Swinging with Sister

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Note: Mark and his sister had not seen each other for a long time and since both had just had horrible relationships they decided to become closer. Pairing up as swingers looked like a good idea but was it? All rights reserved.


Mark Reynolds had not seen his older sister Kathie in about three years. After graduating college he had moved to the west coast while she was going through a bad divorce with the asshole she had married. His new position enabled him to travel more so when he got the chance to go to Boston he figured he would give her a call.

“Over here,” he waved when his sister walked into the bar that was next to the motel he was staying at. He didn’t have a rental car so she volunteered to meet him. As she approached the table he realized that she had lost a lot of weight and had cut her long brown hair. Now short it was also blonde. “Are you my sister?”

Kathie smiled and when he stood she noticed that he too had worked on his body. He was not the skinny runt anymore. “And look at you.”

When he stood they moved together and pressed their new bodies together. After sitting down and having a couple of drinks she was loose enough to tell him how her ex had cheated on her and had tried to get her to sleep with his boss.

“What an asshole,” Mark said as he ordered another round of drinks. “Really? His boss?”

“I should have taken him up on it because he was not that good in bed and I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm.”

“I know you are joking,” he said not really sure. His sister had always dressed conservatively and everyone knew that she was a virgin on her wedding night.

“I’m not sure. I know I’ve been missing out and maybe I need to let my hair down a little. How about you and that airline hostess?”

“It’s over,” Mark frowned. “I found out too that she was sleeping with most of the pilots.”

The new drinks arrived and Kathie held hers up. “To new us. It’s our turn to have fun.” They clicked their glasses together and finished them before ordering another. At 9:00PM they noticed the lights go down and some live music playing. The bar that was almost empty suddenly filled up with couples.

“Will you dance with me?” Kathie asked wondering if she could walk a straight line.

“Uh…sure,” Mark said not sure if he should slow dance with his own sister. But she pulled him up and they moved out onto the dance floor and into each other’s arms.

Mark did his best to keep his lower body back but she was not going to allow it. By the time half of the dance was over she knew how excited he was being this close. Her head fell onto his shoulder while her hips pressed and rubbed against his manhood. Sweat poured from his brow until finally the music stopped. “Wow,” he said moving back to turn around so she couldn’t see the large tent in his slacks. But she quickly looked down and smiled.

He walked ahead of her to the booth and when she moved around him to slide in she didn’t bother to push down her silky red dress. The tiny white triangle of her panties appeared which caused him more disturbances down below. “Sit next to me,” she whispered moving further back.

“Why haven’t you dated?” he asked feeling her warm thigh pressing against his.

“I’m shy Mark. I guess I don’t know how to talk to and turn on other men. I’m not what men want.”

“That’s wrong I mean you are desirable. If you weren’t my sister I’d…”

“You would? Would you come on to me?” She asked as she turned into him and pressed her left breast into his strong bicep.

“Well uh…yes..I…would,” he was having trouble talking because he glanced down and could see most of her wonderful pink breasts under the top of the loose dress.

“Do it. Come on to me. I need the practice,” she smiled.

“But you’re my sister. I can’t…”

“We can stop before anything really bad happens,” she whispered. “Please Mark I need this.”

He needed it to because after discovering his girlfriend was fucking the pilots he had lost confidence. “I love your perfume.” He leaned over and pushed his face into her soft neck and lightly brushed his lips against it.

Kathie’s loins were on fire for the first time in a long time. “I wore it for you. I wanted you to like it.” His lips lingered and moved until she leaned her head away giving him more neck to kiss and taste.

Mark thought that this was harmless kissing her neck and then her dangling earlobe. He wondered how far she wanted to go as he reached around her waist and pulled her body closer to his. His fingers quickly discovered she was not wearing a slip and was wearing a tiny thong. He waited for her to stop him but when she didn’t object he dropped his hand lower and traced the middle strap down to the top of her butt crack.

The booze and his body loosened her inhibitions. As his fingers explored down on her ass she turned her body towards his and kissed his neck instead. “I wore them for you.”


“My panties. I wore them for you.” She purred. gaziantep escort

Although she had dressed conservatively, Mark had seen her many times in sleeping garments throughout the years at home. He had seen the wonderful ass and now it was his to touch and caress.

