Surreptitious Love Ch. 124

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Chapter 124 — Sensual Hours with Charlie and his Aunt

Charlie sent me an exited message on Monday morning, saying that his gorgeous aunt Yen had invited us to her house for a sensual gathering before lunch any day this week. Charlie and I had racked our brains over the last few weeks, how, when, and with whom we could make the incest between him and Yen wholesome and kind of natural. That the two of them were crazy about each other they had seen when Charlie had splashed his cum onto her during a massage following a football injury — after which Yen had jerked him off, going for seconds, with her panties on her thighs, the front of her simple house dress tucked up inside the belt, and her bush exposed. She had even allowed him to caress her wet, sticky perineum as well as her ass, and ever since then, all that Charlie wanted was to bang her. Of course.

The massage story had trickled out of Charlie over the last few weeks — just like the long, dangling thread of pussy nectar that he claimed to have seen or even caused during said massage — while he had been garnering sexual experience with Mira, Thuy, and Nguyet. Our bisexual Filipina had returned to her home country two days back, though, which was of course sad but, obviously, Charlie now had something even bigger to look forward to: another tender hour or two with his glorious mature relative. The only question, it seemed, was how far she was willing to go. While the minimal program — a massage plus being allowed to touch her wherever he wanted — would already be quite something, Charlie certainly wanted more. And, it seemed, Yen was perhaps willing to give it.

What puzzled me slightly, though, was that Yen wanted me to be there and that Charlie didn’t seem to mind, but I decided not to ask too many questions but, instead, enjoy the premise, promise, and simplicity of the three of us meeting at her house, as it relieved us of finding a second lady, as Yen had initially requested. I still thought that an outing at the hot springs west of our town, where one could rent spacious Onsen-like private areas, would be another option, but our visit at her house might just be the first step to a sequence of sensual encounters, at the end of which proper intercourse — with Charlie’s naked noodle in his aunt’s immaculate sheath — beckoned. I found the Onsen idea so brilliant that I would ask him to suggest it to Yen at her house, as my Vietnamese wasn’t good enough for such delicate missions and matters.

Frankly, this week, the weather was too crappy to frolic outside naked, anyway. It was barely 70 degrees, windy, and grey, with rain imminent. Yen had asked us to show up around 10, which seemed a tad early for a massage or fuck, though. Anyway, as Charlie and I had pondered the incest with his aunt over and over at several occasions recently, we decided to scrap our routine coffee house visit and meet near her house to drive the last 150 yards together, so that we wouldn’t create unnecessary commotion in her neighborhood. Sadly, Mira was gone, but a new era was about to begin, which Charlie seemed ready and determined to celebrate.

As I was waiting at the corner to the small alley where Yen’s house was, I smoked a quick ciggie, but then I could already hear his 50-cc cookie-saw from the distance. As Charlie was passing me, he grinned, like he knew that he would score today. As I was taking in the last drag, I watched him open the gate and drive in, with a panache that was meant to foretell the later movements of his loins. When I turned into her front yard fifteen seconds later, Charlie was holding the right wing of the gate open, which he then closed swiftly behind my back. Yen stepped out of the house and waved us to come in. She seemed pretty chipper, too, and asked us to pass through the living room into the kitchen, where we normally sat, anyway. She had prepared tea and now fetched a large, round tin with butter cookies, while Charlie and I sat down at opposite ends of the table, both with our backs against the wall, facing the counter and the sink. And dazzling Yen.

In many ways, we were seated like at Nguyet’s model home; the only difference was that the table here was oval. Since Yen was still over at the counter, the opportunity to admire her stellar figure once more was presenting itself: Yen was perhaps 5’4”, which made her a bit taller than Charlie — and virtually all other women in our orgy circle. She still had awesome smooth skin and a formidable, but not outrageously large bosom. Her breasts reminded me of Thanh’s, as drop-shaped and slightly sagging as they were. Overall, she was, of course, the most womanly among all the ladies we regularly amused ourselves with. Her bush was slim and fairly elegant; it almost seemed coiffed. Yen was sophisticated, kind, and classy and, for the lack of a better word, extremely attractive in the truest sense of the word: I always felt being pulled towards her. She had an aura.

“Well, Charlie… nervous?” Burdur Escort I asked our young friend, a tad avuncular.

