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Big Tits

I want you to close your eyes and imagine………………

I enter my bathroom; watch the shadows play on the candlelit walls as I walk over to the bath. I lean over and skim my finger along the clear still water. I straighten; drop my robe to the floor and step out of the puddle of red satin. Knowing the water is just right; I lower myself into the bath one foot at a time.

As the hot water envelopes me I imagine it’s your arms and legs wrapping around me taking me in close to your strong muscular body. I tingle as the water laps against my smooth naked skin, imagining it’s your fingers caressing my skin.

Now picture me laying there, my naked body submerged in the warm water. No bubbles to block your view, all of me on show. Legs outstretched, arms by my side, my full breasts just sitting above the water line. The only colour to be seen; is the red on my lips and the paint on my nails.

As you imagine me you run your hand down your muscular torso to your izmit rus escort cock. You wrap your hand around the base of your shaft and gently squeeze, your body tenses under your own touch. As you close your eyes you move me with your mind; I am now on my knees, my red soft lips wrapped around your hard cock, my hands holding your tight arse.

You look down at me working my magic on you. I use my mouth to tease and taunt you. My soft, warm, wet mouth plays with your hard cock. My tongue licks, teeth gently bite, while my mouth takes you in deep. Your hips move against me as you grab hold of my hair.

You are lost in your imagination. My hands are running down your legs, then back up the inside of your thighs, cupping your balls as you watch my tongue run over the head of your cock. Then my red mouth once again takes possession of your erection.

A small moan escapes your lips as your hand moves up and down over your shaft, a small drop of izmit escort precum leaks from the head of your erection. You are so hard your balls ache as you continue to stroke yourself– you wish it was me there on my knees in front of you tasting you.

But in reality I am still alone in the bath, thinking about you. My hands runs from my shoulder down over my tits, gently pinching my nipples as I make my way down my flat stomach to the centre of my lust. Using both hands I caress the soft folds of my pussy. One hand spreads the lips apart while the other finds my clit. I start slowly circling my pussy with my fingers, pulling back the hood of my clit exposing my tight bud. Skin tingles at my own touch – wishing it was yours.

I think about your tongue moving over my heat, your hands caressing my body. Your mouth moves gently over me, licking, sucking, biting, changing from soft to hard. My hands quicken, I pull at my clit lightly, firmly. I move my hand and thrust two fingers kocaeli escort inside me, imagining it’s your hard cock taking possession of me. I’m hot, wet and swollen.

Your hand moves quickly over your cock, your arse tight, knees weak, a moan escapes from your lips. You want me; I am positioned on a bed, lying on my stomach, pillows under my hips, my arse in the air. You just love looking at my arse. Standing behind me you place your hands on my hips. You pull me up onto your cock. You take me impatiently. You thrust hard and deep. I scream your name; you are hitting the spot every time you enter me. My fingers can’t get deep enough and I can’t move my other hand hard enough over my clit. Your body stiffens you are going to cum. My body is bucking – I yearn for you. We move together even though so far apart – we cum in unison me moaning calling your name. Control is lost. Our bodies spent.

For a split second the want is satisfied. We both open our eyes – still alone. The want and desire returns. We want to see, feel each others naked flesh. To escape reality, be a distraction, focus only on each others pleasure. This is what we yearn for…………. a night of pleasure, giving in to our desires, needs and wants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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