Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 04

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The tales of a Dirty old man – Chapter 4

I describe myself as a wannabe Dirty old man, not because I am one, but because as my best friend Karen keeps telling me, there is no higher accolade and so I should aim to be one.

This is the fourth chapter in this series – I would strongly advise you to read the previous chapters in order before this one

This story would not have been possible without the feedback and encouragement I received from Romantic1


I thought that it would be over in a few moments but Mike was reborn, Julia came with a scream but Mike gave her no time to relax and continued thrusting without altering his rhythm. She came again a few moments later and then dissolved in one continuous rolling orgasm, until he finally came arching his back as he thrust into her one final time.

They collapsed in each other’s arms completely spent and we carefully covered them with a throw and left them to sleep. As we walked back to their cabin I locked Rosie up and we borrowed their bed and fell into an exhausted sleep.


And we find a solution for Simone

I woke the next morning to the early morning sun; Simone was still dead to the world. She looked so peaceful I didn’t have the heart to wake her and there were things I needed to do. I had a quick shower and grabbed some clothes. There was no movement from the others so I cleared up last night’s mess and generally put Rosie to rights.

We had been using a lot of clean water, surprise, surprise, the gas bottle was only a quarter full and the grey water tank needed emptying, so I needed to find a service site today. I checked the river and canal charts and found a suitable one just outside Jumeaux about 15 miles upstream, and the bonus was only one lock to navigate. I got a mug of coffee and some toast, and then decided that I might as well get us underway.

I got the main engine started, fortunately the silencers fitted kept the exhaust noise to a minimum and as the engine warmed up, stepped to the bank and untied us and stowed the mooring lines. I used the bow and stern thrusters to ease Rosie away and then we slowly rejoined the main channel and I picked up speed.

I love this time of the day on the river; there were still hints of the morning mist on the water and cleanness to the air. There was no other traffic and a lone angler was the only other soul awake and we both acknowledged the beauty of it.

After an hour Mike appeared wrapped in a towel, clutching a cup of coffee and looking rather worse for wear. “Julia’s still dead to the world,” he told me.

“Simone’s the same,” I said nodding my head in the direction of their cabin.

“I wondered where you got to, so where are we heading?”

“A marina about another 12 miles upstream, we need fresh water, cooking gas and to empty the foul water tanks.”

“I had intended to do it before we left at La Rochelle but for some reason my mind was on other things.”

“I wonder what? She’s a wonderful woman, you do know that don’t you?” He asked me.

“Christ, don’t I know it; I still can’t believe she’s here. I feel like I’ve known her all my life but it’s only been three days. I don’t know what I’ll do if she decides to leave after the week’s up.”

“You won’t need to do anything,” came her voice from behind us. “I want you to witness this,” she told Mike, and she came over to me wearing one of my old tee shirts and put her arms round me “I don’t need the rest of the week, the road test is over! Please can I stay with you forever?”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure? of course I’m sure, I was sure after the first day but I was having too much fun road testing you,” she said and kissed me to seal the deal.

“Welcome to your new life and home,” I said and she started to cry, so I hugged her again and tried to kiss away her tears

“I’m not crying,” she insisted, “they’re tears of joy. I have you; I have a home and a new family.” Then her face fell, “but I’ve lost my children.”

“Don’t worry we will get them back one way or the other.” I turned to Mike, “Can you get Julia, we need to pick her brains?”

“Sure,” he said and disappeared. He reappeared with her after five minutes.

“Julia, we have some good news, Simone in a fit of insanity has agreed to stay with me, and now we need to do something for her. You know the story with Simone’s children?”

“You didn’t really think you stood a chance did you, and yes, we’ve talked about it. It’s so sad; the husband sounds a real bastard. It looks like he intentionally set out to alienate her from the children.”

“Any guesses why?” I asked

“A couple, I have a suspicion it’s financial. After Simone told me her story I had a chat with Peter.” She turned to Simone, “Peter is one of the original family members and was the hospital’s accountant; he now owns an international financial and asset management agency.” She paused, “And he thinks it could be long term play for her father’s company.”

