Sunrise Interlude

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They had shagged themselves silly for two days straight. Opportunities like this – the chance to spend two whole days and, even more importantly, two fantastic nights alone and uninterrupted – were few and far between, so they had made the best of it. Unfortunately, today their idyll would have to end and they would need to return to the roles and responsibilities waiting for them at home.

She snuggled up next to him drowsily, feeling secure in his encircling arms. She fought against waking completely, knowing that this day would bring an end to their time together, childishly hoping that if she didn’t admit that she was awake, the morning would last that much longer. She felt his strong hands gently stroking her skin, caressing her shoulders, tugging lightly on her hair. She rolled over onto her back to allow him greater access to her waiting body.

After the ferocity of their lovemaking the night before, she was incredibly tender, sore, and bruised… in all the right places! The pain was exquisite, a reminder of their time together that she would carry with her for the next few days, a way of keeping him that much closer to herself. Still half asleep, remembrances of the past night, coupled with his sensuous touches, began to arouse her.

Dreamily, she reached up to softly caress her left breast, feeling the nipple harden under her fingertips. Brushing her fingers over the sensitive flesh, she felt the familiar tingling run through her body, as it did most mornings when she awoke alone after dreaming of his touch. A low moan escaped her lips as she instinctively arched her back in response, pinching and rolling the nipple between her fingers. She’d awoken this way so many times – hot, wet and aching for his touch – that it was a shock to feel the warmth of his lips and tongue take over from her wandering hand.

Eyes still closed, she murmured his name and fell even further into the seductive spell he was weaving around her. His insistent mouth sucked and nuzzled her breasts into aching fullness, his teeth taking firm hold on her throbbing nipple, nipping and biting until she cried out from the intensity of the feelings, then moving on to its mate, licking and sucking until it too was standing proudly firm and high, ripe for the plucking. And pluck them, he did…

With his attention firmly centered on her heaving breasts, her head thrashed helplessly on the pillow, caught up in the thrilling feelings coursing through her body. Her tits had always been extremely sensitive and the play of his hands, mouth, and teeth on them was driving her wild. Gasping and panting, one hand wound itself into his hair, pressing his head to her breast, stroking his neck and strong shoulders. Bostancı Escort Unthinkingly, her right hand crept downwards, gently skimming her hip and belly before slipping beneath her panties. Her knowing fingers brushed over the patch of fur covering her mons and deftly parted the folds of her wet pussy.

She often masturbated while imagining his mouth on her succulent tits, knowing how good his tongue and teeth would make her feel, but no matter how she pinched, stroked or pulled, she was never able to duplicate the feeling. This morning was like a dream come true… as the warmth of his mouth enveloped her, her long fingers were rubbing and stroking her dripping slit. Circling her tender clit, her hips began to pump in rhythm to his sucking and she felt her pussy clench with the sensations he was causing.

The change in her breathing and the undulating motion of her hips caused him to turn his head and observe her hand hidden beneath her panties. He watched her appreciatively for a few moments, unobserved as she still had her eyes closed, the better to concentrate on all the sensations overtaking her. Her excitement was obvious. As if the flush spreading across her breasts and the rapid breathing weren’t indicators enough, the juices dripping from her hot pussy had soaked her panties so thoroughly they were almost transparent. Easy enough to watch her hand dancing on her tiny button and slipping quickly in and out of her quivering snatch.

As her excitement mounted, he increased the attention to her luscious tits, sucking and biting harder, drawing the hard peaks out and up, stretching them higher above her chest before releasing them, to begin all over again. He knew her breasts would be black and blue tomorrow and that she’d wear his marks proudly. As she moaned and writhed helplessly beneath this onslaught, his hand reached down and ripped away the panties covering her.

Openly watching her masturbate now, her legs spread farther apart as if to improve his view, while her hips continued to thrust restlessly against her probing fingers. Fascinated, he watched the intricate path her fingers wove stroking her clit, then rubbing it in tiny circles, dipping downwards to lightly touch the entrance to her warm tunnel. Her cunt was soaked, droplets of her juice glistening in her pubes, gleaming on her thighs and fingers. Finally he could control his excitement no longer and reached a hand down to touch the sweet honey for himself. Feeling his hand make contact with her pussy so unexpectedly sent shivers through her body. As she continued to rub her clit, he thrust two fingers deep into her slick pussy and drove her over the edge and into the first of a series Kadıköy Escort of rapid orgasms.

