Surreptitious Love Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 — Black

After the rumpus at Thuy’s house, Nguyet and I took a break. We let almost a month pass by before we even spoke to each other again. I guessed neither of us wanted to be the first to propose another threesome. Anyway, I believed we needed a session without Thuy first. Just to tickle Nguyet’s fancy a little bit, however, I suggested she buy stockings, either black or white. Or both.

When she responded, she didn’t mention the matter but asked when we could meet again, as there was some news regarding Thuy. Nguyet sometimes drove me crazy with her hints, but then, in the past, they all had turned out fun to talk about. I suggested we meet at an older coffee shop that was on a fairly busy street, pretty much downtown. Nguyet had become more adventurous too, and our forays were also nicely spaced; we only saw each other once a month. As much fun as it had been with Thuy, I was looking forward to talking to Nguyet again.

She had questioned my choice of the café, but I had been coming here for years and I had actually fantasized about being here with her. Of course, in my fantasy, she would wear her trademark black skirt, open her legs a little bit and let me see her panties or perhaps even take them off. As we had enacted the whole reverie in the most glorious fashion a few months back, however, my desire to act it out in just that way had subsided.

When she showed up, however, my heart started racing and my mouth went dry. She looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a grey and black checked skirt and jacket, with a white blouse underneath, black stockings and nice, flat shoes. Her stockings (or tights?) brought out the perfection of her legs, while her lady’s suit looked just quietly elegant.

“If you dress like that, we will be found out, because everyone remembers such a beautiful woman,” I said.

“I wanna see that. As you know, I haven’t attracted anyone’s attention but yours so far,” she countered, still standing and holding on to the back of her chair.

“What about Thuy’s?” I wisecracked.

“She doesn’t count. She only talked to me because she thought I was a virgin,” she quipped.

“Anyway, sit down, and have a coffee. You truly look dazzling. I’m so happy to see you,” I told her. “So, what’s the news about Thuy?”

We ordered something to drink for her and Nguyet continued. “She’s got a boyfriend, a new coworker. They’ve gone out a few times already.”

“We lucked out then, I would say.”

Nguyet frowned and asked what I meant. “Thuy wouldn’t agree to a threesome now, I believe. In hindsight, what do you think of our little orgy?”

“That was quite something, yeah. I loved everything about it. I liked watching you fuck Thuy, I liked caressing her and being fondled by her, too. And, then, of course, I got fucked, too,” she summarized the deal. “I would do it again. What about you?”

“Don’t forget that you had semen, mixed with her and your own pussy juice drip on your face. That’s what I won’t forget. Anyway, yes, I’m glad we got to experience it,” I admitted.

“What did Thuy tell you?” I asked to get the complete picture.

“She said she liked how it all happened. She would have preferred to have a boyfriend and everything be romantic, but since that seemed impossible, what we did was awesome. Having me there helped her to get over her anxiety, I think.” Nguyet summarized.

“Would you like to do it together with someone again?” I asked since I had fantasized about doing two of our former coworkers for a long time, but I wanted to test the waters first.

“Yes, I think so, but not right away,” she said. “Let’s have an afternoon atakent escort where it’s just us.”

“Do you want another drink?” I asked since we were out of coffee.

“Maybe. What’s the plan anyway?”

“I’ve often thought about going to this small hotel, 200 meters up the street from here,” I admitted. “I wanna take you there.”

“But that’s right in the center of town. You pass it on your way to work every day,” she cautioned.

“Yeah, I know, but that’s perhaps why I have started fantasizing about it. “On a scale from 1 to horny, how horny are you?”

“I’m always horny when I see you. We only see each other once a month and unlike you I’m not married, nor do I masturbate,” she jibed.

“You should perhaps masturbate more,” I suggested and said: “We’ll have another coffee and decide then.”

“My dad’s at home, by the way. He’s sick. So, we gotta go somewhere else anyway. He asked me where I was going dressed like I am,” Nguyet said with a challenging smile.

“What did you say? ‘I’m going to fuck a married man at a hotel’?”

“Ha-ha. No, I said I was going to a company lunch with clients.”

