Tamara In Stockings Ch. 09

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Tamara in Stockings

Chapter Nine: Mistress Of Imagination

Tamara’s A level class had been interrupted by one of her students saying that he felt unwell. She told him to report to the admin office for treatment. He was a tall good looking eighteen year old and he appeared a little wobbly as he got to his feet so she accompanied him to the medical room. The medical room was next to the admin office but the admin office was empty. She guided the student into the room and sat him down.

She was wearing a short rust coloured pleated skirt, heeled brown knee-length boots, opaque dark brown stockings and a fine knit mustard top, with a long pale brown beaded necklace and matching dangling earrings. She cut a very desirable figure standing in front of Fraser, her little skirt just covering her stocking tops, as she questioned him about his symptoms. The student said something vague about being dizzy and having a headache. Just as she told him to wait while she went for help, the door opened and two of Frazer’s classmates entered the medical room.

It wasn’t a large room, about eight feet by ten. It was furnished with a basic plastic school chair, a medical examination table along one wall, a wheeled trolley, and some cupboards and a counter on another wall.

“What are you two doing here? You should be finishing the work I set. Never mind, now that you’re here make yourselves useful and keep an eye on Frazer while I find where the admin team has disappeared to.”

The three students exchanged knowing glances and, for the first time, Tamara felt uneasy, as though things were not all they seemed.

“Well come on, shift your great big carcasses and let me get through the door.”

She was aware of Frazer getting to his feet behind her, she felt his strong presence just before he wrapped his arms around her midriff. At the same time one of his friends stooped and gripped her booted legs and together they lifted her with ease onto the padded examination table whilst the other friend turned the latch to lock the door.

“Wait… What’s going on? Hey, put me down…”

“Gag her,” said Frazer, “quickly, shut her up.”

A large warm hand covered her mouth with a hard pressure before it was replaced by a length of adhesive bandage. She tried to scream but could only emit a muffled groan. They held her down on her back on the table, her shoulders and arms pinned down by Frazer and her legs held by the first friend. It had all happened very quickly and she’d had no time to think, but now she began to realise that she wouldn’t be able to prevent the rape that was about to take place.

“Hold her down for me,” said Frazer to his second friend.

Tamara tried to scream again.

“Shut the fuck up you slag, no one can hear you. You’re gonna get what you’ve been asking for for a long time. Flaunting yourself in front of us, parting your legs to show us your stocking tops and cunt, wearing tight skirts so that the outline of your suspenders show, pressing your tits into us, looking at us with that ‘I know you want to fuck me’ expression as you make us squeeze past you in the classroom doorway,” Frazer said all this as he unbuckled his belt.

By now Tamara had stopped struggling as she contemplated the charges laid against her. She knew she was guilty, even now she knew she was turning them on, with a ‘fuck me if you dare, but make sure you fuck me’ look in her eyes. Her skirt had ridden up to reveal the silky flesh at the top of her thighs, Frazer slipped the fingers of this right hand inside her pretty panty gusset and up inside her cunt.

“Fuck she’s wet”.

Tamara let out a low, muffled guttural moan.

“Fuck her Frazer,” said the second friend, “give it to her, look, the slut wants it.”

Frazer dropped his trousers and pants to reveal a hard, rather large cock. By now Tamara was hugely turned on, not least by her feeling of powerlessness as she was held down in the firm grip of Frazer’s friends. She didn’t want them to let go so she struggled a little as Frazer lowered himself onto her.

Strong hands held her in a vice-like grip as Frazer tore off her panties, spread her legs wide open and plunged his cock into her willing wet hole. He gave her a fierce fucking which only lasted for the sixty seconds that it took for her to groan her muffled orgasm into the room.

“The slag loves it,” laughed Frazer, “your turn now.”

He said this to the second friend who duly switched places with him. The second friend pulled out his moderately sized but very hard cock as he climbed onto Tamara and slipped himself inside her by now very wet come smeared vagina.

“That’s it fuck the bitch hard,” urged Frazer.

But the second friend shot his load in less than twenty seconds, not long enough for Tamara to come again, she hoped for better from the third of her assailants. He turned out to be another well endowed young man and he also had staying power. Frazer and the second friend looked on in admiration as he fucked Tamara for several Escort Şişli long minutes, making her come twice. Seeing how much she was enjoying being fucked, they relaxed their hold on her and she managed to pull the gag bandage from her mouth.

