Surprise Visit to Sunny’s Business

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So ripe, so melting, like a rose. That dewy-heart throbs and blows Languorous in the wind’s caresses —
She lay becurtained in loose tresses….

Sunny heaved a sigh of relief as she sank into the plush chair at her desk. At long last, this miserable day is done. A treadmill of one meeting after another, some of them contentious but none of them reaching a conclusion, had taken the wind out of her sails today. ” I am so ready for a glass of wine and a bubble bath.” Make no mistake, Sunny loved owning her own business. Every day brought interesting challenges, demanding the most of her personal skills. She especially enjoyed mixing with, even influencing, the political and business power-brokers in the city of Burleson, many of whom had come to look to her as someone they could trust. Her business is growing larger every year. With the growth came a gorgeous office. She looked around at the newly decorated walls, punctuated historical postcards of the city, and with plaques and awards she had been honored with. Best of all though, was the awesome furniture: a broad, rich wood desk and credenza set, even a small conference table surrounded by comfortable arm chairs. Yes, she really was where she wanted to be. ” Still,” she mused, smiling, “sometimes I really just need a hug.”

A soft knock at the open door broke her reverie. As she looked up Sunny is astonished to see me striding into the office – Mr. M, her secret lover from Dallas! Her breath caught as she struggled with disbelief. How could I be here … here? ” Hi babe,” I greeted her casually, it was the first I had visited her at her business. “Anything interesting happen at the office today?” ” How … when …” she didn’t know where to begin. ” Baby, you have no idea how happy I am to see you!” ” Surprised?” I flashed my smile. ” OK, the truth is, I decided to come and surprise you , I do hope you don’t mind.” Feelings of joy were overcoming her shock as she realized that it was no dream, I really was here, standing right in front of her desk. She pushed her chair back and eagerly strode around the desk, extending her arms to me and wrapping them around my neck. My arms in turn encircled her waist. Our lips met, parted slightly, and they melted into a soft, lingering kiss. As we broke the kiss, she grasped my hands and stepped back. ” I still can’t believe it…You came down here, babe.” I’m wearing a white dress shirt with faint patterned lines and tan slacks. I return her gaze, giving her a look up and down. She is wearing a blue skirt suit over a white button-up blouse, appropriate for the meetings she had that day. ” My babe, you sure do look the part. I bet you have all the good ol boys ’round here just about eating out of your hand.”

Sunny blushed, ” Oh, I don’t know about that, John,” she answered. ” Young lady,” I answered to her, ” I like what I see very, very much. Now, remember you are mine… Look what I brought for you.” Only then did she see the Tiffany bag I had placed on the desk. ” You brought me something?” she is just happy I was here. ” Babe, you didn’t have to do that.” She opened the bag and pulled out a black velvet box ” OMG, John, these are beautiful.” ” I always try to pamper my ladies,” I smiled. ” In fact, look what I have here. I reached into my pocket pulling out a silk cloth.”
I was hoping we might celebrate this surprise, here and now…I brought a gag to muffle your screams.” Standing close again, she looks up into my eyes, feeling herself overcome with desire. ” I think…I’d better lock the door.” She stepped to the door, looked around outside, then closed the door and turned the lock. ” There…now we can’t be interrupted.” Sunny returned to her lover, reaching up and slipping her arms around my neck ” Now, come here, John,” she whispered. I leaned down to meet her welcoming lips, lingering for almost a minute as we felt the warmth of each other’s bodies penetrating our clothing. ” Ohhh baby, I am so happy to see you!” As I smiled at her, my gaze continued down to the front of her blouse. She arched forward to press her breasts to my chest. ” You like these?” she teased. ” I dooooo…and I want to see more …just a little peek?” ” Alright, sir. Just a little one.” Sunny undid the top two buttons of her white blouse, revealing the swell of her bosom in her lacy black bra. I gasped at the sight. ” All for you, baby,” she whispered, as our lips met once again, tongues probing as our passion builds. Just then the telephone on Sunny’s desk shrilled. She pursed her lips in annoyance at the interruption. ” I’ve got to take this, babe… I’ve been expecting it.”

