Sunday Drive

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It’s about 8:30 AM and you have been unable to get me out of your head, much less satisfy yourself enough to relieve the persistent hard on in your jeans. Knowing that you will have some free time this afternoon, you send me an email, asking me if I can get away to see you for a much needed rendezvous.

I check my email around 9, and since it’s Sunday, I make plans to “go shopping” and return your email, telling you that I will meet you as you request.

The weather is nice, and since we want to try something new, we decide that I will park at the mall and you will meet me there and drive me somewhere interesting for our session.

When you arrive, you pull up next to my car and I get in. I greet you with a hello and a kiss and slide over next to you in the seat.

You put your arm over my shoulders and begin to drive. I have not seen you for a while and I am anxious to see just how excited you are to see me. I reach down and rub your crotch firmly, telling you how much I missed you and your lovely cock while you were away. You agree that it has been too long, and adjust yourself in the seat a bit so I can get better access to your cock as you drive. After teasing you a bit through your jeans, you are surprised and pleased when I begin to try to unzip you and bring your cock out for my enjoyment as you drive. We are stopped at an intersection, so you help me finish undoing your belt and zipper, and finally getting your stiffening member completely free of your clothing.

With the truck in motion again, and not caring if the passing traffic can see what I’m doing, I begin ensest porno to softly stroke you with my hand, just firmly enough to make you want me to apply more pressure. Now, I make myself comfortable in the seat, and lean over to gently kiss the head of your cock. Taking my time, I move down the shaft to your balls, kissing and lightly nibbling you with my lips along the way. You sigh and grip the steering wheel more tightly as I take your balls into my mouth, swirling my tongue over them and sucking them softly, even though I can tell you are ready for much more aggressive handling.

Re-tracing my route, I return to the head of your amazing cock. When I get there, I use my tongue to draw a line around the base of the head several times, still teasing you with the anticipation of actually getting inside where you really want to be. I continue this sensual torment, rubbing you against my face and moaning softly to myself as I too, get excited performing this activity for you. Finally not able to stand the teasing any more, you tell me to take you inside me and suck you like a nasty slut should.

Smiling to myself at your tortured impatience, I finally part my lips and slide them slowly over you until they touch the base of you.

I love the feeling of having you inside me this way, and take a moment to enjoy it before closing my lips more tightly around you and beginning to stroke my mouth up and down over your now raging hard on. Working intently now, I vary the suction and pressure as I pleasure you, enjoying the way it makes you squirm in your escort porno seat, trying to enjoy it and still concentrate on driving.

I haven’t been paying attention to where we are going as I have immersed myself in the joy of pleasing you, but I now notice that we have stopped and parked. You kill the engine and now use your hands to hold my hair, not only to control my cocksucking a bit, but also so you can see my mouth as it pleasures your cock.

I pull my shirt up now, revealing for the first time that I have not worn a bra today, and you reach over to caress my breasts and pinch my nipples firmly, making me gasp and moan on your cock. I am wearing shorts, and now reach up the leg of them, rubbing my clit as you watch.

Still holding onto my hair, I feel you begin to tense and breathe more heavily as you feel your orgasm building.

Moaning more passionately now as my encouragement for you to cum for me, I suck you harder, wanting to taste you on my tongue. Finally, after holding out as long as you can, your hips surge toward me and your fingers clamp down in my hair. I feel your cock swell and explode, sending jets of your hot load into my still sucking mouth, completing my desire to please you this way.

I have been playing with myself all along, and now I move around in the seat so I can remove my shorts and panties.

At your direction, I lean against the passenger door and spread my legs for you, putting one leg on the floor and the other over the seat. You tell me to reach up and hold onto the “Oh my God” handle over the gizli çekim porno passenger window and not let go of it unless you let me. I nod my understanding as you position yourself so you can lick my dripping snatch. You begin slowly and gently, returning the agonizing teasing that I gave you earlier. I moan and arch my hips toward you, wordlessly begging you for more intense attention, knowing that you will make me wait as long as possible to finish, making sure I am frantically begging to cum before you let me.

Pausing for a moment, you reach into your bag and bring out the dildo you know I like, and insert it inside me as you resume flicking my clit with your tongue. You stroke me slowly, deeply with the dildo, making me begin to pant with lust and beg you to go faster. You continue to fuck me this way, talking to me as well, telling me that you know I want to cum for you. You find yourself thankful that you brought me to this remote spot as I begin to moan louder and scream out loud now as you gradually increase your pace inside me, hitting my g-spot over and over with the dildo. Suddenly, I ask you to let me cum and you approve as I melt into the ecstasy washing over me. As I finish, you do not stop stroking me with the dildo.. the feeling is overwhelming and it is all I can do not to take my hands from the handle above my head and pull away from you. I beg you to stop, but you don’t. You fuck me just long enough to make me start to beg you to keep going. Then, you remove the dildo from me and put it to my lips, telling me to clean it for you.

The sight of me nearly naked on the front seat of your truck, cumming with abandon, has made you hard again, and now, you tell me get dressed. “We are going to get out of the truck and take a little nature walk.” you tell me, and you grab your bag and a blanket, and lead me into the woods near our parking spot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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