“Oh fuck me you gorgeous bastard,” gasped Tamara.

She wrapped her arms around the first friend’s shoulders and her booted and heeled legs around his midriff. In this position. She was able to thrust her pelvis into him and gain some control over the proceedings. She hammered against his big cock taking every rock hard inch into her warm wet cunt until he groaned long and loud as his orgasm burst forth. She came a third time in a long juddering orgasm that lingered with a satisfying warm glow in and around her pussy.

The three friends looked astonished and impressed at the same time. They’d expected to subdue Tamara and teach her a lesson but there was only one teacher in the room.

“What’s the matter boys, did your teacher made you all come? Well never mind, at least it wasn’t in your pants this time. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you all trying to look up my skirt underneath my desk,” she said in a sultry teasing voice.

She basked in the afterglow of her orgasm for a minute or so, then she removed her vibrator, got out of bed and into the shower. As she soaped her still hard nipples and pussy, feeling tiny aftershocks of her orgasm, she contemplated the rape fantasy, in which she had just indulged herself, with mixed feelings. She decided it was just that, a fantasy, her private fantasy that did no harm to anyone, including herself. She gave her clitoris one last soapy massage and enjoyed the radiant tingle that spread over her abdomen and down her legs.


It was late March 1999, the first week of the Easter holiday. Her thoughts switched to the evening that she would spend with Jack and Sheryl. She was looking forward to making love to Sheryl again. They had only managed a couple of quick gropes since the snowy weekend threesome in January: once in a cold, dimly lit pub car park; and, once in Sheryl’s office during an afternoon break. Tamara pictured Sheryl’s attractive face with her red hair and sexy blue eyes as she imagined kissing her passionately up against a wall in her tight skirt with her breasts heaving and straining at the buttons of her blouse. Then she imagined Sheryl’s mouth and lips wrapped around Jack’s hard cock.

But first, she had given herself a task to undertake. She was curious to know the details of Annie’s split from Daniel and just how friendly she had become with her sister in law, Daniel’s mother. Tamara was turned on at the thought of them fucking each other while she watched.

Tamara telephoned Mary for details of where Annie was living, she made her interest sound friendly and caring, which it was, but with decidedly erotic and incestuous overtones. She drove to Annie’s flat in town, she was out so she put a note through her door asking Annie to contact her. They met for lunch the next day, Tamara still feeling the effects of a long fucking at the hands of Jack and Sheryl the previous night.

Annie explained how it all started with Daniel in October 1994. She had been having a coffee with her sister in law at her house and needed the toilet. She would normally have used the downstairs loo but it was being redecorated so she went up to the main bathroom, it was locked and she could hear the shower running so she used the en-suite in the master bedroom. As she came back out onto the landing she was greeted by the sight of Daniel, completely naked, towelling his wet hair with his bedroom door wide open.

“I’m sure it was deliberate Tamara, he just stood there with a towel drying his hair with his huge cock swaying to and fro.”

Tamara’s pussy clenched and formed a damp patch on her panties.

“He made no attempt to cover up, he just fixed me with an ‘I know you want my cock’ look on his face. I went scarlet, mumbled an apology and dashed downstairs. I could feel my cheeks burning so I took a deep breath, tried to compose myself and rejoined Veronica in the lounge. She said I looked a little flushed and asked if I was okay. I pretended it was just that, a hot flush, I couldn’t tell her, his mother, what had just happened. My mind was in turmoil but I knew, at that moment, that my silence meant I would eventually end up impaled on his glorious cock.”

Tamara’s pussy tingled and her nipples began to harden.

“The following week he phoned me after school and asked me to meet him, he said it was important, of course I knew what was going on but I pretended to myself that it was innocent, perhaps he wanted to apologise for embarrassing me,” she said weakly.

Tamara listened intently, her arousal building by the second.

“We met in a pub where neither of us were known and I ended up straddling him in the back seat of my car in a gateway down a quiet county lane. Oh God Tamara, it was incredible, his cock just Sultangazi escort filled me and touched all of the places John could never reach. John hadn’t been near me in months anyway. I was hooked from that moment, completely seduced and infatuated. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself.”

