Summertime Seduction

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Summer is the season for spending time at the pool. This summer was no different. It wasn’t a scorching hot day, but hot enough that the pool in the back yard was very tempting. Unfortunately for Ben, there was still work to be done.

Ben was a graphic designer by trade, and worked from home. He was currently working on some concept art for an indie game studio, and his deadline was that night. While he was close to finished, he knew that he would not be able to pull himself away from the cool water once he was in it. The way the water made him feel weightless put him into a state of pure relaxation. He eyed the clear, rippling water for only a moment longer, then focused his eyes back onto the colored pixels of his computer screen.

The plastic nub of his pen made a low scraping sound as it rubbed the drawing space of the tablet. The colors that splashed onto the screen made the design look almost real. As the last bit of color was added to the piece, Ben heard a car pull into the garage and its engine dull to nothing. The car door opened, and there was the sound of heels on concrete. Moments later, Ben was greeted with a warm embrace around his shoulders, and he felt the familiar prod of plastic from glasses gently nudge his temple. With warm hands, he squeezed the soft, olive coloured arms that draped over his chest.

“Another exhausting day at work, my love?” he asked. His voice was gentle, and sincere. He kissed her hands and pulled her around his chair and into his lap. She wore a black, v-neck blouse, a pair of gray dress slacks, and black 1-inch heels. Her glasses were a translucent red which made them almost look the color of black cherry, and her short, wavy hair, which always swept across her forehead to her left, was perfectly in place. This was Jenny.

Ben and Jenny had been together since high school, and moved in together just a few months ago. They were both in their early to mid-twenties now – he, 24; she, 22.

“Well, today wasn’t too bad, I guess,” she replied. Her voice was like velvet to his ears. He began unstrapping her shoes for her and they landed with barely any noise on the shag carpet. “I mean, of course dealing with everyone at work is tiring, but hopefully I won’t have to be there much longer!”

They looked at each other and smiled. She leaned in to kiss him, and their lips met almost immediately. Even after being together for 7 years, they still acted like teenagers who were wet behind the ears in terms of romance. Each one of them pushed against the other a little more. When Ben pushed back the last time, he cupped the back of her neck with his hand and pulled her in. She let out a little moan and tensed her body a little. He loved the way that she reacted to it every single time.

Jenny broke the kiss and looked at Ben. She asked, “Do you need me to let you get to work? I know your deadline is tonight.”

“Well,” Ben began, and turned to his monitor, “I’m really all finished here. All I have to do is send them the files and I’m yours for the evening.” His eyes returned to her face and he started imagining how he might digitally paint her face with all its cute freckles.

“That’s great! I guess that means that you’re going to be swimming all evening, huh?”

“Well, yeah, probably. But, I’d really love for you to join me.” Ben looked hopefully into her eyes and stuck out his lower lip. She playfully strummed it with her finger and swung her legs onto the floor.

“We’ll see,” she said and slipped out of the den and upstairs. He heard the soft padding of her bare feet on the steps and listened as she went into their bedroom. He looked at the ceiling for a while. Their bedroom was right above the den.

She would be undressing right now. First, it would be her blouse. The thought of her perfect c-cup breasts peeking out of her bra made his cock twitch. It kept growing as he kept imaging what was going on just 10 feet above him. The hooks of her bra would come undone with such ease, and she would let it fall to the floor. Her nipples would stand in the cool, air-conditioned house and complete the image of her perfectly perky breasts. Next would be the button of her pants, followed by the zipper. She would grab the waistline of her pants, and whatever panties she was, or wasn’t, wearing, and pull them all down at once. She would stand there, completely naked, for a few seconds, before turning to look at herself in the mirror and brush her hair.

Ben held the image of his stark naked girlfriend in his head until he heard the sliding of drawers upstairs. He snapped out of his imagination and realized that his cock was poking out through the hole in his pajama pants. He tucked it back inside while he sent the files to the game developer. As soon as he made sure they sent, he got up from his desk and went to the bathroom. As he pulled his cock out again, it stiffened a little, making it a little bit difficult for him to pee. After he was done, he made his way out onto the back patio. kozyatağı escort His eyes took a while to adjust to the sun.