As Mark squeezed her buttocks and she kissed his neck they both became nervous about where this was heading. “Do I turn you on?” She whispered knowing the answer already.

“Yes.” He answered feeling her hand on his back drop down to the back of his belt and then trace it around until she touched his belt buckle. “Kathie. What are you doing?”

“I need to know,” she whispered moving her fingers to the top of the zipper and then tracing it downward until she touched the throbbing bulge. Her fingers detoured and curled until she held his excitement. “God, you are so big.”

He moved away and looked into her eyes and saw the lust that he too was overwhelmed with. “We..can’t..” he managed to say before their lips came together and parted. For the next three minutes their tongues explored and tasted while she stroked and caressed his hard-on. Finally when the music stopped playing he pulled his mouth back and her fingers from his lap. After taking big breaths they smiled and finished their drinks.

“I uh need to go to the ladies room,” she said knowing that a big wet spot would soon be forming on her dress. He moved out and after she left he moved back into the booth. As he thought about what just happened he turned and saw a nice looking couple standing by the booth.

“Hi, I’m John and this is Susan,” the dark-haired man said.

Mark smiled not sure what they wanted. “Mark.” He held out his hand to shake and noticed that Susan was not wearing a bra and her dress was almost transparent.

“I..uh we were wondering if we could join you two?” John asked.

“My uh..,” he was about to say sister but stopped because they might have seen him making out with her. “My wife Kathie is in the restroom.” He looked around and noticed other empty booths.

“That’s fine,” Susan grinned. She slid into the booth across from him and John moved in next to her.

“We haven’t seen you here before,” John started. “Did you read about us on Craigslist?”

Mark was totally confused. “No, I don’t do Craigslist.” He saw John and Susan whisper and then turn toward him.

“God, we are sorry. You see we have a private group that meets here once per week. We thought that you were interested in joining our club.” John said softly. “We will leave you alone.”

“Club?” Mark asked as the two moved out and away. He saw Kathie standing behind them. Seconds later she moved next to him again.

“Who are they?” She asked as she moved close again.

“I’m not sure,” Mark answered as he watched John and Susan move over to another couple. Moments later when the music started again they switched couples and moved out onto the dance floor. “You don’t suppose that they are..”

“What?” Susan asked not sure what was going on.

“Swingers,” he finished. “The man said they are private and they meet here once per week. He also mentioned Craigslist and I’ve heard they advertise on there.”

“Really. They swap spouses and have sex with each other?” Her interest picked up. “Maybe that’s what we need to do?”

“But we are not married,” Mark said watching as Susan’s thigh rubbed against the man’s crotch she was dancing with.

“This is perfect,” she smiled. “We can’t do it because we are related but we can do it with them.”

“You’re joking.” He looked at her and saw that she was dead serious.

“No, I’m not. Let’s go and you can introduce me to them.” She pushed him out of the booth and onto the dance floor. They danced near the two couples and when the song ended they followed them back to their table. Susan turned and smiled. “Look who is here.”

“This is..,” he stopped. “This is my wife Kathie,” Mark grinned. “We..uh.. want to find out more about the club.”

“Let’s go to your booth,” John smiled. “It’s more private.” They picked up their drinks and after Susan got her pocketbook they moved to the booth.

At first little was said as Mark lied about how long they had been married and how they normally didn’t wear their wedding rings. Before they got into the club information John stood up and asked if Kathie wanted to dance. She glanced at Mark who moved out of the way. He held out his hand to Susan and the four moved to the dance floor.

“Don’t be shy,” Susan whispered while they swayed and moved closer. “This is the best time to ask me about the club.”

“Uh…yeah..uh…I take it that you swap spouses.”

“Correct. You only have to do what you are comfortable doing. Have Kathie and you ever swapped?”

“No,” he answered too quickly. “Just us…you know.”

Susan looked and saw her husband’s leg rubbing against Kathie’s crotch. “Looks like your wife is willing.”


Kathie didn’t pull back when escort the handsome tall man pulled her into his hardness. She immediately felt his hardness. “You are not wearing underwear are you?” She whispered.

“How can you tell?” John chuckled pushing against the flat stomach. “Do you have any questions about what we do?”