He nodded barely noticeably, and Yen finally sat down at the longer edge of the oval table. We all took a cookie or wafer from the tin but didn’t speak, perhaps as we all were excited and a tad trepidatious. Yen now asked him something, which I didn’t understand, at first, but then I picked up Nguyet’s and Thuy’s names as well as the word for ‘hotel’; perhaps she had wanted him to give her a synopsis of the last two months. Well, that was probably ideal as a foreplay but also a bit daring, as he had had quite some adventures with Mira and our two petite real estate queens. But then, it had been Yen herself who had asked Nguyet and me to put Charlie in the right way and show him the ropes of chipper fornication.

I wondered again how far she was willing to go today, but when he had finished his account, I asked Charlie to suggest to his aunt going to the thermal springs together. She was listening attentively and didn’t seem opposed to the idea at all.

“Just the three of us?” she asked, though.

“Well, either that, or we’ll take Hanh, for instance, with us. She’s been confined to her house for eight months or so… as she’s blind,” I added, albeit needlessly, as Hanh was Yen’s god-child.

Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely to watch the cute, cuddly, blind girl frolic naked in the warm water?! I would spoil her endlessly, while Charlie could sink his head or cock in his aunt’s flawless lap.

“We could also take Nguyet or Thuy… or both, Charlie,” I added, as Yen knew them from two orgies at the vintage hotel.

We could see in her face that she was mulling the idea over; perhaps she was adjusting her plans for this morning to make room in her timetable for an outing at the hot springs. I was kind of waiting for her to bring up Vu or Hoang, as she liked them both, but then: Would she want too many people there, when Charlie and her would consume their lust for each other? And then, Charlie probably didn’t want to watch the two lady-killers bang his aunt, either, would he? On the other hand, Charlie had to be grateful towards Hoang, in particular, as he had learned quite a few tricks from him. I would never forget how the two guys banged Mira and Nguyet from behind, as they were leaning against the wall at the hotel the previous week.

All in all, we were pretty frisky here in the kitchen, making progress, it seemed. The two of them had switched topics now, perhaps onward to family matters. I wasn’t really listening but admired the beautiful mature woman — or shall I say: goddess? — here at the table. Yen had her hair parted in the middle, and her light, fluffy bangs bobbed nicely when she nodded. Her face was glistening, like she had put on some lotion or skin cream. Her light blouse seemed a bit old-fashioned with its stiff collar, but she was going to take it off soon, I was sure. Yen was sporting seven-eighths pants, with a color resembling fresh liver, as they were brown but also had a purple tinge.

The way Yen had crossed her legs, her calf was pressed nicely from below, which reminded me of Anna’s thighs, proportion-wise. As chipper as Yen was, she also seemed cool, calm, and composed, neither wanton nor haunted by guilt. And we weren’t going to seduce Charlie or do anything against his young will; we were here to celebrate our lust for each other, particularly theirs, of course. Yen and I had perhaps done it six or seven times over the years; twice, each, with her daughter and Hanh, before we saw each other again last fall at the old hotel, where we had played ‘family’ one afternoon: of course, Yen had been my wife, Anna our daughter, Vu our son, and Nguyet had given the maid, as she didn’t fit the family structure, age-wise.

Was Charlie thinking of the pussy-nectar stalactite he wanted to induce in her so badly? Or her elegant bush, which he had only seen once from an angle, though, on the massage table, on that faithful day he had come on her? I was watching him a bit while they were talking, took a sip from my tea and another chocolate-covered cookie, before I realized that he seemed to be completely focused on her bosom. Her breasts were roughly the size of Thuy’s but seemed a bit smaller, as Yen was six inches taller than out little real estate broker. When the phone buzzed, Yen went over to the living room to pick it up but then just sent a message back and put the thing down next to her tea cup. Since they had stopped talking, it was so quiet here in the kitchen that I could hear the wall clock tick, over to my right.

I took another of those delish cookies and wondered if Charlie’s cock was pumping already. I could have asked him, but I didn’t want to destroy the chirpy mood here at the table by uncouthness. Now, Charlie got his vibrating phone out of his pants pockets to read the message, before he put his contraption on the table as well. Were they surreptitiously messaging Burdur Escort Bayan each other in my presence? I had sometimes done that at sakau bars in the jungle in Pohnpei, Micronesia, where I used to live for three years, before I moved to Vietnam. But Yen and Charlie could talk freely, couldn’t they? My Vietnamese wasn’t good enough to follow native speakers’ conversations effortlessly, which they knew.

