Taking Her Virginity

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On Sunday I got the news that we were getting new neighbor on Wednesday and I waited for this day.

I am Ravindra, 18 and half years old and currently living in Jaipur. My neighbors were coming from Delhi and been posted here.

As I had expected and wished my new neighbors were a girl named Ekta, her mother and her father. She was about 18 slim and very fair and tall about 5 and half feet. She had a gorgeous set of boobs which were nor big neither small. Her father had been posted in a nearby city for 2 months and after that he will be with them. They had arrived about 10 am in the morning after night long journey.

As I was excited to see her I went in front of her house where the truck was unloading of their things. I went their taking with me some cold water, some coffee and some snacks and gave them to Ekta. It was my first meeting and I was astonished to see her. She was wearing a tight jean and a T-shirt and was looking very gorgeous. I said hi and she replied back and then I introduced myself to her. I am slightly slim and thin but I am having a good sized thick dick of 7 inch. And it began to erect as I thought of me holding her boobs and fucking her.

She was happy in my company as I went on a walk with her in the campus in the evening. I told about myself and she liked that then I asked about her and was very amazed to know that she didn’t had even a single boyfriend and was first time that she was friend of a boy in a whole new place whom she hardly knew.

After some days we became very good friends and since now my exams were over I again had my internet connection back. But her pc was still there in her old town and had not come yet so I invited her to my house as she needed to complete her project. She was not in my school but was in my standard only.

We had made some of the project and she saved it in a new folder and promised to come back the next day.

While she had gone I was downloading some nude photos and videos I mistakenly downloaded the stuff in her folder and didn’t notice it.

Next day my parents were out for a function and I went to called her to come immediately and said her to finish her project as I liked her company. I was still unaware of the stuff in her folder. As she opened her file she asked what the images and videos were of and now I realized my mistake and it was too late as she had double clicked it and it opened a nude image of a girl with one hand covering her pussy and the other covering erzurum escort her boobs. And silence……..

Then Ekta looked at me and I was looking down at the keyboard hiding from her my mixed emotions of getting caught that she might tell my parents, it was also a funny situation and other that it might hurt her and she might break the friendship.

Then after some time she tried to say something to me but could not speak due to the anger and pushed the chair behind as she got up. “Ekta! Ekta. Just listen to me for a moment and then decide” , I was speaking very loudly and then she sat on the chair and without looking up on the monitor took the mouse and then moved the pointer in the top right corner and closed the image.

I could not decide from where to begin but started telling her about how boys love to see the nude girls and eroticism and stuff and enjoy and the same applies for girls and you should try also.

“OK” , she said and sat back looking at me.

Then I showed her some videos and images of nude man as she liked and was quite enjoying I was still looking at her as I was not even interested for looking a men’s photos. She was enjoying very much and I was sure there was some tingling going on between her legs. I hadn’t shown her any sex photos or videos and this was the first time she was watching such stuff. She was surfing the net and I was sitting beside her and then she started feeling uncomfortable and enjoyed her hands touching her boobs and inside or between her legs and thighs.

Then I made the move and reached behind her and my penis had erected at the thought of her.

I place my hands on her shoulder and she looked back at me and smiled and that she liked the stuff. Then she looked at the screen.

And suddenly like a lightning bolt she stood up and we started kissing each other vigorously my tongue playing with her and my hands moving all over her back rubbing her and her hands at mine pressing very tightly her boobs on my chest.

Then while kissing we fell on the bed (it was me who was pushing her) and our kiss broke and then she looked in my eyes and we started kissing again. We rolled and I came on top of her and started moving my hands through her hairs. We were kissing very hard and after few minutes we broke the kiss and were gasping for air. Then I kissed her again on her lips and sat on the bed while she still lied and I pulled off my shirt and we started kissing again as she was ghpops.com sitting in my lap facing me and her tongue played mine and I was like in heaven and my hand’s moving on her breasts and pressing them slightly and then I took off her t-shirt breaking the kiss for a movement and then she unhooked the bra as she could not wait for more and was pressing her own boobs very hard rubbing her tight and erect nipples vigorously and she wanted me to hold them. We were still kissing each other and I moved my hands on her erected nipples and her soft mounds and we broke the kiss.

Now she lied down and I was on top of her kissing and biting her boobs slowly and at the same time moving my hands on her boobs and pressing them.


She was moaning and was restless and I stopped and reached down while she started playing with her nipples and pulling them.

I reached for her pants and unhooked the button and pulled down her pants revealing her pink cotton panties and they were wet form our play. My cock was rock hard and could not wait for the fuck and then I pulled the pants further more and found her clean soft and white thighs and as I touched them they were warm and as soft as you could not imagine and hairless .

I had removed the pants and I front of me was Ekta lying naked with just her panty and playing and pressing her boobs and looking at me.

As I reached for her wet and soaked panties I could feel her smell of her warm pussy and I started messaging them from above the panties and a loud moan came


And I saw ekta aching her back and then she stood up on the bed and made me stand also and started pulling my pants down and as she pulled it down to my thigh level my penis was already erect and rock hard and she saw a big mound of the penis through my underpants and it was fighting to come out and she pulled my underpants very quickly to see my 7 inch thick penis and became very excited.

Then I laid down on the bed and she was on top of me and she took the penis in her hands for the first time. it was her first sex and mine also. I was shaved and as she took the penis in her grip I was dying of excitement and I was feeling like heaven. Then she started playing with my balls and my penis pulling my foreskin as down as It could go (I am uncircumcised).

I asked her to kiss it and she was hesitating and then I told her that it would be great and you should try and then she started kissing it slowly and moving her hand up and down and then she took my penis in her mouth and moving her head up and down. I was feeling great and after some time of play I took her hand and we lay beside each other looking at each other with excitement and breathing hard while I was moving my one hand between her thighs and her wet cotton panties and the other on her boobs pressing them while she had my penis in her hand and pressing it slowly and then releasing and moving her hand through the balls.

I was rubbing her pussy through her cotton panties and they had become very wet and hot and I removed her panties and saw her cleanly shaved mound and tight wet pussy lips. I moved my hands through her wet lips and she moaned hard.

I started rubbing her lips and spreading them and moved my finger inside and she said stop and said that she was virgin. And I looked at her smiled and she smiled back at me.

I now got up and pressed my dick on her pussy lips playing with them and teasing her and she started moaning and breathing hard.

In the missionary position now pushed my dick inside her and feel her hymen I pressed hard and she screamed. I took my penis out of her tight pussy and saw little blood on my penis. She was breathing hard and I again put my dick inside her pussy and pushed inside forcing its way inside. She was very tight and she was screaming of the pain and pleasure of losing her virginity. I was now thumping hard and it was getting more and more wet of her pussy juice. I was tired after some time and we rolled back and she came on top me sitting on my dick and bouncing up and down.

I was watching her boobs bouncing up and down and I was now feeling my orgasm, she was also getting nearer her orgasm as I could see her feelings and she was the horniest girl I had ever imagined or seen.

She then suddenly moved and we came back again in the missionary position and I started pushing hard there were sounds in the room of thumping and ekta moaning and I was getting closer to the orgasm and she also started rubbing her pussy and then as a explosion we both came at the same time and I filled her pussy with my cum and a mix of her pussy juice and sperm were leaking out of her pussy.

Then I took out my penis out of her vagina covered in cum and her juices. I laid back and she licked the cum and her juice from my penis. We both lay on the bed licking each other and cleaned each other then we dressed and after promising to come back the next day to make the PROJECT”.


This is my true story of how I took the virginity of a new neighbor. Please comment and vote.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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