” That’s OK…I’ve waited this long to see you, I can wait a few minutes longer.” She gave me a quick kiss, sank to her plush desk chair, and lifted the phone to her ear. Her blouse is still partially open. While Sunny talked on the phone, I move around behind and lean over her, sweeping her hair away from her ear opposite the phone. I pursed my lips and nibbled on her earlobe. Sunny giggled involuntarily and swatted at me, then wagged her finger at me in warning. ” No, nothing, I was just distracted for a moment” she said into the phone. I released her ear, but, still behind her, snaking my hands around her torso, slipping my hands into her open blouse. My fingertips brushing gently over the flesh above her bra, then swirled lower, over her nipples. Sunny bit her lip and glares at me, but didn’t swat me away this time. A muffled moan escapes her lips. ” No no, I am just shifting in my chair” I decided to pursue this game a step further. She is intent on the phone call and didn’t protest as I wheeled her chair a little farther from the desk. But when I got on my hands and knees and crawled into the space underneath, Sunny realized what her lover was up to. She looks me in the eye and mouthed an unconvincing “no.” My hands went to her knees and gently pushed them apart. At first she resisted, but in a moment gave way to my advances, parting her shapely legs before me. I inched forward, my head ever closer to my goal at the apex of her thighs. As I neared I can smell the musky scent of her sex, letting me know that she wanted me. Sunny kept talking, all the while feeling the flames licking between her legs. She sensed that her lover wanted her, and she knew that she wanted me. But as my open mouth pressed against her crotch, she exhaled sharply, startling her caller. ” I’m fine, really. Just having some trouble with all the pollen today.” She has no idea if there is pollen in the air, and has no problem with allergies, but has to cover somehow.

Now my fingers are grasping the waistband of her panties, drawing them down. She lifted her butt to clear them from her hips, and I slipped them down her legs and tossed them up to her, where they landed on her chest. Throwing caution to the winds, Sunny lifted her legs and draped them over the arms of her plush chair, completely opening herself to me. I accepted the invitation running my tongue slowly up and down her pulsating slit. She shudders with pleasure, wondering what her caller would think if he only knew. She did her best to keep up the conversation, but cannot avoid her ragged breathing and occasional soft moan. My mouth is now open as I press my face hard to her crotch. I held her pussy lips apart with my fingers, she tensed automatically, wincing throughout every pore
of her being, and whimpered. She hears me begin to pant excitedly, my thick cords of muscle quivering as the
full lust-inciting aroma of her female scent fills my nostrils and ignites my lust for her nakedly spread
vagina even more. It was as though I have cornered a bitch in heat, a beautiful, fully-aroused female whose
enticing aroma and smooth hairless skin maddened me to unheard-of daring. Without warning, my hot tongue snaking out and begin to lick wetly up and down the slightly moist slit between her cream-white thighs, probing and swirling
eagerly at the inviting female odor of her defenseless vagina. A bone- chilling shudder ran through her as my
tongue slaked hotly up and down on her naked pussy, all the way from the top of her naked young cunt to the tiny puckered ring of her anus cringing below it. It is almost more than Sunny’s tortured mind can bear as she sat frozen and helpless under my explorations of her sensitive pussy with my lapping spear of flesh.

