Tales of Pleasure and Passion Ch. 02

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~ This is the original, longer and alternative version of one of my stories. ~

Welcome romance seeker. Come join me in a world of pleasure, passion and dreams. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Vincenzo Jacques Maison de L’Orange, the butler of Plaisir du Doré Palais. My small and humble manor is on the estate next to the rows of orange trees with a garden of fresh herbs to surround the tan stone walls.

Here is a land of lush greenery, a maze of trimmed bushes and butterflies to fly freely under the bright sun. The tulips, daisies, carnations, roses and lillies color the land in all shades of yellow, red, orange and blue. The Stargazers come in white, pink and red that line the walls of the palace. They decorate the stone from top to bottom the same as the green vines seen on many stone walls. The crisp, blue pools and fountains are spread about to accent the beauty of the estate. Inside the palace walls is even more breath taking than the outside view. But I will save that for later. My lord is calling me. It is almost time for his afternoon tea. He never misses his tea time.

[ Lord pulls a long, golden chord hanging from the ceiling. The sound of chimes ring. ]

Vincenzo: You have rang for me my lord?

Lord A: Yes Vincenzo. I need you to escort Miss Lillian Jollie Alicia-Floris to the palace today. She has agreed to join me for dinner. Set out my blue robes accented with the gold, floral designs. Miss Alicia-Floris loves the scent of Chamomile and colors of Freesia. Fill the hot tub with the soft petals that will bask in her beauty.

Vincenzo: Yes my lord. Would my lord prefer the Assam tea or white tea infused with peach today for your afternoon tea?

Lord A: The white tea infusion sounds most enticing. I will have that with a light assortment of pastries today since we have company tonight.

This is the lord of the palace. Lord Augustus Wilhelm Edmond Alistaire Reginald. Aside from the staff that tend to the upkeep of the estate, Master Brighton Edward Julian Reginald lives in the West side of the palace.

He has been adopted by my lord since he was the age of two when the boy’s mother passed away. The story goes that she accidently rolled down a hill and hit a stone when she was with his lover. One night, he met his end in and over dose of alcohol.

My lord has known her for a few years prior to that incident and they have remained friends, but she has always been the risk taker to go for the wild rogues.

Master Brighton is a well educated and talented young man. He did not have the chance to know his biological parents, but he has been well taken care of by my lord.

For Master Brighton, Lord Augustus will alway be his father and guardian. They have a wonderful bond together and have learned to be as much of a lady’s man and lover as Lord Augustus the romantic that he is.

One can be sure that nobody leaves Plaisir du Doré Palais without being fully pleasured and pampered. Men and women alike are greeted by the warm staff and receive the full spa treatment before dinner.

Yes, Master Brighton does venture to the other side sometimes for enjoyment. It is not unusual for him to be in a ménage à trois. The various combinations of pleasure to him is most arousing.

Even though my lord has engaged in the various combinations before, he much prefer having two women at the same time to give them an unforgettable evening.

For the ones he enjoy being with the most, they usually stay for more than a night of pleasure and passion. Miss Alicia-Floris is one of the line of ladies he loves to show much attention to in the private chamber. She does not have any objections to the hours of attention she receives from my lord.

How does the staff knows what goes on behind the double doors of seduction? Simple. Our lord shares tips with the staff so they too can enjoy their private moments.

After all, this is Plaisir du Doré Palais. The staff would not be able to offer pleasure to our guests if they do not have a full understanding of what pleasure is.

The full body massage is beyond any type of massage one would receive outside of this estate. Guests are left with an unforgettable experience that leaves them craving for more. This is not to say he kiss and tells, but one can imagine what our lord can do in the late hours of the night.

The one thing that arouses my lord during his private moments with the ladies whether over dinner, sitting in front of the fireplace or relaxing in the hot tub is when the lady speaks any word of Spanish or French. Yes, it excites my lord in which he would ask her to speak more of it while he kisses her arm passionately.

Light on Her Feet

[ Vincenzo brings Miss Alicia-Floris to the front entrance of the palace and calls for his lord. Kartal escort ]

Vincenzo: My lord, Miss Lillian Jollie Alicia-Floris is awaiting in the guest area. Dinner will be ready in half an hour. Shall I bring in some tea?

Lord A: Ahh wonderful. No need. I shall offer her an apéritif at the bar.