Anyway, looking at him, I realized that he now was sliding back and forth in his seat a bit, and I imagined that I could hear him pant. He looked at me briefly, before he stared at his aunt’s bosom again, which had begun to heave. What a marvelous sight and scene we had here in her kitchen! I started to imagine what we could do next: Would she massage him or me? If I were the lucky guy, Charlie could embrace her from behind and touch her tenderly, perhaps wherever he wanted. But then, he probably wanted her hands to dance on his young body — and not mine. Well, everything was in her hands, literally. It was her house, and she was the center of attention. Or we guys massaged her?!

Charlie asked Yen something now and then waited for a reply with his mouth gaping. She nodded at him, blushed, and shot me an impish smile.

“What’s up?” I asked him, as she had gotten up from her seat and was sauntering past me, towards the back of the house.

“I confessed to her that my penis really hurts in my pants…” he confided quietly.

“And why is she going to the bathroom?” I asked, puzzled.

Charlie didn’t have to answer the question in the end, as I could see a bottle of lubricant in her left hand, as she was moseying back towards us now. Even though he was in pain, she remained decidedly calm, but then nodded at him to take his pants off. She moved her chair closer to him, while he let his pants drop to the floor, but then she remembered to get a napkin or two from the counter. I was kind of excited about what was going to happen but found it also cool that I couldn’t see his cock. I had seen it enough the last eight weeks. I could now hear the oil smack on her hand and then his glans, and then a rhythmic ft-ft-ft-ft-ft started to fill the room. Ha! Nice! I watched her forearm like it was a part of some sophisticated machine, while he shot me an apologetic smile. I took a sip of tea and thought it would be a good moment to smoke, but then I didn’t want to draw the neighbors’ attention by stepping outside.

So, the upright citizen Yen, who worked at the city’s civil registry office, was now massaging her nephew’s cock in her kitchen. And relishing it. She was certainly doing a fine job — even though I was unable to watch. But she had treated my cock a few times in the past. Oh, yes, she knew what she was doing, as her daughter Linh had had a stroke ten years back and needed a daily massage ever since then. What I liked was that she seemed to want to prolong everything, taking breaks here and there and whispering with him — perhaps about the next steps or how beautiful everything was. Or she was just enjoying her power. As the window was open, I mused again about lighting a cigarette — one could smoke in Vietnam with impunity, pretty much everywhere — but then I wasn’t sure about the etiquette rules for handjobs between relatives in the kitchen.

What she did now, however, was quite something; so remarkable that my cock instantly grew as well: she took a break from stroking his dick and lifted up her blouse on the right, closer to him than me. She thought a bit like she wasn’t sure whether her breast in her bra would be enough to expose, but then she reached briefly back on her back, under her blouse, and snapped the thing open, before she parked her bra on top of her right boob. Then she leaned forward and let him suck one of the finest breasts I and Charlie had ever seen. He closed his eyes and was on cloud 12. Listening to his smacking and sniveling, I asked myself whether I found this scene endearing or even beautiful.

Well, sure, I did, partially since I knew that one of his wishes, which he had shared with me the previous week, had already come true. Once, she adjusted her blouse and bra, but then he squealed and roared towards the ceiling, after he had let her nipple slip out of his mouth. The stroking stopped, and Yen was now receiving his jizz on the napkins. Well, it hadn’t taken long, but it must have been the most awesome feeling for him. And it was probably clever to release a bit of steam before the second round. As young as Charlie was, he could come again in twenty minutes, I was sure. Would Yen ask me now if she should relieve me as well? Well, due to my age, my cock wasn’t ready to burst yet — no, that could wait. She dabbed him some more and then threw the napkins in the bin across the room, while he pulled his pants up and buttoned them again.