“But it’s your day off, he must have wondered.”

“Yeah. I told my dad I was getting overtime hours for the lunch and it was important,” Nguyet smiled about her clever answer.

“It is important, you’re right,” I quipped.

“The funny thing is, I didn’t know he would be at home until I was all dolled up. Imagine this: As I was dressing to meet you—rolling my stockings up slowly and carefully, with one foot on the chair, envisioning you coming inside me—I hear my dad’s voice downstairs. I was already getting horny.” She sounded a little annoyed.

“Now, okay, I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that we weren’t there when he got back home,” I was trying to swing her mood over to the positive side. “Anyway, you said you’re wearing stockings, not tights?”

“Yes, I went and bought some when you said you liked them. When you texted me earlier this week, I had bought them already,” she admitted.

“This is so sweet,” I was moved. “Do you like wearing them? Don’t doll up just for me. Doll up for yourself.”

“I know. I do these things for you and me. I told you I wanted to go and fuck Thuy together with you. And we did. And now with the stockings, I think that’s actually a great idea. Look how gorgeous they look!” she was proud of herself.

“Oh, I know. Look, how gorgeous you look. I knew it already when I suggested you buy stockings back at the fancy coffee shop.” I was happy that things were really working out. “Can you open your legs a little bit and lift your skirt up?”

She checked if anyone could see us, but then she just did it. And what could I say? This was one of the most powerful sensual moments of my life. Her calves’ perfect shape was enhanced by the black fabric, but her thighs were yet on another level. Under her skirt, I saw her perfectly shaped legs but then also two inches of white flesh, where the stockings ended. That contrast between nature and culture turned me on like nothing else. And, all the way up there, I saw a black triangle.

“You aren’t wearing panties?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course, I am. They are new too. I bought them together with the black stockings since I didn’t have a black pair yet.”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say, but this is making me hot.” I was really speechless.

“The thing is, Ben, I can’t wear outfits like this often and when I do, no one but you appreciates them,” Nguyet reminded me. “I like dressing up like a classy lady, and I love how much akbatı escort you appreciate me but sometimes I wonder how long this will last before we get discovered.”

“I know, but if we feel so strongly,” I replied, “we shouldn’t focus on being discovered or that it will not last forever. Nothing does. We need to live our desires while we can. Otherwise, we’ll regret it.”

“OK, let’s go to a nice hotel but not right here in town,” she said.

The way we were dressed, we should go to some decent place, she was right. As I was paying for coffee, I suggested going to the place we had been to before. “Last time, we didn’t use the bed. Let’s check it out,” I said jokingly.

She frowned and kept thinking. “I don’t wanna go to the same place twice.”

We both knew, however, a street along the river where there were many small hotels which rented rooms by the hour. Many unmarried couples went there; it was an open secret. We picked the nicest looking place.

Once we were in the room, we met at the window and were looking at the river. She took off her suit jacket and put it carefully over the back of a chair. It was quiet. I looked at her beautiful white blouse and her small breasts underneath. The material of the shirt was so thick that I couldn’t see her bra, which was probably black, though. We kissed and I caressed her face. She had her hands on my sides and I started to unbutton her blouse. She was breathing more heavily.

Yes, the bra was black, and I asked about it. She had bought it together with her stockings and the new black panties. I pressed my hand on the middle of her skirt in the front as she kept unbuttoning. We kissed again. As I wanted to admire the view of her stocking-clad legs, I lifted up her skirt. The white flesh above her stockings looked absolutely enticing. I touched it and fondled her pussy a little. Her lips were protruding, and her pussy seemed already open and wet. She took off her blouse and put it over her jacket on the chair. I admired her small collar bones, her bra, and her graceful arms. As I felt an erection coming, I was thinking about our next move.

Nguyet opened her bra in the back and took it off slowly. As I had observed before, her breasts seemed a little bigger now than they were six months ago. I didn’t know why, but perhaps her body responded well to her having regular intercourse. I don’t think she had gained weight elsewhere. She was heaving a little when I moved closer to hold her waist and kiss her again. As I was running my fingertips over her skin, she reached for my crotch and massaged my balls ever so slightly through my pants.