Her hips bucked up and down to meet me, my tongue flew faster and faster, her juices running down my chin. Suddenly she raised her hips high, and I feel the walls of her pussy pulsate, almost grasping at my probing tongue, as her orgasm coursed thru her. She is still trying to talk on the phone…not talking now, just biting her lip and trying not to cry out. I hear her gasp then exhale sharply, then after a pause, ” I’m sorry, just a yawn, I must be getting tired.” Another pause. ” OK, yes, I am going home to rest up. We Sex hikayeleri can meet tomorrow. Thanks for calling”
” Oh, no, God, John, stop, stop,” she begs tremulously, her voice breaking into an uneven wavering tone, but I seemed not to hear her pleas and continued my efforts to burrow my relentlessly flicking tongue up into her, to find the vital source of the teasing sexual scent that is driving me crazy. With a harsh forward thrust of my head, I drove the helplessly writhing young woman back in her chair and wedged my tongue deeper into her trembling pussy. My mercilessly spearing tongue ran searingly along the full length of her narrow moist crevice again and
again, flicking relentlessly between Sunny’s wide-spread legs. Then, suddenly, it darted deep into her vaginal opening, spreading apart the blonde’s wispy down-lined pussy lips like a knife slicing through butter. Lustful moans tumbled from her lips as my hot lingual lance flicked fluidly into her openly-spread loins. She is moaning over
and over as if in a trance.

The prickles of pleasurable sensations that my rampant tongue set off in her hungry body left her too weak to push me away. ” Oooh, don’t, pleeease, John,” she moans futilely, feeling her resistance disappear more with every passing second as I lick harder up between her open thighs with ever-increasing urgency. She is completely at my mercy and found herself pushing her nakedly trembling buttocks unwillingly upward toward the fiery lance that is drilling in and out of her now moistly secreting cunt and slurping obscenely at the tiny puckered lips of her anus. My mouth open and nibbling softly on her wet, dilating pussy and lapping away the final reserves of her resistance to my attack.
” John, stop!” she shouted at me, as my head is thrashing unceasingly between her lewdly-spread legs, my thick, hungrily-licking tongue slobbering voraciously in and out, up and down and back and forth on the ravishing
young woman’s now steadily-pulsating vaginal slit. ” John, stop! Please, please lets go to my place.” I raised up
and looked at her ” Ok.” I said.

We got dressed and went to Sunny’s house, I gave the babysitter $500 to take Sunny’s son to her place. As we entered the bedroom, I stepped closer to her. The black and red satin bedding was romantic and inviting. We removed our clothing. We stood naked in her bedroom, Sunny lay sprawled out on her back, her naked body laying there for me to enjoy. The curves of her body illuminated by the glow of the light, her long blonde curls cascading down on the bed. I watch her for several minutes, her back gently rising and falling. My excitement is overwhelming, looking at her laying there on display. My cock now so large and erect it is announcing itself. Inching my way to her side of the king size bed, I steadied myself on the edge of the mattress. Her face is barely visible under her hair. I gently push her hair back over her shoulder, leaning close to her, my lips so close to her cheek that the warmth of her body radiated to them. I kissed her, taking in her scent. I knelt by her face, grabbing myself, I stroked over her, as she watched. My eyes scanning her entire body, the soft curves of her hips and ass, her long beautiful legs. I move my cock closer wanting to touch her with it, just ever so slightly brushing the head on her cheek, smearing it with pre cum. ” Now take it in your hand, honey and guide it into that hot little pussy of yours,” I ordered, my sex-glazed
eyes gleaming sadistically down at her. ” Oh God…John.” ” Put it in, you stuck-up little cunt,” I snarled in
furious impatience at her hesitation. ” Do it now.” Trembling, she reaches down between our bodies with one hand and encircled my thick throbbing cock with her soft fingers. A sudden cowering expression crossed over her face anew
as she feels the true size of my mammoth rock-hard shaft.