The back yard was mostly flat, but inclined a bit at the far end. To his left was the glistening water of the pool. He stripped off his pajama pants and walked right up to it and tested the water with his toes. They didn’t have any neighbors to worry about since they lived in the country. Their house was maybe a 30 minute drive from the city, but few people lived out their way. It was exactly what they wanted.

Deciding the water was the perfect temperature, Ben climbed onto the diving board and jumped right in. The water surrounded him and he felt all his muscles relax. After swimming to one end of the pool, he grabbed a raft and jumped into it. Putting his arms behind his head, Ben closed his eyes and took to imagining what he might do to Jenny if she were to join him.

Jenny, meanwhile, was checking her email from her laptop. She sat on her bed, legs crossed, and leaning forward. She kept one thumb on her lower lip – she always did when she was using the computer. Even though she had pulled out clothes and set them on the bed, she was still naked. None of her new emails were worth reading, so she deleted them all. She habitually checked the news, and read a few pop culture articles before deciding she was bored.

She sighed and closed her laptop. She laid back across the cool sheets on the bed and rested her head against the headboard. She looked down at her body. She was perfectly tanned all over. She thought it a blessing to be able to sunbathe completely naked. And she did so. Her hands rested on her perky breasts, but her fingers were spread enough for her nipples to poke through. She lightly squeezed them and bounced them around playfully.

Her stomach was perfectly flat when she laid down. This was something she envied when she was standing or sitting. She knew that Ben thought that her stomach was perfect and one of the cutest things about her, especially when it pudged out. Her eyes quickly skipped over her smooth, shaven mound, and straight to her thighs. They were much nicer since she started wearing heels to work, and she had no complaints there. Her feet ached, though, but she chalked it up to the cost of beauty.

She heard Ben splash into the pool outside, but hadn’t heard much from him in the past few minutes. She wondered what he could be up to and got up to look out of their bedroom window and into the back yard. Ben was on a raft in the pool, and she could clearly see that he was stroking himself slowly. She wondered if his eyes were open and if he could see that she was looking. The sight of her boyfriend stroking himself in the pool was enough to start getting her hot. She looked at his body, glistening with water droplets. His brown hair was tousled where he was running his fingers through it as he masturbated.

Jenny subconsciously started massaging her breasts as she looked between the curtains at her boyfriend. She could feel her breath quickening and her chest heaved her breasts deeper into her hands. She couldn’t help forsaking one breast to slide her fingers down her stomach toward her pussy. There was heat coming from it and her cool fingers gave her a pleasant sensation as she stroked it. Only moments later were her fingers lubricated with her own juices and she parted her lips with her middle finger. She slowly ran it up and down, following the pace of her lover in the pool below.

Ben’s pace slowed and she watched his cock twitch in the air as he resisted the urge to finish himself off. This made her want him all the more. They both knew that they preferred having the other one make them cum rather than doing it for themselves. Jenny stopped rubbing herself and quickly turned and headed downstairs. Before she made it to the sliding glass door that allowed entry to the patio, she changed her gait to a more sultry walk. She slid the door open and stepped out onto the warm planks of the patio. She bent one leg off to the side and put her opposite hand on her hip, as though she were an underwear model.

Ben’s eyes opened upon hearing the sliding door and he looked at the magnificent, curvy figure standing in the evening sunlight on the patio. He saw that her breasts were perked up and her nipples hard. She was taking sharp breaths, despite her calm posture. Her pussy was shiny in the sunlight, and he immediately got rock hard as he supposed that she had just been masturbating.

“Come to join me?” Ben asked. He tried to make his voice playful and seductive, but he was sure that his excitement took the forefront.

Jenny’s eyes were on his cock. She watched it stiffen when he saw her standing there, and she felt herself getting hot all over again. But of course that’s what both of them wanted. “From upstairs it looked like you could use a hand,” she jested and began her sultry walk to the pool stairs. küçükyalı escort She stepped in with one long, perfect leg, followed by the other, and walked over to the raft. She bent forward and placed her chin on her hands, and her elbows at his buttocks and stomach.