Annie lifted her wine glass and appeared to drink to the memory.

“The following Friday, I told John there was a leaving do and I’d be late home. I took Daniel to the Travel Lodge on the edge of town, he booked a room and I sneaked in quietly.”

“Ha, I’ve been there and done that,” laughed Tamara.

“We spent five hours in bed, it was the best sex I’d ever had, well, before I met you anyway. John was asleep when I got home, I could hardly walk. After that, we fucked at the hotel every time he was home on shore leave. When I wasn’t with him I just couldn’t stop thinking about his penis.”

Tamara felt a tingling warmth in her pussy again.

“Veronica knew he chased mature women, she’s been telling me all about it in the past few weeks. She told me that when he was twenty one she’d caught him fucking her married forty something next door neighbour in the neighbour’s conservatory. She’d popped round to borrow some flour or something and there he was with her neighbour up against a wall, her skirt round her waist and her panties on the floor. Apparently, the combination of lust and panic on her face when she saw Veronica was priceless.”

“Veronica must have got a glimpse of his erect cock because she said to me ‘Annie, he’s huge, oh, but you know that don’t you.’ I said it hadn’t escaped my notice, we had a good laugh, it was therapeutic really and it’s helped Veronica and me to bond.”

“Anyway, he followed the conservatory escapade by fucking his way through the rest of her address book.”

By now Tamara was so aroused that she badly wanted to masturbate so she crossed her legs and momentarily used her elbow to put pressure on her pussy.

“Anyway, it all blew up just before Christmas. A golfing friend of John’s had seen me kissing Daniel when I dropped him off around the corner from his mum’s house. It was dark and I thought we wouldn’t be seen but it was a stupid mistake really. It was no use pretending that it was an affectionate embrace with my nephew when I’d got my tongue down his throat and he’d got his hand up my skirt.”

Tamara felt a trickle of juice seep into her panty gusset again.

“John’s creep of a friend got in touch and offered to forget what he had witnessed if I agreed to provide services for him. I told him to fuck off, I don’t regret it, he was an oily bastard. I hoped it had just been an idle threat but it wasn’t. John and his brother Malcolm, Daniel’s dad, were vicious and vitriolic, they called me a whore and plenty of other nasty names, John immediately filed for divorce and said he never wanted to lay eyes on me again.”

Annie trembled a little as she took another gulp of wine.

“Veronica was angry but I still sensed that she cared about me and I think she realised that it had been Daniel that had seduced me in the first place. So anyway, I went to Portsmouth with Daniel. It was a big mistake, he was screwing a mature navy doctor in her car outside our house on Christmas Eve. We’d been there less than a week.”

“I expected him to have a fling now and again and was prepared to put up with that but I didn’t expect him to be so blatant about it. He came up with some excuse about trying to encourage her into the house for a threesome. Maybe he was but I was angry and upset at being made a fool of after all we had been through. He disappeared on Boxing Day, I didn’t see him for two weeks, he’d gone to live with her and left me alone depressed and crying in his apartment.”

Annie fought back a tear and took another sip of her wine.

“I was desperate so I phoned Veronica, she was wonderful, she seemed to understand the hold he’d had over me and whilst she didn’t condone what I’d done I think she realised how besotted I’d become, she went out on a limb to support me. She sorted out a flat for me and is helping with the rent until I can get a job or a divorce settlement, whichever comes first.”

“She was horrified by the viciousness of Malcolm and John and now she’s divorcing Malcolm, apparently he thinks that I’m a whore who led his son astray and, after all, it’s only natural for a young man to fuck anything in sight.”


“Yeah, honestly, I know, it’s pre historic thinking but there you are, I’m glad I’m out of it. Veronica has taken me under her wing and is enabling me to feel some sort of redemption, we’ve become very close.”

“How close?” Smirked Tamara

“Not that close you dirty cow,” laughed a flushed looking Annie.

Tamara gave a soft chuckle, “Would you like to be?”

“Okay, you win, I’m not going to pretend with you, I’ve always thought her attractive, she’s charismatic like Daniel, perhaps that’s why she has such an insight into Taksim escort bayan how he had such a hold on me.”


“Well, since you awakened my sexual interest in women I have seen her in a new light.”

“Have you had sex with any other women?”