She was glad it was dark because she was blushing. “How do you do it? I mean..you know. Mess around?”

“Our house is just a short ride. If you and Mark are truly interested in it let me know.”

Kathie looked over and saw Susan pulling her brother’s lips down to hers. She gulped. “We are ready.”

After the song was over Kathie and Mark discussed the proposal alone in the booth. “Are you sure about this? I mean they are experienced swingers.”

“Yes, I was married too long to a bastard that didn’t care about my needs. It’s time I discovered what I’ve been missing.”

“But, you know we will be together…with them…probably in the same room.”

“It’s the only way I will do it,” she smiled.

Kathie and Mark were still too boozed up to drive so they sat in the back of John and Susan’s SUV on the way to their house. “Are you two snug happy back there?” Susan asked while peeking around.

“Yes,” Kathie grinned before turning and pulling her brother’s lips and tongue down to her own. They frenched for a few seconds as Kathie peeked noticing Susan still watching. “Touch my breasts.”

“What?” he whispered back.

“Touch my breasts. Susan is watching.”

Mark’s tongue mixed again with hers while his right hand lifted and gently cupped her right breast. He was right about her not wearing a bra and quickly discovered how hard her nipple was.

It had been so long since a man had touched her so when he pulled and teased her nipple she moaned and grabbed his hand. It even surprised her when she pushed his fingertips under the shoulder straps on the left side and felt his bare fingers come in contact with her bare left nipple.

The ten minute ride was long enough for him to feel both bare titties and almost cum in his slacks when she grabbed onto his hidden rod again. “We should’ve have gone to your room,” she whispered after the vehicle stopped and they waited for John to open the door.

Mark and Susan were amazed at the size of the house and once they got inside they realized that John and Susan were loaded. They walked through the basic rooms downstairs and then looked up the winding stairs. “Are you ready to see the bedroom?” John asked Kathie after moving up behind her and pressing his hard-on into her ass.

“I am if Mark is,” Kathie said holding his hand.

Mark nodded and followed his sister and John up the stairs with Susan following him. They moved by four small bedrooms, a study and stood in the doorway of the master bedroom.

“Holy shit,” Mark said looking over his sister’s shoulder at the huge round bed in the center of the room. Over the bed was a mirrored ceiling and in the opposite corner was a huge wide-screen TV.

“Here is the bathroom,” Susan said leading them to the right. They looked inside to see a large four-headed shower and a nice size hot tub. The water was on in the tub and steam was rising from the water.

“Did you leave the hot tub on?” Kathie asked.

“No, John called the house computer and turned it on from the bar,” Susan grinned. “We thought that you might want to relax in the tub first.”

“But we didn’t bring our bathing suits,” Kathie smiled looking at Mark realizing they would soon see each other totally naked for the first time.

Susan moved to the corner and turned down the lights and turned on the soft music. “It will be dark but not too dark,” she giggled. “Why don’t you boys go out and let Kathie and I undress and get into the hot tub?”

“Do we have too?” John asked making a disappointed expression. He knew that they had to take it easy with new comers.

After they left the room Susan closed the door and turned to Kathie. “You can leave your panties on if you prefer.” With one swift move Susan pulled her dress straps to the side enabling her black dress to quickly tumble down over her bare tits and shaven pussy mound.

Kathie suddenly realized that this was real and that she would soon be fucked by another man. Her trembling fingers hesitated from pushing off her shoulder straps. “I’m not sure if I can do this.”

“Let me help,” Susan said hoping the woman wasn’t going to run out of the room. “Once we get in the water they won’t be able to really see us.”

She moved behind Kathie and pulled the dress straps free until they too fell downward. The dress hung up on Kathie’s breasts until Susan reached around to pull it off. As she did Kathie felt the hard tips pressing into her back and realized that Susan might like girls. She moved forward and pushed the dress all the way off before kicking it aside near Susan’s.

“I love your panties,” Susan giggled seeing the small happy escort bayan face in black printed across the tiny white triangle. She moved forward to push them down but Kathie grabbed her wrist.

