Taking The Girl Home

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Marilyn Birmingham conscientiously locked the door to her little pottery shop on Main Street before getting into her car and heading to the edge of town where her church stood. Entering the church basement and walking down the hallway to the storage room, she began sorting through canned goods that they’d raised for the local food pantry. It wasn’t hard work, but more importantly it took her mind off of her dilemma. Vince was cheating on her.

At 5 foot 7 she was on the tall side, and still rather attractive, and worked hard to remain so. Vince had started dating her in high school, and he’d been so charming. He’d made her feel like a princess, and when he popped the question she hadn’t hesitated a second. Vince was her man, and was going to be the father of her children, and they’d have a nice house and be respected members of town society. And for the most part, she’d gotten all those things.

“What are you doing here at this hour? Shouldn’t you be home starting dinner?” a voice came from behind her.

That voice belonged to Peggy Brisco, wife of the town mayor, and one of the churches executive committee members. Peggy was beyond any pretense of being, or even pretending to be youthful, but she wore maturity well, with an elegance and confidence that was impossible to mistake.

“Oh, hi Peggy! I just needed a little quiet time and a little busy work to help me sort through things.” Marilyn offered.

“Anything I can help with? You know I’m here for you if you need a sounding board for anything. Is it one of the kids?” Peggy asked.

“No. Nothing like that.” Marilyn replied. “Actually it’s Vince. He’s been stepping out on me. It’s been going on for some time, and I’m tired of being ignored, and pretending I don’t know about it.”

“Oh, honey! I’m so sorry to hear that.” Peggy said soothingly. “But to be honest with you, it happens a lot more than you’d think, and you can’t let it reflect on who you are as a person. I mean, you’ve been a great wife, a fantastic mother, a good business owner, and a valuable member of this community. And it’s an unfortunate tendency for men of a certain age to start wandering once the first bloom of youth begins to fade.”

“I know all that, Peggy.” Marilyn said with a tone of frustrated despondency. “But somehow it just makes me feel powerless and…unresolved.”

“Do you know who she is?” Peggy asked.

“Yeah. She works in a bar over in Emmitsville. She’s young and pretty. When I first found out I actually went to confront her, but I lost my nerve because looking at her and talking to her at the bar…Part of me understood what Vince saw in her.” Marilyn said.

“Well, just so you know, you’re not powerless. And you’re not alone in having this happen to you. I did too. I remember the dilemma all too well, and if you want me to, I can guide you through it because there is a very practical solution.” Peggy offered.

“I….I guess.” Marilyn balked.

“No, Marilyn. You can’t guess at this. You need to want this to work, and you need to trust me and commit to seeing this through, because it will change your life for the better.” Peggy said assertively.

Marilyn was taken slightly aback. Peggy had always seemed self-assured and in charge. She found it hard to imagine that Mayor Carl had ever been anything other than the doting husband to her. If it were true, she had to know how Peggy had managed it. She looked at her older mentor with a new admiration, took a deep breath.

“I trust you. I’m all in.” Marilyn hear herself say.

“Okay, let’s see how all in you are.” Peggy challenged, leaning back against a desk and pulling up her dress to reveal her naked pussy she fixed Marilyn with a powerful stare. “Make me cum with your mouth, Marilyn.”

“Do…WHAT?” Marilyn’s jaw dropped.

“Eat my pussy until I orgasm, dear. Eat me and I’ll know you’re serious…that you have enough nerve to do things that may seem uncomfortable at first. Or you can just leave. It’s up to you.” Peggy stated.

Marilyn found herself moving inexorably closer to the older woman. A big part of her psyche wanted to rebel. She was a devout Christian and this was homosexuality…a sin. But it was also a fellow elder of the church and a pillar of the community who was demanding this atrocity from her. And behind it all, she felt an all too familiar primal stirring in her own loins, like some latent desire that had always been inside was now waking up. Before she could really think it through, her face was in front of Peggy’s snatch.

Marilyn had never stopped to consider the vagina as a thing of beauty. But at that moment she was transfixed by what was before her. Peggy’s clit was just peeking out from beneath her fleshy hood, a small patch of pubic hair leading up toward her navel. Her labia slowly curling back slightly like an opening flower, moist and inviting with her arousal as her mentor’s certainty of a successful seduction grew. And the scent was an amazing perfume that Marilyn porno izle just found mesmerizing.

