Suzy Sucks Off a Bouncer

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I got into a lot of scrapes during my first, hedonistic, year at university and this is just one of the sticky situations (quite literally) I got myself into that year.

After our first fuck Edward and I carried on seeing one another. What had begun as a very dirty fuck on the first night we met turned into a lot of very dirty fucks and we actually continued going out for my whole first year at uni.

As anyone who’s read my story ‘Nurse Suzy’ knows, Edward’s big thing was getting me to fuck another guy first so that he could lick the spunk from my pussy. Wonderfully twisted. But he basically just enjoyed any situation where I tempted other men with my curves and turned them on. That turned him on. It also turned me on and meant that I got to have sex with a lot of different guys, so I was very happy with his arrangement.

This was a Wednesday night, which at my uni was party night and as usual we were all out. There were 15 or so of us, all out at the drunken end of a regular Wednesday in a bar called ‘Alice’s Place’. The bar was a bit of a dive but cocktails were 2 for 1 and we were having a grand old time of it, dancing and messing around. Edward was especially horny and all night had been taking any opportunity to kiss and grope me. I was wearing a short, tight green dress which showed my big boobs and long legs off well. I wasn’t wearing any knickers and as we danced close on the light-up dance floor he whispered hotly about what he was going to do to me when we got back to my room. Unable to control my desires, I pulled him over to a dark corner and we carried on kissing and groping in a dark booth on the wall. It was the perfect make-out space, as it was so dark that I could barely see Edward’s handsome face, and as he groped my bra-less tits I undid his fly and proceeded to take a throat full of cock in our perfect hiding place. Edward must have been really getting into it and I was clearly in a cock-suckers haze, because neither of us noticed the bouncer until it was too late.

“Right you two,” he said in a gravelly, Essex accent, “Up you get.” My head shot up, guiltily and simultaneously Edward stuffed his still hard cock back into his jeans.

“I can explain….” Edward began.

“No need, mate.” The bouncer porno indir chuckled, beckoning us towards the fire exit. “Out you come.” He lead us out of the fire escape to the back of the club. We followed, shame faced. I looked ashamedly at the floor and Edward followed me.

“Really, come on. Are you chucking us out?” Edward stuttered, incredulous, it seemed, that getting a blow-job in a club was apparently grounds for barring.

“You know what you were doing is illegal?” the bouncer asked, neither answering Edward’s question with a yes or a no.

“Oh come on,” my boyfriend said in a now quite pissed-off tone, “What, that’s the first time you’ve ever seen a girl giving her boyfriend a blow-job in a dark corner?” The bouncer chucked.

“Of course not, son.” He said condescendingly. “But I always do the same thing to the people in question.” I sighed.

“Look fine,” I said, “chuck us out, that’s fair enough. But my handbag is in there and so are our coats. Can we at least get those?” The bouncer laughed again.

“Love,” he began, “I don’t think you understand.” Edward and I looked at one another, puzzled. “I ain’t chucking you out of the bar.” Edward smiled, relieved. “On one condition.” And with that he unzipped his fly.

“I want you to suck my cock whilst your boyfriend watches.” The bouncer explained, pulling an already hard penis from his black trousers. “You do that and I’ll say no more about it. You can go back in and I won’t alert the manager.” I looked at Edward and smiled. This was his wet-dream. If I didn’t know better I would think Edward had put this man up to it. I composed my features. I wanted this guy to think that I wasn’t so keen.

“Er,” I said, mock-nervously, “I don’t know….” But Edward, playing along said in an equally mock-nervous voice,

“You better had Suze. Otherwise we’re going to be in a lot of trouble.” I worked hard to repress a smile.

“Okay.” I said, in what I hoped was a reluctant tone.

I knelt down and took the bouncers cock in my hand. Edward stepped back into the shadows to watch.