” Oh, God… God, It’s too big…please…” I open my mouth to torment her further, then quickly decide that I can stand this waiting no longer. With a primal grunt, I grabbed her parted legs behind the knees and shoved them roughly all the way back against her tightly-pinned shoulders, dropping my weight on her body to hold her fast. My long hard cock brushing against the soft down of her pubic hair as her slim delicate ankles wedged tightly around behind my head. I look down between our bodies and see her upturned young ass-cheeks completely exposed to my lusting view. The narrow cunt-slit is visibly throbbing as I held the moist pink furrow wide apart with the outward pressure of my thighs pressing tightly up against hers. Sunny trembling, her brain whirling with a confused mixture of anticipation and fear as she feels my huge fleshy hardness lying full length of her helplessly-open vaginal slit. She is always fearful of me penetrating her very tight pussy. Her eyes widened in a sudden, unexpected delight at the sensation of this first soft rubbery contact against the smooth sensitive edges of her naked pussy. The blunt jerking head of my cock resting, pulsing between her wide-spread buttocks, insinuating itself up and down, up and down, in a maddening teasing motion as her soft smooth hips jerk involuntarily upward and she feels the rubbery mushroom-shaped tip slip hotly down over her distended clitoris. The young blonde woman clenched her teeth tightly together, enjoying the subtle titillating sensations that is gradually firing all her senses again. I gently move my lower torso, sliding my long thick cock back and forth over the sensitive exposed flesh of her vaginal lips. She groans again, my expert ministrations on the tender, unprotected parts of her defenseless body are forcing her into surrender. The flood gates of her sexual desire burst open once again. All the hurt and frustration, she had been holding secretly within herself since her divorce suddenly reached a peak and she knew that she could not wait one more moment for the desperately-needed release that she had been trying to cope with so unsuccessfully.

It didn’t even matter now that I had sadistically tormented her in her weakest moments..nothing mattered but the long thick length of hard flesh teasing mercilessly at the thin hair-fringed mouth of her cock-starved vagina. She ground her wide-spread buttocks upward toward my huge throbbing penis, her hungry wet cunt searching desperately for the bulging blood-filled tip. Oh God…she had to have me inside her, frantically, Sunny reaches down between the softly-gyrating cheeks of her ass and tightly grasping the full length of the rock hard penis, heedless now of the threat of its size as she feels it throbbing excitingly in her fingers. This is what her body is screaming for! Being careful not to scratch the precious fleshy hardness, she carefully guides it up into the cleft of her buttocks and wedges the thick pulsing cock-tip in between the wetly-swollen lips of her cock-starved pussy. She held it there with one hand and placed the other on my backside, drawing my downward with all of her girlish strength to push me into her blazing
hot pussy, to quench the gnawing need that is driving her completely insane with animal lust. I grin obscenely down at her beautiful flawless face. It is all I can do to keep from shoving forward to impale the squirming bitch’s
cunt on my painfully aching cock. Well, I will fuck her until she can’t walk. The lewd satisfying thought causes
me to thrust my hips forward, pushing my cock head harder against her naked young cunt.

Sunny gasps as she feels the super-sensitized lips of her now hotly tingling vagina being forced wider apart. The tight opening momentarily resisting the hard cruel pressure of my bluntly-pressuring cock head, then suddenly gave way, allowing the huge blood-filled tip to slip just up inside. The pain is excruciating and she resists, whimpering
out loud at the monstrous painful intrusion into her tightly clenched vaginal channel. I feel a wave of sadistic pleasure wash over me at her soulful protest and I’m unable to conceal my evil grin that immediately formed on my
lips. I pushed again, ” Oooooooh, noooooo stop, you’re hurting me!” Sunny screams. Her up thrust legs jerking spasmodically on either side of my heavy body, kicking futilely into the air to escape the cruel impalement. She stares pleadingly up into my face but found no pity or compassion in my expression, only sadistic lust that made her blood run cold. Slowly, I force my massive span of lust-hardened flesh into her constricting inner passage, filling her moist resisting vaginal cavern inch by inch. I can barely contain the excitement that the helplessly protesting young woman gave me as I slowly and relentlessly penetrate further and further into her futilely-resisting pussy and again and again I thrust my hips against her wide-split pussy, until at last, I can stand it no Sikiş hikayeleri longer.

