Tamed Pt. 10: Animals

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Getting feedback motivates me to write more. So, if you have any thoughts or constructive criticism, please feel free to get in contact! This one is more of a build up by the way, I enjoy writing them, no clue if readers actually enjoy the lack of sex in some parts.

The Blooming Rose was certainly not a place which I ever thought I would be. A place where lecherous people found each other for cheap one-night stands, a place where the drinks costed more than a month’s rent…Not to mention the bass boosted droning of the music that made my ears hurt. I could barely hear Alanah giggling and greeting familiar faces she had seen in the past.

In the short distance we walked I saw the familiar face of Mrs. Mendoza. And as usual, she looked like a fine painting. Her light makeup dusted across her youthful face, the deep eye shadow that resembled both Claire and my Step-sister. Yet, clearly her dress was the main attraction; even now I was sensing a theme of women’s fashion being that of tight dresses that showed cleavage, and skirts running high up the leg to show thigh. Mrs. Mendoza’s was more of a cotton fabric, rather than the elastic synthetic Alanah had clinging to her perfect curves. I couldn’t help but blush when we locked eyes, and saw that dimpled smile. She looked beautiful.

She was surrounded by my classmates, some of which had already noticed the three of us approach. The looks on their faces turned from enjoyment to surprised shock as they saw me sandwiched between my girls. I noticed the girls looking at me more than my angel on my right, and the devil on my left. The men were a different story, some looked impressed, those that, when I was forced to talk, got along well with. Others, like the cohort of jocks, started to talk among themselves regarding my two girls. I felt my heart sink as Chad emerged from a corner, moving away from the uncomfortable looking female stranger whom he had started to chat up. He took a long gulp of his drink before giving Claire and my Step-Sister a suggestive look, and his friend beside him, eyeing them with the same sexual hunger.

“This was a mistake… There’s no way they think we’re all together, they’ll think you pity fuck me or something.” I say to the both of them, loud enough for them to hear my fears. Perspiration formed on my palms that balled into nervous fists.

Claire leaned up against my shoulder, her eyes looking over the gathering of people in front of her. A slightly smile passed on her lips as she whispered softly into my ear. “They may think that, but we’ll make them think the opposite. Just be that animal you are with us at home baby…” Her words were quick before she relaxed back to my side, pushing her hip out slightly to help draw focus to her impressive curves.

“We were starting to think you wouldn’t come!” Mrs. Mendoza beamed as we reached the circular booth which the professor sat like she was the head of the family. There was enough space for the three of us to sit, Alanah slipped in first, closest to Mrs. Mendoza, Claire pushed me in second, as she brought up the rear. “And who are your friends? I just love your outfits!”

Alanah shot my teacher, and the small mix of girls and guys sitting around the table a bubbly smile. She tossed her head to the side, making her silky dark orange hair to flourish out before resting behind her almost completely bare shoulders she started to talk with the familiar giddiness that I had grown to adore. “We’re his girlfriends! I’m Alanah, we live together…And the brooding one is Claire!” She thankfully neglected to mention our relation, that of being my Step-sister…Even though we were not related by blood, I felt it would cause a stigma. She flashed an even bigger smile, she did a little bounce in the soft red seat, causing her braless boobs to bounce with her; the energy she brought already started to liven up the people around us.

The teacher leaned back in her seat, sipping a long glass of bright pink liquid. One eyebrow rose while she pressed her full lips of the glass, darting her eyes across the threesome that was Alanah, Claire and I. “Girlfriends?” She said questionably as she lowered her glass “I didn’t think you would be the type to have such a… unique relationship.” She looked over at me, the corners of her lips twitching up slightly. I showed a meek smile in response, feeling a little less tense as Claire casually guided my hand to rest on her bare knees.

My Step-sister reached out and rested her hand on Mrs. Mendoza’s lap, continuing to dominate the conversation. “You must be his lovely teacher! No wonder it’s hard to keep him away from class! You’re very pretty.” Watching in wonder, I noticed her eyes going up and down her figure, she and Claire had to concede some ground that there were other good-looking women at this gathering. She pouted her full, glossed lips, shifting her body toward me, pressing one of her smooth, biceps against her bulging tits. “Is this why your grades are so good doeda babe? Have you been unfaithful?”

