Tabootopia – A Nation of Incest Ch. 02

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Copyright © 2009, Surt, ALL Rights Reserved.

There is no need to read ‘Tabootopia — A Nation of Incest Ch.01’, as everything relevant to this story is explained at the start. Anyone involved with anything sexual in this story is eighteen or over. Feedback is always appreciated and replied to. Thanks for reading and enjoy. The Celebrity Templates are:

Amanda Bynes is Regina Cestin

Simona Halep (pre-breast reduction) is Paula ‘Ms. Everest’ Dragomir

Bebe Neuwirth is Ruth Vanderbosch

Denise Welch is Sally

Jill Halfpenny is Mandy

Erin Sanders is Kelly


For first-time and long-time readers, here are some things you may need to know.

Tabootopia — it is what its name suggests: a utopia of taboo. Founded almost 100 years ago, this island, which is almost completely man-made, has been occupied by those who believe in ‘Free Love’: sex between all (legal), freely, peacefully and easily. This Arizona-sized island is highly secluded and not accessible by normal means, all that is known about its location is that it’s somewhere in The South Pacific.

With over six million residents — and growing — this nation of incest is flourishing in obscurity. Tabootopia is broken up into five sectors; this chapter is set in the suburban district of Tabootopia: Our Haven.

Kay Parker High School: A high school in Our Haven. Tabootopia has a unique ruling that makes all eighteen-year-olds spend one additional year in high school; it is known as The Above-Senior Program. There is a good reason for this, as it lets these teenagers relive their high school days “the right way”; meaning lots of (legal) sex and debauchery in a school environment.

Kay Parker High has franchised itself by selling DVD’s of its female Above-Senior student’s antics within the changing rooms/shower rooms and other places where sexual situations would arise. The school also has a highly-rated weekly television show titled ‘Inside Kay Parker High’, an hour-long compilation of the best sex that has happened within that week.


“Harder, harder, harder!” squealed the female voice, “slap my ass, slap it! Oh yeah baby! Fuck me, fuck me hard! I’m your bitch; I’m your dirty, dirty bitch!”

Daniel Nova didn’t have an alarm clock, he didn’t need it, what woke him up every morning was the high-pitched moans and groans of his neighbour Trisha. Daniel, sufficiently awake after hearing Trisha’s siren song, got up and made the short walk to the bathroom. He lived in a small dormitory, only having a tiny bathroom and a medium-sized bedroom, though he did get all the fittings, such as a modest high-def television, a computer and a shower just about big enough for two. The building was 30-storeys high and 20-meters long with a modern-chic design. This was the dorm for Kay Parker High students that had been invited to Tabootopia — alone.

Daniel Nova, born to a Mexican father and a Caucasian mother, was a 5’7, 135 pound, eighteen-year-old teenager originally from Wyoming, U.S.A. He had a lightly-tanned complexion, short dark hair, brown eyes, clean shaven, and a lean, solid build; He was fairly unremarkable in terms of his looks; not a bad looking guy but not a face you would remember. His upbringing reflected his appearance: he was raised by an average, normal family; both his parents were together, he had one brother that was older and was on-course to going to a decent college, which would’ve led him to get a decent job, which would’ve paid him a good, but not great, salary.

But, underneath this seemingly normal story was a minor, but torrid, twist: Daniel had a fascination with incest and taboo (though it should be said for the record that this only came to light when he was 18.)

During the summer, Tabootopia recruits noticed a high amount of internet traffic coming from the Nova household. They saw Daniel’s pictures, homemade captions, short-stories and discussions about incest/taboo materiel, but there was one incident that solidified their decision…


“Stop it! You’re making me blush! Stop! You can’t really mean that.”

“No I do. I think you’re really pretty, you know, good-looking.”

“Stop! Don’t say that, I’m your cousin! Don’t be silly.”

Daniel Nova was at a family function, behind the house of his aunt and uncle, flirting with his first-cousin Teresa. She was a cute, brunette, petite, barely-legal Latina teen girl with a cropped hairstyle, olive skin, big beautiful brown eyes, perky breasts, small hips and a derriere that was just beginning to blossom into a round, firm delicious Latina peach. She was wearing a pink shirt, black skirt and leggings while Daniel wore a dark jacket and blue jeans. He was leaning against the wall, inching himself closer and closer to his forbidden prize.

“I know you’re my cousin,” he said in his mellow voice, “it’s just that I find you to be …attractive.”

She giggled nervously. “Come on, that’s wrong, me and you have known each other our whole lives, we been raised together, gaziantep escort bayan we’re like brother and sister.”