I had to fuck this beautiful 33 year old little bitch and right away! I rammed brutally forward, dropping my weight down on her, smashing her full firm breasts flat beneath my hairy chest as I ram my hips forward at the same time. My thick hard cock plunging into her moist squirming pussy with the cruel force of a battering ram, bruising the soft tender walls of her warm vaginal flesh scraping them. The friction of my shaft sliding back and forth creating heat in her pelvis. There is no stopping it until I feel my balls smack resoundingly against her tiny wincing anus that has pushed itself deep down into the bed as I sudden viciously impale her. ” Oh, my God, you’re ripping me apart! Aaaaaaaaggggh!” she wails, her impaled body pinned helplessly to the bed. Her arms are outstretched, palms against my hips, trying to stop the blood-filled head of my cock from slamming against her fragile womb. Her vagina feels battered and stretched as though she had been impaled on a sawed-off young sapling tree. In agony, she fought the full, from the fleshy invasion, squeezing tightly together the muscles of her helpless-upturned buttocks to keep the rampaging cock from burying itself further inside her tortured young pussy but with every struggling movement the huge throbbing cock seems to burrow deeper into her. My outstretched arms held her shoulders tightly to the bed, my wide spread knees wedging her quaking thighs far apart. She feels as though her body is being torn down the middle, that hot cock feels like it has gone all the way up past her breasts and is about to come out of her throat.

I’m breathing heavily, as my lips curl into a lascivious grin as I see her face cloud with pain from my first cruel penetration into her. Glancing down between our joined bodies, I see my graying pubic hairs tangled lewdly with her golden blonde ones, the gleaming base of my monster cock buried to the hilt between the moist, curl-lined lips of her wide stretched vagina. 33 year old blonde beauty spread eagle being fucked senseless this way by me again. I’m certainly making her scream and yell, as usual as I give her another fucking that she will never forget. Beneath me Sunny struggles uselessly against the agony of my forced penetration. Though she tries desperately to push it out by flexing the muscles within her straining pussy, each gripping and relaxing of her vaginal muscles only excites me more and I slam deeper into her stretched vaginal passage. She feels my huge sperm-laden balls lying down against the tiny, softly-flexing lips of her rectum as I lay buried deep up inside her futilely-straining belly. There is not one ridge or vein on the hammer-headed cock that she cannot feel as the extremely tender wet walls of her pussy clamping down around it like a tight-fitting glove. At the very end of her anguished vaginal passage, she feels the huge
rubbery tip pushing against her cervix like a second hammer in her. The throbbing of the thick shaft within her sent jolts of pain and pleasure through her trembling body and she moans softly beneath me.

I feel the slight throbbing pressure, she exerts against my deeply-buried penis and smiles delightedly at the hot sensual urgency I feel. I have waited patiently for this and hover motionless over her quivering body until she became accustomed to my thickness rammed far up inside her belly. Still not moving my body, I flex my thick blood-filled prick inside her, stretching her vaginal walls further apart. ” Ooooooh, God,” she whimpers, her eyes tightly shut as she fought the fine line of pleasure-pain. My throbbing hard rod buried in the hot-channeled depths of her tight narrow passage, watching her wincing face below. She groans again, but more softly as she feels the embedded cock expanding the tight-stretched walls of her throbbing passageway. ” Ooooh,” she gasps breathlessly as I flex again. ” Noooooooooo, pleeeeeease,” she pleads, her eyes clamped tightly shut as she seesaws between the tiny throbs of pleasure and the lingering pain. I flex the hard rod again deep in the interior depths of her cunt, relishing the responsive grimace of pain that distorts her now perspiring face. She groans again but this time with less suffering in her tone as she feels the deeply-embedded cock expanding and pressing outward against the tight-stretched lining of her vagina.