“Did you see all that?” Ben smirked. He had secretly hoped for her to see him and come out to play. Today was one of the rare occasions that what he hoped for had come true. “I could use a hand, now that you mention it.”

Jenny smiled and obliged. She took her left hand and dipped it into the pool and brought it out. She grabbed his cock and massaged it with her thumb. There was no hair to worry about, either. They both kept themselves clean-shaven in the summer. He sighed deeply and relaxed into the raft as she began to work him slowly. He let his own hand fall into the pool and start grazing her breast.

She turned to give him a better position, and he began to gently massage her breast as she massaged his cock. She relaxed a bit as well in the weightlessness of the water and let her hand do the work while she enjoyed her breast being fondled. She felt him throbbing in her hand and heard him sigh with delight. She finally pulled him close and took his cock in her mouth. His hand maintained its slow pace despite his pulse having jumped.

“You are… the absolute… best thing… that has ever happened to me,” Ben said, between sighs. Jennly swirled her tongue around the head of his cock with delight. Ben gasped in response and she could feel him pulsing in her mouth. She wanted to taste his cum, but he pulled her away and kissed her deeply. He felt her relax into his embrace as he slid off the raft and pulled her tight. Their lips were still locked, and his cock managed to prod her clitoris as he moved in close. She gasped and kissed deeper.

His hands began travelling down her sides until they found her perfect ass. It was shapely and round, and the perfect size to grab onto. He hoisted her up and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. She reached behind her with one hand and guided his cock into her. She pulled herself hard against him and they both gasped with pleasure. She smiled at him, and he back at her; not seductive smiles, but smiles of pure ecstasy.

They both pulled their hips back and pushed them forward in a slow, rhythmic pattern. And as they did so, he also lifted her up as they pulled away, and pulled her back down as they rocked in so that he could get as deep as possible. Her eyes were shut tight with pleasure and her mouth gaped open. Moans and gasps escaped with every thrust. Ben’s eyes roamed around her face and body. They seemed to be particularly fond of her bouncing breasts and hard nipples.

Her nails dug into his shoulders as she kicked up the pace. His cock glided in and out of her warm cavern under the water. As the pace quickened, her noises got louder and more filled with pleasure. It was music to Ben’s ears, and his cock started throbbing inside of his lover. He was ready to blow, but he never liked to finish before Jenny. He pulled her down and in hard and held her there. The scream that escaped her lungs nearly drove him to fill her with his cum right then and there. But, he resisted. He fought back the urge, and she felt his cock twitch inside of her. She giggled and smiled at him.

“I love it when you do that,” she said in a low voice.

“I know,” he said, matching her tone. Without pulling his cock out from inside her, he walked over to the edge of the pool, lifted Jenny out of the water by her perfect ass, and set her on the edge of the pool. He reached to the side and grabbed a towel which he draped on the ground behind her. He kissed her stomach as she kissed the top of his head. As his kisses progressed downward, she reclined onto her hands so that she could watch as her lover ate her out.

Ben tenderly kissed her inner thighs, working his way up to her glistening lips in between. The sun was red on the horizon, which gave her olive skin a wonderful orange glow. He placed his tongue flat on her labia, and he felt her recoil from the sudden touch. He pushed against her, gently, but with his tongue still covering as much of her pussy as it could. She pushed back against him. He flicked his tongue once on the hood of her clit, and then slowly licked up the entire length of her slit before doing it again.

He parted her lips with his tongue and started playing with her clit as soon as he reached it. He kissed it, then licked it, and sucked it, just to tease her. As he started to massage her clit with the tip of his tongue, he brought a finger to her pussy and started moving it in circles around the entrance to her paradise. With each lick upwards, he nudged his finger in a little more; with each lick downward, he pulled it out halfway. After several rhythmic licks, his finger was as deep as he could reach inside her. He hooked his mutlukent escort finger and immediately found the patch of flesh that he knew so well as her G-spot.

