Sweet Nina on My Bed Next to Me

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O sweet dreams, me!

When I woke up, instead of on my chest where I last felt it, her hand was lain quite casually on my erection.

She didn’t know I was awake, and I wasn’t keen on giving it away. I breathed harder, to pretend I was still asleep. I thought perhaps she was asleep as well, and her hand had slid down without her knowledge. When she squeezed her fingers, though, I realized this was no happy accident.

My stepsister was fondling my cock.

And to think I had been growing tired of her!

Nina had been following me around for the last couple of hours, blabbing about college, about schoolwork, about her dad, her mom who was now my stepmom, her sister Darcy, her friends, her dog, blah, blah, blah without relief. It started on the porch, continued in the kitchen, followed me to the living room, until I went to my bedroom in the hopes of shaking her from my back. She entered and sat on the bed, wanting to tell me about an old boyfriend.

Her mother had marveled at how open she was with me, implying she didn’t open up that much, so I didn’t want to stop her and have her feel rejected and clam up again or something.

Finally, sleepy-eyed, I told her I was going to bed. She pouted and got up. I began taking off my pants. She giggled and went to the door. I got under the covers, finally free of her.

Until she slid into bed with me.

Arrgh, I thought. I dutifully wrapped my arm around her as she cuddled into me with her head on my chest. I wrapped my other arm around my head and stared at the ceiling.

“So, my last boyfriend was okay, but not that okay, more like okay-for-now okay but he was cute. He was a year older than me. No, a year? Maybe two years? Year and a half maybe?”

“Hm-hm,” I said as I closed my eyes.

The intimacy didn’t excite me, since she had been hugging me, holding my hand, play-fighting with me, sitting on my lap, hanging on my neck, and other things for the last few months as our relationship began to build after our parents wed.

So I dozed off.

The last bit of blabber I heard was, “Donnie? You’re not listening, Donnie…”

The hand on the cock, however, did excite me. It certainly excited my cock before I even knew what was occurring.

Over my boxers, she rubbed it and stroked it as it got harder and longer. Her head was still on my chest, rising and falling with my breathing. She even played with the ball sack.

I felt the elastic band of my boxers lift. I commanded myself not to move.

Her hand was now on the skin of my cock. She gripped it again and fondled it. She clenched her fingers around the base and squeezed hard. Too hard.

I thought she’d gaziantep escort bayan make my cock pop like a twisting balloon the way she held it.

I shifted a little. She paused. She lifted her head from my chest. I breathed louder. Her sweet hand returned to my grateful cock. She pulled the band of the boxers down as far as she could without disturbing my body. The cock was now free for her to stand it up and jerk it slowly.

I felt the bed move and heard it creak. I wanted to open one eye and spy what my stepsister was doing next, but I didn’t dare. A little gasp escaped my mouth when I felt the wetness of a tongue.

O sweet goddess of Mount Olympus! Lick it, lick it, I wanted to cheer.

And she did. I felt a long lick and heard the smacking sound of a peck. Another long, long lick and another, loving kiss.

I hoped she didn’t see me smiling.

More kisses up and down the shaft of my delighted cock. With her sweet hand holding my unneglected scrotum.

And what was that I was hearing? Moaning?

Little moans were indeed coming from her as she went about her sultry, scandalous business.

Suddenly she removed her daring lips from my cock. The blanket flew over us. Her head was back on my chest.

“What are you doing, Nina?” her sister Darcy was asking hoarsely from the doorway. “Let him sleep.”

“I am,” Nina insisted.

“He doesn’t want you there,” Darcy whispered. “You’ve been annoying him all evening.”

“Nuh-uh!” she said, sitting up. “He didn’t mind.”

“Cause he’s too wimpy to say anything. Come on, Nina. Go to your own room.”

“No,” she said, laying her head back on my chest.

“Nina…” Darcy said like a parent reprimanding a child.

“Darcy,” Nina said, mocking her voice.

“Immature, selfish, childish, bratty…” Darcy muttered, her voice fading. She was walking away.

Nina was lifting her head from my chest. I was hoping she would stay and “annoy” me some more.

“Donnie?” she whispered. “Donnie.”

I threw in a little snort just for effect.

She slid the covers back down and took my retreating cock back into her predatory little hands. She toyed with it while it dangled. She seized it as it got harder again. She kissed it like she owned it. I felt a warm cheek pressed against it. Then tongue. She stood it up again.

And then…

My eyes shot open. I gasped as I felt my cock enveloped into a warm, wet place.

Gods help me!

My stepsister was sucking my cock.

I took the opportunity to look down and see my stepsister’s mess of curly brown hair. I moved my arm from behind my head to my side. She noticed gaziantep cimcif escort and turned her head to see, without removing my cock from her mouth. I closed my eyes in time. She turned and continued sucking.

