Sweet Shelly’s Story Ch. 05

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As we laid together, in silence, a gentle breeze blew over our bodies caressing our smooth skin. The warmth of the sun’s rays added perfect confront to another perfect encounter. The way I felt could not be put in words, I was elated that I was able to give her the same pleasure that she gave me. And I was equally happy that she desired me the same as I desired her. The only thing that clouded my joy was the questions of, was this relationship a summer fling or was this going to last a life time. I hoped for the latter.

After a little while, the silence was broken by the grumbling of our stomachs. We both laughed as we realized that it was after lunch and that we hadn’t made it to the house like we intended. I don’t think neither of us cared after what we had experienced.

I said, “I guess we lost track of time.”

“I think you are right, but do you really care?” Amanda replied.

“No, not really, but I think we’ve worked up a good appetite.” I responded.

“Yeah, I am starting to get hungry,” she said as she ran her finger through my hair.

“Okay, let’s go take a shower and eat something,” I said, “Just as long as we continue snuggling after we eat lunch.”

“Hmmm, I think we could do more than just snuggle.” Amanda said which caused a smile to come to my face.

I raised my head to look at her face and leaned in, and said, “Deal,” just before my lips touched hers. We kissed one another passionately, allowing our tongues to explore each other’s mouth until the grumbling sound returned to my stomach.

Amanda pulled away from me, brushing the hair away from my face, saying, “We better get you some food. You’re going to need your strength later.” I agreed.

We helped one another up and picked up our clothes that were laying on the ground. I noticed that there were a few dirt stains on her dress and my shorts. I told her that we should wash them before the stains set in and she said, “That sounds good, because I want to be naked with you until I have to go home,” to which I could only respond with a deep moan.

We walked up the house, holding hands, our fingers entwined together as lovers, not as friends. Thoughts of what had happened between us continued to fill my head, causing the twinkling sensation to return between my legs. I was in love with her and I hoped that she felt the same for me.

When we reached the house, we walked through the pool area which had a lovely garden shower that my dad had built for my family to use after we were in the pool, so I thought. It was really to be used by my parents who would go swimming late at night and make love either in the pool or the shower. (How I discovered what the real use for the shower will be told in a later chapter.) I also used the shower when it was warm enough outside and my parented were at work. They never cared if I used it, because as far as they knew I was using it to shower after swimming in the pool. But the real reason I used it was because I loved being outside completely naked. Remember the old oak tree, which is my most favorite place, but being naked in the pool and in the outside shower was my second.

I should probably credit my mother with my love of being nude. She had always told me that I should never be ashamed of my body, that God had created all of us with unique features and shapes, and that if we wanted to be naked in private and enjoy the thrill that came with it, we should allow ourselves to enjoy it. It also didn’t help that I would find my mother naked by the pool most of the time when she had days off. At first I was embarrassed by her display of exhibitionism, alanya escort but as I got older I discovered that she was incredibly beautiful and she would even encourage me to join her, except usually I would be topless around her and have a top handy, just encase someone would come over unexpectedly.

I asked Amanda if she would like to use the garden shower, which she whole heartily agreed with because she knew how much I loved it. I told to go ahead a start without me, while I went into the house and put our cloths in the washer and brought out some towels for us.

When I returned I was in awe by the sheer beauty of Amanda allowing the water to cascade down her body. The water flowed down her face, around her neck and then over her erect nipples, like a beautiful waterfall coming down the side of a mountain. I was mesmerized by the way she was standing under the water, cupping her breasts, squeezing them and gently pulling on her nipples making them more erect each time pulled on them.

