Taking Wifey on a Date Pt. 02

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She followed him into the bedroom. “Stand there at the foot of the bed. You’ve been admiring my neckline; did you even notice that it has buttons? Undress me. Seductively.” She moved to within about an inch of him, a slight smile on her lips, shoulders back.

He smiled, looking into her eyes, then he dropped his view and unfastened the top button. Then he drew his finger from her chin down to the next button.

“Good. You’re going for the gradual view instead of the all-at-once explosion.” She smiled and arched her back a little more.

He started from the top again, and slid two fingers down to button two, then all four fingers down to buttons three, then four; fingers spread apart to buttons five and six. He enjoyed feeling the bulge of her breasts on each side.

The top was hanging loosely now, revealing her breasts almost to the nipples. She put her hands on her hips, inhaled, and threw her elbows back, pulling the top about as far open as it would go with the last button still fastened.

He undid the last button. Her posture made the blouse fall open, completely uncovering her breasts. Smiling a victory smile, she shrugged her shoulders, and the blouse fell off.

They had been together for years, and he was still entranced when he looked at her. “I am so lucky,” he murmured. “Both your looks and attitude are captivating.”

She grabbed the waistband of her skirt and pulled it up to just below her nipples. “See how modest I am?” she grinned. Her nipples made conspicuous points in the soft fabric. The hem of her skirt didn’t quite cover her pussy.

“Ah yes, the kind of modesty I like,” he grinned back. He reached around and pulled her crotch against his, looking deeply into her cleavage.

“Oo!” She scowled. “You’re still dressed! Let’s take care of that.” She pushed him backwards and he fell back onto the bed, knees at the edge, feet on the floor.

“Now lie there and let xhamster porno me handle this part,” she leered at him, swishing her hips to emphasize how the skirt didn’t cover her. She sidled up, putting one leg between his, and the other foot up on the bed, giving him a spectacular view.

He reached up, grabbed a pillow, and pulled it under his head.

“Okay, we’ve got some uncovering to do,” she said. “Where shall I start? Ah! The zipper!” She reached down and moved her hand up the bulge in his pants. “Hmm! The belt is in the way! Guess I gotta do that first.” She propped one hand on the bulge and tugged the end of the belt, working it loose. “And a snap! You guys sure are protective of your crotches.” She undid the snap. Ah! Finally the zipper!” She pulled on the slider, squeezing against him and following it with a finger underneath. “And underpants. Let’s see—belt, snap, zipper, trousers, and underwear. Five layers; my goodness. Well, let’s get the trousers out of the way.” She grabbed the sides and pulled down. He helped by raising his hips, then his feet. “No-no. Leave them around your ankles. You’re not going to do any walking for a while.” She made a lecherous grin. She grabbed his bulge, moving him around. “Now the underwear. Hmm. Two layers! You guys are pretty protective. Must be awfully valuable.”

“Well, you seem to think it is sometimes,” he grunted between squeezes.

She shrugged acknowledgement. “So let’s get to the valuables, eh?” She pulled the shorts down, following the path of the trousers. “Ah! Interesting. Let’s check things out.” She grabbed him, moving his member this way and that, stroking underneath, bending and squeezing above.

He started to groan, grunting excitement.

“Oops, we don’t want to end just yet. Let’s see what’s higher up.” She slid her hand up his belly, making sure her forearm slid noticeably over him. “What’s this? A shirt! Let’s yaşlı porno get rid of it; it’s in the way. She hitched her knees onto both sides of his legs, spreading herself wide, touching him because it was unavoidable. The pressure against his member made him shiver. She twitched her hips in response. “Let’s see; buttons.” She unfastened the bottom one, moving her skirt out of the way. “Arg. This thing’s in the way. Don’t need it anymore anyway.” She pulled the skirt up over her head and waved it about, emphasizing what her posture did to accent her breasts. She got a fiendish look on her face and tossed the garment onto his face. “Leave it there for now,” she ordered. “And put your arms over your head.” She unbuttoned the rest of the buttons, then zig-zagged the hem of the shirt up under him until it was about to his armpits. She hooked the skirt in her thumbs and pulled it and the shirt over his head to his wrists. This had the effect of presenting her chest about an inch from his face. “Nice view, eh? Leave the shirt on your arms.” She moved so he could kiss each nipple, which he did. “Mm. Nice. But there’s more.” She put her hands on his chest to lever herself back into a kneeling position, giving his nipples a squeeze on the way up.

“Now that you’re visible, I need to explore.” She ran her hands all over his torso, finally moving her leg so she could kneel next to him. “Move your knees apart.” She continued down the rest of his body, making sure to spend plenty of time in his crotch, stopping her most intense ministrations when his moans started to sound like he was close to climaxing. “That has to be the most fun I’ve had since last time. I really like watching you watch me. I even like watching you when you close your eyes and throw your head back. Now to decide. Should I get back onto you and drive you insane by plunging onto you? You look hard enough. Maybe I will.” And she aldatma porno threw her leg back over him. “Oh wait! I forgot. You like to look at me, right? Let’s try a new angle,” and she struggled to her feet. Balance was tricky because the mattress was soft, so she took small, careful steps until her toes were even with his armpits. “Like what you see?” she asked demurely.

“Oh yes,” he moaned.

“Maybe if I leaned over a little so you can see everything.” She stuck out her chest. “And what if I do this?” She moved her feet about a foot farther apart on each side.

“The view is even more spectacular,” he gasped.

“And what about this?” She bent her knees, bringing her pussy closer and closer. “You get more detail now, right? Do you like detail?”

“Oh yes. Detail is good.” He began to breathe more heavily.

“Well, what about a taste, huh?” By now she was squatting an inch from his face. She let her knees fall all the way to the bed, just missing his arms and effectively pinning him in place.

He was just able to reach her with his tongue, and she leaned forward a bit to improve the contact.

“Yes, a little higher, ah! Right there. Make circles. Yes! Now can you apply any suction right there? Ah, you are so good at what you do. A little faster… faster…faster! AH! AH!” She spasmed with pleasure. After a few moments: “I didn’t intend to do that. I was going to wait; and you haven’t gotten your turn. Yet.” She crawled backwards. “I’m still pretty turned on, lemme see what I can do.” She got to his penis and backed right onto him. “Oo! Still nice and stiff!” She adjusted her position until he seemed to be in all the way. Putting her hands on his chest, she began to rock and thrust back and forth. He began to rock his hips in time with her motion. She could feel him responding and in spite of her recent climax, it excited her even more. The bed seemed to twitch, then she felt his hands on her breasts. They both accelerated their movements and when she felt her nipples being played with, she went over the edge and suddenly there was a primal duet, then several moments of motionless ecstasy.

Then she fell forward and they snuggled until they fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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