Incest-fiend Daniel found that comparison to be a turn-on.

“B-But we flirt all the time,” he mumbled.

“What!? We so do not flirt! That’s just the way I am. Look: I think you’re a good guy, you’re nice, you’re fun to hang out with, don’t ruin it all by getting all weird with me. Besides, you know what my mama said when we all went on vacation and you saw me in my swimsuit: she said if you touch me, you go to hell!”

“You can’t take that seriously, we were ele –“

“You know what I mean!” she interrupted, “we family, if you think of me like that, that’s wrong. They have a word for that: in, inmess.”


“That’s right Daniel: it would be insects!”

Daniel knew he was beaten. His cousin was a bona-fide hottie, he wasn’t in her league. Being seen as her ‘brother’ meant he had even less of a chance with her, so he took his opportunity when he saw it. He lifted his head up, looked over her shoulder and made an expression that signalled that there was something behind her.

She turned her head to look. “What? Is there something there?”

When she saw that nothing was behind her, she turned around, and at just that moment, Daniel dove down and quickly planted a kiss on his cousin sister’s lips. She quickly leaned out the kiss and looked at him in shock.

“Daniel! Why? Oh my god! That’s sick, how could you do that?”

“I’m-I’m so sorry, it’s just that, I don’t know what came over me, please don’t tell your mom, or my mom, or my dad, or anyone, please, I’m sorry, oh god,” Daniel feigned remorse over his actions.

“W-whatever, just stay away from me.” She turned around and ran off, saddened that the brother-sister bond they had was shattered. Daniel went into a corner where no one would bother him; he sat and thought about his cousin’s cheery-flavoured lips. Later on, after he had time to process what had happened, he did feel regret over his actions. He didn’t regret kissing her but he did feel bad about hurting her. That was the price he paid for taking a bite out of his forbidden fruit.


Tabootopia recruits were alerted to this incident when Daniel went to an incest website and posted the following thread title: “I kissed mah cousin sista!!”

Among the number of people asking for “pics of that bitch” there was the acknowledgement of the recruits. They decided that this was someone that would flourish in Tabootopia — but not as a part of a family unit. Daniel wouldn’t have wanted his elderly parents there ruining the fun for him; the Tabootopia recruits were wise enough to know this. Like many he, alone, was invited to the sordid world of his dreams.

A cover story was made: Daniel had mysteriously won a scholarship to a much-more prestigious college. He accepted, packed his bags, waved goodbye to his parents, hopped on a plane, and several hours later after landing, took part in his first-ever orgy (that being the induction that The Above-Senior students get when they first visit Kay Parker High.)

It was three months since Daniel had moved to Tabootopia: Sector One — Our Haven. He’d already had more fun (and action) in those three months than he had in his entire previous eighteen years. Unlike the vast majority of people, he actually looked forward to going to school.

It was another sunny Tuesday morning in Our Haven. Daniel stepped out the shower, dried himself off, put his contacts on, grabbed some clothes; a dark t-shirt, beige slacks, put his white shoes on, grabbed his bookbag, his keys, stepped out the door, and made the short walk to Kay Parker High School.


As Daniel wandered around the lavish lobby of the high-end high school, he noticed a large crowd gathered around the centre. Daniel took a look in and saw two of his friends, Brian, a 5’8, heavy built African-American, wearing a multi-coloured shirt with blue jeans, and Björn, a 5’5 blond, green-eyed, slim Swede, who wore a blue long-shirt and dark jeans. They had their eyes glued on the JumboTron, a huge wall-mounted television, which was located in the middle of the lobby.

“Yo what’s up D-Nova,” greeted Brian in his deep voice.

Daniel slapped hands with Brian. “Hey guys, you watch yesterday’s Inside Kay Parker High?”

“I loved it,” remarked Björn in his Swedish accent. “I really wanted to see, umm, more, they had really, umm, intense lesbian sex. We must try to meet these, ahh, two girls; I think their names were Gina and Tammie.”

“Regina Cestin and Tammie Kwon,” stated Brian. “Yo man, I been trying to get that Tammie for months, but that long-legged hunnie is so hard to track down! But oh lord, that Regina, that Regina: damn! She has such great tits! I so wanna suck on them! I wanna hit that…so hard it makes my eyes water. Heard she hanged with that Vivi chick the entire day, yo D-Nova, didn’t you hit-on that Vivi?”

“Yeah, we had one date. We went to dinner escort bayan gaziantep at this restaurant, and when we got there, like out of nowhere she went nuts. She started throwing her plates, her food, really acting out in public, like throwing a kiddy tantrum. I got why she did all that: she was role-playing. She demanded that I slap her on the ‘tush’ for being such a ‘naughty girl.'”

