded the bed on the other sides and looked over my naked body. I was already cold but now goosebumps began crawling across my skin as I wondered what was about to happen to me.

“Lydia, this is Patrick and Joe,” Lars said, pointing to the strong guy and the big guy in turn. I nodded, goosebumps covering my naked limbs now.

“Well, well, she’s awake,” a fourth voice spoke as the ceiling light came on, causing me to close my eyes from the sudden brightness. This voice I knew. And I couldn’t believe it. He came into view as the men stepped back and I stared at him frightened as he stood at my side and görükle escort ran his warm fingers down my stomach and between my thighs. “And she’s ready,” he smiled as he slipped a finger inside my damp hole.

Paul! I couldn’t believe it! Well, I could, but… seriously?! His hand touching my chilled skin sent a fire through my body. I looked from his face to the other men’s faces, one by one. I had a rough idea of what was going to happen; Paul had mentioned a few times how perfect I would be for his little fuck doll. The gag in my mouth kept them from seeing the grin that began forming on my lips. Even as excited as I was, fear still filled my head as my clit started throbbing after Paul pulled his hand from me, sucking my juices from his finger before he pulled out a knife. My eyes widened as he approached my face with the blade, slipping it under the gag against my cheek and slicing it open, removing the rag from my head. I licked my dry lips as the men surrounded me again.

He left the bed as the other three men looked me over. My eyes had adjusted to the ceiling light now and I looked around the room. It appeared to be a motel room, me on the queen size bed across from a dresser and mirror. A table lamp on the night stand next to me was still on. The thick curtains on the far window were drawn, and a single chair and small table sat in the corner. Paul sat in the chair, leaning on his arm resting on the table. He nodded to Lars, he nodded back, and the men began removing their clothing down to their boxers. Patrick pulled his underwear down also, his hard cock springing out from underneath. My mouth fell open a little as I saw how thick it was. He got on the bed and sat on my chest, his dick hovering over my face. I couldn’t see the others as he held onto the headboard and leaned over me, rubbing the tip of his thick cock against my lips. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and his cock entered slowly, filling my mouth and my throat. I gagged as he thrust inside my mouth, fucking my face slowly.

Lars’s hand slipped between my legs and fingered my wet pussy while Patrick moved in and out of my mouth. Joe grabbed and massaged my large breasts, pinching my nipples. My juices were running out of my tight hole as Lars worked his fingers faster and Patrick filled my mouth with his cock. I could taste a drop of pre-cum on my tongue as Joe let go of my breasts and Patrick pulled out and got off of me. Joe got on the bed next, kneeling between my spread legs. Both he and Lars were fully naked now as Joe leaned over me and thrust his hard cock inside my pussy as hard as he could. I gasped as he filled me, my vagina walls expanding to his huge member. He fucked me hard and slow, holding my legs up and spread as Lars grabbed my long, brown hair and pulled my head to the side of the bed. His cock was in my face now, long and hard. He kept his hand in my hair between my bound arms as I opened my mouth to taste his hard flesh while Joe continued fucking me. My body was filled with ecstasy as these men used my body for their pleasure.

“She seems to be enjoying this, let’s let her loose,” Lars said after awhile as he continued fucking my mouth. Paul must have indicated consent because he pulled his cock from my lips and reached up to release my wrists as Joe pulled his cock from between my legs. I rubbed them a bit before Patrick grabbed my ankle and flipped me to lay across the bed on my belly. He got on the bed between my legs, grabbed my hips and pushed up so that my ass was arched up in the air. Lars and Joe stood in front of me tugging on their hard dicks while waiting for Patrick to impale me with his. He bent over and ran his tongue up from my clit to my anus, moaning as he tasted my juices. The head of his cock rested at my bursa sınırsız escort hole as he felt my hips, rubbing them a bit before grabbing them to dive deep inside my pussy. I cried out as he hit bottom then held still with a tight grip on me. The guys in front of me grinned as Joe took my hair in his hands and waited for Patrick to resume his motions before entering my mouth. Patrick smacked my ass cheek hard before sliding his cock out slowly and then swiftly back in, fucking my tight, wet hole. I screamed after the hit and when he dove inside again, his huge dick filling my body and more. Joe slid his dick in my mouth as I screamed, choking me as the tip hit the back of my throat. I could taste my own cream lingering on him. Tears formed in my eyes and ran down my face as these guys filled me with their hard flesh. It hurt but at the same time felt so good.

Lars walked around to the other side as Patrick pulled out of me, my pussy sore and red. Getting on the bed for his turn, Lars slapped my ass a few times and fingered my anus before he rammed his cock into my fucked little pussy. He fucked me slower than Patrick but just as hard, stretching my vagina walls with every thrust. My screams were still muffled by Joe’s dick in my throat as saliva ran out of my lips and down my chin. This was amazing, I thought as Lars sped up his pace, fucking my pussy so fast and hard I wondered if I wouldn’t slide off the bed if Joe let my head go. My tears were soaking into the bed sheets.