“That’s it love,” the bouncer siged, “show me what you can do.” I licked the end, teasingly. “look up at me.” He sighed. I widened my big, green rokettube eyes and did as I was told, taking the whole length into my mouth. “Oh yes!” He exclaimed. I began my efforts in earnest, bobbing my head on the length of his shaft and using my right hand to wank the base in circular motions. The bouncer groaned. As the minutes passed I used this method on his rock hard cock, that was only about 5 inches long but very fat and came attached to very big balls. I pulled on his balls with my other hand and he rewarded me by pulling my head tightly towards him. I swivelled my eyes to see Edward, standing back and watching the whole performance. I groaned around the bouncers organ, to show my boyfriend that I was enjoying myself.

About five minutes after I had begun, I withdrew from the cock and lathed the head with my tongue.

“Mmmmm.” I said, girlishly. “Your cock tastes amazing!” I exclaimed. I knew Edward would like that touch. The bouncer grunted and didn’t answer, he just grabbed the back of my head and brutally began to fuck my throat. I tipped my head back to give him a good angle and he thrust it in and out, hitting my tonsils over and over as he came closer and closer to cumming. I felt his balls begin to tighten in my hand and he grunted,

“Get your tits out!” I manoeuvred my dress aside so that my big breasts were exposed. The nipples were big and hard from the cold night air and violently he pulled his organ out of my mouth and jacked the base, pointing it at my face. I knew what was about to happen. “I’m going to cum on your fucking tits!” He exclaimed. And with that his fat little cock began to shoot jets of molten cock-cream onto my big breasts, which I jiggled appreciatively.

When he had finished he tucked himself back in and I stood, unsteadily, breasts still exposed. I put them back into my dress, still covered in the bouncers cum, and the bouncer turned back towards the club.

“Don’t do it again, or you know what you’ll get.” He chuckled, and disappeared inside.

Edward stepped out of the shadows and pushed me against the wall, kissing me deeply and mauling my cummy tits. I knew he would be incredibly turned on by what he’d just seen. Sure enough his cock was hard and I groped seks filmi at the crotch of his jeans. I was about to kneel and take my second cock in ten minutes, but Edward had other ideas, instead telling me to turn around and bend over. I did as I was told and within seconds Edwards 8 inch member was buried up to the hilt of my wet little cunt. I cried out in pleasure and he growled hotly in my ear,

“You liked that, didn’t you?”

“Yes!” I moaned. “Oh yes!”

“You loved having that dirty old bastards cock in your mouth, didn’t you?” He fucked me hard and fast, with little style but pure lust. He reached around for my hard little clit and rubbed it.

“Oh God!” I cried. “Oh God, yes! I fucking loved it!”

“I’m going to make you cum, you little slut. I want you to think about that filthy old bastard and his tiny cock in your throat while this big, fat dick slams into your cunt.” I groaned, lustfully as his fingers became just a blur on my erect bud. Suddenly I came, spasming and yelping out as the tool banging my insides and the hand on my clit took their toll. My limbs went rigid and I cried out a long, high sob as fireworks went off inside my head.

Edward pulled out and pushed me down and around. I slumped against the wall and he pushed his cunt juice drenched cock into my mouth and fucked in and out of my throat a few times, before pulling out and smacking me round the face with it.

“You’re such a fucking slut, Suzy,” he spat out as he wanked his cock savagely up and down, “such a fucking slut with a tight little cunt and a hungry little mouth.” I loved it when he called me these names and tugged on his balls in appreciation. “I knew,” he said, still breathlessly tugging at his dick, “I knew as soon as I saw you what a slut you were and now I watch you fucking and sucking other men and it makes me so hard and so horny,” I murmured in agreement, knowing he would cum any second, “I love seeing you parade yourself in front of other men, I love watching you in bars and in uni, and they all look at you but I’m the only one who truly has you.” and with that his cock began to erupt, thick streams of white gold that he aimed directly at my chin and nose. I stuck my tongue out. “And your face,” he panted, “your pretty little face never looks better than when it’s painted with my jizz.”

And with that I slumped further against the wall, covered in my boyfriends fresh cum, as the bouncers plentiful load dried on my tits. I knew I would remember this night with fondness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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