Surprise Love in Planned Encounter

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Tara and I had initiated each other into sex. It was satisfying and cost nothing!!

At 26, I was happy that my lover, Tara at 23 was as happy as I was. Our searching each other’s bodies had started at a beach resort after her wanting to relax her taut muscles after a fall on the beach.

Many fucks later, we realized that all fucking needed was two willing partners and could become quite humdrum. We quickly realized why couples fall apart, why the sparkle goes away from happily married couples lives. Truly, we had explored each other’s bodies and had tried many positions. Yet, all it eventually entailed was sucking, licking, teasing, kissing and then fucking.

So what next?

We truly loved each other. We did not want to also drift into “Slam bang thank you Maam” syndrome.

On a particularly nice day, after a long and happy fucking session, Tara popped the question. “What should we do to retain interest in fucking?”

I was happy she had asked. Since that was worrying me for long. I truly loved Tara. More so, I loved how she played games that adults are permitted to play. Most women behave as if their pussy were gold plated and diamond encrusted. That simply distances fun from love.

I suggested “Why don’t we play games”.


“One day you choose the game and on the next I choose the game”.


“Say . . . . . . I choose that I am a TV technician, dropping in to repair your TV. You are alone at home. While repairing the TV set, I see your charms and decide to fuck. You fight back and refuse. I rape you. Or say, you cant pay, so you pay by fucking.”. “The interesting part is that while I will know there I started, I will never know the route it will take. Like, you decide to seduce me. Or you decide to fight back and get raped. Or you decide not to have money and you pay by fucking”. “The combinations are infinite”.

“Hey. That is a nice one!!!!!. You really want to fuck”.

“No. I want to fuck YOU in every possible way”

Tara said “Okay. That sounds nice”. “So what is the plan today?’

I said “Who starts first?”.

“Let us toss a coin and decide”.

She fished out a coin and flung it up. I called out heads. And heads it was. So I won. She asked “You will bat first or bowl first?”, with a smile.

I said “Bat”.

I got up, picked up the front door key and walked out of the house. While leaving I added a twist to the whole matter. “I will get a copy made of this key and return the original to you just now. But I will be back when I like. So you would not know when and how it would happen”. She said “Make a copy of your door key as well!!!” with a naughty twinkle in her eye.

That was it.

My brain went into a tizzy thinking of the fun we would have. How I would fuck her. When. How she would react etc. I am sure, she too was thinking as how she would enter my house and Bostancı Escort fuck.

Two days later, I spoke to Tara on the phone in the morning. She informed me that she was taking the second half of the day off, since she wanted to drop one of her house guests at the airport.

I noted that down.

I slipped out of office a little early and decided to enter her home when she was not in and hide inside and see what she does after she returns home.

I reached her flat, opened the door and went in. I rummaged through her personal goods. Her locker was ajar. I looked into her clothes and her costume jewelry. Her perfumes and all the other odds and ends.

I stepped into the bathroom and looked into her laundry basket. Her bra and panty was lying there. She must have changed before leaving.

I then decided to get ready.

I shut the windows and drew the curtains. I looked for a suitable position to hide when she returned. The risk was, if she returned with some one else with her. Then I had it. What if she had one more lover. That would hurt me like iced water on my erect dick.

I found a nice small store room which had an entry into her bedroom. This was full of suitcases.

Soon enough I heard her car being parked. I looked down from behind the curtains and saw her checking the lock of the car and walking towards the lift.

My heart was pounding with anticipation and thinking what I would do to take her by total ‘fucking’ surprise.

I quickly slipped into the storeroom. I heard the door open. She walked in and walked straight into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed. She flung her shoes off and lay down on her bed. She rested a while and then got up and started to undress. I thought “Does she know I am around??”.

Soon she was totally naked and walked into the bath room. I could hear her on the toilet seat. I could hear her peeing into the toilet bowl.

Then I heard the shower and her having a bath. She was humming a tuneless tune and enjoying herself.

I got a brain wave. I came out of the storeroom and proceeded to get near the bathroom. I peeked inside and saw she was lathering herself up. Cleaning every part.

I saw her shaved pussy. (I had shaved her pussy before fucking her last time).

She finished her bath and started to dry herself. Then she stepped out of the bathroom and was startled seeing me standing there. She stepped back and tried to cover her pussy and breasts with her hands.

I grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to the bed. She said “What are you doing??”.

I said “I will rape you, you bitch”.

She tried to protest. But I caught her by her hair and pushed her down on the bed. She fell, but tried to scamper away.

I slapped her hard on her face. She fell back and gasped.

I could see her eyes welling up and a little blood on her mouth.

I Kadıköy Escort pulled out my belt and put it around her neck and passed the leather though the hook. That ensured that she was on leash.