“I’ll do it.” Kathie moved back and proudly pushed the tiny thong away from her moist pussy lips. They too were shaved but she had kept her dark bush shaped like butterfly wings over it. She saw Susan’s lust in her eyes and moved quickly to the hot tub. As she climbed up onto it she knew that Susan could see her opened lips and probably her tiny puckered rear hole. Susan climbed in across from her and yelled to the men. “We are ready!”


John led Mark into the bedroom and smiled. “So how far are you two willing to go tonight?”

“You know I’m not sure. I guess we will just have to play it out,” he said nervously not sure if he wanted this man to fuck his sister.

John smiled and started removing his shirt. “We should strip here.” He pulled off the shirt and quickly opened his trousers. Mark’s eyes widened when the slacks fell and the man’s bare six-inch cock popped outward. It was not as long as his but it was big enough.

Mark turned away shyly and did the same. When he turned to show the man his weapon they heard Susan’s yell. “It’s Showtime,” John grinned. The older man turned and walked to the door. He opened it and moved in proudly.

Kathie sank down in the hot bubbles watching the door. She figured they would come inside and undress but when the door opened and John’s bare front appeared she gasped. “OH MY!” Her wet hand covered her mouth until Mark walked in naked behind John. Her eyes captured his long eight + inches of hard penis and didn’t leave it until they moved to the edge of the hot tub.

“Where do you want us to sit?” John asked not wanting to scare Kathie away too soon.

“I’ll sit next to my wife,” Mark said quickly pushing John aside and moving down into the water next to his sister.

John frowned and moved next to Susan. She leaned over and whispered, “She’s nervous so we should let them mess around before we try anything.”

Mark’s thigh rubbed against hers and then he felt her fingers moving up towards his hard cock. Their eyes turned and locked until she found what she was looking for. As she touched and explored it their eyes closed and their mouths met again. Their kiss became uncontrolled and even wilder when his fingers parted her thighs and rubbed over her swollen clitty.

“Now?” John asked seeing the younger couple really going at it. “I thought we were going to fuck them?”

“Patience,” Susan said somewhat surprised at the passion the other couple was showing. Her hand found John’s torpedo and stroked as they watched.

Kathie and Mark forgot about the other couple a few feet away. Their hands explored every inch of the other ones body while their tongues dove deep downward. They didn’t know how long they had been at it when the bubbles suddenly stopped. Their lips broke apart and looked down realizing that they all could see everything.

“Would you like to change places with me?” John asked Mark who was staring at Susan’s full mounds with long and hard brown nips.

He looked at Kathie who still held his hard-on. “Do you?”

She smiled over at John and nodded. The men stood and moved to the other side and slipped down into the water. Susan reached back behind her and started the bubbles again. “So this is mine now,” she giggled and grabbed onto his joystick.

“AHHH!” Mark cried out not expecting her to be so forward. As Susan stroked and measured him he looked over at his sister who had her eyes closed while leaning back. It was apparent from where John’s arm was directed that he was finger-fucking her.

“Don’t worry about them,” Susan whispered. “Touch me. Touch me all over.” She stood up and moved around in front of him to block his view of Kathie and John. When he didn’t move she took his hands and guided them around her hips to cup her bare ass.

Kathie saw the back of Susan and turned to John to offer him her mouth. As they kissed his tongue moved into her throat while two fingers moved deeper into her hot oven. John was very good at this and soon had her body lifting upward. “OH GOD JOHN!” She moaned when his other hand and middle finger moved under her ass and invaded her rear hole. No one, not even her ex, had touched her back there.

Mark leaned and looked after Kathie cried out and saw his sister’s pussy up out of the water with John’s fingers pumping in and out of it. He was jealous but Susan had straddled his thighs and was shifting forward with her ready and willing pussy. As she tried to push the opening onto his swollen knob he lifted her up and kissed her breast. “Not yet,” he thought.

John knew that Kathie was turned on but didn’t know if she was ready to get fucked. His fingers were making splashing noises as they moved in and out so she didn’t realize that he had moved up and between her legs until he moved his fingers away.

“Oh God,” Kathie said seeing the man’s hard cock moving like a shark through the bubbles towards her opened sex. “This is it,” she whispered as the tip moved up to her spread outer lips. As the knob moved into the inner lips John thought he was home free until a hand pulled his body backward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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