Taking Control

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It had been weeks since we had seen each other, and when we were finally alone in the quiet space of your bedroom you immediately grab hold of me pulling me close and kiss me, softly but passionately, holding my face in your hands slipping your tongue into my mouth as I respond to the embrace.

As our kisses become hotter and more frantic you begin to slowly back me up against the nearest wall, pinning my arms down to show me who was in charge – and it wasn’t me. I felt myself getting excited about the prospect of being dominated and controlled as the stirrings in my lower stomach grew stronger which didn’t go unnoticed by you.

Letting go of my wrists and pausing from our embrace, you lift up my arms pulling my top over my head and throw it behind you in eagerness to see what is underneath. Then using one hand,you reach behind my back as I fondle your penis through your jeans feeling you grow harder and harder, you find the clasp on my bra and snap it open. You then run your hands softly but firmly up and over my ribs through my cleavage to my shoulders where you slip the straps off watching the bra as it falls to the floor revealing my hard nipples just begging for your attention.

Knowing how much I love it when you play with my breasts, and holding onto one of my hips with one hand, you move your head lower and begin to knead one breast while taking the opposite nipple in your mouth. Sucking and flicking it in just the way I love causing me to throw my head back and moan in pure bliss driving me absolutely crazy. Your other hand occasionally grazing over my other nipple causing me to flinch in pleasure and making me increasingly etiler escort wet.

Meanwhile the hand you left on my hip has wandered down to the top of the skirt I’m wearing especially because I know that wearing it turns you on. You slip it under the waistband looking for the warmth and wetness I can feel you’re craving. I managed to stop you from moving any lower pushing your hand back up towards my stomach.

I press myself harder against you and encourage your hand towards the hemline of the skirt instead, an action which didn’t require any encouragement at all. Your hands graze my thighs and my skin tingles as my skirt is pulled up, abandoned the moment your fingers make contact with my underwear which is absolutely soaked. Also especially chosen – black, silk and lace, you’re favourite. The real surprise was the fact it was a g – string (something I normally didn’t like to wear), one that didn’t go unnoticed and I hear your sigh of appreciation. You hook both of your thumbs under the sides of the g – string and with intense speed and want push them down over my hips. You move back slightly allowing me to step out of it. I move carefully as not to get it caught in my heels.

You don’t bother to take off my skirt, finding it more erotic to leave it on bunched around my waist. Moving back towards me and resuming our embrace you position yourself between my legs and I spread them slightly giving you perfect access to my clit. Wriggling my hips slightly and grinding slightly you get the hint of what I want you to do, however you continue to torture me and remind me who’s halkalı escort boss by brushing your fingers lightly over my mound inching closer and closer to my clit and then moving abruptly away. I groan as you tease me again and again before finally giving to my need and slip a finger over my hard, wet and aching clit. I thrust my hips up wanting more pressure, and you give it to me finally, rubbing faster and faster just the way you know I like it. You can feel that I’m about to come so you finish me off leaving me panting and slightly wobbly. Seeing me come leaves you eager for more too.

Your penis is as rock hard as before and I realise you’re still fully clothed. You allow me to reach down and unbutton your jeans brushing my hands across your penis softly as I do this causing you to moan, wanting more. I pull down your jeans taking your underwear with them. I quickly stroke you a few times and for a moment you forget you’re meant to be in charge. You eventually come back to reality and stop me, stepping out of your jeans kicking both them and my g – string out of the way.

You pull me in close and kiss me softly, at the same time running your hand down my hip to my knee pulling the leg up and hooking it around your hip giving better access to enter and fuck me. One of my arms grips yours while the other holds on tight to your shoulder.

I am so horny and eager for you to enter me, I push my hips to make contact with yours and feel you’re hard cock. You keep resisting me, not allowing me to be in control. Instead I try to move my hands to your penis but I’m stopped innovia escort midway by your forceful grip. I give in and go weak under you and you relent a little by entering me, but only the head and only a little. I continue to try and push you further in, the need to have you fill me completely overwhelming me. You can sense the desperate desire and while you have it too, keep teasing me by withdrawing and entering only a little.

Finally, when I’m not expecting it, you grab me tightly and enter me in one excruciatingly long, slow and hard movement stretching me wide, which makes me whimper in satisfaction. You also groan as I am so tight, wet and warm from the prolonged absence since you were last inside me.

Your strokes and slow and long, but what I really want is it harder and faster and deeper. Grinding myself against you more with increased urgency, you start to respond to my movement fucking me harder and faster and so deep our pubic bones are one not two.

We’re pressed so hard together that I let go of your shoulder and arm, and place them on the wall behind me bracing myself. I grind myself harder on you getting the desired contact on my clit that I need so bad. You keep thrusting, more and more until I begin to feel myself losing control and know that a powerful orgasm is coming. I start to moan as the orgasm hits and I start shaking uncontrollably. I’m clenching you so hard that your own orgasm quickly follows mine and I can feel your hot cum pumping into my body as you thrust as hard as you possibly can.

Your head is on my shoulder and I can feel your moans and hot breath on my neck, while my breast is heaving under your hand. You keep thrusting eager to get every last drop of your cum in me. Gradually our movements slow down as we try to catch our breaths.

Finding my lips you give me a sweet, long soft kiss and we simply hold each other, not wanting to move from our embrace. It was the perfect way to say hello after our long separation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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