As I continued to watch her, I began to feel the same familiar sensation between my legs that I had felt earlier. I put the towels down that I had retrieved for us and began to but mimic what she was doing; gently cupping my breast, squeezing them and pulling my nipples. The sensation between my legs was growing to a point where I had to touch myself. I moved one of my hands from my breast and began to run it down my stomach, passed my mound and slowly began to tease my clit and folds of my vagina. It felt so good to touch myself as Amanda continued to enjoy the water spraying over her body; it brought back memories of how I would watch her please herself under the old oak tree.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to touch, feel her, and I had to kiss her, before I’d go crazy with desire and lust. I entered the shower and walked behind her. Amanda smiled at me when she saw me walk in. I grabbed a bottle of body wash and began to pour it on her back. She squealed a little when she felt the coolness of the liquid against her warmth of her skin.

After I had put a generous amount of the liquid wash on her back, I put the bottle down and placed my hand on her back, slowly smearing the smooth oily liquid all over her back and butt. Amanda moaned softy as my hand traveled up and down her back, softy massaging it along her spine and in the crevice between her bums. At the same time she continued to squeeze her breast and pull on her nipples.

After a few moments, I moved my hands to her sides and moved them up from her hips to the under sides of her arms. She left her arms up over her head and I took a step forward and pressed my body against her soapy, slippery back. This caused her to moan again as my very hard nipples poked her in her back.

I then moved my hands around the front of her body, placing my soapy hands on the underside of her breasts and softly cupping them and squeeze them, caressing them until my fingers were pulling on her nipples. I did this several times and Amanda laid her head back against my shoulder as she enjoyed my tender assault of her breasts.

“Oh Shelly,” she whispered, “This feels so good. Please pull on my nipples a little harder!” To which I complied, pulling them as hard as I could with slippery finger and adding a little twist for good measure. “Oh yeah, just like that,” she whimper, “make them long and hard,” but I wanted to do more. I wanted to touch her; I wanted to feel her juices run between my fingers.

I let go of one of her breasts and slid my free hand down over her stomach then down to her mound. I let my fingers antalyajazzfestival.com roam between her legs; touching her sensitive clit and her swollen folds. Amanda responded to my touch by pressing her butt against my mound. She leaned her head forward and moved her hair from her back, leaving the back of her neck exposed, inviting me to kiss and nibble the back of neck, which I was more than obliged to do.

Amanda then grabbed her free breast and began to squeeze it and moving it toward face. I didn’t understand what she was doing until I felt the warmth of her tongue lick my fingers, as I pulled harder on her nipples. I didn’t think this was possible that a woman could lick her own nipples, but that was what she was trying to do. So I decided to help her a little by bring her breast up as far up as I could and then I felt her tongue graze across the very tip of her long erect nipple, as my other hand continued to explore her very slick and warm pussy.

My fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy, gentling spreading them wider so I could touch her clit, then little peephole, and finally wonder a finger into her tight vagina. I continued my exploration until Amanda finally screamed, “Oh Shelly, you’re going to make me cum,” which is what I wanted.

I pressed my hand firmly against clit and press my mound against her butt, to hold her firmly, as my finger worked in and out of her pussy. The palm of my hand rubbed her little knob until she suddenly screamed, “Oh God Shelly I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh God I’m cumming…..” and then I felt a rush of warm fluid wash over my finger and hand, her legs gave out from under her and she slowly fell to the shower floor as her orgasm consumed her body.

She laid on the floor for several minutes as the water gently washed all the soap from her body. Amanda looked up at me and smiled, saying “You’re the best friend a person could ever have.” I then took my fingers that had been in my lovers pussy and licked them clean, saying “You’re the best tasting friend a person could ever have,” to which we both started to laugh and I laid on top over, kissing her, allowing her to taste her essences.

After several minutes of gently kissing, holding and caressing each other Amanda said, “Shelly, you need to get off me before I pee on you again.” To which I replied, “Oh I’m sorry I must be pressing on your bladder.”

“It’s okay. I just wanted to warn you before you felt warm liquid spraying on you from another direction then from above.” She said.

As I was getting up I told her that the towels were in the chair outside the shower and that she knew where the bathroom was at.

