Tanya and Asim Couple Swap

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The fourth day we got a call from Sofia that she was going to a lake with her boyfriend Dan and if we were interested and wanted to join. We discussed and since Tanya was so fond of Sofia, and I was looking forward to do some photography, we agreed. We packed our necessities in a bag, I took the opportunity to pack the micro bikini I had bought for Tanya and took out the other bikinis without Tanya’s knowledge.

Sofia picked us up with her boyfriend Dan and after introduction we were on our way. The plan was to camp at a lake overnight and comeback the next morning. After a drive of 2 hours we got to a very beautiful lake covered by green mountains all around. We then trekked for another 30 minutes and got to a secluded campsite. Tanya was wearing short shorts and a t-shirt, she had decided not to wear a bra and her breasts were very apparent and her nipples pointing. The shirt was short and was barely covering her belly button.

The lake and the surrounding areas were beautiful, I took numerous pictures including pictures of the girls and Dan. I was not surprised to see that Dan was attracted to Tanya, in a few pictures he had his hand on her ass, thighs and had also cupped her breasts. After a few minutes exploring the campsite, we started setting up our camp and preparing lunch. Dan was a nice guy, he worked as an engineer in a nearby factory. Sofia was studying to be a dentist. In about an hour’s time the camp was set and the lunch ready. All this time I observed Dan was eyeing Tanya and was touching her whenever he had the opportunity. I even saw Sofia noticing it but she was very accepting of this. I was also checking Sofia out, she had a hot body and was very attractive blue eyes.

We had some light lunch and cracked open a few beers. Dan had something interesting to smoke, we all had a little to lighten up. Tanya and I really enjoyed the scenery and the nature. After a while it started warming up and Sofia wanted to take a dip and asked Tanya to come along. Tanya told her that she wanted to change into her bikini first. She looked in our bag and only managed to find the microkini. She dug into the bag a little more but couldn’t find the other two bikinis. She then turned to me inquiring about her other bikinis. I told her that I had no idea, she looked at Sofia in a confused manner, Sofia encourage her and told her to wear whatever she had.

Tanya said Okay in a defeated tone and that moment Sofia started taking her shorts and tee off and to my surprise she was wearing a g-string bikini. Her breasts were smaller than Tanya’s but her ass was equally amazing. Her legs were well toned. She was beautiful girl with gorgeous body but I still felt Tanya was Bostancı Escort the complete package. Tanya hesitantly accepted when she saw Sofia in a g-string bikini and went behind a bush to change. She came back and was looking amazing, she was blushing with appreciative and naughty comments from all of us.

Tanya’s top barely covered her breasts and was just enough to cover her nipples and a little more. Dan had his eyes set on her and told Tanya that she looked gorgeous. All of us started laughing. The girls went into the water with beer and a smoke and started fooling around. Meanwhile, Dan told me how lucky I was and that Tanya was so hot. While we were talking I saw the girls come out to grab more beer, both of them were a sight to behold. Tanya’s microkini was see through so nothing was left to the imagination her erect nipples were giving me a hard on. Sofia looked fabulous as well she saw me admiring her body and giggled and winked at me. The girls went back into the water and asked us to join. Dan and I needed no invitation and undressed. I kept my swimming trunks on while Dan got completely nude. We heard the girls giggle in the water and heard Sofia scream, “At a boy!” We got in the water and grabbed our girls. Tanya and I started kissing and I could see she was very turned on, she started stroking my 8in cock under water and I started rubbing her wet pussy.

I assumed Dan and Sofia were doing the same. I think by the time the girls were high on smoke and drinks, they started swimming towards each other and then to our amazement held each other and started kissing, we were in awe when they moved and started undressing each other as well. It took them a minute and both of them were nude. I saw Dan’s eyes fixed on Tanya and now the tip of his fully erect cock was protruding out of the water. I was contemplating to lose my swimming trunks when Sofia asked Tanya something in her ear… and Tanya responded by saying “be my guest”. Sofia walked towards me, the water was waist high. She went under the water and I felt a tug on my trunks. She was taking them off. I didn’t hesitate at all and she took them off while staying under water.

Suddenly I felt a current racing in my body. Sofia had grabbed my cock and taken all of it in her mouth. She sucked it a couple of times and then left it and popped out of the water. She looked at me and winked. Neither Dan or Tanya saw that but it drove me crazy. We fooled around in water for a while Dan grabbed Tanya and carried her to the small waterfall nearby playfully. She didn’t mind, I think the drinks and all had made us all very relaxed. I could see that when he grabbed Tanya from behind his cock were Erenköy Escort poking at her ass while he was gently massaging Tanya’s breasts. I took the opportunity to hug Sofia from behind she grabbed my cock and rubbed it on her pussy from behind, all the while being underwater. The waist high water hid our erotic encounter. I grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples gently. At the waterfall we were still waist deep in water, Tanya came to me kissed me and asked me if I was Okay with all this, I said yes and kissed her again. She then whispered in my ear that if she can play with Dan’s cock. I was a bit surprised and jealous first but then I knew I had a chance with Sofia as well. I asked her if she was Okay if Sofia did the same and she said yes and kissed me back.

