Surprise Visit Pt. 02

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She got up, took a sip of her wine, and then climbed to rest on top of him. “It’s good to see you.” he said. Her hand slipped down to his cock. She loved his cock and she tickled it below the shaft a little. “You don’t think we’re done yet, do you…?” her voice trailed off…

She rolled off of him so they could lay side by side and he turned towards her. His face still held a grin and his eyes still had that far away, “just-came-twice-and-I’m-still-flying-high” look.

He looked at her. “Oh, I hope not.”

“Good” she said and it was then that she moved her hand down to his ass. He felt it on his asshole before he could react and he immediately knew what it was. He felt his ass go wide, something filled him, and then it was in.

“How did that…” he trailed off as he tried to get used to the sensation.

“I stuck it in my pussy to get it slick with our juices.”

He merely looked at her, still a little befuddled by the plug filling his ass. “Well,” he said, “your trick was very effective, cuz that went right in.”

“Good.” she said. “Now, let’s take a nap.”

“But…” and he reached his hand down to take out the plug. She slapped his hand away.

“No.” she commanded, “that stays in.” He looked sheepish. “Trust me. Sleep.” She pulled his arms toward her, held them firm, and nestled into his shoulder and was soon asleep. It took him a bit, but then, he too drifted off, even with the strange sensation liseli porno of the plug in his ass.

He felt her stir and it jostled him awake, but still sleepy. It was only a few minutes later than when she told him to go to sleep, he realized, as he glanced at the clock. Just then he felt her mouth engulf his limp dick, still coated with their combined juices. The sensation made him clinch-up and it was then that he remembered the butt plug as he felt it’s presence, especially when she started pulling it out then pushing it back into his ass.

The combined sensations were amazing. He loved having a warm mouth around his soft cock while her expert tongue coaxed him back to hardness. Which, by now, was half way there as her mouth and tongue worked over his cock. She worked the plug in and out of his ass and he was now fully hard. “That feels awesome!”

“Shush” she managed to say as her mouth worked his cock. “Here,” she said as she shifted around, “This will keep you quiet.” She straddled his face and lowered her pussy against his mouth. He looked at it and her lips glistened with wetness as she lowered, no…lower was the wrong word, she pushed her pussy down on to his face as she worked his cock with her mouth. “Lick my pussy,” she commanded.

Who was he to argue? He lapped at her open pussy hole. He knew that his own cum had mixed with her pussy juices and he didn’t mind – she tasted heavenly. mobil porno He found her clit and worked his tongue against it. She worked the plug in and out of his ass. The combined sensation of her mouth and the plug was getting to him.

She stopped suddenly.

She turned to face him and lowered her wet pussy on to his cock. It went in with only a little coaxing. She sat up, reached around and grabbed for the plug. Her hand brushed his sack and he gasped. She pulled the plug in and out a little and her hips worked forward-and-back grinding her clit against him. He reached up and caressed and fondled her beautiful breasts. Already the nipples were hard and he pulled at them and squeezed them lightly and then went back to caressing the sides and under flesh of her breasts.

The feeling was intense. She worked it slow, relishing the feeling of his cock buried in her. She smiled down at him and continued to work the plug. They moved like this for several minutes. She was feeling his cock gently move in her. He was feeling her wetness and warmth surround his manhood and work over him up-and-down. And the plug – he couldn’t forget the plug.

She pulled off of him after a few minutes and lay next to him with her legs bent. “Leave that in and fuck me,” she said. “Hard. Long, deep, hard strokes.” He climbed up between her legs, slid his cock into her pussy and pounded her as she asked. Each stroke öğrenci porno he’d pull out until just the head was left in then he’d slam it all the way in. His balls slapped against her ass. She ran her fingers up and down his butt and would twist and turn the plug. He couldn’t last much longer and she knew it. She could tell by the look in his eyes and the way his cock throbbed deep in her pussy.

“Keep going,” she urged. The sensation built up and climbed from deep in his stomach and shot up through his cock. Just as his first spurt exploded inside of her pussy, she pulled the plug from his rectum. His eyes opened up and, without warning, two more, then a third, wave of cum erupted from his cock painting the deep insides of her pussy. “Ohhhhhh!” was all he could utter.

She clamped her long legs around his ass preventing him from pulling out. His cock continued to spasm deep inside her. He didn’t know where all that cum had come from. It was all he could do to keep from passing out as wave after wave shot through him.

Finally, it was over. He collapsed, but she kept their hips locked together with her legs. He caressed her breasts and kissed along her neck. She rolled with him so that he could lay on his side. She kept her leg wrapped around him and they looked into each other’s eyes. He didn’t want to pull out any more than she wanted him to, and they both knew it – nothing needed to be said. They lay there as his clock slowly softened. His cum, combined with her sweet pussy juice, oozed from between where they were locked together, his cock buried deep inside her. She sighed as she felt the juices flow out. He smiled at her. Soon, they drifted off to sleep again, neither of them moving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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