Peggy’s hand found the back of the younger wife’s head and gently guided her the last few inches in. Her head fell back and she let out a contented sigh of pure pleasure as Marilyn’s tongue found its first feminine target. Seduction complete.

To say she was intoxicated would have been a massive understatement. She was sinning. She understood that. She was dripping wet with desire. She also got the gist of that. She couldn’t stop feeding at the well of passion. Peggy was cumming over and over again, and somehow that just wasn’t enough for Marilyn’s sex soaked brain to reconcile as satisfaction, and she just kept at it. Trying to lick each and every drop of pussy juice before it was all gone.

Peggy caressed the back of Marilyn’s head as her fifth orgasm subsided. She had expected the younger woman to submit to her seduction, and that she’d come to know in time about women bringing pleasure to each other. However she hadn’t expected Marilyn to immerse herself so totally and with such talent. In fact, Peggy found it hard to bring herself to make Marilyn stop, but there was only so much time propriety would allow, and there was always the risk of being caught here at the church. There would be other times in more intimate settings where Marilyn would be taught in a more leisurely fashion the appreciation of the feminine sexual connection.

Still, as Marilyn gazed up from between Peggy’s legs her face wet and glistening with Peggy’s juices, and her eyes half glazed over with a hungry lust that made Peggy just want to push her back down for a few more rounds, this had to be the end of lesson one.

“My house tomorrow evening. Don’t bother with underwear, darling.” Peggy suggested as she kissed Marilyn full on the mouth and felt the lust she had just awaken respond without hesitation.

Marilyn was shaking as she drove home. She had just committed adultery, and what’s more it was homosexual adultery. She had just broken her marriage vows and so many rules, and she hadn’t ever felt this degree of sexual energy in…forever. Her panties were drenched right through and she could feel her clit throbbing in a steady depraved rhythm that insisted on some kind of release.

Pulling into the deserted parking lot of the park a few blocks from home she relented in her desire. Her fingers found the pounding between her legs and without any other thought than her tongue moving between Peggy’s pussy lips, the taste of her womanhood still fresh in her nostrils, and the anticipation of all the lewd and sinful things that Peggy would indoctrinate her into, sent her reeling into a series of short but intense self-induced orgasms that left her breathless and spent.

She didn’t know what Peggy would ask of her, but she did know with some degree of certainty that whatever it was, she would not disappoint.

The next evening Marilyn had rushed everyone through dinner and fairly flew out of the house. She was every bit as nervous as she was excited, and checked her makeup one last time in the car mirror after she’d pulled up outside Peggy and Carl’s house.

Peggy greeted her at the door and ushered her in handing her a glass of wine. She was dressed in a form fitting black dress with a plunging neckline that showed an ample amount of cleavage. She also wore a pair of stiletto heels that made her several inches taller than Marilyn. The entire effect was one of power and sensuality.

The interior of the house was tastefully decorated with touches of modern art and formal furniture that bespoke the necessity to put forth a good image when in the public eye.

“Come with me, Darling. Let me show you my study.” Peggy suggested, turning to ascend the stairway that led to the second floor.

Marilyn could see that they were walking past the bedrooms, bathrooms, and finally arrived at a doorway the end of the hallway. Unlocking the door with a small key that Peggy had on a silver chain around her neck, she ushered Marilyn through into another shorter hallway. Peggy re-locked the door and indicated that Marilyn should proceed ahead of her. She passed through a second unlocked door and into a sizeable windowless room.

She estimated that they were somewhere over the garage. The room was sparse and stark and decorated in dark colors, with a large black circular bed at the center of the room and apparatus here and there that Marilyn couldn’t even guess at. Some strange looking chairs faced the bed. Sturdy hooks and eyes protruded from the ceiling and walls in places and several trunks sat over by a dresser near the back wall, which was composed of mirrors.

Marilyn could see her reflection standing nervously. Next to it was the reflection of Peggy who wore an amused smile.

“Take off your clothing, Darling.” She ordered, adding “Don’t be shy, now.”

Marilyn did as she was told. Her lack of shoes now making the difference brazzers in height even more imposing. Peggy’s heels clicked against the wood floor as she walked in a slow circle around the younger woman, inspecting her nakedness.