“How silivri escort would that work?” Mike asked

“This is just a guess on his part, but he is checking it out.”

“Can we talk to Pete?” I said.

“Let me get the laptop.” She looked at herself; “No, first I wash and get clean clothes.”

She disappeared with Mike, and Simone stopped long enough to give me a kiss, before heading off to do likewise, leaving me alone with Rosie and the river.

Before they all returned I took the opportunity to moor up by a small riverside restaurant, thinking that I didn’t want to be distracted while piloting Rosie. The restaurant was closed as it was still only ten-thirty, but I could see someone pottering on the terrace. I went down to the galley and put on a fresh pot of coffee.

Simone was the first to reappear wearing a short denim skirt and a silvery bikini top, and she came into my arms and kissed me. “I love you,” she told me. I stroked her damp hair and looked at her wondering how I could be so lucky.

The others appeared a few moments later looking a lot fresher and after grabbing cups of coffee we set up the laptop. It took a while to organise but finally Peter’s face was peering out at us from the screen.

He smiled when he saw us all there, and after we had exchanged pleasantries, he started asking Simone some questions.

“Simone your family’s name is Laurent? And your husband is Bernard Duval?”


“Good, I thought that we had the right one,” he said to someone off camera, and then the camera zoomed out to show a conference table with Peter and two companions. The first I knew, it was his wife Angela, the second I didn’t recognise.

“Hi Angie, how are you?” I asked as I hadn’t spoken to her the day before.

“Missing you ever so much,” she replied. She gave Peter a look that could kill and continued “I would have told you that yesterday if someone had come and got me from my meeting and told me you were online.”

I heard the muttered “Huh, the under no circumstance interrupt me meeting,” from Pete, then he told me “If we don’t get to see you soon my life isn’t going to be worth squat.” Julia laughed and we could see Angie punch Pete’s arm then kiss him.

He introduced the third person “This is David, he’s our chief financial investigator, and he will take the lead from now,” Peter explained.

“Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you, these two have spoken about you so often I feel that I know you,” David said.

“Don’t believe anything those two told you about me”, I said. “OK, so what did you find?”

“Laurent et files is an old family owned and run winery and distributer, they own over 150 hectares of prime vineyards and a winery and the family home. There are another 300 hectares owned by local families that provide grapes for the winery. The wine they produce is high quality and their premier cru is highly sought after.”

“Interestingly, the business has come through Simone’s mother’s side of the family, her father married into the business himself. Her mother owned the business not her father, and when she died half her shares went into trust for Simone, the other half in trust for her future grandchildren.”

“Are you sure?” She said “I have no shares that I know of.”

“You were sixteen and they were to be held in trust for you until your 21st birthday. The other half were put into a separate trust for your future children, you were supposed to manage them after your 21st and the children would get them on their 21st. If you had no children then the shares would revert to you on your 50th birthday.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, but I think I remember Bernard getting me to sign some family documents on my birthday.”

“That’s right, they were a form of power of attorney, giving your husband control of your shares and the trust.”

“I’m amazed that you found all of this out so quickly, it’s been less than a day,” I commented.

“It’s all public record if you know where to look,” he smiled, “and I know.”

“You own the family business,” he continued explaining to Simone, “and I think that’s the reason Bernard treated you the way he did. By keeping you out of the picture and away from the children he controls your shares and the children’s and thus the company. I doubt the children even know of the trust, and I suspect you father is helping him.”

“What!” she cried out. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, “My own father!” She was shaking in my arms and all I could do was hold her tight and tell her I loved her over and over again.

Peter interrupted, “I’ve asked our lawyers to draft a document rescinding Bernard’s power of attorney, do you want us to submit it?”

“You can do that for me?” She asked.

“Of course, it’s simple you are a member of the family.”

“I am?”

“Yes of course you are, now shut up and listen,” I told her.

“And before I was interrupted”, said Peter “I was going to merter escort explain that we provide financial and legal support to all the family.”

“Yes,” Simone told him, “and I want to divorce him and get the children back, can you help?”

“It will be our pleasure,” Angie told her.

“You will probably want to be there when Bernard find out that he’s lost control, to stop him trying to asset strip the company.”

