Sweet Cum

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I walk into the room and find you there, though you haven’t realized my presence. I watch you from behind… as you read the story that is on your monitor. Your thoughts are captivated by the fantasy described on the screen; my thoughts are captivated by you.

I stand there for a moment, losing myself in thoughts of you. I lean up against the doorframe and imagine you touching my body as I softly touch my breast through my shirt. I allow my fingers to press firmly against my nipples as they start to harden. My cunt begins to allow moisture to escape and the smell of my sex begins to fill the room. I unbutton my blouse rapidly, barely touching my fingertips to my warm skin. I push my bra aside giving my big tits the freedom that my nipples now require. I place my hands under my breasts, raising my nipples to my mouth. My tongue darts quickly over my hard nipples, leaving a moist trail of saliva.

I open my mouth and gently suck my right nipple in to my mouth…softly touching my teeth to the sensitive flesh. I remove my left hand from under my breast, allowing my breast to settle back into place. I guide my left hand lower, down my stomach and begin to run my fingers through my damp pubic hair. My wetness is overwhelming, I can no longer resist as I slide a finger into my sopping wet hole. My juices are abundant as they begin to trickle down the inner portion of my legs. Quickly I remove my finger and bring it to my mouth to sample the sweetness of my juices. I want to feel your hard cock inside me, but I have a greater need, a need that only your hard cock can quench.

I slowly and quietly walk towards you as I remove my clothing, feeling my body begin to quiver with each inch closer I am to you. I stand behind you and gently place my hands on your shoulders as I pull your head back towards my breasts. I begin to massage your muscles and you slowly relax under my touch as you press your head against my breasts causing my nipples to harden under the subtle pressure. I continue to massage you silently, allowing you to continue reading. I reach down your sides and tug on your shirt, wanting its removal. You move forward slightly to assist me… with your help my goal is reached as your shirt falls to the floor.

Your attention returns to the screen as my hands return to your shoulders and I lower my lips to your neck. I taste the salt on your skin and my nipples become harder instantly. I run my fingers through your hair, gently pulling, causing your nerve endings to become more sensitive. My lips continue to taste your skin as I slowly begin to pull your chair away from the desk. My lips never leave your bahçeşehir escort shoulder as I slowly move around your chair. My lips begin to wander slowly down your chest until they come into contact with your nipple, I open my mouth quickly sucking in your nipple feeling it harden under the attention of my warm tongue.

You move your hands in an effort to touch my breasts. I stop you and push your hands down to the armrests. I look up at you and smile, a silent instruction telling you to remain still. You smile at me as your hands firmly take hold, fighting the urge to participate. I know just how difficult this is for you as you watch my breasts, but you know I enjoy being in control. Later the control will be yours, until then you realize that fighting the urge to touch me will be difficult.

I slowly begin to kneel between your legs, my hands slowly massaging the inside of your thighs as they continue up towards your crotch. My lips continue to suck on your nipples as my hands move over the bulge in your jeans. I rub the front of your jeans, feeling your cock continuing to harden under my touch. I take my fingers and begin unbuttoning your pants. Though I am eager to free your hard cock, I move slowly. My tongue continues to moisten your nipples, savoring the saltiness of your skin. I remove my lips from your nipples, allowing my hunger to take control. My tongue softly moves down your stomach towards my occupied hands. I finally finish unbuttoning your pants and reach my hand in to remove your huge cock. I firmly pull out all 7 inches of your cock and smile up at you. You return the smile as I slowly open my mouth and take in the head of your cock. In one swift stroke of my mouth, you are completely in and my hunger is satisfied as your cock presses firmly against the back of my throat.

I feel your hands resting on my head as you try to control my movements. I stop sucking your cock in objection. I hear you laugh quietly as you return your hands to the chair. I know that the control is once again mine as I continue to stroke your cock with my lips. I gently move my tongue in rhythm with my lips… beginning at the base and running it up the length of your hard cock until it reaches the tip. I softly begin to moan knowing that the vibrations it causes will bring you closer to the edge of cumming. I listen to your breathing as you plead for me to suck you. I take notice of how the excitement of the moment has caused your cock to take on a purplish hue as it begs for my tongues attention. I gently place my lips on your purplish tip, gently bakırköy escort caressing, allowing my tongue to dart from between my lips to quickly lick it then once again disappearing back into my mouth. With each passing moment I open my mouth, taking more of your cock in. Inch by inch your cock enters my mouth, slow at first, but quickly picking up speed pace. I continue to suck you, knowing that you enjoy the feel of my lips around your hard cock.

