Sweet Young Kaylie

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My wife and kids were out of town and I figured I’d run up to my favorite Coney Island and grab some carryout. I’m in my mid 40’s, got a dad body, but I’m masculine and not too offensive to look at.

I get to the restaurant and sat at the counter and a gorgeous young lady came over to wait on me. I gave her my to-go order and sipped on a complimentary water while I waited. I could hear “Kaylie” (I know this because of her name tag) talking to another waitress about being glad to be home from college for 2 weeks over Christmas break. She also mentioned how much she needed to work every available shift because she needed the money so much.

Now I’m not some freaky player and I’ve never cheated on my wife, but truthfully she been going thru early menopause and hasn’t want sex in a long time. I’m a guy that still wants it a lot. So at this point I’m craving this beautiful young girl in a bad way. I decide to go out on a limb.

When she was alone behind the counter I called her over, “Kaylie, I heard you mention you are a broke college student. Where do you go to school?”

“I go UMass. For economics.”

“I see. Great school. I heard you tell your friend you needed money pretty bad,” I throw out there innocently.

“Yeah, my parents are broke paying for my tuition and the jobs around school are hard to find. When I come home I work here every shift I can because I make good tips here,” she explained.

“I’ll bet you do. You’re completely gorgeous!” I complimented her.

“Thanks,” she said blushing.

“How’d you like to make $500 cash over the next week Kaylie?” I asked with a smile.

“Well yeah but how? You’re not some pimp posing as a modeling agent are you?” she joked, but probably thought it was true.

“No, come closer so I can talk quietly,” I leaned over the counter halfway. “I will pay you $100 an hour to go down on you. If you meet me once each day this week that’s $500. Before you freak out let me explain a little farther. My wife hasn’t wanted sex in a long time, she’s out of town, and I’m lonely. I’m not asking you for intercourse, just to tecavüz porno allow me to go down on you for about an hour each time. I’ll be fully clothed.”

“Wait what? Why? Hold on. I’m not a prostitute!” she assured me.

“I understand and I certainly am not trying to imply that you are. I just figured we both have something that we need and that maybe we could help each other out,” I said trying to make her see the logic in this.

“Even if I did agree to this how do I know you’re not some serial killer that’s gonna lock me up in your basement for a year?” she asked.

“Very smart of you to be cautious but how about this, I’ll give you my address and you can text a friend and tell her you’re going to my house to look at a iPhone for sale or something. Tell her you want her to know where you are in case something happens.” Then I pull a hundred dollar bill out of my pocket and show her. “Where else are you gonna make $100 an hour?” I ask in a tempting way.

Just then my order came up.

Kaylie grabs my bag and bring it over to the counter. “$12.65,” she’s says.

I hand her a $20 and tell her to keep the change.

“Ok wait. So you don’t get naked at all and give me $100 to let you eat me out?” she inquires.

“Correct. Of course I’ll need you naked from at least the waist down. What do you say?” I’m hopeful at this point.

“I say I could really use the money but I don’t want to die!” she said laughingly.

“What time do you get off?” I asked.

“About 9:30, earlier if it’s slow.”

“Okay Kaylie, here’s my address and the first $100. I’m going to trust that you’ll be over after work. If not I wish the best for you in school and don’t spend $100 in one place.”

I went home and ate dinner, watched a little tv, and took a shower. About 9:15 I turned the heat up so it was warm in the house and turned on plenty of lights so my house didn’t look like a serial killers cellar IF Kaylie decided to show. About 9:40 I stopped hoping she would show and decided to turn lights off and go to bed. Just then my doorbell rang.

I üvey anne porno open the door to see the beautiful Kaylie standing there in street clothes. She had obviously went home and showered and changed. “Come in, please,” I tell her not able to contain my smile. “I want you to feel safe so if at any time you want to leave I won’t argue with you at all. In the meantime please feel comfortable in my home.”

“Thanks,” she said, “and if you have something to drink that might help.”

I opened a fresh bottle of wine and gave her a glass, which she quickly drank down.

“Okay so where do we do this?” she asked.

“In my bedroom if that’s okay,” I tell her still trying to be non threatening.

We go into my room and she plops down on my king size bed.

“Will you take my pants and socks off?” she asks, as if I might deny her.

“Absolutely,” I say and I quickly but gently unbutton her jeans and slide them down and toss them on the floor. Then her socks and I step back and look at her perfect legs and what I can tell will be a perfect pussy.

Kaylie could see I had a bulge in my pants as I was excited by seeing her on my bed. “You’re staying dressed right?” she was telling me more than asking.

“Yes.” I said as I crawled into the bed and took in a long deep whiff of her young womanhood from about an inch away.

She quivered and I gently layed my face on her panty covered mound. I just stayed there breathing her in for a minute or so. Then I began to kiss her pussy thru her panties and placed my hands on her hips and ran my hands down her legs. She was in great shape and had blemish free skin.

“Oh that feels nice,” she murmured.

Leaving her panties on for a bit to heighten her arousal I started kissing her legs from the hip down to her foot on each side. Taking my time and enjoying every square inch of this hot young lady.

About 10 minutes of kissing and I was ready to pull her lacy bikinis off. I grabbed each side and slid them down exposing her exquisite pussy with a blondish patch of hair shaped üvey erkek kardeş porno like a triangle just above it.

I leaned in keeping my mouth about a 1/2 inch away so she could feel my warm breath on her pussy. She was clearly dying of anticipation because she lifted her hips slightly and made contact with my lips.

“Oh yeah,” Kaylie softly whispers.

I slowly licked her pussy lips from bottom to top on each side. She tasted so good that I was fairly certain I was going to cum in my pants. I kissed, nibbled, licked, and sucked her lips and clitoris, and stuck my tongue as far up her vagina that it would go. Kaylie was definitely enjoying this. Over the next 1/2 hour she had a few orgasms.

“I need to take my top off! I’m so hot!” Kaylie panted.

And with that she pulled her shirt off over her head and her bra quickly followed. She had the best C cup titties I had seen in many years. And her nipples were erect and she was tweaking them.

“Go back down there!” she told me with a big smile.

“Yes ma’am,” I told her as I dove back down to her delicious honey pot.

She must have a boob-pussy connection because now as I licked and sucked her pussy and she tweaked and pulled on her nipples she had several orgasms successively.

Finally she pushed my head back away from her, “I’ve cum so much and I’m too sensitive now. You have to stop. And your face is soaked!”

I slipped off the bed so Kaylie would know that I’d respect her wishes and she noticed right away the large wet spot on the front of my pants.

“Did you cum in your pants?” she asked.

“Yes. Actually twice.” I admitted.

“I guess you do like eating pussy. And you sure are good at it!”

“Thanks Kaylie. I hope that I’ve earned your trust too. My wife is gone all week and I’d love to host you every day.”

All I could think about was tasting her yummy pussy.

She stood up to get dressed and told me, “my schedule at work is pretty full. But I think we can work it out.”

After Kaylie got dressed I walked her to the door.

“May I give you an extra hundred for today Kaylie? I did really enjoy myself and we did go longer than an hour.” I asked her.

“If you want to sure!” she agreed and her eyes lit up. “You know honestly, as good as you eat pussy, I’d probably come back for nothing.”

“You need the money sweetie,” I remind her. “See you tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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