Mrs. Mendoza blushed and chucked bashfully, playfully brushing it off “Oh I like you already!” She brushed Alanah from her lap and matched my flame haired goddess’ bubbly aura with a flick of her hard hair.

I could still feel people’s eyes on me as they conversed with each other, clinging to Claire with my hand on her inner thigh I slowly start to feel a little more at ease with the eyes of my classmates, the music becoming more lighter around this area.

There was a sudden looming shadow that emerged behind us. The hulking man leant forward between Alanah and I, turning toward her with an air of confidence. He wore the tightest white shirt I had ever seen, clinging to his bulging muscle the same way their dresses clung to their curves.

It was Chad.

“Hey cutie…Want a drink? I’ll pay of course.” He grinned with an air of arrogance, one that made the other classmates roll their eyes. He sealed his play with a wink…Now I knew that he and Brad had already called dibs on the each of you.

Alanah turned her attention to him, pouting softly as one thin brow rose above her bright aquamarine eyes. She gave him a quick examination; I figured this was common for her, to size up the instigator to see if he was worth her time…My heart sank as I saw her give him a flirty bite of her bottom lip and a suggestive wink. “Of course…I’m never one to turn down a free drink…Sex on the Beach, and make sure there’s an extra orange slice. Claire?” She leant forward, pressing her huge breasts against the circular table to catch the raven-haired woman’s eyes.

She retorted with an unamused brow raise and a tilt of her head to one side. “Black Magic. Extra lime juice. If I don’t like it ill dump it all over that tacky white shirt.” Her tone was cold, eyes staring blankly at the jock as they dug holes into his well chiselled face.

He looked at my Step-sister and smiled that lady killer smile; popping his pecs to show off to her as he nodded. “Anything for you baby. Listen, you two wanna come hang with me and a few of the guys? I’m sure you’d prefer a real man to accompany you tonight.” He looked at me and shot me an arrogant smile, one that told me that he knew Alanah and Claire weren’t going out with me anymore. A fire burned inside me, for him, and the way Alanah acted toward him, barely ten minutes in the club and she was already thinking of other men…

He retreated back, letting his lusty eyes linger on Alanah’s bulging cleavage. He gave her no time to respond, the eagerness to please my two girls had made him want to get them away from me as soon as possible. I averted my gaze from Alanah, shifting away from her slightly as the others around us conversed among themselves. She reacted with a frown, reaching her small hand forward to rest on my thigh. “Bro… I’m just playing him for a free drink. You really think I’m going to let Claire have you all to herself tonight?”

“It looked pretty real to me.” I replied, trying to ignore the erotic chemicals rocket up my legs in reaction to her simple touch. She rolled her eyes at me and shook her head, causing her shimmering flame hair to sway.

“I’m a good actor obviously. I’ve been clubbing for years babe I know how to fake interest to get freebies. Claire does it all the time too.” Claire replied with a simple nod.

Mrs. Mendoza sighed and hooked a long silky leg over the other, turning to Alanah, diffusing situations like this was her forte. “So… I just HAVE to know how one of my best students meet such a lovely girl…And of course…His other lovely girl.” That caught Claire’s attention, as it did with the other students around the table, talking in agreement. They too wanted to know.

“Oh well it’s not Romeo and Juliette. My last roomie was this egotistical…asshole. He treated me bad, I was like a slave there if I’m honest. Whenever I tried to study, or just have some ‘me time’ he would barge in and make me cook him some sort of healthy meal, or go as far as to make me wash his bedsheets after one of his countless conquests.” She shot me a look, one that seemed apologetic.

“That sounds terrible…He sounds like a total asshole!” Cassidy Jones said with a scoff.

“Yeah…Well I was…. I mean he was…” I spotted the blush form over her cheeks. “But I left. I had to, it was toxic, you know? So, I stayed with Claire for a while and eventually found a place. This dweeb. So… Yeah, I moved in; and after a few weeks…well…” She rolled her eyes back toward me, she nudged my shoulder and allowed the audience to understand what she meant. A few sounds of acknowledgement slipped out of their mouths. She was trying hard not to run her hand up from my leg toward my crotch, I could feel the tremble in her fingers.

“That’s a sweet story. He was your knight in shining armour!” Mrs. Mendoza rested her chin on her hand as she swirled her paper eş değiştirmeli porno straw around her half consumed pink drink. “And what about you Claire?”