After she had washed her hands in the sink, she moved her chair again in the middle between us, sat back down, and smiled at us, seeming chuffed. Escort Burdur When she saw my cigarettes on the table, she remembered that I was an avid smoker and passed me an ashtray. She cleared her throat and then excused herself, telling us we should come up once I was done smoking. She probably wanted to change before the massage, and Charlie perhaps needed a few minutes to recover before he would be able to walk again. I offered him a post-coital cigarette, which he surprisingly took, as he actually didn’t like menthols. But he had reason to celebrate. I still liked that everything had happened discreetly, hidden from me behind the table, at the other end.

“So, Charlie: That was quite something, huh?”

He puffed up his cheeks and nodded: “Jesus! Yeah…” was all he could utter.

“Do you know who’s getting the first massage?” I asked him, as I didn’t want to spend the time here in the kitchen in silence.

Looking exhausted, he shook his head and took a sip of his tea. I poured some more into my cup as well, but when we were done smoking, he immediately got up, like he couldn’t wait to go upstairs. To calm him down a bit, I looked at the knickknacks on the windowsill, first, and asked him, pointing at a photograph of Linh, Yen’s daughter:

“Do you like her?”

He was looking for a balanced answer, it seemed, and eventually admitted that her womanly figure was a bit too much for his taste, particularly since she had wide shoulders but small boobs. But he liked her page-boy haircut, which kinda resembled his. I liked that he didn’t allude to her limp, but then he conceded that it was perhaps best to be here today just the three of us, before he changed topics and bemoaned that Mira had had to move back to the Philippines.

“When you took her to the train station, did she explain why she had to leave so quickly?” I asked.

“No, I don’t know anything else than I’ve already told you… we were both sooo down… it was kind of depressing, to be honest… we had done so much together… but that botched first time is still standing between us…”

“Oh, Charlie, try to focus on the wonderful, outrageous things we did together with her… remember the afternoon when we caught her shoplifting at the Coop-Mart, instead,” I suggested, trying to cheer him up, as we were ascending the stairs.

Upstairs, it was eerily quiet. None of the doors on the second floor was fully closed, but we couldn’t tell where our dazzling mature friend Yen was. Had she already finished changing and gone to the bathroom? Linh’s bedroom door was ajar, too, but we still peeked into the bathroom first, where we did not see her, though. Charlie now peeped past the bedroom door, which was about four or five inches open, into Linh’s room, but right when I wanted to tell him to undress and lie down on the massage table in the bathroom, I saw what he was looking at, and I couldn’t.

Longingly, Charlie was watching his aunt, who was standing with her back towards us. I didn’t have the heart to pull him away, partially as I was intrigued as well. She had already taken off her liver-colored pants, and was in the process of taking off her blouse as well. We could see her splendid butt in a pair of nondescript white panties, which seemed a trifle too large for her. Perhaps they were Linh’s. I caught myself smiling when she plucked a bit of excess material from her butt crack, and Charlie and I settled for a prolonged period of peeping. He was so short that he was standing directly in front of me, and so I put my hands on his shoulders.

Apparently, she had had closed her bra again, but now she was mulling over whether she needed that particular piece of garment for the massage. Directly in front of her, on the bed, was her red leisure suit, which consisted of a top and medium-length shorts, which was the same outfit she had worn on that fateful day she had asked me to massage her daughter. Purportedly, as she had been too busy that afternoon. After Yen had left the house, Linh and I engaged in one of the most rousing sex sessions ever but, of course, Yen came back before the hour had been up, seen us on the bathroom floor, and joined us. That was our first time.

Did Yen know that we were watching her? Probably. But the purpose of our visit this morning was no secret. Apparently, she had decided to do without the bra and snapped it open now. Watching this intimate moment through the ajar bedroom door was one of the erotic highlights of the last few months, and I was happy that Yen had jerked Charlie off downstairs. Watching his aunt undress with a full seminal gland didn’t bear contemplating.

When Yen had dropped her bra onto the bed, she reached for the top of her rakish leisure suit, whose straps were about an inch wide, and put it on. To our surprise, she now pushed both thumbs into the waistband of her panties, which prompted Charlie to utter a quiet, hoarse, raucous cry, and when she bent forward to pick up her pants, her peach was greeting us for a fleeting three-tenths of a second. Good salacious Lord! Before we could recover, she had put her little pants on, which ended half-way down her firm, impeccable thighs. I could hear my heart beat, with my mouth dry, bursting with desire. I was sure Charlie felt the same.

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