I remove your cock from my mouth and gently use my tongue to lick every hard inch, taking my lips and sucking gently on your balls which are heavy with hot cum. A large drop of pre-cum presents itself for my tasting, and I do. I lick it off gently, allowing it to touch my taste buds on my tongue. The sweetness of it makes my cunt instantly wet. I take your cock into my mouth once again, pressing it all the way back to my throat. I stroke your cock only once more when I begin to feel your cock pulsate in sync with your increasing moans which are a sure sign of the pending explosion. I press your cock deep into my mouth one final time as you finally release your load of hot sweet cum. Quickly I swallow each and every drop as I completely suck you dry.

I remove my lips from your cock as I look up to see that your eyes are shut in relaxation. I stand before you and place my lips on yours, kissing you deeply, and sharing with you the sweet taste of your cum.

You place your arms around me, as I offer no resistance. Finally the power and control belongs to you, and you can do with me what you wish. You stand before me, holding me tightly against your bare skin as you firmly grab my ass, pulling my cunt against your semi-hard cock. You kiss me deeply and pull my hair so that my face looks towards the ceiling above us. You plant hot wet kisses on my neck, clearly on a mission. The trail of kisses quickly approaches my breasts and you gently bite my left nipple as a moan escapes my lips. I take my hands placing them on your shoulders, pressing you lower until you are on your knees before me.

You firmly place your hands on my thighs, urging me to separate them. I do as you suggest and place one foot on the chair you had been sitting in. This position leaves my cunt completely exposed to you. You place your lips inches away from my damp bush, softly blowing cool air in its direction resulting in the instant hardening of my clit. You hear me catch my breath in reaction and you smile. You move your lips closer, barely touching my hot mound of curls. I try to press myself against your lips, but you move başakşehir escort away slightly. I return to my previous position realizing that you are in control. I look down at you to see you moving forward again, this time with your mouth slightly open. I close my eyes in anticipation of your touch. Softly I feel your tongue touch my hot clit, which only increases my excitement.

You raise your hand to meet my pussy, gently opening me up wider allowing you a better view of my hidden fruit. I almost reach the edge of orgasm as I feel your fingers gently pinch my clit, but you stop. The last thing you want for me to do is cum so soon. You touch your tongue to my clit as your fingers hold it in place, slowly tasting my juices that are quickly trying to escape. Suddenly, without warning, you push your tongue within my cunt. I moan with delight as your continue to firmly press your tongue deep inside of me. I press my cunt harder against your face as I enjoy the friction. You tongue licks my clit as I begin to feel an orgasm build, you gently bite my clit once, then again, knowing that doing so will throw me over the edge. You are right. As your teeth grab hold of my clit for the second time I am taken in to the center of an incredible orgasm. Every muscle in my body quivers with passion, every thought in my mind disappears and I am overcome with the sensual erotic explosion.

As my orgasm subsides you stand before me and spin me around. My hands hold onto the back of the chair as you stand behind me and pull my legs farther apart. You align yourself with my hips and with one fast motion you slam your hard dick into my dripping cunt. Oh, your hard cock feels so good inside me. I beg you to fuck me faster and harder, I want to feel you slam deep into me. You hold on to my hips, guiding your meat into me. I do not resist, in fact, I press myself harder towards you. You and I move as one, the sound of your cock slamming into my wet hole causes us to speed up the movements.

You reach around my hip to massage my clit. Having your cock in me and your finger stimulating my pussy is more than I can handle. I quickly give into another powerful orgasm, rocking my body, pressing my cunt harder against your cock. You continue to ride me, pounding into me, slamming that cock into my wet pussy. I begin to talk to you, using words that turn you on completely. I tell you to fuck me harder, to slam into me faster, to give me all of your hard cock. I hear your breathing change; I feel your cock begin to pulsate in my cunt. You take a handful of my hair and firmly pull as you begin to shoot your hot cum in my pussy. Before you are completely done releasing your cum, I quickly turn around allowing some of your cum to land on my breasts.

When you are done Cumming, you slowly open your eyes to find me licking my breast and tasting your sweet cum. You join me and together we share your sweet cum as we kiss deeply.

I can hardly wait until the next time I feel your hard cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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