All sex sessions with me is rough primal animal fucking that leaves her physically and emotionally drained, her thighs bruised and her pussy sore, it takes her two or three days or longer to recovery depending on the number of sessions. ” Gaaaaawwd,” she gasps breathlessly as I flex again and again, setting a teasing rhythmic pattern to my tormenting movements. Her pain-tensed face relaxes slowly and I feel slight uncertain answering throbs around the pulsing head of my deeply embedded cock as her supine body begins to slowly respond to the maddening flexing of my cock. She groans helplessly beneath me as her smooth, milk- white buttocks begins the gradual involuntary rolling that signals the unmistakable rekindling of the uncontrollable fires smoldering deep in her naked pussy. I can barely contain myself as he felt her hungrily-nibbling young cunt begin to clench tightly around his achingly-hard penis. Diane could also sense her soft warm body reacting, sparking into the beginnings of an ecstasy that she had never known before. The agonizing pain had given way to another sensation, a deep thrilling tingle that rose from deep in her womb and seemed to saturate her entire body with an urgent need to have even more of the brutal impaling cock deep up inside her viciously- filled belly. Her smooth silken flesh seemed totally alive now with lewdly swirling sensations that throbbed out in tiny dancing waves across her white skin from her head to her toes each time the huge buried penis lurched far up in her belly.

A burning need centered hotly in her upraised loins, making her heavily-filled cunt involuntarily dilate and
twitch around the rock-like pole that was stuffed into her. She wanted more of it, wanted to feel the swollen
cock drilling in and out of her moist hungry passage. Instinctively, she drove her young buttocks upward,
grinding herself against his pelvis but he remained motionless, above her, his weight pressing her back
down into the cushions. She could not move and she felt like she was about to go out of her mind with the fiery
frustration that blazed inside of her helplessly-pinioned body. “Oh, please, please, do something,” she gasped, looking pleadingly up into the unshaven face above her. She saw a sadistic grin of lewd delight crease the caretaker’s weathered face. “Did you say something, little lady?” he taunted, sending a particularly forceful throb into the very depths of her being. “Oooooooh,” she breathed helplessly, as she rotated her lush young hips up around the hard fleshy rod. The dilated lips surrounding her pink wet slit nibbled hungrily at the inflated prick, sliding moistly down the penis for several inches then working slowly back up until his curling dark pubic hair meshed with hers and the full length of him was again embedded deep in her softly heaving belly.

“What? What did you say?” he insisted mercilessly, pulling his muscular loins a teasing few inches away
from her. He watched gleefully as she strained upward, trying to capture his length again as he kept pulling
his monstrous, wetly-glistening cock just out of her reach. “Oh, God, please do it to me,” the distraught girl
begged, her eyes wide and pleading. “You mean you want me to fuck you?” he demanded loudly. “Say it! Tell me to fuck your cunt!” “Oh, no, I can’t! I just can’t,” she moaned. This, Diane knew, would be the final humiliating surrender.
Her resistance this way was the last thing she had left. She couldn’t let him have the satisfaction of hearing her grovel and beg for him to do it to her. After that, there would be no escaping the fact that she had wanted it as much as the caretaker did and she would never be able to face herself or her husband again. “Do you like that?” he mocked her, rubbing the broad rubbery tip of his thick cock up and down the full length of her hungrily- starving pussy. “Doesn’t it feel good?” “Oh, God, yessss,” she gasped. “Do you want me to stop now?” he demanded, throbbing
the huge fleshy shaft just up inside her hotly- contracting pussy. He flexed it harder and harder. “Do
you?” ” No… Yes… Ooooooooh, I don’t know! No, no, don’t stop. Don’t stop!”