Suddenly Lars and Joe stopped using me at the same time, both letting me go and stepping back. My body was sore everywhere but I knew this wasn’t over. Patrick came up to me just then and grabbed me by the neck, dragging me off the bed and throwing me to the floor. I landed on my sore ass, wincing as I glanced at Paul. He was watching me from his chair in the corner, a smile creeping across his lips. I opened my mouth to say something to him but Joe grabbed my arm and jerked me off the floor and back to the bed. Lars laid on his back on the bed stroking his cock while Patrick waited on the other side by his head. Joe shoved me onto the bed and I crawled onto Lars, positioning myself over his shaft. I was still wet even after all the fucking so he slid inside me with ease. He held my hips as I rocked back and forth, moaning as the waves of pleasure rose in my belly.

The other two watched me fuck him for several minutes, listening to me moan as I neared an orgasm. Just as I was about to cum Patrick got on the bed on his knees next to Lars’s head, grabbed my hair and shoved his big dick into my mouth. My orgasm subsided as Patrick held me still on Lars’s cock. I whimpered as my pussy throbbed, the pain of losing my orgasm spreading. Lars held my waist tightly over him and fucked me hard while the two of them held me still. I put my hands on Lars’s chest so I wouldn’t choke.

After awhile I felt the bed move a bit as Joe got on the bed between Lars’s legs. I heard him spit into his hand and rub his saliva on his tip before he spread my ass cheeks. I realized what was happening and could do nothing to stop it. His tip rubbed my anus a few times before penetrating slowly. I screamed onto Patrick’s dick as all three of my holes were filled to the brim with cock. Patrick held my hair tighter, pulling my face onto his dick in response. I gagged as his dick hit the back of my throat several times. Lars moved slower underneath me so Joe had room to fuck my ass steadily. My insides felt full and stretched to the maximum and my ass burned. It was a lot for my body to handle at once. Lars fondled my breasts as drool ran down my chin and my juices covered Joe’s balls.

Paul left his chair in the corner to stand next to nilüfer escort the bed as they fucked me for awhile, holding his phone up to take pictures. I tried not to look at him but his grin drew me in. He was enjoying this extensively. Just then Patrick said he was going to cum, and I tasted a bit of cum on my tongue as I sucked harder on his cock. He grunted as he ejaculated into my throat, holding my mouth still on his cock as it poured out of him and into my body. Joe came next, his dick spasming as his jizz erupted in my ass. Patrick pulled his softening cock from my throat, letting me suck gently and lick his cum from the tip. Joe slid out of my anus and got off of the bed with Patrick, Joe walking slowly into the bathroom.

Lars took advantage of having me to himself. He lifted me up by my waist and moved me off of him to the side. I sat still on the bed for a moment, sore and throbbing as I glanced over at Paul sitting back in the chair. He watched me watch him as Lars sat up. Suddenly Lars grabbed my arms and jerked them behind me, pushing my face into the bed while my ass was arched up in the air. He slid back inside my wet hole easily, gripping my hips to fuck my pussy as hard as he could. I turned my head to the side and screamed, my sore body in so much pain as he pounded into me. Harder and deeper he fucked me, and I continued to scream as tears flowed down my face. He cried out when he came, squeezing his fingertips tighter into my skin as his load shot into my pussy. I screamed louder.

Lars leaned over me when he was done, pushing me further into the sheets. Once he had slid out of me and left with his pile of clothes I collapsed on the bed, painfully sore almost everywhere. Patrick and Joe had come out of the bathroom at some point and leaned against the wall to watch Lars finish. They were still there, now dressed again, silently leering at my disheveled, naked body and my cum-covered backside. I watched them watching me in silence until Lars came out of the bathroom dressed. He looked at the other two men and turned to face the bed. He smiled at me, nodded, and the three of them left the room. Leaving me with Paul.

Paul stood up from his corner chair at that moment, coming over to the bedside. Roughly grabbing my hair he drug me back from the pillow to face him. I looked up at his face when he released my hair while he gripped my arm and pulled me off the bed and in the floor on my knees. I could see his hard cock through his pants, and I realized he wasn’t done with me yet.

“Unzip me,” he said sternly, and I followed orders. Unzipping his jeans I pulled them down to his ankles and then tugged his boxers down as well. His erection stood out in front of me, and despite my sore throat my mouth began to salivate. He took a few hobbled steps to the side to sit on the edge of the bed. “Suck my dick, whore.”

I lifted my sore ass from the floor and took his shaft in my hand, massaging his balls with the palm. I licked the bottom of his penis from base to tip slowly before I slid the tip past my lips, sucking lightly. His head dropped back for a moment while he moaned as I took each inch of him into my mouth and down my throat slowly. He sat back as I worked my tongue and my lips on his cock for several minutes, licking and sucking at a steady pace. After awhile he put one hand in my hair, pressing my head onto his dick firmly. I sucked harder, wanting him to cum in my mouth badly. Choking on his cock now, his load hit the back of my throat hard and he groaned quietly. I swallowed all of him as he released his grip on my head.

“Good girl,” he whispered, running his fingers down my damp cheek and under my chin to raise my face. He stared into my tear-stained eyes for a moment, smiling. “You’re such a good little whore, Lydia. Did you enjoy all of that cock?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied, believing what I said. Their rough hands on me, hot mouths, throbbing dicks… I loved it.

“Good,” he said, helping me out of the floor and onto the bed to rest. “Next time, there will be more.”

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