I hissed “Just lie down and get fucked. Or else I will kill you”.

She lay down and looked at me with pitiful eyes and said “Please do not hurt me”.

I tried to locate the mirror nearby so that she could see herself being fucked.. She tried to get up and run. I ran behind her and pulled her back.

Again she was pinned down on the bed. held her hands down and maneuvered and placed myself over her hands. That looked real nice.

I took some of her cream onto my hands and started to apply it liberally on her mound. She struggled, but to no avail.

Soon I was applying the cream inside her crack and also inside her ass.

More and more cream and more and more fingering her pussy. She was not enjoying it too much so far.

I then took off my trousers and my shirt. My dick whish was already hard leapt out.

I realized that this wouldn’t be fun if she did not enjoy. Then I had to ensure that she was properly aroused.

I was sitting near her head. I got onto all fours over her body and lowered my mouth onto her pussy. I started to slowly lick her thighs and play with the inside of her thighs.

My dick was dangling near her mouth.

After about twenty minutes of playing with her mound and all part except her pussy, I sat up and took my cock near her mouth. She clamped her mouth shut. I swiftly held one of her nipples and squeezed hard. She opened her moth to scream. I inserted my cock into her mouth.

Once again I lowered my mouth over her pussy. I stated to ram her mouth with my dick. She fought back and tried to move her mouth away.

I simply responded with deep strokes inside her mouth.

While I was ramming her mouth I started to lick her clit from all angles.

She fought for a while. But soon Mother Nature took over. She started to like the clit play. She started to raise her bottom and was about to wrap her legs around my head.

I caught her ankles and spread the legs further. She was heaving up and down already with her legs firmly held. She also started to suck my cock nicely.

She was enjoying.

In less than two minutes, she was screaming through her closed mouth and was having her first orgasm.

I left her and got up. She was still having her orgasmic spasms.

I released her hands.

She sat up and said “That was really cruel of you”.

I let her heaving with pleasure subside.

I changed my position. I then took a position just below her ankles. She perhaps thought that I will start some orthodox fucking and parted her legs a little bit.

I caught her by the ankles and pulled her legs to go around my kneeling legs. I then slowly lowered my mouth Göztepe Escort over her pussy and started to kiss and kick the thighs.

Slowly I pushed my hands below the small of her back. Then I pulled her legs over my shoulder. And sat up. Her whole torso was raised with my shoulder. I supported her torso with my hands from below and started to eat her pussy.

She started to protest and said “God it hurts”. But I was eating her pussy and did not care what she said. Soon she was enjoying more.

She had her next orgasm.

I lowered her on the bed and waited for her spasms to subside.

I caught her and pushed her back near the head post. Soon she was squatting at the far end. I caught her by her hairs and pulled her up. She raised herself on her haunches and she took support with her hands over the head post. I licked my finger and swiftly plunged my middle finger into her pussy. She started to softly scream. “Aaaah. It hurts”.

I started to slowly finger fuck her. At first it was slow. Then I became faster and faster. While my finger went in and out I was squeezing her breasts with the other hands. Soon she was screaming with pleasure.

She has her second shuddering orgasm.

She slumped onto the bed.

I got up and dragged her legs over the bed. She had given up all her attempts to run away. She was enjoying the hard fuck she was getting.

I got up onto the bed. I held her splayed legs between my armpits. I ordered her to guide the cock into her pussy. She held my cock and started to masturbate it near her pussy mouth while her legs were led apart by me.

Suddenly she pulled the tip of my cock near the mouth of her pussy.

I lunged my cock in. It went deep in. She yelped with pain and joy.

I started to give her slow yet powerful strokes. Take the whole cock out and the wait for a few moments. When she did not expect it, plunge it back in.

In the meanwhile I kneaded her breasts and went on fucking. Nonstop.

My mouth went for her mouth. While our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth, she was enjoying the fuck.

Her pussy was really nice. I was enjoying every stroke. She as also trying her best to clamp her pussy mouth as hard as she could.

I was about to come. I said “Darling I am coming”. She said “Come. Come…”

Then she said “I am coming. Come with me . . . .”

We came together and lay in each other’s arms for a while.

After about half an hour I moved and she let her legs come off from around my waist. I took out my flaccid cock and lay next to her.

She said “Why don’t we have bath together?”.

We went into the bathroom and bathed together. She cleaned my cock and I cleaned her pussy.

Once again my cock was ready for a fuck.

Tara said “This is insatiable”. She then pulled my cock near her pussy mouth and inserted it saying “This cock deserves a good pussy”.

She slowly fucked me under the shower, standing up.

We again came together.

Soon we were out of the bathroom and dry.

I helped her get dressed.

We kissed and she said “Next time, it is my chance. Watch out”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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