Savoring his sweet revenge, he levered himself up into a push-up position and slowly withdrew his deeply-imbedded length until only the bloated mushroom-like head still rested within the moist glistening lips of her tender young pussy. I feel the intoxicating friction Erotik hikaye of my massive gleaming cock against the smooth moist walls of her cunt and as a new wave of intense passion pulses through me, I gathered my strength and ram forward again, the broad fleshy head of my thick cock pushing the soft flesh of her warmly-welcoming vaginal passage feeling like velvet, as my length is
buried once more in her stretched pussy. This time there are no cries or pleas for mercy, only the throaty animal sounds of a lustful woman reaching out for pleasure. To my delight, I feel the aroused young woman trembling hands snaking up around my body to clasp around behind my buttocks, pulling at my tightly-clenched muscles to draw me
even deeper into her aching belly. Confident now of her unconditional submission, I begin to slowly grind my loins up between her open thighs, pistoning my thick cock in and out of the tightly-clenched cavern that is now wet and slippery from her unchained passion. The bed shook and squeaked wildly beneath them as Sunny jerked herself desperately up to meet my thrusts, grinding her nakedly-writhing buttocks higher and higher to get more and more of my cock deeper up inside her.

I look down to see the thin soft ridges of her pink pussy flesh pulling outward with every out stroke and then disappearing back into her as my moist glistening length is swallowed whole back into the tight, greedily-working opening. I slow down, fascinated by her utter abandonment as she strains against me, a half-crazed ecstatic
smile playing across her lips. Her motions became faster by the second, the tempo of her thrusts becoming more urgent, and I knew that she is straining to cum. The inner fluids of her hotly- milking vagina are beginning to flow and I hear the wet sucking sound of the in and out fucking movement of my huge jack-hammering cock driving in and
out of her freely. Suddenly her back arches almost a foot off the jiggling bed and she bucks wildly against me.
“Oh, God, yes… yes, I’m cummmmmmmmmmmming!” she wails. ” Oh, fuck it! Fuck it harder, fuck it harder!!!”
With a deep-throat groan, her desperately-writhing body begins to quiver uncontrollably, creamy viscous
fluids oozing out from her hot vibrating pussy to cover my impaling rod with its sticky warmth. It trickled
down the valley between her smooth rounded buttocks and over my sperm-loaded balls that smack hard and noisily down against the tiny brown-puckered ring of her anus.

I lost the last of my self-control as the young woman jerks spasmodically against me, trickling the last of her
orgasmic juices against my hair- matted pelvis. I reach up, grabbing her ankles and pushing them back over her shoulders until she cries out from the pain of her bent body. Half mad now with lust, I pull my deeply-buried
cock from her until only its excitedly- oozing tip penetrated the soft swollen lips of her vagina. Then I ram forward with all of my strength, burying the full throbbing length of my sex-incited cock deep into her exposed pussy. The slap of my sperm-bloated balls slamming against her upturned buttocks resounding loudly throughout the room. She had had her fun and now it is my turn. Clamping my mouth tightly over hers, I slip my tongue deep between her open lips, muffling the gasps forming in her throat. My broad shoulders pushed against the back of her symmetrical-rounded calves, locking her in that defenseless position as I thrust deeper into her. Snaking my hands beneath her grinding buttocks, I grasped each full soft cheek of her ass, cupping them in my spread fingers and palms, squeezing the warm
fleshy orbs and pulling them wide apart. I begin long hard strokes into her seething vagina and the quivering walls, lubricated from her orgasm, clasping hungrily around the fleshy hot rod, her pussy devouring its length all the way to the hilt. My sperm-filled balls slapping into the dampness between her buttocks and my breathing came in short bursts. The sight of her magnificent young breasts dancing wildly with the buffeting her lower body is undergoing, the tightly erect pink nipples bobbing before my eyes, made me plunge deeper, driving her several inches back on the soft mattress and making her neck arch with the sudden lewdly- inciting sensation.