“Not many get to see this room.” Peggy began. “We added it a while after Carl’s affair ended. It’s proven quite… useful to me.” She grinned lasciviously at the nude woman.

Marilyn fought the almost automatic urge to cover her nakedness with her hands. She felt small next to this woman, and wondered what was going to be asked of her.

“You’re very attractive, my dear. I always suspected that you’d look better out of your clothes than in them, but even my expectations were nothing compared to your beauty. Vince is really rather a stupid man, isn’t he?” Peggy stated in even, controlled tones. Marilyn merely responded with a tiny nod and just a small squeak of acknowledgement.

“So here’s where you’re going to get lessons. Lessons about being in control. Lessons that are going to allow you to make it clear to Vince that he’s quite done with his blustering and his running around.” Peggy intoned.

Circling around in front of the younger woman, the percussion of her heels in Marilyn’s ears, she stopped, facing her newest student. Reaching out, she cupped Marilyn’s breast, bringing her thumb and fingers to draw along the warm flesh and coaxing the woman’s already erect nipple to an almost impossible hardness that she knew from experience must be excruciatingly pleasurable. Marilyn drew in several short sharp breaths, as Peggy began to methodically work on her nipples and breasts with her fingers and then her mouth. Marilyn was finding it hard to remain standing.

“Now don’t you move an inch, darling.” Peggy crooned as she walked across the room and began pushing one of the trunks over toward where Marilyn was standing. Opening the trunk lid so that the top faced her, Marilyn was curious about what lay just out of sight.

Peggy reached in and retrieved a device that looked like a remote control. Pushing a button a shiny metal hook descended slowly from the ceiling above Marilyn. Next, Peggy pulled a set of leather cuffs from somewhere in the box, striding around to affix them on Marilyn’s wrists, then attaching them to the hook overhead.

She looked Marilyn directly in the eyes and pushed another button on the remote. “This is just so that I can keep you on your feet, dear.” She grinned.

When she had her arms at full extension, Peggy stopped and set the remote down. She stood directly in front of the naked woman. Gazing down at her and lightly cupping her ass cheeks in her hands.

Marilyn’s mind was reeling. She recognized that the heels made her look upwards at her mentor, that it was meant as a reminder about who was in charge here. And when the woman leaned down to her to kiss, her. Marilyn found herself returning the kiss with an amazingly intense fervor. Peggy was in charge. Peggy would get what she wanted. She would do whatever was asked of her to make sure her mistress was satisfied.

Peggy drew the kiss out, her tongue was busy in Marilyn’s mouth and her hands continued mapping the warm, naked, vulnerable flesh of her friend. She returned her attention to Marilyn’s nipples, teasing them with just the right combination of pressure and gentleness. Marilyn moaned into her mouth and her body began a slight quivering.

Peggy broke away for a moment and reached back into the chest, pulling out what looked like a small black and turquoise teardrop a couple of inches long. Reaching between Marilyn’s legs she gathered up a generous amount of her wetness and coated the thing, then rubbing it along Marilyn’s labia, she gently but firmly slid it up inside. Reaching for another small device she pushed one of two buttons on the top of it.

The egg whirred to life inside Marilyn’s pussy. Peggy watched the younger woman’s eyes widen. At first it was shock. Peggy guessed correctly that her friend had never played with toys. Pushing the second button began a pre-programmed series of variation, pressing it again altered the programing to another series, and so on. Peggy watched the shock in her friend’s eyes dull to a small grin of fascination, and then crescendo into a frenzy of orgasm a minute or two later. Peggy pushed the button to alter the program again.

Marilyn had never experienced anything even approaching this. Sex with Vince had been good. Perhaps never amazing, but she’d convinced herself that she really didn’t need amazing. Sex was for Vince’s benefit more than hers and she’d always been happy enough to see that he was happy. Now she just wanted to rub against something. Peggy had her straight up and down and she couldn’t even rub her thighs together, and god knows she was trying. The toy was making her cum, only Peggy was orchestrating it so that she’d stop short of a full body release. Instead she was drifting from one orgasm to the next, as the big one fake taxi porno was building, and all she could hope for was that Peggy would allow it.

Peggy kissed Marilyn to make sure. Marilyn kissed her back now with a mindless passion. Peggy knew what she was doing, and she had Marilyn lost in mélange of endorphins and pheromones. It was almost time to let the beast loose. Reaching into the chest one last time she retrieved the flogger.