She shrugged, moving forward on her seat, her matte lips press tightly together before she spoke. “This slut wanted to spice things up in the bedroom and practically begged me to join in one night.”

There were candid laughs whilst Alanah scoffed. “As if. I can show you the text chain, it wasn’t me who was doing the begging.” The competition the girls were having had started to seep through more; seeing Alanah give Claire a sassy look was enough for Mrs. Mendoza to laugh.

“You guys are something else. You must have a gift for attracting such characters.” My teacher smirked at me.

“Yeah…A nice, big…tasty gift.” Alanah muttered.

At that moment, a familiar shadow loomed over the flame haired goddess, the jock was back, holding one orange drink in a fancy glass in one hand, and the deep black cocktail in a martini glass in the other. He moved back to the same position, breaking the contact between my Step-sister and I. He placed the drinks on the table in front of them both. “So, did I tell you I’m on the football team? I won us the interstate cup last month, Brad will tell you more, he’s the other player in our group. Why don’t you gals come over and sit on us…I mean with us.”

His target let out a small gasp, pushing her hand up to her full lips with an overexaggerated reaction. “Oh? Yes, that is really impressive. But I’m sure your girlfriend would be equally impressed.” She spoke with such innocence; it was almost scary how she could change the tone of her voice without a second to prepare. She took the drink and brought it to her lips, curling one thick thigh over the other to make her dress ride dangerously high up her legs. She took a sip and placed it back on the table with a clink. The rim of the glass had a distinct colour of her lipstick imprinted onto it.

“Let’s say there’s a long line of women to get mine and Brad’s number baby. I’m giving you a free pass.” He boasted firmly. Without warning he got close to her, closer than I was comfortable with. I went to say something, but Claire stopped me by pressing her hand firmly against my cock, tightly squeezing it that made me groan.

Claire felt the anger I felt toward the shark and rubbed her leg against me. “Alanah knows what she’s doing. Just relax and grab my ass. It’s missing your hand.” As she arched her back forward to take her bitter drink she allowed me more than enough space to reach down and slip my hand under the back of her backless dress to squash it against one of her burning red ass cheeks which my vicious spankings had given her earlier in the night. Claire wiggled down onto my hand, holding back a moan as my fingers pushed against her burned skin. Having to close her eyes for a moment to concentrate. My classmates were all too focused on the situation with Alanah and Chad.

“I have a car too…If you want, I can take you for a ride later. Then maybe you can do a different kind of riding when this retard’s gone home alone to jerk his limp dick to the thought of his soon to be ex-girlfriend fucking a REAL man.”

Mrs. Mendoza gasped, scowling as she rose from her seat. Alanah closed her eyes with annoyance. She looked up at Chad. A fury hidden behind her gorgeous eyes. “I’ll be going for lots of rides tonight. And it won’t be with you. It’ll be with my *Boyfriend* not some showboating asshat who is clearly compensating for his micro penis by putting real men down. He doesn’t need to be built, or have a car. All he has to do is kiss me and I’m his. So please. Take the hint and leave me to my new friends.”

Chad growled. muscles flexing. “I knew you were just a fucking whore. He’s clearly paying you two a shit ton just to sit with him all night. Bet those tits are fake too, don’t even need to look to see your as plastic as a doll.” His fists balled up, yet Alanah impressively stared into his eyes and met his anger with a content smirk.

“Hey, leave her-” I started, only to be cut off by Mrs. Mendoza.

“Chad if you even think about insulting her again you can kiss your scholarship goodbye. No one talks to a woman like that, especially such a sweet girl like Alanah.”

In the chaos, I felt Claire move her hand from my penis for just an instant; It was only for a second, but I could have sword Claire reached toward Chad’s pocket with a piece of paper in her hand…

Chad felt it too. As his eyes locked on the goth. He scoffed, shaking his head as he admitted defeat. “Fine. Whatever.” he said before leaving the group. Claire cleared her throat, taking a sip of her drink before patting my knee.

“Can we go somewhere quiet babe? I wanna talk for a sec.”


“What’s up?” I asked, stepping into a small corner of the club where the music and the lights did not manage to reach. We had moved quite far from the large genç porno cohort of classmates, now he hung around where the strangers drank and danced the night away to the thumping sounds of remixed pop songs.

