Tanya 3.1.2: Stepmother Duties

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A neighbor, Mrs. Agrawal, had complained to Tanya about Chandni having a boy friend a couple weeks ago. Tanya had not only told the lady to mind her own business unequivocally but also made fun of her narrow-mindedness.

Tanya hence could not link to it, when Chandni told her, “I am in trouble Mummy!”

“What did you do now?”

“Mrs. Agrawal went and complained about my Bf to my school.”

“What?! She didn’t stop after I almost slapped her that day?”

“No. And my school doesn’t allow us to have any romantic relationships”


“Did you not read the guardians’ guidelines before enrolling me? Tomorrow I will get caned. And you have to be present too. They may give me a TC. Or you will have to suffer a caning too.”

“I will get caned? Because you have a Bf?”

“Yes. Did you really not even look at the guidelines? The school is permitted to punish the students and the female guardians.”

“I hated you at that time. I mean Jimmy put you in that school. I didn’t even care.”

“Then you deserve the caning for being such a negligent mother.”

Tanya couldn’t contest that. When Jimmy put Chandni in the special school, she couldn’t care less. Now the chickens have come to roost. She remembered it was at the same age that she got her mother caned at her school. For a far worse offense: caught helping to cheat.

The next day, Tanya and Chandni went to meet the Principal. Also present was the boy, Pritam and his mother. His foster mother, in fact. Also their class teacher, Ms. Sen. All of them looked downcast. Tanya remembered being not too polite to the Principal the last time they met. It was when she had accused the Principal of allowing the boys to abuse Chandni. The Principal had to punish not just the boys, but also their mothers and the teacher. Now he was gloating at the chance to pay back Tanya.

“It has come to my attention that Chandni and Pritam has got involved romantically. As a school for ‘problem teenagers’ that is strictly forbidden. They will be punished with Corporal punishment. Then both of them will be given a TC, which will brand them as ‘incorrigible’. I think that should be good enough to stop them from attending any school. The only way that would be prevented is if the mothers take the same punishment and also sign a contract that they will monitor the children not to allow any further transgressions. Also Ms. Sen, since you were aware of the situation but decided to keep mum, you will be suspended indefinitely. Again you can accept physical punishment as an alternative.” The Principal told them.

“What do you mean by corporal punishment?” Pritam’s foster mom asked.

“A 5 minute spanking over my knee. On bared bottom. Then a dozen strappings bent across the desk, naked below waist. And finally a caning, in the nude. Again 12 strokes.” The Principal answered drily. “You have to maintain the position throughout and remain silent. Any misbehavior during the application of the chastisement will result in penalty strokes, starting from one but doubling subsequently.”

Tanya had pre-decided she will take any punishment that would be met out to her. Ms Sen and Pritam’s mother too had no choice. They had all agreed to the school’s rules, which were legally binding. Their generation which has grown up with regular physical punishments at home and school, it was an easy choice between a spanking and ruining their or their children’s career.

When all had agreed to the rulings, the Principal ordered them to kneel down in the corner holding their ears. The Principal took his time choosing the strap and the cane. He laid them down on his desk.

“Come here Chandni. I will start with you.”

Chandni went and layed down on the Principal’s lap. She was a big breasted tall girl and it looked comical as she draped herself across the man’s lap. He positioned her until her feet just touched the ground and her rump was obscenely jutting up in his face. She struggled balancing herself on her hands. The Principal flipped open her uniform skirt and pulled down her panties to her knees. That ensured it would be tough for her to move her legs.

Being dark and muscular, she looked like a statue chiselled out of basalt. The Principal took in the view of ample acreage of female behind in front of him and set to his task. He gaziantep escort bayan had regularly exercised arms and rough and hard hands. Chandni was soon wimping as the pain built up in her buttocks. But he wasn’t having an easy time either, hitting the girl repeatedly was paining his hand too. He then switched to using a hard wooden hairbrush. The difference was palpable as Chandni gasped with every shot. By the time he finished, her buttocks were thoroughly and nicely reddened. Even her breasts ached from hanging at an awkward angle and her arms were fatigued from keeping her heavy body in position.

“Go and kneel down. Keep the skirt as it is.” The Principal instructed, pinning the hem of her skirt into the waist band. “Pritam, take off your trousers and pull your boxers down to your knees. Then get across my lap.”

Pritam silently followed. He was feeling most embarrassed showing his genitals to all the women, especially when humiliation had shriveled it. On the other hand the Principal had got a hard-on from his power trip and it was poking Pritam in his stomach. Pritam laid, straining to keep quite while the Principal blistered his ass with the hairbrush. He didn’t even spare his soft inner thighs and the back of the thighs. He will have trouble sitting down for a week just like the others. He whimpered from the pain, struggling to maintain his composure. Afterall, mard ko kavi dard nehi hota. (True Men never feel pain = Men don’t cry).