Marilyn’s mind shifted as the sting of the leather nipped at her skin. Not too hard, but hard enough to take her attention away for a second or two from her overheated pussy. But then a few seconds later her attention returned to the buzzing in between her legs. Then another stroke from the flogger, then another pause. Peggy was alternating between ass and breasts and Marilyn felt like every nerve ending in her body was hardwired to her clit.

She heard Peggy’s voice commanding and yet benevolent. “You may come now for me.” And one last stroke across her nipples as the sentence ended was all it took. Marilyn imploded as her eyes fluttered and the tsunami in her nervous system overtook her brain. Things were hazy around her, and she was floating for what seemed like an eternity. She felt herself lowered to the floor and then coaxed up onto the bed. Gradually the room came back into focus. Peggy had disrobed and was laying on the bed above her. One leg fell to the side with an elegant abandon. Her heels were still on, but that didn’t surprise Marilyn.

“Now, it’s time to show gratitude to your Mistress.” Peggy coaxed. “Get that tongue busy down where it belongs.” Marilyn just moaned in response and buried her face between her mentor’s thighs, hungry after such a workout. She wanted to show her appreciation and her gratitude, but as Peggy arched into her fourth orgasm, Marilyn also realized that she wanted Peggy to both feel good, and know that she was the one making that happen. Straight little Marilyn.

As they lay in each other’s arms afterwards, Marilyn realized. Sex with Vince was 20 minutes tops and if she was lucky she got to cum. This had been three and a half hours of nonstop hardcore sex, and Marilyn had cum harder and more often than she could have imagined possible. She became aware of Peggy’s voice.

“So I found out about Carl after being tipped off by a friend at church. At first I tried a conventional approach with him, but he was intent on denial. I got increasingly frustrated until at last I couldn’t take it. He’d been doing Gwendolyn Aubuchon, the wife of the used car dealer.”

Marilyn knew the woman from PTA. She was a mousy thing, but with a nice little figure. Kind of a poor man’s trophy wife.

“What did you do?” Marilyn asked, stroking Peggy’s breasts and half-heartedly wondering if they had enough left for just one more round.

“I cornered her. I told her to leave Carl alone or I’d let everyone, including her husband know what a tramp she was.” Peggy replied.

She went on to relate that Gwen had been put so off balance by that threat that she’d promised Peggy she’d do anything to keep it quiet.

“I’d always been a good wife, a God fearing woman, and the way she was groveling in front of me just made me think of her groveling for Carl’s cock, on her knees. I was just so angry all of a sudden, and I’d promised myself I wouldn’t lose my temper…so instead of hitting her, I pushed her down to her knees. I had no idea what I was doing, just that I wanted to humiliate her by making her do the same things to me that she’d done to Carl. What really amazed me was how easily she submitted to me. I mean within minutes she was doing things to me that I’d never even heard of. And within the first hour I had decided that I wanted a lot more of that.”

“God. I don’t know if I’d have the courage to do that.” Marilyn said in awe.

“The problem was Carl. I didn’t have a solution for that, but I went to school on it. That’s where this room came from. It’s also why Carl will never even make a peep or step out of line. In a few easy steps I made it clear to him that I was running the show now. No more Gwen, and if he fucked up again, no more Mayor. Carl may not be the most romantic man in the world but he’s as practical as he is ambitious.” Peggy grinned.

“What about Gwen? I see her around still!” Marilyn asked.

“Once she started down that path with me, she couldn’t stop. But she has no spirit. If I wanted her over here right now all I’d have to do is pick up the phone. She’s sweet, but none too bright. Probably how she got tangled up with Carl in the first place.” Peggy sighed.

A few weeks and several more “lessons” with Peggy later, Marilyn sat in a bar in Emmitsville waiting for the barmaid to filter down to her end. The girl was pretty. Not classically beautiful, but close. She was young, but looked a little more tired than a woman her age should.

Cocking her head slightly to one side she looked for a few seconds at Marilyn. “Haven’t I seen you in here before?” she asked.

“About a month ago. Yes.” Marilyn said in a friendly tone. “Your name is…?”

“Cindy. It’s short for Cinderella. My mom had a really stupid sense of humor…so yeah, it’s Cindy.” The barmaid replied.

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