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There are times when lovers need to reconnect.

There are times when sexual chemistry and communication require a little tweaking.

There are also times when love and lust are not quite enough.

They sat facing each other in a darkened room, both naked fresh from showers. Barely audible music played as they closed their eyes and breathed, just the simple act of breathing and hearing each other breath.

They relaxed and sought mutual awareness, the touch of auras preceding any physical contact. Opening their senses, their awareness, their emotions – to the present moment and experiencing each other’s reality.

They shared the things they like about each other, it began with the physical and evolved.

“I like your hips, especially when you lie on your side, naked.”

– “I like the strength of your arms.”

“I like the taste of your vagina.”

– “I like your feminine side.”

“I like your humour.”

– “I like your resilience.”

“I like the way you say my name as you orgasm.”

– “I like the way you read my body.”

“I love the sound…”

– “I love the smell… “

They touched, holding hands at first and kept on talking, remembering. Then they stopped talking.

They then touched the parts of each other that they thought were most erogenous but avoided the most obvious. Where they each began to tingle and yearn.

He stroked her hair, brushing his fingers through her lustrous auburn locks and massaging her scalp.

She held his strong muscular arms.

He stroked her face.

She scratched Pendik Escort his chest.

On they went touching and holding, caressing, touching every part of each other but avoiding each other’s genitalia. Sharing at times their feelings or engaging silently and gently. They moved on to use scented oils, anointing their bodies and bringing more senses into play. They lit candles and lay beside each other opening their bodies up to the slick caresses and watching the candle light flicker across gleaming bodies. They kissed, tentatively at first then deeply and passionately.

She moved it on a step first as she blindfolded him, a soft silky material that seemed to float across his eyes.

She bound him. She scratched as much skin as she could access from the position they were in.

She kissed his body, nipping the skin occasionally. Then she lightly whipped him with a scarf and gradually changed items to increase the severity of the sensation, vowing not to stop until he asked her to and they switched roles. She was amazed by his strength and fortitude. When finally asked to swap he had a lot of red marks on various parts of his body.

Sitting beside her after being released he used a range of items to bring her skin alive: a feather, a brush, a comb, a light tapping with a silken whip.

Music, scented oils, the taste of lips all contributed as he continued to kiss and oil skin.

He gently bound her wrists above her head and kissed her body. Butterfly kisses rained down upon her neck, her sides, her stomach and her legs. Kurtköy Escort He rolled her over and kissed her neck, back, bum and legs.

Time. They never seem to have enough time.

This time they gave to each other increased the desire they felt. She was wet and was imagining how he would taste her, stroke her and bring her to an orgasm that would shake both worlds. She had brought herself to orgasm before today with just the power of imagination and some excellent muscle control, today would be a good day for mind and body sex. He was straining to prevent his body’s natural inclination when aroused, which was to bury his cock in a willing orifice.

She dragged her nails along the length of his cock. That first touch of genitals was the sign for an escalation of their actions.

He used the tips of his fingers and occasionally a small vibrator on the skin at the join of her legs, moving in slow gentle sweeps barely touching her labia but ensuring some contact. She dug her nails into his scrotum and cock.

The pressure of the vibrator increased gradually as it more accurately targeted places in her vagina and her clit.

She held the back of his head and guided him between her legs, spreading them wide to allow access and feeling how thoroughly wet she was. He licked her pussy as he held the vibrator to her clit. She ground herself into his face. He moved his mouth up and the vibrator down.

She whispered his name as an orgasm overwhelmed her. He lapped at her pussy as she continued to roll across the peaks and troughs of Maltepe Escort what was either a continuous orgasm or lots of smaller orgasms bundled up with an educated tongue.

As she rolled onto her side he removed the restraints, spooned her, slid his hard cock between her legs and rubbed it along her moist lips, not yet entering her but ensuring his cock continued the work his tongue and the vibrator had started. With a glint in his eye he placed the vibrator on her clit, she reached down to adjust it so it sat just where she wanted as he continued to slide back and forth. She gasped his name again as another orgasm had her thrust back and grind her arse into him.

His cock was slick with the juice of their love, lust and desperation. She reached behind and grabbed his hardness guiding it into her, the backward thrust she gave was harder than anything he would have attempted for the first entry but it was enough to remove all the restraint he had demonstrated so far. He matched her movements, there wasn’t going to be an extended session because she orgasmed almost immediately.

Then she stopped him! Concern shattered his lust momentarily until she manoeuvred herself so his cock was hard against her anus, then she squirmed down in a massively erotic movement.

He had never succumbed to premature ejaculation before, but there’s always a first time. The very tip of his cock had entered her when he groaned, shuddered and covered her arse in semen. With the extra lubricant his cock was slipping into her arse as they both relished the playful kinkiness they were experiencing. He had just managed to get the head of his cock in when she orgasmed again and her muscles contracted, popping him out unceremoniously.

The perfect ending to a beautiful session was the shared laughter that broke the stunned silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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