Next in line was Ms Sen. She was the youngest teacher in the school, at 25. Barely out of college, she was still spanked at home by her strict father. She had joined the school because how high it paid, but regretted not going through its conservative policies more thoroughly. She was aware of the budding relationship between her students but had not thought much of it. She rued not being more strict. Now it was her ass that was on fire from the Principal’s spanking. She had to take off her churidar bottoms before laying down on the Principal’s lap. He then pulled down her panties to her knees and flipped up the kurti to bare her buttocks. The hard wooden hairbrush left her ass tanned red and blistered. Her soft white skin was easily marked. She then had to take her position beside her two students, all of them sporting red ass cheeks.

Mrs. Mishra, Pritam’s mother, had made the mistake of wearing a saree. She had to strip off the saree and the petticoat before going OTK, and then the Principal pulled down her panties before reddening her ass thoroughly. At the end of the round, she was mostly naked with only the bra and blouse to cover her breasts. She was naked below mid-riff and that too her blouse exposed her cleavage and bare back. Tanya was in tee and denims, so she just had to take off her denims.

The five were kneeling in a line, their red chastised buttocks exposed. Tanya and Pritam had chocolate brown complexion, Chandni was black, Ms Sen and Mrs Mishra were fairer but all their buttocks looked reddish from the hard hairbrush treatment. Also their genitals were exposed. Tanya was shaved clean, Chandni cropped her pubic hairs short, but the others sported the full bush. Pritam’s dick and balls were shriveled from this undesired and humiliating exposure.

“OK. Now it’s time for the strapping. First, Tanya and Chandni, lay across my desk side by side. Hold the other end of the table tightly as breaking position will be worth penalties.”

Mother and daughter lay down side by side. They were naked below waist, Chandni’s skirt and their panties joining Tanya’s denims in the growing heap of discarded clothes. The Principal came and stood behind them, the thick and broad leather strap looking fearsome. He swung it with full force on Tanya’s bottom; it made a cracking sound as it crashed against her buttocks. Tanya’s knuckles turned white at the unexpected ferocity of the stroke. At the very next moment the leather visited her daughter’s buttocks. Chandni unlike Tanya was inexperienced in being strapped and the pain made her jump up clutching her bottom.

“One penalty stroke!” the Principal declared with glee.

Alternatively the Principal whipped the mother and daughter, each a dozen times. Tears rolled down their cheeks opulently half-way through but they maintained their place. Their knuckles were white by the gaziantep escort ilanları end and palms red with the strain of holding onto the edge of the desk. They were sobbing but kept their cries muted in the fear of penalty strokes. As it was, the beating was severe enough. Their buttocks were blistered to deep dark crimson from the waist to the upper thighs. Sitting down would be an ordeal for weeks to come.

The others were already crying by the time the Principal was finished with his first two victims. The severeness of the chastisement had struck deep fear in their hearts. When the Principal called Ms Sen to take her place across the table, she felt her legs were heavy as lead. She somehow dragged herself to the table, taking off everything except her bra.

But she was shorter than Tanya and Chandni. Her hands couldn’t reach the far end of the table. Unexpectedly the Principal grabbed her by the crotch and put her on top of the table. She lay there, her legs dangling in the air. She deeply resented a man had touched her so inappropriately but fear of the strapping was greater than her shame. And she was right to fear it. The Principal encouraged by the effect it was having on his cock, started hitting her with violent ferocity. Her breasts heaved with sobs as the cruel leather instrument showered its pain upon her milky white buttocks. Soon it was tanned deep red. Her legs were flying in every direction and it even hit the Principal once. She was quickly repaid for this transgression as the next stroke snaked between her legs hitting her clit. As pain shot through her, she freezed, her body limp as it suffered further beating. When the 12 strokes ended, Chandni and Tanya had to help her down from the table, her body limp. But she wasn’t spared from joining the two women in kneeling down as Pritam and his mother positioned themselves across the table.

Mrs. Mishra too had trouble with the table. Luckily for her, it was her son rather than the brutish Principal who helped her up to take her place. The mother and son suffered the same fate as the others as the cruel Principal exacted his torture on their poor buttocks. The five crying almost naked victims were then left kneeling down. Tanya had her top on, Chandni and Pritam their uniform shirts, Mrs Mishra was in her blouse while Ms Sen was down to her bra.

After 30mins of painful kneel down the Principal came back. “The original plan was to cane your buttocks. But that looks like a cruel thing to do given the state of your buttocks. I will give an alternative. 6 cane strokes on your front thighs, thrice on each. And 6 strapping on your tits, again each one three times. You decide, however the decision must be unanimous. In case the women choose the tits and front thighs, Pritam will get his strapping across his back.”

The women quickly decided it was impossible to take anymore chastisement on their buttocks, inspite of the ignominy of having to take beatings on their breasts.