To which she replied, “Oh I wasn’t going to get out of the shower. If it’s okay with you I was going to pee here.”

“Oh, okay I guess,” I said, questioning the why she wanted to pee with me in the same vicinity. I never really understood way girls would go to the bathroom in herds. It just seemed gross for a bunch of girls being in the same room while peeing or even in the same stall with one on the toilet and the other standing around waiting for their turn. I guess it was a safety in numbers thing or was there more to it than that. I didn’t know, but Amanda was going to pee with me in the same shower, so I turned my back to her to give her a little privacy.

“Oh Shelly, you don’t have to turn around, I want you to watch me.” She said.

‘What,’ I thought to myself, ‘she wants me to watch her pee!’ Then suddenly I remembered what she had said earlier, about a little pee between lovers isn’t a bad thing. After all I used to watch her masturbate, and she did squirt on me just this morning and we did share a little golden shower also, so I guess it would be okay if I watched her relieve herself in the shower. I mean it was something that I had done several times.

When I turned around Amanda had perched herself on the bench that my father had built into the shower. Her legs were spread open giving me a view of her sweet pussy. I could see her voluptuous lips that opened like a blossoming flower, above was a scant amount of hair and I could see her little pink bung hole just peeking out from between her legs. If I wasn’t horny before, I was defiantly horny now.

She smiled at me as I licked my lips, wanting to crawl over to her and suck all of her sweet tasting nectar from her. She placed her fingers between her pussy lip and spread them a little wider, giving me a view of her little clit and womanly features. She then closed her eyes and began to concentrate on releasing the muscles of her bladder.

Slowly a tickle began to flow out of her little peehole, then a little more and then finally she had strong flow going that arced up into the air and splashed down on to the shower floor. Seeing this excited me, more then I had ever imagined, and suddenly as before I had an urge to do the same as she.

I walked toward the bench and sat in the same position she was, and I closed my eyes to concentrate, so I could relieve my bladder of its golden liquid. After a few moments it began to tickle out, running down my butt, flowing around my tight little hole, then down on to bench. Then the flow became stronger and finally I was able to arc my torrent of golden liquid in the air same as Amanda had done. It felt wonderful to allow myself to have this kind of release with my best friend right beside me.

My pee flowed from me freely, without any reservations; it felt liberating, it felt exhilarating and I didn’t want to stop. But like all good thing it had to come to an end.

While I relieved myself, Amanda’s golden flow had stopped and she watched as my pee flow from me with the same excitement and astonishment that I had. Then suddenly she got up and stood right in front of me, licking her lip and allowing my pee to splash on her feet and legs. After a few moments my pee began to lessen to a dribble, and then suddenly she was on her hand and knees, slowly moving between my legs. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but soon I found out.

Before I had finished peeing she placed her mouth over my pussy and began to drink my golden flow. At first I was shock by what she was doing, but as she sucked and licked my exposed vagina, I quickly felt the intense sensation of another orgasm consuming by body.

I could feel her shallow every pit of pee I placed in her mouth. With the motion of her mouth, she was sucking on my clit and somehow managed to place her tongue inside my very wet vagina. With my heighten state of arousal, the kinkiness of our encounter, and her mouth completely covering my pussy, it wasn’t long before my legs began to spasm and a very strong tingling sensation raced from my pussy, to my tits, and to my head. I screamed with pleasure as the intense feeling consumed my body making me cum so hard that I blacked out again. Oh what a feeling it was to enjoy the excitement of my first kinky experience, and have my best friend and lover give me an orgasm while in mist of a kinky pee.

When I came to, I could feel Amanda kissing my neck, working her way up to my mouth. I could taste my juice on her tongue as we passionately kissed one another.

Another first for both us; it was time I had peed in front of someone, other than when I was a little kid and it was the time that Amanda had tasted pee. I wonder what will be next first for both of us.

I can’t wait to find out….

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