Oh, the wonderfully wet sounds of a woman servicing a man’s cock!

Slurp, slurp, schloop, schloop, suck, suck, I thought with a smile.

Without thinking, I put a grateful hand on her head.


She jumped.

No, no, don’t stop, sweet Leda!

She pulled her face from my cock, saliva dripping after her. She gasped and wiped her mouth.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she said, stammering. She tried to climb over me to get off the bed. I grabbed her before she could make her getaway.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” I said.

“It just happened,” she said, not looking at me.

“By accident?” I teased.

“Um, yeah, I was asleep and um…”

I took her hand.

“I’ll go. Just don’t tell Darcy. Please?”

I nodded and played with her hand.

“Or mom. Please?”

I ran my other hand through the frizzled brown hair she didn’t wash often enough.

She stared at the hand I was holding. Her lips parted in surprise as I moved it.

I returned that sneaky hand to my still hard cock.

She looked at me. I grinned at her. She bit her lip. I pulled her close.

And with her hand on my cock, I kissed Nina. Not on the cheek like we always do. Not on the forehead like I’ve done before. Right on her sweet lips.

“Mm?” she asked as she kissed back.

“Mm-hm,” I replied as I licked her lips.

“Mmmm?” she asked as she felt my tongue snake into her mouth.

“Uh-huh,” I insisted.

“Aah,” she concluded as she licked me back and threw an arm around me and sat up to get closer to me and pressed her body against mine.

I stared into her excited eyes. With our mischievous eyes locked in agreement, she climbed over and straddled me and grabbed my face and took command of our urgent French-kiss operation.

“Unh!” she exclaimed, looking back as she realized my genitals was rubbing against hers.

Then, by God, she sat up, grabbed the bottom of her beige T-shirt, and flung it over her head.

Ho, no bra!

I had often felt those perky tits of hers pressed against my chest, my back, and, once, my thighs. Here they were now in my hands. Bare and free and vulnerable to my desperate hands. A pair of plump apples. Pink bubblegum nipples.

Grinding her body into mine, she was whimpering like a chipmunk, the same whimpering she did once when I tickle-tortured her too much.

But, cinsel bilgiler sweet heaven, these breasts! They jiggled as her body shook.

I sat up and buried my face in those golden delicious tits. She smothered me with them.

She pushed me back down flat on my back. She backed her body down my legs. I spread them wide and she nestled between my legs and took my cock between her tits.

I laughed, and she giggled.

She continued crawling back until her face was back on my cock. She stayed on her belly, her dirty feet crossed at the ankles, swinging in the air.

She sucked me off again. She did it with cocky confidence, no longer hesitating or hiding.

She smothered it with strong kisses, glazed it with her firm tongue, nibbled on it with her teeth, and took so much of it down her throat, all while cupping and playing with my testes. I was so hard it hurt. I had to keep myself from crying out to the heavens lest the family get wise to the kind of sordid pleasures that were going on here. Her noises were loud enough already—desperate, whimpering, exaggerated—and much appreciated by me.

She finished me but good. I clenched my teeth and held a fistful of blanket as I came in her mouth.

Oh, I could’ve died right then.

She lifted her face, and I cursed and came again, making her yelp and flinch.

I looked down to apologize, but she smiled sweetly up at me while wiping my white spunk off her rosy cheek.

“I can’t believe we did this,” she said, playing with my defeated cock.

“‘We’? You did all the work,” I said, playing with her dry hair and wiping off part of it that was stained with my cum.

She gave my flabby cock a shake and a kiss and nodded. “I like your cock,” she decided.

I chuckled at that. I watched her get up and put her shirt back on. I watched her tiptoe towards the door.

“Till next time,” she promised with a cheesy grin.

I only smiled back and didn’t answer. I waved her goodbye as she left the room. Then I punched the bed wondering what I had just done.

When I went downstairs to the kitchen for a drink, Darcy was there and looked up from her phone.

“Aw, she probably woke you up, didn’t she?” Darcy said.

“That’s all right,” I said.

I poured water into a glass.

“Pour me one, too, junior,” she said. “And next time tell her no. Come on. She needs boundaries. She’s better for it, you know?”

“Right, right,” I said.

“Thank God, it’s just you. You’re harmless.”

I handed her my glass of water and poured another for myself.

“She needs more geeky, platonic guys like you as friends.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I guess,” I muttered.

She tucked the phone into the waist band of her leggings, grabbed the glass of water, and left the kitchen.

“Turn the lights off when you leave,” she said as she walked away.

I gave out a loud sigh. I felt a little guilty. But another part of me couldn’t wait to explore this new turn in my relationship with Nina.

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