“No but almost all of my masturbation fantasies are about women now.”


“Don’t make me say it Tamara.”

“Go on who do you think about when your vibrator gets you off?”

“You of course, and various attractive actresses, athletes and tv presenters.”

“And Veronica?”


“Well, do you? Would you like to go to bed with her?”

There was a long pause…

“Annie, it’s a yes or a no.”

“Yes,” said a sheepish looking Annie as she stared down at the remains of her dessert.

“Do you think she knows that you’re falling for her?”

“I don’t know, we’ve become more affectionate with each other than we ever were but there’s been nothing overt.”

“And how does this new found affection manifest itself?”

“Well, she’s much more physically intimate, she holds my hand when I’m upset and she hugs me and kisses me mostly on the cheek but a couple of times lately she’s kissed me on the lips, just a peck but it gave me a pleasant tingle you know where? When she hugs me it’s almost a clinch and it lasts just a little longer each time, she places a hand just below the small of my back, resting on the top of my bottom, she pulls me in to her and puts her warm lips into my neck.”

“My God Annie, she’s coming on to you.”

“Is she?”

“Yes for god’s sake. How long is it since anyone but your vibrator fucked you?”

“Almost three months.”

“Come to bed with me now and we’ll work out a plan to get Veronica munching on your pussy.”

The two attractive women paid their restaurant bill and several pairs of eyes admired their graceful, sexy, high heeled progress to the exit. None of them could have known that they were about to get into bed with each other for the rest of the afternoon.

After a delightful, slow sensuous session with Annie, Tamara set out her plan for the seduction of Veronica. She told Annie to ask Veronica to go out for a meal with her and Tamara on Friday evening knowing Jack would jump at the opportunity of another night away with Sheryl. Tamara had met Veronica a couple of times years ago at parents’ evenings and she liked her boldness and sense of humour. She said she would drive because wanted to get Veronica and Annie relaxed and uninhibited by plying them with wine.

Tamara would get Veronica talking about sexual desire and her experiences. She would eventually steer the conversation round to sex with women. She’d describe some of her experiences, then confess to fucking Annie before kissing her passionately and inviting Veronica to watch or join in.

“That’s a rough plan but we’ll play it by ear, but you must be ready to seduce her, it’s no good being bashful Annie.”

“Oh God, do you think it will work?”

“If it doesn’t, I’ll be your consolation prize.”

Annie hugged her and kissed her affectionately on the cheek.

“You’ll do anytime Tamara, now I’m back in the area we must do this more often.”

“You’re falling in love with your sister in law Annie, I don’t think I’ll get much of a look in from now on.”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from you Tamara it’s that it’s possible to be in love with someone and to make love others at the same time?”

With that she got out of bed and got dressed hurriedly before Jack came home, she felt it impolite to be caught unexpectedly in bed with his partner.

As Annie left Tamara’s parting words were, “Impress on Veronica that we’re having a girls night out on the pull so she must get dressed to tease and have a good time. Just don’t tell her that it’s her that’s going to be pulled.”


Friday evening arrived, Jack watched Tamara getting ready to go out. He was delighted to be having his prick tantalised by Tamara before ensuring that Sheryl benefitted from the teasing. Tamara, dark hair immaculate and seductively tucked behind one ear, dangling black and gold earrings in place, sat at her dressing table in her black bra, panties and six strap suspender belt with nude stockings. She finished applying her scarlet lipstick, rose from her seat and wiggled into her new red wiggle dress that hugged her gorgeous curves and finished just above the knee in a tight pencil cut.

Her arse looked perfectly sumptuous and her thighs stretched the tight material just enough but not too much. If Jack looked very hard in the right light, he could just see the tell tale signs of suspender clips through the red material. The dress accentuated her slim waist and swathed her breasts to perfection. She looked stunningly sexy as she stepped into her black five inch stilettos. Her sparkling hazel eyes flashed a dazzling look in Jack’s direction and he was completely smitten. His erection bulged in his trousers as she turned from the full length mirror and flirted with him.

“Well lover boy, will I do.”

“Yes, fuck yes, you gorgeous sexy woman. I’ll call Sheryl and say I’m going to be late.”

“Oh no you don’t, I’m leaving now, if you want to savour the moment it’ll have to be at your own hand, wish me luck.”

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