“Kiss me.” She said, simple, without and need to plead or beg. She quickly pushed herself onto me, raising one of her bare legs up to my hips. The movement caused her latex dress to strain heavily over her spectacularly large behind. I held it up by clutching her thigh as I kissed her without hesitation. The masochist moaned in my mouth, greeting my mouth with her tongue. The sounds of our smacking lips filled the quieter space around us. I started to explore her toned back, running my fingers up and down her spine and waist; Claire was hungry, pushing her body onto me. Breaking the kiss for a moment she darted her eyes from my lips and my eyes.

“I want to see the animal come out. Right here right now. You need to show those fuckboys that when we get back to collect ‘Lana, we’re leaving ‘cos you want to fuck us. Hard, fast, drown us in all that cum that I can feel inside me.” She bit her matte lips, slithering her tongue out to tease my lips with short, tantalising licks. “And I’m going to have a special surprise for you too. Trust me daddy, after tonight no one is gonna look at you without seeing an alpha male.” She gave me a guttural chuckle, and proceeded to give me hard kisses over my bearded jawline.

“Does that have anything to do with that paper you slipped into Chad’s pocket?” I asked with a raised brow, shifting my weight to allow my throbbing semi to breathe.

“Yes. And to be honest with you, I only like clubs to take some pent-up man home and let him take all his sexual frustrations out on my body. ‘Lana likes the dancing, the drinking, all the socialising. Now shut the fuck up and own me.”

I pulled Claire into me, kissing her again, this time with me taking control. I pulled the skirt of her latex minidress up and over her bare ass, immediately giving it attention by groping each cheek in one hand. She groaned with pleasure as her mouth wrapped around my tongue and started to suck on it. Pre cum leaked from me, sticking to the inside of my trousers and my hairy legs. Claire felt it on her legs, her starting to grind herself on it showed she did. The animal was building up inside me, it called to me like a whisper in the night. I roughly tugged one of her thick, jiggly ass cheeks aside, and slithered a finger between them to puncture her asshole. She let out a desperate moan. “Oh godddd yes…Yes….finger my asshole daddy.” She called out, trying so hard to stifle moans as I added another finger.

The masochist arched forward again, holding herself up by gripping the collar of my shirt, the one leg placed firmly on the cold ground wobbled as I finger fucked her ass, pressing her face against the nape of my neck. “God your no panties rule rocks.” She said with a grin. “Just a little longer, before we get caught…Take us home…Fuck, take us home and break us.”

“Fine. Just tell me, what is your plan?” I asked with that familiar air of confidence. Claire looked up and smirked, shrugging before leaning up on her high heels to whisper into my ear.


Alanah sat on one side of the booth, chatting pleasantly to my classmates regarding all sorts of topics; Alanah’s diet and workout regime was extensively spoken about, for her it was only confirmation that she was the hottest girl there. She figured giving the guys a little bit of a show wouldn’t hurt anyone; that was why she sat tilted forward, her elbows resting on the table on either side of her cocktail. Her large tits pressed hard against the cold table; the bulging cleavage pointed directly at the students so anyone in front of her could see straight down her cleavage. The constant grin on her face made the guys blush, she had always found it hard to keep up a normal conversation with an average guy. Today was certainly no different.

“Mind if I sit?” A voice called out over the music. Alanah tilted her head toward the sound, seeing a pretty Asian girl clad in a blue tube top and black pencil skirt. Her hair was straight and a shiny jet black, and her makeup was well made, almost as good as hers.

“Of course. I don’t know where my boyfriend went, or Claire. You’re Hana, right?” She grinned. Finally face to face with the girl I regularly perved over before. Hana slipped into the seat close by Alanah, she regarded her pure white dress that glowed under the lights of the club.

“Yeah, I guess you and that other girl aren’t the only women the class is talking about.”

Alanah giggled and tapped her cheek softly. “No, with such a cute outfit I’m sure those fuckboys have been all over you.”

“Aw thank you. I love your dress. I’m always too scared to wear white, you know how it shows everything, but you just SLAY it girl…And don’t even get me started on those guys, I must have turned them all down twice over by now.” She grinned in a friendly way.

Alanah was confused. She pictured Hana to be a bitch. Someone who didn’t care about my feelings, someone who knew that a guy liked her and used it to do whatever she wanted him to do. Yet here she was, acting like a fun-loving young woman, as friendly as anything.

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