” Oh, yesssss, ooooh,” Sunny groans her submission to the obscene sensations racing through her cruelly ravished young body. There is no longer any reason to fight the lewd flames of desire coursing through her. She has lost the battle against the obscene feelings and even the agonizing thought of her total surrender to me. She had met only two weeks ago sent chills of increased desire prickling around the base of her spine as she responded to the measured rhythm of my big cock driving in and out of her now- voluntarily- upturned loins. She feels each movement of the huge fleshy shaft in her hot-clasping walls, the giant head slithering up and down the warm slippery passageway, and hears the sharp slap of my bloated balls against her tiny hairless anus as I lung forward with each in-stroke. Maddening rushes of cool air eddied between her wide-splayed thighs each time I withdrew, teasingly cooling the thin rivulets of sweat that trickled hotly down from my powerfully straining loins. Her womb flared and the now completely unresisting lips of her pussy flowering open to receive the delicious rape of her untouched genitals. Her hands forced themselves desperately from under her legs to slip around my back. Her fingernails clawing red- streaked path down to my flexing buttocks as she pulls me deep and thrusts her pussy up hard to skewer herself on the hot-driving flesh of my cock. She sucks voraciously on the thick wet tongue that is shoved deep in her throat and in the lewd excitement, she swallows greedily the droplets of my saliva that ran down it. Her body begins to match my thrusts with her own rhythmic thrashing.

The heavily-straining bed squeaked loudly in time to the two tightly-entwined bodies struggling wildly against each other. The sound of deep straining grunts and groans filling the room, mingling with the flat smacking sounds of sweat-soaked flesh banging against sweat-soaked flesh and the wet viscous slurp of my pile-driving cock slamming in and out of her slippery, passion- drenched cunt. ” Christ, honey, you’re a damn good fuck,” I grunted, fucking faster and faster into her with a maniacal frenzy, my eyes filmed over by the force of my sexual excitement. I feel my hot cum boiling up in me heated balls as they beat hard against her up-tilted ass. I’m ready to explode. I savagely shove my tongue down her throat and with harshly kneading hands pull the wide- spread cheeks of her hungrily-grinding buttocks hard up against my jack- hammering pelvis as I ram my expanding cock all the way to the hilt inside her soft, now gratefully-welcoming cunt. Sunny is rocketing to a new and thrilling height of pleasure and her breath whistled and rasped from her throat in short cries of passion. I fuck mercilessly into her willing pussy and with the depth of each thrust, she screams from the sheer lust and pleasure that she feels. The young woman feels her vaginal passage stretching painfully as the head of the deeply-sunk cock suddenly flares into a hugeness that threatened to tear her open and then it begins to spurt out its thick creamy load like a fire- hose gone wild!

She feels the delicious hot white liquid shooting into her like molten fire. Her cunt clasping around it, absorbing it, erupting in reply! Again her cum juices flow around my jerking cock. This is what she has been needing for so long and now she cannot bear the idea that it may stop. Reaching frantically around under her hungrily- squirming buttocks with both hands, she begins to desperately milk at the excitedly-emptying balls pressed tightly into the split of her wide-spread buttocks. Her long shapely legs kicked out, quivering uselessly in the air on either side of me. The huge, rhythmically-throbbing cock continues to jerk, as hot spurts fill her womb to the bursting point and foaming back out of the hot-contracting lips locked so tightly around it. ” Oh, fill me, fill me some more,” she babbles incoherently. The smooth hot walls of her cunt clasping and unclasping wildly around me, milking at the jerking cock like a sucking starving mouth, until it gave one last spasmodic jerk, the last drop sucked dry from it. I’m exhausted collapsing limply across her sweating young body. It seems to go on forever until, at last, she too sighs and quivers to limp stillness. Her legs fell lifelessly out on either side of my body and one arm dangled wearily over the edge of the bed. Her still warmly-contracting pussy is filled to the point of bursting with the obscene mixture of our hot sticky cum. I lay panting for a moment to recover my strength and then slowly drag myself off the exhausted young woman, my almost limp cock sliding slowly out of her battered and bruised cunt. Sunny’s eyes fluttered open at the withdrawal and she feels an immediate sense of loss.

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