“I can’t do that; I can’t bear to see him.”

“Can you help Pete?” I asked.

Angie broke in, “Don’t worry, of course we can help, we are going to send in a team of our official receivers, it will be a pleasant change for them to look after a viable company after all the dogs we usually send them to.”

“That great,” I told them. “How long will it take for the power of attorney to be rescinded?” I asked.

“As soon as the local legal team in France can get them stamped, delivered to the courts and registered, which will be …” Peter said waiting for an answer from someone off camera. “Tomorrow morning I’m told, the first of the receivers will be there by noon.”

“Good, and their first task is to fire Bernard,” Simone told them.

“What about your father?”

“No, they are to leave him alone; I need to deal with him myself.”

“And the divorce?”

“To proceed as fast as possible, I want it done and dusted before the end of the year,” Simone told them, then looked at me with a look of amazement on her face. “It is true; you do solve everyone’s problems.”

“I didn’t do anything,” I said. “It was Pete, Angie, David and Julia that did it, and we still need to resolve your relationship with the children.”

“I know,” she said, “but with him out of the way I stand a chance.”

“And that’s the point,” said Julia to me, “you don’t always need to do anything; you are the trigger, you just point us in the right direction and suddenly the solution is there in front of us.” I could hear Peter and Angie agreeing.

“Hey, does that mean we can get some decent wine to drink instead of this cheap crap Andy is giving us,” Mike asked Simone.

“As much as you want my love,” Simone told him.

“OK, it’s time for us to wrap this up as Peter and Angie are going to be busy travelling,” I told everyone.

“We will be?”

“Oh yes,” I said, “because tomorrow morning we will be leaving the marina in Jumeaux, and we are not going to wait for you to join us, miss the boat and you are on your own.” I waited for the reply but there was none so I looked at the screen to see David siting at the conference table on his own.

“They just left,” he said with an amused expression on his face. “I’ve never seen them move so fast in my life.”

“Well it’s been very nice to meet you and thanks mate,” I told him, and Simone blew him a kiss and promised him a proper one when they met.

I closed the laptop and turned to see three faces looking at me. Julia said, “And he doesn’t believe we need him.” She shook her head. She came over and sat on my lap, she looked at Simone and said, “Now you understand why we all love him so much, and how hard it’s been these past few years for us without him.”

“Oh, I do now,” she said and sat beside us and kissed us both.

“You do know that their head office is in Dubai and you have only given them a little more than half a day to get here,” Mike pointed out.

“Yes.” I smiled.

“God, you can be an evil bastard when you try.”

“It’s lunchtime and I’m a hungry evil bastard, so I suggest we take advantage of the restaurant we are moored by,” I proposed. So a little while later we were sat on the terrace enjoying a glass of wine, with a selection of the local cheeses and pate in front of us.

Mike turned to me, “So how does it feel to be the kept man? You do realise how much the winery is worth don’t you.”

“She can keep me however she wants, so long as I get to keep her,” I told him.

“I love him and he loves me, what could be simpler,” Simone responded.

“See,” Julia told Mike, “that’s what love is all about, not money.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I told them “it could be I’m only going to marry her for the wine.”

“Marry me!” She gasped, “do you really want to marry me?”

“Of course I do, as soon as the divorce is settled. I get the wine, the children, and you as a bonus.” I smiled as I said it.

Then I continued more seriously. “I know we have only known each other for a few days, but I can’t envision a life without you in it. I’m a sad old man who likes the familiarity of marriage, and I want show you that a marriage can be a wonderful experience.”

She sat there for a long time, looking from my face to Mike and Julia’s. “You are not a sad old man,” she told us. Then she moved her chair close to mine, “You will never be a sad old man because you will be my happy dirty old husband. And of course every bottle is yours!” she looked at me and smiled. “You can even swim in the vats.” That mecidiyeköy escort brought back a happy memory of our first night’s conversation. “Do you really love me that much?”

“I do.”

She then surprised us all by kneeling by my side, “I would be very happy to be your wife, I don’t deserve you.”

“Then it’s settled,” I told her with tears in my eyes.