He massaged this spot with his finger, and her clit with his tongue. Between the two, Jenny’s body was overcome with stimulation. She felt her orgasm coming on and had to lay back on the towel. Almost as suddenly as her shoulders hit the ground, her back arched and she began to shudder. Ben took his finger out and put one hand on each of Jenny’s knees. His tongue became gentler as it ran over her clitoris. Each successive lick made her shudder with more pleasure until she sat up and pulled his chin up for another deep kiss. She dropped herself into the pool and he caught her by the thighs. He wrapped her legs around him again and held her aloft as they kissed.

Dusk had come almost too quickly, and Ben’s daydream was about to come to full fruition, he hoped.

“Hot tub, love?” he asked her with a cheesy smile. She nodded silently, but smiled just as widely. He set her down only to pick her up again bridal style as he walked up the stairs onto the pool deck. The hot tub was inside a closed-in porch for winter use, so Jenny opened the door and Ben stepped in with her still in his arms. He set her down so that he could uncover the jacuzzi and set the heavy cover aside. It was big enough for 6 people, though they never had that many in there at once.

They tested the water and turned on the jets. Ben sat down first and helped Jenny into the tub. As her leg stepped over the edge of the hot tub, he got an eye-level look at her pussy. It was just as tan as the rest of her, and cleanly shaven for her bikini. He covered it playfully with his other hand as he helped Jenny over the edge. She giggled at his touch. It felt so warm and so wet and it tasted so sweet. His cock hardened under the water.

Jenny turned to take her place at the opposite end of the hot tub, but before she could sit down, Ben pulled her toward him and sat her on his lap. She could feel his cock rubbing against the lips of her pussy, and Ben kissed her back everywhere he could reach. Their fingers played with each other as they tried to entwine themselves.

“I love you so much,” Ben whispered and went back to kissing his lover’s back.

“I love you, too,” Jenny said and freed one of her hands, only to start rubbing Ben’s cock under the water. She pushed it against her pussy and started grinding herself against it. Ben leaned back so that Jenny could have as much cock as she wanted. He gently raked his nails down her back, and she arched it and moaned. He repeated this two or three times and then proceeded to lift his lover up and she guided his cock into her pussy again. With one hand he massaged her ass, and had the other on her hip to help guide her speed.

She rose and fell on him again and again. She was clearly done with the slow stuff, and went straight into riding him hard and fast. He resisted every urge to blow his load into her now. There was one thing he wanted to do, first. He turned his entire body, and Jenny on top, to the side. From this position, they were facing a jet. He aimed it straight at Jenny’s clit, and the water pressure made her moan with pleasure. Her pace picked up again and she rode Ben’s cock faster than she had all night. She could feel that the water jet was going to give her another orgasm, and she felt Ben’s cock throbbing inside of her. They were both about to cum. Jenny leaned back against Ben’s chest and he wrapped his arms around her middle as he pumped away into her pussy, making sure that the jet was always on her clit.

He felt her shudder again as another orgasm came on, and he decided that now was the right time. He slammed himself inside of her as deep as he could reach until his cum rushed into her. She screamed with ecstasy. He did it again and another burst came out. Her shuddering got stronger, and her shouting got louder, as he went in. Again and again he slammed into her and filled her with more cum until he couldn’t anymore. Her shuddering subsided and her screaming became delighted sighs and moans of fulfillment. Ben’s noises were much the same, but in a lower tone. He wrapped his arms around her and she wrapped her arms around his. Their fingers entwined again, and they just relaxed in the hot tub until the jets timed out and turned off.

“That… That was… Wow,” was all Ben could muster. Just thinking about it started making him rise again.

“You can say that again,” Jenny suggested, through sighs and half-closed eyelids.

“Wow…” Ben repeated. “Okay, it’s really about time to shower. We’ve been in chlorine for hours now.”

“Yeah, most definitely,” Jenny agreed.

They climbed out of the hot tub, and Jenny headed inside while Ben replaced the cover. Ben casually walked inside and upstairs to their bathroom. Jenny was already inside the walk-in shower, and he could hear the water splashing around her as she rinsed the chlorine from her hair. He walked right in with her and greeted her with a kiss while her eyes were still closed. She made a sound of delighted surprise and wrapped her arms around him. She pulled him close and their kiss deepened. Ben could feel his cock getting hard against her thighs. Their embrace ended and they began to shampoo themselves and start talking.

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