He’d let her play long enough, now it was his turn to direct the action. Driving his fingers into her pussy, he pounded her with the flat of his hand, pressing her hand against her clit each time. She was so wet and slippery, his hand flew, pumping his fingers in and out of her. Each time was like sending an electric shock through her body. Any self control she might have had was gone, she’d become a mindless, whimpering creature, driven by her need for him. Her world had narrowed down to nothing more than him and her and the craving she had for his touch.

Suddenly, he withdrew his hand. She moaned in frustration, needing to be filled by him. Instead he brought his dripping fingers up to her mouth, forcing her to lick and suck them till they were cleaned of her juices. Then he brought his mouth down to hers, tasting her sweet nectar on her lips and taking her breath away with the force of his kiss. He kissed her till she was dizzy from the intensity, then proceeded to work his way down her body. One hand still kneaded her breasts and tormented her aching nipples while the other continued to tease her pussy and clit. Stopping to lick or suck or bite whatever caught his interest, he took a slow leisurely route that threatened to drive her right out of her mind.

Placing his hands under her ass, he slid down between her legs, draping them over his shoulders to keep them spread wide. Squeezing her butt, he spread her cheeks apart, then simply gazed at the sight awaiting him. She quivered in anticipation, unsure of what his next movement would be. As seconds turned into minutes, she squirmed uncomfortably, embarrassed by the intensity of his gaze. This earned her a resounding slap and he watched as the red handprint developed on her ass. Amused, he decided to add a few more to her pale cheeks and grinned as she gasped and groaned, trying unsuccessfully to avoid his hand. Satisfied with the now pink cheeks she presented, he began to soothe their burning, caressing her ass, gently stroking it and blowing cool puffs of breath against the warmth.

As she began to relax into his hands, he lifted her backside back up and proceeded to bite and lick her cheeks. Spreading her legs wider, he exposed her even more fully to his gaze. She felt his finger begin to circle her asshole and she moaned. He quickly left her asshole and directed his attention to her still wet snatch. Rubbing her crotch, spreading her lips, then stroking her clit caused her excitement to mount once again. She felt his wet finger return once more to her tight, dark hole, teasing her. Circling around the sensitive puckered Göztepe Escort area, then tapping against the hole itself, he continued to excite her. When he brought her quivering body up to his face, she thought she’d die as she felt his hot mouth descend on her. There was no gentleness in this attack. He devoured her pussy as if he was a starving man. Licking up and down her slit, sucking her clit hard against his tongue, she screamed under the onslaught and came in a crashing, shuddering climax.

But he wasn’t through with her yet. He moved down and proceeded to lick her ass, probing with his tongue as his fingers thrust into her spasming slit. He curled his fingers and stroked the inside of her tunnel, drawing out her orgasm. Her head tossed wildly, her toes were curled, her fingers clenching the bed covers spasmodically, while unintelligible sounds of submission and need broke from her throat. At the height of all this, she felt the pressure against her asshole, but was too far gone to protest or care. Slowly he pressed forward and she felt his hard, heavy cock pushing through her tight anal ring. Lubricated by the juices flowing down her crack, he continued to slide through until he was fully seated. He paused a moment to let her adjust and to allow himself to appreciate the tightness and warmth of her ass as it wrapped around him. Withdrawing just a bit, he slid back in. Pushing her legs up to her chest, he had full access to her ass, pussy and tits. He reached forward and tweaked her nipples, sending another shudder through her over-excited body. He admired the dazed look on her face, knowing that she was totally his now, caught in the intensity of the moment, unable to do anything other than react to his stimulation.

Reaching down, he thrust three fingers deep into her cunt, stretching her wide and rubbing her clit with his thumb. Then he began to take her ass. Long, slow, steady strokes. In and out, over and over. He could feel her body responding, feel her ass tightening up, clenching around his hard rod, squeezing him, milking him. His pace increased until he was slamming her ass so hard he was moving her up the bed. Every time he thudded against her, it forced a grunt from her and an answering growl from him. He leaned forward and grabbed her tits to steady himself. He used them like handles, pulling them to and fro as he rocked deep in her ass, and she continued to respond.

Higher and higher she climbed, her hands tight on his thighs, pulling him even deeper inside her. She met him thrust for thrust, pumping her ass, whimpering uncontrollably, until at last he felt her contract around him like a vise. Muscles straining, body shuddering, he came deep inside her, pulsing and throbbing until every last drop of cum had been emptied from his balls. Only then did he pull out, collapsing beside her on the bed as she curled up lovingly next to him, relaxed and satiated… until the next time the need came upon them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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