Vincenzo: Very well my lord. I will check on the kitchen staff to see that everything is in order.

[ Lord A walks to the guest area to greet Miss Alicia-Floris. ]

Lord A: Lillian! How nice to see you again. You look as lovely as ever.

Lillian: Lord Augustus! You always know how to make a lady smile. Your blue robe makes you look charming and irresistable.

Lord A: Why thank you, but you’re the one that looks even more irresistable. Please have a seat. Would you like some apéritif?

Lillian: Yes, that sounds wonderful. I love Chambord.

Lord A: Very well then. I shall make you a Kir Imperial.

Lillian: Isn’t it a lovely day?

Lord A: Yes and it’ll be a lovely night as well. Here is your drink.

Lillian: Thank you my lord. It sounds as if you’ve planned out a wonderful evening for us.

Lord A: Inded I have. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Lillian: I’m sure I will. This drink is magnifique.

Lord A: Lillian that’s French. Speak some more my butter cup. Bordeaux. Paris.

[ Kisses her arm passionately. ]

Lillian: ~ Blush ~ Oh my. Shouldn’t we be doing that later?

Lord A: Yes. More of that later. Usually we go to the spa and get our massage before dinner, but tonight it shall be dinner first and massage after. I hope you don’t mind the minor change my beauty of the night.

Lillian: Why of course not my lord. It sounds more enjoyable to soak in the hot tub with you after a fine meal so that I can nibble on dessert.

Lord A: You are such a little devil. A hot tease you are.

Lillian: Am I such a tease my lord?

[ She rubs her hand against her breast and then slides her finger between his legs swirling around his jewels hidden beneath his pants. ]

Lord A: You’ve always had a sweet tooth. Dessert is after the meal.

[ Lifts her hand up to kiss. ]

[ Vincenzo walks in to announce dinner is ready. Lord A escorts her to the dining hall. ]

Lord A: I hope you’re hungry for a feast tonight. I love a woman with a good appetite.

Lillian: I’ve brought my appetite, but will save room for plenty of dessert.

[ After the mixed salad with caper and olive vinaigrette, the veal saltimbocca was served as the 2nd course. 3rd course is fresh papparadelle pasta with a mushroom ragoût. ]

Lillian: Mmm… This mushroom ragoût is delicious.

Lord A: Lillian that’s French. Speak some more my tulip. Gougère. Croissant.

[ Kisses her arm passionately. ]

Lillian: Oh my lord, we are eating. There is plenty of that later on.

Lord A: Yes. More of that later.

Lillian: Compliments to the chef. This has been a wonderful meal so far.

Lord A: Yes. I will let Pierre know what a fine job he did with tonight’s dinner. This is a lovely night. Fine food. Fine wine. A beautiful gem sitting across from me.

Lillian: ~Blush ~ You’re such a charmer my lord. Mmm.. The pâte à choux are scrumptious.

Lord A: Lillian that’s French. Speak some more my bouquet of roses. Champs-Élysées. Musée du Louvre.

[ Kisses her arm passionately. ]

Lillian: My lord. No dessert until you finish your meal.

Lord A: Ah yes the meal. You know how aroused I get when you speak French.

Lillian: You’re not the only one aroused my lord.

[ Rubs her toe between his legs to feel a semi-excited bulge. ]

Lord A: Naughty naughty little devil you are. I think it’s time we have our massage.

Lillian: Yes we should. I need a good rub.

[ Lord A escorts her to the massage chamber where she is at one side of the wall and he is at another. They meet later in his private chamber in the hot tub. ]

Lord A: Come in. The water is fine.

Lillian: Oh it smells nice. The flowers are so beautiful.

[ Removes her bath robe and stands in front of Lord A for a few seconds before going into the hot tub. ]

Lord A: I know how much you like the Chamomile and Freesia.

Lillian: You’re so thoughtful my lord.

[ Rubs her hand from his chest to his jewels. ]

Lord A: Why don’t you turn around so I can give you a massage?

[ He sits behind her giving her a few good rubs on her shoulder and then gently rubs the soft bundle of joy in front making her moan. ]

Lillian: Ooooh… My lord, I would love it if your lips are there instead of your gentle hands.

Lord A: Well then, turn around and raise those beauties so I can show them how much I adore them.