This was a big turn on for me and Tanya had a whispering chat with Sofia soon after, Sofia looked very excited and playfully nodded. The waterfall had a patch of green on one side, the area was slightly raised, it had beautiful flowers, Tanya got out of the water with Dan following her. She started picking up flowers when Dan jumped her and both fell on the ground. Tanya was on top of Dan’s chest when he cheekily raised his head and sucked her left breast. Tanya was startled and started giggling. Sofia and I were in the water, when she saw this she jumped me and started kissing me, we could see Dan and Tanya but they didn’t have a clear view of what we were up to. Sofia kissed me and started stroking my cock.

Meanwhile, Dan had Tanya on her back and was on top of her wrestling playfully. He pinned her down and playfully licked her nipples which were by now fully erect. His cock was lying on Tanya’s stomach fully erect. She freed herself and grabbed his cock and took it in her mouth. Dan and Tanya quickly moved to a 69 position, he licked her pussy juices while she was giving him a great blowjob. Tanya then took Dan’s balls in her mouth and started sucking them while massaging his big throbbing cock. He too was very aggressive in licking her pussy and she was moaning with pleasure. In a few minutes he shot a load in Tanya’s mouth and she was almost choking on the amount of semen he had unloaded. She swallowed all of his juices which excited Dan so much that he worked expertly on her pussy to get her to an intense orgasm. He body shook while Dan started kissing her all the while she was shuddering and trying to recover from her orgasm.

Around the same time, me and Sofia were very turned on. She had now moved in front of me and her back was facing me. She asked me to fuck her…I told her that what about Tanya, she said that Tanya told her do what she was comfortable doing and she Göztepe Escort will do what she is comfortable doing. I loved Tanya for that and with no hesitation put my cock in Sofia’s wet pussy. I started fucking her slowly gradually building up pace, she got her first orgasm in a matter of seconds which was a surprise to me, she must have been really turned on, I continued increasing my pace, I was about to cum and wanted to remove my cock when Sofia said “No, I am on a pill so cum in me.” I obliged and had a mind blowing orgasm.

Sofia too had another orgasm and I retracted my cock. I believe most of the sperms were fish food. We all then washed up, Tanya and Dan were kissing passionately. We came back to the campsite prepared and had dinner. Right than, Sofia got a call from her parents, they had some guests over, it was a surprise visit and needed her to help out. She left us with a heavy heart and told us that she will be back to pick us up in the morning. At the camp Dan, Tanya and I chatted away for a couple of hours, I was exhausted, we were lying there nude for about an hour when Tanya got on top of me. She was so horny, kissing me and stroking my cock. I got so turned on and started fucking her brains out. We thought Dan was asleep by now and didn’t notice him enjoying our humping session. Tanya noticed him when we changing positions. Dan rubbing his cock masturbating to our lovemaking session. I think she felt bad and asked him to join us. She got on her all fours, I was doggy fucking Tanya while she was blowing Dan who was on his knees.

Dan was massaging Tanya’s breasts while I was rubbing her clit. She had her first orgasm which was so strong that she started squirting and shivering. Dan and I continued, I was fucking her pussy and Dan was fucking Tanya’s face. Dan had now started groaning and was very quick but gentle in face fucking Tanya, suddenly he exploded in her mouth. The sight was too much for me and I buried my cock deep in Tanya as an intense orgasm hit me. Tanya swallowed all of Dan’s cum. I came so much that Tanya’s pussy was dripping with my thick white semen.

All three of us slept together that night with Tanya taking turns in kissing and blowing both of us once again.

The next morning Sofia picked us up not aware of what had happened the night before after she had left. We drove back to the hotel where we said our goodbye. We spent the next few days in other parts of Greece. These next few days were not so much adventurous. Sex was amazing between me and Tanya. The time came when we were travelling back. Sofia and Dan dropped us to the airport and we were on our way. A month later we found out Tanya was pregnant with our first child, she was ovulating at the time of our camping and was not on a pill. She told me that she knew she was ovulating at that time. I then thought to myself; well, she had allowed Dan or any other man for that matter, to fuck her, if she was not ovulating or was on a pill?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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