Sylvan , Kelly Ch. 01

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Part One: A Romantic Tragedy

There is a room. The room is white. The room is a shining glow that envelops all colors. It is perfectly round, the curves of the room bathed in ethereal glow. In the center of the room lies a perfectly round bed.

The gentle tapping of footsteps become louder as Cortez enters the round room. Under his right arm lie the sheets of seduction, made from satin as red as a white rose covered in chocolate. Under his left arm he carries a vat of rich, textured lavender oil. Cortez stops at the bed and sighs expectantly, his penis becoming slightly erect as he imagines the pleasure that will soon commence upon it.

With a sudden rush of movement, Cortez places the sheets on the bed, with unimaginable precision; not one crease can be seen. He lays the lavender oil near the foot of the bed.

With another audible sigh, Cortez leaves the room.


Kelly awoke. He did not know where he was or how he had got there. He blinked his eyes and tried to focus.

Kelly was lying on the round bed with satin sheets. Naked, his muscular body throbbed with passion. His nipples were semi-hard and twitching. For reasons unexplained, Kelly felt aroused by this erotic büyükçekmece escort scene. His hand went to his long, slightly curved penis and began to rub it gently; not to coax pleasure from it, but to wake it up. He moaned slightly.

In the background, somewhere behind him, he could hear faint techno music. In a room not far away, Sam played the turntables, bringing forth an erotic beat. He was the best DJ in the world.

Kelly rubbed his elongated shaft in time with the beat, his body throbbing. Another moan escaped his lips.

He looked up and saw Juniper standing near his feet. He hadn’t noticed her entrance; too entranced was he was the vigorous pulsating of the erotic techno. Keeping her eyes averted, Juniper began applying Cortez’s magical lavender oil generously to his flesh. The slippery feel of the oil delighted him, especially when she rubbed it on his armpit. Upon finishing, she left the room with a small bow in his direction, leaving him once again to be entranced by his own body.

How to describe the beauty of Kelly’s manloving love handle? It was a voluptuous, supple yet firm, plump, sensual, moist, slippery, tender pleasure-shaft. fatih escort From it’s head came the song of love, calling forth to all.

Kelly opened his eyes, which seemed even brighter than usual thanks to the purple eyeliner that coated it’s perfectly shaped edges. He could feel within his breast a presence emanating from the far side of the room. He looked up.

He could see the vague outline of an angelic figure bathed in heavenly light. He raised his soft, oiled hand to his eyes to shut out the glow. There stood an angel in human form; his one true love: Sylvan.

Sylvan was draped in a full-bodied trenchcoat, the color of obsidian. Sylvan’s hand was clothed in a single leather glove. His hair waved seductively, as though a breeze went through the room, though Kelly could feel no such breeze. Sylvan’s eyes were hidden by the lenses of his sunglasses, and in the reflection Kelly could see himself, bearing a remarkable resemblance to Rocky from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, naked on the bed, one hand clasped around his dick.

This was so erotic that Kelly moaned again. Sylvan, hearing this, began to walk slowly toward him, his gloved esenyurt escort hand outstretched in welcome. As he drew near, Kelly took his hand from his shaft and raised it towards Sylvan, asking for peckliment. Seeing this, Sylvan whipped off his glove.

Sylvan reached out for Kelly’s womanhood and clasped the warm tender meat lovingly.

He jacked Kelly off. The techno music approached climax.

As Kelly neared orgasm, he looked up and saw Hoax hanging from the ceiling from a leather sling. His penetrating gaze saw into Hoax’s eyes, causing Hoax to squirm with a sudden ejaculation.

“Gniaaaw.” Screamed Hoax.

Seeing this, Kelly knew that the time had come. He looked into Sylvan’s loving eyes. He knew what to do to ensure Sylvan’s love forever. It was the only way to save his people.

“HOAX!” Kelly yelled as his throbbing shaft pumped load after load of steaming juices into the air. As he did so, the techno music went from a throbbing, rapid-fire pace to a slow, melancholy note. Simultaneously, the foreman entered the room, carrying a ladder for the stunning climax of this scene of love.

Hoax detached himself from the sling and climbed down the ladder, his loving gaze locked on Kelly’s womanhood. Clasped in his hand was a sock. As he neared the floor, everyone piled into the room, watching in awe.

Hoax placed the sock tenderly over Kelly’s burnt-out penile extension. As the last remnant of Kelly’s womanhood disappeared into the fiber, the room came alive with applause. It was here, the moment of truth, and we would all be free at last.

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