Lillian: [ Turns around and Kurtköy Escort sticks her chest out for him to indulge on one at a time. ]

Ooooh… mmm… oooh…

Lord A: [ Slides his finger in between her gentle flower. ]

It sounds to me that you enjoy this.

[ Slides his finger inside moving it all around making her moan even more. ]

My wet finger tells me that you’re ready for more than kisses.

Lillian: Let me dry you off my lord.

[ She gets out of the hot tub to put on the bath robe. Grabs a towel as he gets out to be dried from top to bottom. After she has reached his feet, she kisses one of his legs. She goes higher and higher until her lips are on his jewels. He stands there feeling a tingling sensation. ]

Lord A: Let us go to a more comfortable spot.

[ He sits on the bed noticing a small bag for her clothes. ]

You didn’t bring much to change in.

Lillian: I’ve decided to pack light. The clothes are when we’re out of the private chamber. The rest of the time, I would like to wear nothing except my birthday suit. I know it’s your favorite and plan on spending most of my time here attending to your strong and hefty stallion my lord.

[ She removed her bath robe and knelt on the bed to show how much she enjoys French kissing his partner in crime. ]

Lord A: Oooooh… Yes. Ooooh… Right there. Don’t stop. I see that you’ve missed my stallion very very much. Oooohh… Oh…

Lillian: I love dessert and it sounds to me that you do too. What are you thinking about my lord?

[ Continues feasting on her dessert. ]

Lord A: I’m thinking of trying something different. You can be sure that there’ll be much moaning and screaming from you throughout the night. Ooohh… You can’t wait for me to fulfill you I see. Ooooohh…

[ He puts a blindfold on her and has her lay down on her front. Then he puts furry handcuffs on her. Each tied to the bed leaving her arms spread out. He proceeds to do the same with her ankles. Then brings her knees up to have her legs spread out and ties them in place. ]

Lillian: My lord, what are you doing?

Lord A: I’m tying the little devil up so she won’t be able to go any where. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you scream for hours.

[ Looks at her with a grin. ]

Lillian: You’re going to leave me in this position all night my lord?

Lord A: Why yes. How else could I punish the little devil for teasing me? If you do as I say, I may untie your knees so they can be in a position to buck for my relief. Does that sound good to you?

[ He grins as her face looks shocked, but doesn’t say anything. ]

Now have a little more dessert.

[ He kneels between her almost stretched out arms to let her indulge on his sweets. ]

Go ahead. Enjoy dessert.

[ She proceeds by taking all the softness into her mouth. ]


Lillian: I’ve never seen this side of you my lord. I can’t help myself to obey. Please fulfill me. I’m ready for your stallion to fulfill me.

[ She licks and kisses deep to make him very attentive. ]

Lord A: I will fulfill you when I’m ready. I don’t want you to speak a word unless I allow you to. You’re only allowed to moan, scream and whimper. Each word you say will have consequences. Is that understood my delicate cupcake?

[ She nods with her mouth full of dessert. He holds her head and slides in and out teasing her mouth. ]

Yes. Ooooohh… You enjoy your dessert, don’t you my sweet delight? Ooooohh… Lick the tip. Yes. Ooooohh… Now it’s time for you to be fulfilled.

[ He goes behind her noticing how wet she is. ]

Look at you. Your flower is begging for some hard attention.

[ He glides the tip of his tool of where her back door is down to the wet spot then taps her area making her moan. ]

You want this don’t you? You want all this hard attention in you.

[ He continues to tap his tip against her making her moan even more and very anxious. He pushes the tip in and then gives a big thrust to only go in 1/3 of the way. She screams. He pushes again to go in 2/3 of the way. She screams again and then once more to go all the way in. She screams again. He gives a few good pushes before he stays still as she moans.]

You’re as tight as I remember. I know you’ll get tighter through the night. But that won’t stop me from loosening you up.

[ He then slides slowing in and out of her without pulling all the way out. After sliding in and out slowly for a minute, he slides faster. ]

Lillian: ~ Screams ~ My lord no.

Lord A: Shhh… Not a word. For every word, I will slide in and out of you quickly 2x. Since that was 3 words, I’ll slide in and out 6x.