Björn grinned and nodded. “I-I wanna be with, umm, that Vivi too, get her, umm, undressed, slowly, stripping for me, dancing! Strip dance! Show me those cute nipples, play with them, not too much, umm yeah, then get her in a room and, umm, slap those rosy ass-cheeks all day, every day. Then I’ll wash her, put cold water on that, umm, raw buttocks, then when she’s all clean and nice, get her some cute pyjamas, ones with, umm, strawberries on them, give her a — …Ha, went, umm, overboard, ahh, a little…”

Björn’s friends had gotten used to his mildly psychotic rants, so they ignored it and continued on with their conversation.

“So, D-Nova, please tell me you fucked that Vivi chick,” asked Brian in a serious tone.

“I did, but she was on the phone to her dad half the time we did it, saying things like ‘Daddy should I hold it?’ Doing stuff like breathing heavy into the phone, screaming his name out as she cummed. I’ll admit that I liked it.”

Brian nodded in agreement, “Right, right, she got a pretty nice booty too?”

“Yeah for sure…oh look,” Daniel pointed to the large screen, “it’s that hot Asian reporter.”

Björn rubbed his chin and said with a wide perverted grin, “Yes: Tasty Jenny Thompson.”

Jenny Thompson was an elegant, sexy, 40-something, Asian-American woman, with medium-length, soft brown hair; brown eyes, pert little breasts and a well-matured, petite, 5’4 figure. She was wearing a form-fitting dark suit, along with a white dress shirt and black trousers. Jenny spoke in deep, seductive tone, the kind of voice that would make a man explode with just one naughty whisper. She was holding a microphone and standing outside a house.

“Yesterday, history was made when the In-Crowd’s near-seven-year monopoly on Inside Kay Parker High’s main-event was broken. Regina Cestin, a girl who had spent just four days in Our Haven, along with well-known prize hunter Tammie Kwon were the first non-In-Crowd pair to get the coveted main-event slot. I’m standing outside, live, in front of the In-Crowd’s Paula Dragomir’s house, waiting for a response.”

Daniel turned to his friends and said, “I’m a little confused on what exactly The In-Crowd is, what exactly are they again?”

“The In-Crowd,” replied Björn, “short for The Incest-Crowd, are, umm, a group of four Above-Senior girls that are considered to be the most popular in the entire school. We all watch the weekly Inside Kay Parker High sex show and we all know that every week at least one of the, umm, In-Crowd is in the main-event slot. They always go on last, right Brian?”

“Yeah, been that way ever since they formed.”

“Yes, but now, umm, that’s been broken by Regina and Tammie, which The In-Crowd must be pissed about because their all, umm, real bitches.”

“Quiet down, quiet down,” interrupted Brian, “Here comes Ms. Everest — and her peeks!”

The 5’7, 130 pound, blond, sour-faced Paula Dragomir, more commonly referred to as her stage name ‘Ms. Everest’, was indeed famous for her peeks — her 34DD titanic peeks. Being only eighteen and having breasts of that size made Paula an instant star in Tabootopia.

She stepped out the house — wearing a crowd-pleasing tight pink tank top and matching skirt — stood on the front step and glared menacingly at Jenny.

Jenny noticed something and pointed at her lips, letting Paula know there was something on her face.

“Oh?” Paula wiped a white liquid of her lips, “I’m sorry; my little brother is such a spunker.”

“So, ahem, Paula–“

“Please refer to me as Ms. Everest,” she spoke in a squeaky Eastern-European accent.

“Okay, Ms. Everest, what is your response over last night’s episode of Inside Kay Parker High?”

“Well of course, I am disappointed in the producers of the show. We all accept that The In-Crowd is the main focus. To take away from that is…a mistake.”

“What are your thoughts on Tammie Kwon and Regina Cestin?”

“Well,” Paula bit the tip of her thumb as she pondered her response, getting a good jiggle going in the process. “Tammie is a…specialist type of girl, a how you say, freak show, yes? Using the dildos and the strap-on, not feminine at all, not what the people want. And this Regina, who is she? Is she pretty? I never heard of her.”

“What a bitch,” remarked Björn.

“Yeah, she stone-cold,” replied Brian, “but, damn! Look at her tits move as she talks. That’s money right there.”

‘Ms. Everest’ paused for a moment and then continued on: “Putting me second-to-last is honestly an insult. On the programme, I had erotic, sensual gaziantep escort blogu sex with my fit father. We had candles, wax, many instruments of pleasure. I don’t understand how they could push us down to the second-to-last spot on Inside KPH. I find it to be very insulting.”