The four women stood in a line, legs spread apart, breasts jutting out, hands behind their back. They were fully naked now, each and every piece of cloth discarded. The Principal regarded the four female figures in front of him. Each was appealing in its own way. His cock was stirring despite masturbating once in the break.

Pratim as the single guy was looking out of place. The Principal quickly and harshly dealt with him to get him out of his sight. He then started on the women. Tanya, Chandni, Ms Sen and Mrs Mishra. 4 women, 4sets of breasts and 4 pairs of legs.

The Principal started with Tanya’s legs. Swick! The cane slashed through the air and left a searing line across her thighs. The next one was applied a little higher and the tip landed on her clit. She shivered as pain shot up from the most sensitive point. It has been years since she was last hit on clit so harshly. But she didn’t have to wait too long for the next. The very next stroke was fully on her crotch, causing pain she had grown unaccustomed to. Fortunately the next 3 strokes were given on her left thigh properly.

The Principal then moved on to Chandni. With her he repeated the same strokes as Tanya. Chandni had never been caned on her clit or crotch, but she had grown up to accept any pain without complaining. However Mrs gaziantep escort numaraları Mishra or Ms Sen were unable to take the crotch shots without moving and was rewarded with 2 penalty shots for that on their thighs.

For the breast strapping, he started at the other end of the line with Mrs Mishra. The first one landed on her milky white 36C soft breasts leaving an angry red mark. Tears in her eyes started coming faster at this painful torture. For the next, the Principal pulled her sagging breasts up by the nipple and whacked the lower side, without caring about the impropriety of such brazen manhandling. The third was hit right on the sensitive nipple. Then he moved onto the other breast and tortured it in the same fashion. Then he took the two nipples in his hand and twisted them and tugged them till Mrs Mishra was crying and begging him to stop.

After torturing the hapless parent of his student, he next moved on to his junior colleague. Ms Sen was a small curvy woman but her breasts were perky, though heavy, not having gone through pregnancy yet. It was these beautiful mounds that fell prey to the evil designs of the cruel Principal next. He repeated the three strokes on each of them, leaving crimson welts contrasting well with her fair skin.

Chandni was on the other hand a statue of basalt. Not a sound escaped her mouth as the Principal tortured her young black big breasts. Nor did the strap leave visible marks on her skin, though it burned as much as the next woman. Tanya, the experienced veteran of having her breasts tortured, too took them silently. She knew not to give the man the pleasure of knowing he was able to hurt her by torturing her sensitive parts. But they both were silently crying, tears rolling down their cheeks, neck and cleavage.

The punishment ended there and the students and parents were allowed to go home. Ms Sen too got the day off. Tanya invited her to come with them to recuperate.

The three women massaged cream onto their bruised bottoms and thighs. The coldness of the cream soothed them. Ms Sen had lost all apprehensions of being naked in front of her student and a parent. So she didn’t mind when Tanya’s hand ventured to her breasts, softly cupping and pressing them. Chandni too was caressing her Mummy’s breasts. She watched mesmerized as her step mother and teacher came together, their bodies mashed against each other. The two were scissoring, their crotches rubbing against each other’s thighs, Ms Sen sucking on the taller woman’s nipples. Chandni couldn’t keep still and started fingering herself while caressing her breasts with the other hand. She twisted her left nipple and clit together sending ripples of pleasure through her young body. Meanwhile Tanya had grabbed her double ended dildo and the two women had inserted it deep inside them till their crotches touched. Soon all three of them were in orgasmic bliss.

Spent from the painful punishment and the orgasm they lay panting, their bodies glistening with sweat. The sultry April afternoon heat was hardly countered by the strong AC. For sometime the only sounds were that of the whistling of the air blowing out of the cooler.

“That was awesome. And so dirty. Here I am laying naked in front of my student having lesbian sex with her mother. I feel like a slut!”

“Ms Sen, there’s nothing to be shameful about. There are certain things that women know best and men can’t help. I think it’s great that you bond so well with your students. I am a teacher too, you know.”

“Mam… I want to say sorry to the two of you for being punished for something I did. May I lick you to orgasm to show my gratitude?”

As Chandni went down to pleasure Ms Sen, Tanya instructed her about how to do it best. Her tongue flicked the teacher’s clit while two of her fingers were jabbed in. The older woman thrashed about at the stimulation, her body buckling from violent convulsions as Chandni drove her to the brink before backing off. Frustrated from being denied release, she grabbed her student by her hair and pushed her mouth onto her own crotch. As she finally found orgasm, her juices were all over the young girl face and hairs.

Then Chandni pleasured her stepmother while Ms Sen worshipped Tanya’s breasts. Under the joint ministrations of her step daughter and her teacher, she too found release. Then the two older women paid back the young girl by licking her together.

When Jimmy returned with the kids, Ms Sen had to leave. However she resolved to keep in touch with her soon-to-be-ex-student and her Mom for carnal needs. Chandni and Pritam would have to keep their relationship on hold till they passed out of school which was just months away.

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