[ He slides quickly in and out 6x making her scream between Maltepe Escort each and then stays in all the way. She then moans and catches her breath. ]

You’re also not to be relieved until I allow you to. If you can’t hold it back then there’ll be consequences to that as well. Is that clear?

[ She nods her heads and moans. ]

You want to close your legs don’t you?

[ She moans and nods. ]

I prefer them wide open. It’s such a lovely view from back here.

[ He rubs her back up and down and then her sides. He has her lift up a bit to touch her soft, silky, sensitive bundle of joy. ]

I’ll get to you 2 beauties later. I love peaches. Right now, I would like to relieve myself deep inside your tight and wet spot that will be even more wet soon.

[ She moans consistently as he pushes against her soft cheeks until he’s relieved and stays in for a minute before pulling out. He then grabs 2 towels to put beneath her. ]

There’ll be a large puddle when I’m finished fulfilling you tonight. Your moaning is very arousing.

[ He tells her not to go any where before going to the next room to clean himself. He comes back to slide a slender toy in her back door making her moan and buck up and down a few times. ]

Oh, I see that you’re aroused by being fulfilled back there.

[ He turns it on to vibrate and she moans some more. She wanted to say something, but bit her lip knowing there would be consequences. Aroused by her moaning and enjoyment, he positions himself in front of her face allowing her to enjoy more dessert. ]

Your moaning tells me you’re wanting more of my sweets.

[ She takes it all in while moaning for relief. He turns the toy off to make her less excited. ]

Oooooh… You’ve always shown my partner a lot of affection. Ooohh… Yes the tip. Oooohh…

[ He goes behind her, inserts the tip in, makes a hard thrust only able to go in half way. She screams and he makes another hard push to go all the way in. She screams again and gives her a few hard push. ]

I love how you’re so tight and wet for me.

[ He releases her knees to allow her to buck easily. He turns on the vibrating toy making her buck wildly for relief. She moans and screams. Then he gives her a good hard push to stop her from bucking and turns it off. She whimpers as if in disappointment, but also relieved knowing she’s not allowed to be relieved unless he says so. He rubs his hands from her smooth cheeks down to her legs and whispers into her ear. ]

You’ve always enjoyed my banana and cream. I want to make sure you get your fill tonight. You can be sure I’ll try very hard to make you weak all over and melt in ecstasy.

Lillian: [ She moans hearing those words. ]

Lord A: You like that idea don’t you?

[ He rubs her smooth peaches and kisses her back. ]

You want me relieved don’t you?

[ She nods with her eyes closed and bites her lip. ]

I want you to earn my relief. Go on.

[ She stays in place not moving knowing she’s very close to her climax. ]

It looks like you need a little motivation.

[ He turns on the vibration making her wanting relief badly in which she can’t help herself from bucking. ]

Yes. Ooooohh… You just needed a little help.


[ She moans and whimpers thinking how much she wants relief, but can’t. ]

Lord A: Ooooohh…

[ He can feel her close to quivering. Then he holds her hips giving a few hard push making her climax. She shakes hard and screams at the top of her lungs. He stays in there for a moment and then pulls out. ]

Ahh… It looks like you couldn’t help yourself my delicate rose bud. You must suffer the consequences for shaking without my permission.

[ She breathes heavily trying to catch her breath. After 30 seconds he thrusts back into her gushing hot spot making her scream. She bites her lips trying not to say a word and turns her head from side to side indicating no.

But he continues to push against her in a steady motion to make her climax again. She does within a minute. Screaming loudly and gasping for air, he stays in feeling her lower body quivering.

Then he pulls out giving her time to catch her breath before he plunges in again into that lovely spot making her scream. He pushes hard and quickly to relieve himself. ]

Ahhhhh… Oooohh…

[ He stays inside her for a minute before pulling out. ]

Each time you relieve yourself without my permission, I’ll make you climax 2x or maybe 3x in a row. You may now speak freely.

Lillian: Oh my lord, you know how to stimulate me well. Words can’t describe how you make me feel my lord. I would like some time to clean myself up.

Lord A: Yes, we should take a small break. The night isn’t over yet. You’re still the little devil that needs to be penalyzed for teasing me earlier in the evening. I’ll keep the handcuffs on you.

[He unties her from the bed and has the 2 sets of handcuffs linked to one another. She gets off of the bed and he helps her to the bathing room.]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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