Julia dragged Simone away “we have things to discuss,” she told her. “Finish up here, boys, we will be on the boat,” she informed us.

“Yep, I think we need to get going,” I told Mike. “We still have ten miles and a lock to go, and with Pete and Angie staying we will need to stock up.”

“How will the sleeping arraignments work?” he asked.

“Shouldn’t be a big issue”, I said as we walked back, “the single bed in the spare cabin does extend into a small double, and I mean small. But do you really think they won’t end up sharing ours?”

“Not if Angie has anything to say about the matter,” Mike agreed. “You ready for me to cast off?”

“Yes, I can hold her in place with the thrusters, while I get the engine running.”


Jumeaux and beyond

Later that afternoon we negotiate the lock below Jumeaux, to the amusement of the lock keeper as he watched two half naked women climbing like monkeys over Rosie, fending her off from the stone wall of lock. I could have used the thrusters to keep her completely still but this way was a lot more fun for Mike and me. It only took us half an hour to rise the three meters and rejoin the river.

By four o’clock we were safely moored at the marina. It was a fairly modern one with upmarket brand stores and restaurants, and the girls had quickly disappeared in the direction of the boutiques, leaving Mike and me to sort out the servicing and provisioning the boat. I even found and bought a Case of Laurent et files Premier Cru 1998.

We had only just settled down with a cold bottle of beer apiece when Simone and Julia returned from their shopping spree each carrying several interesting bags. When we inquired as to their contents we were told that it was a surprise, and we needed to get smartened up as they had booked us into a very nice restaurant that the shop owner had recommended.

I was told to get my clothes, then I was banished to the other cabin with Mike to get ready and the girls took over our cabin. We took them at their word and for the first time in ages I was wearing something other than shorts and tee shirt. Mike and I were both dressed in chinos, a shirt, and a casual sport jacket.

The sun was dipping towards the horizon, and we had been relaxing on the loungers on the deck for quite a while waiting, two beers worth of time. Mike had taken the opportunity to give me all the Cunningham’s family news.

“So when did Kirsten and Christina met?” I asked him.

“It was last summer, in London after your daughter graduated. Chrissy was on holiday, she stayed with Kirsten, and hasn’t left yet.”

“Are they happy?”

“Very, I understand, we stayed with them for a few days.”

“I wonder why she didn’t tell me?” I pondered.

“I think she wanted to tell you in person, she really wants your approval. I know that they are on tenterhooks now that they know that you know.”

“I really need to give her a call, don’t I, and there no time like the present is there?” I got my iPhone out (I’m a sucker for new tech toys) and moved to the stern and called my daughter.

We spent fifteen minutes talking, and catching up on the news. We discussed our new relationships, and arranged the details of their visit. I rang off feeling a lot better and made a mental note that I also needed to call my son Chris.

I looked round to see all three of them standing quietly behind me, our women looked absolutely stunning. Julia was in a dark red knee length cocktail dress, stockings and matching shoes. Simone was in a classic, simple little black dress that came to mid thighs, black stockings and high heels. The dress was so form fitting that it was obvious she wasn’t wearing any underwear. A fact that was soon confirmed by both women as they delicately raised their hems to show us the lacy tops of their thigh high stocking and a pair elegantly trimmed pussy’s. I was speechless; all I could do was kneel before Simone and bestow a kiss of thanks on her pussy. I stood and she straightened her dress and we kissed and I told her how beautiful she was, and how lucky I was. No one on shore seemed to notice our antics.

The ladies led us arm in arm, to the restaurant which was on the other side of the marina. The restaurant was called the Le Petite Auburge, it was apparently a local favourite and was half full when we arrived. We were led to a nice secluded table on the terrace, and I think that every man and most of the women watched the girls as they made their way to the table. We ordered and for the life of me, I can’t remember what I ordered, I do recall that Simone found a bottle of her own label wine on the menu and insisted that we try it. The food was excellent, the wine wonderful, and the company even better.

I looked at the three of them and realised how much my life had changed in such a short time. Ros was still a presence, and I could feel her there with us, smiling and happy for us, and I knew that I had her blessing; she would always be a part of me.

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