I was looking for a button on her skirt but couldn’t find it. However, there was a hidden zipper on one side. Nguyet pulled it down and stepped out of her skirt. Now, she was only wearing panties and stockings and looked tantalizing. She propped herself up on the balls of her feet and kissed me again. She was holding one of my hands and with the other, she opened my pants. I reached behind her and squeezed her butt cheeks.

We moved over close to the bed, and she was watching me as I was taking off my clothes. She moved to the center of the bed and propped herself up on her lower arms. When I was approaching her, she put her finger in the sides of her panties and pulled them down, revealing her bush up near the lacy tops of her stockings. It was as black as her panties. Below her bush, her dark violet inner lips had already opened. To see her on the white bed with her black stockings and her pussy half open was more than alluring. I was mesmerized and overwhelmed. My dick aksaray escort had reached an intense level of erectness. It was close to my belly button.

When I lowered myself onto Nguyet, with my elbows next to her head, my glans was throbbing and wet. I looked down, past my torso, one more time to see her white flesh, as it was framed by her black, lacy stockings. I don’t recall if I went in all at once or in incremental steps; I only remember that my dick was fully engulfed in her soft, moist, velvety sheath. I thrusted at medium speed and felt the soft material of her hosiery on my legs.

I bent my back upwards a little so that we could look at each other. The last six months were passing in my mind. Of course, I was now familiar with her body, the smell of her skin, hair, and pussy. It aroused me fully, and I was more than glad that she had relinquished herself after we had known each other for so long with nothing happening. I don’t know how long this affair would last; I didn’t have any experience in this kind of matter. I didn’t know how or why it would end. All I knew was that I didn’t want it to end. I was experiencing pleasure that I wasn’t getting in my marriage in this intensity, and I had a hunch that if Nguyet and I were married, we wouldn’t be reaching these heights of arousal and satisfaction every month either.

Nguyet was moaning quietly, and she had just turned her head to one side. She was clenching her teeth as was banging her. I had started to pull almost out with every thrust, which took some concentration. The longer thrusts were worth it, but I couldn’t hold back for much longer. When I stopped thrusting, Nguyet sort of woke up and looked at me. She smiled as I was just inside her quietly. It felt like my dick was still swelling and she readjusted her legs. Now I felt her feet resting on my back.

I reached under her back and lifted her up so that she was now sitting in my lap. This way, I could admire her face, her body, and her stockings. She put her hands onto her knees and fiddled a bit before she began moving her body up and down. Her feet were next to me on the bed, and as she was sitting on my hands, I supported her when she started to lift herself up rhythmically. For balance, she put her hands on the back of my neck. Watching her thigh muscles flex turned me on like only few things before. Nguyet was sobbing now and put her cheek on my chest. When she was exhausted from all the commotion, I was unloading inside her, pressing her ass onto my dick so that not a single drop would get lost. In a last-ditch effort, I leaned backwards and let my ass slide a foot towards the foot end of the bed, so we could lie down.

She was still shaking and sobbing a little when she was on top of me. I was holding on to that area of her body that isn’t ass anymore but not quite thigh yet, which was perhaps my favorite part of any women’s body. Eventually, she propped her head up onto her chin and was looking at me. She was sweating and smiling, blowing her hair away from the corner of her mouth. It was the cutest thing ever. I helped her put the hair behind her ears. Then I squeezed her butt cheeks and twiddled them. Nguyet got up and got her phone. She positioned herself and asked me to take a picture of her creampie, saying that Thuy doing the same thing had been ‘a great idea’.

“You aren’t worried that someone might see the picture?” I asked as she was lying next to me, looking at her phone.

“I’ll look at it a few more times and then delete it,” she said. “I’ve never really seen my pussy. Let alone semen oozing from it,” she laughed.

“You seem mighty proud of it,” I observed. “I love it. One side of me wants you to forward the picture to me.”

“Well, it was another awesome fuck today and, yes, I do feel good about that. Today might have been the best fuck ever,” she asserted.

I wasn’t sure about that but asked her to show me the picture again. “Yes, this is as good as it gets. So much for an important lunch with clients.”

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