“Ms. Everest: I believe that was the fiftieth time you and your father had intercourse on the show, don’t you think the producers thought the viewers would appreciate something different?”

“No, not at all,” she replied firmly, “…No.”

“Do you think this will affect you and The In-Crowd’s sex scholarships to NBU?” (New Babylon University, located in Tabootopia’s capital city New Babylon.)

“No, I am quite sure this sort of thing will never happen again. I have an announcement: I want everyone to tune in next week to Inside KPH to watch me, Ms. Everest, and fellow In-Crowd member Felina have passionate lesbian sex. Yes; two of the In-Crowd having sex — together. That will draw in the ratings…Anymore questions?”

“Yes. Are you going to school today?”

“No. Goodbye.” Paula went into her home and shut the door. After Paula had entered inside, she could be heard shouting in Romanian. When translated, what she said was: “Peter you left cum on my face! I said clean when finished, clean! Dad, Dad what you want? I am not in the mood; you failed me and must be punished!”

Jenny turned to the camera and smiled. “That’s all for this newscast, we’ll keep you updated with any new developments.”

The crowd started dispersing as the news drew to a close. The three guys started moving in the direction of their next class.

Daniel took a big stretch as he walked. “Man! I’m pretty tired today. It’s not that I hate coming here, but these nine ‘o’clock starts are pretty brutal.”

“Fuck yeah!” replied Brian. “Living in a place where there’s constant fucking, twenty four seven, non-stop, you expect me to be sleeping!? Sleep is something I don’t do.” Brian quickly realised the flaw in that statement and added, “I sleep during class.”

“I once, umm, overslept and decided to stay at home,” said Björn. “You guys, umm, may not know this, but they have, ahh, daytime TV here in Tabootopia, it’s all aimed at moms. The Channel 7 stuff had me glued on my seat; I stayed in and watched it for the, umm, whole day.”

“Oh yeah?” incest-buff Daniel was intrigued.

“Yes, these two sexy mothers from England, umm, teach other mothers how to, umm, I guess the best way to say is, umm, to control their sons. The two English ladies have their real sons on the shows too; they all live together, two sons and two moms, very arousing stuff. I tape it now every day.”

“Sounds awesome. I really wanna see that show.”


Computer class

“When it comes to saving internet porn, I got only one thing to say: folders. Folders. Folders. Folders. Saving your internet pornography into folders is key, the key to having a collection of pornography. How you organise these folders, into what categories, Tits, MILFS, Asian Girls, all that materiel I can’t legally mention, how you categorise this pornography: that is up to you.”

The guys watched as Mr. Kamukata– a middle-aged dark-haired Indian man, wearing a buttoned-up grey shirt with black trousers and black shoes — gave a sermon to his students about the proper way to save internet porn. He spoke about his subject with the upmost seriousness he felt it deserved.

“You! What’re you doing!?” Mr. Kamukata pointed at a student that was ‘scratching’ himself as he watched a pornographic video. “Are you watching that in L.Q? Put that in H.Q!! Always H.Q, always! Respect the pornography!”

The three guys were seated in the corner of the room, sitting next to one another, all with PC’s, casually looking at internet porn.

“Oh look I found an amateur interracial three-way,” muttered Daniel.

“Yo looking at porn in public feels so unnatural,” said Brian, “I just wanna whip my thing out and do my business, you feel me?”

“I, umm, understand what you’re saying, but I’m not sure I want to ‘feel you’,” replied Björn.

The guys chuckled at Björn’s joke and then went back to surfing for porn.

As Daniel hopped from one website to the next, a very intriguing pop-up appeared on screen. Daniel began to read it intently:

“Hey all you mothers out there! You all wanna look hot for the boys, yeah? Well we got a service that will take you from Mother I’d Like to Fuck, to Mother I MUST fuck! We are a professional photography studio that takes high-quality pictures of you, the mothers of Tabootopia. These pictures are specifically geared for the pleasurement of your very own sons. They under-18? No worries! Take the pictures now, when you’re in your youthful, sexual prime, and we will make sure your sons (or in some hot cases: daughters!) see those pictures in the most spectacular situation! Wanna know how we do that? We’ll explain!

We take the pictures

You let us know when your son turns eighteen

On the eve of his eighteenth birthday, we come over to your house, and put the pictures in places where the boy will find them!

And not just that! For today’s modern generation, we can put these pictures into digital form and e-mail them to him when he turns eighteen. Imagine his reaction when he opens his email and sees his hot ass mama in a thong!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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