Tawny and the Five Guys

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For the most part these stories are from Tawny’s viewpoint, with some segments being from her husband Eric’s viewpoint.

Tawny loves to be used by multiple guys who treat her roughly. Her being a slut to be used by strangers is something that Eric understands and supports, not only because he loves her, but because hearing about it is a huge turn-on for him as well. Tawny charging her “customers” for these parties is an idea she had to get the type of sex she enjoys, but still have boundaries. She’d happily do it all for free, the money is just a way to ensure that the guys feel entitled to treat her as roughly as she wants to be treated.

Ideally, these stories should be read in order. However, if the reader’s only interest is in hearing what is happening to Tawny in this installment, it’s not strictly necessary.

It is strongly suggested to at least first read her origin story “Tawny and the Value Given” to better understand her lifestyle, and to get an idea of what will (and won’t) be happening to her in these stories.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Unlike the real world, STI’s don’t exist and The Pill is 100% effective. In reality, the lifestyle depicted here would present a large health risk, and a low but non-zero pregnancy risk. Tawny’s sexual tastes are not shared by all, or probably even most, women.

Also note that when Tawny goes to a stranger’s house for sex, they have been vetted and someone she trusts always knows where she’s going and who she’s meeting.

Copyright © 2020 by EightBits.

All Rights Reserved.

Tawny and the Five Guys

Welcome to the Party

Trevor, the guy hosting the party, opened the door and the first two guests came in. One looked like a football player. The other one was fairly small and wearing a Colorado Rockies ball cap.

They saw me standing naked in the middle of the room, my wrists cuffed and attached to a rope that went to a hook in the ceiling. The rope was taut, and my arms stretched above my head.

He’d placed a ball gag in my mouth from when I arrived, so saying hello wasn’t exactly an option.

The big guy stared at my naked body and said, “Ohh, nice. What can we do with her?”

He sounded a little hesitant, so my guess was this was his first time at this kind of party.

Their host replied, “Pretty much whatever you want Tiny! This bitch is our toy for the rest of the night.”

Hearing that, he smiled and said, “That’s great. I’ve got a few things my girlfriend would never let me do to her. This is going to be fun!”

Looking at how big he was I thought I could guess at the reason for some of his girlfriend’s refusals – an option I didn’t expect to have. Or want! I looked forward to finding out what he had in mind.

Rocky said, “How’s her pussy? Have you fucked it yet?”

“Nope, all I’ve done since she got here is cuff her and hang her up. Ok, well maybe I played with those tits a little. Hard not to when they’re just hanging there,” he said with a grin. “But I knew you guys wouldn’t want to miss any of the fun.”

Tiny said, “Who else is coming?”

“Bill and Marty,” replied Trevor. “Bill always has great ideas for these bitch’s tits.”

Rocky chimed in “Oh, yeah! Maybe he’ll do that thing with the Vice-grips. Bet our toy here will make some good noises if he brought those.” The leer he followed that comment up with made my pussy a little wetter.

Trevor said, “Yeah, I would like to see that. But Bill was saying he had something else he wanted to try, wouldn’t say what, just that he was waiting for a girl with big enough tits. Now hers aren’t huge, but should be big enough.” He grinned again.

Well, I do like my breasts treated rough! And it was looking like this party was going to not disappoint me. I smiled in anticipation. Of course the deal was always no permanent marks or real injuries, but that still left room for these guys do a lot of painful and fun things to me.

As I pondered just what perverted ideas these guys had for abusing me, the doorbell rang as the last two guests showed up. When I’d arrived, Trevor had explained they limited these things to just five guys. They all liked to watch a girl being fucked, so that size let them watch other guys do me but still have plenty of opportunity to participate. And, I gathered in my case, spread the cost out just enough.

“Tits look good,” said the one I presumed was Bill, who was carrying a gym bag.

Marty barely looked at me at all, and headed over to the wet bar in the corner of the room. As I’d discover later, this did not mean he wasn’t interested in having his fun with a naked, helpless woman. And “helpless” was the part he really liked…

After everyone had said their hellos and gotten drinks if they wanted them, Trevor said to the group, “Ok, let’s not just keep her hanging around.”

Groans from a couple of the guys. And me too, but I don’t think anyone noticed due to the ball gag. Bill walked over to me and started fondling my exposed tits.

“Yeah, these will evi olan gaziantep escort be fun,” he said as he cupped my tits in his hands and bounced them lightly up and down, assessing them.

“And her nipples are just the size I like, easy to get a hold of.”

With that, he gave both nipples a pinch, making me grunt into the gag. I couldn’t help thinking about what might be int that gym bag.

“Where do we want to begin?” said Trevor. The guys looked around the room. I looked around too. A table was set up with various toys, ropes, and clamps on them, and there were a couple pieces of some type of sex furniture.

“That bitch hanging there like that has me ready,” said Rocky. “If I fuck her right now, I’ll be able to take my time with her later on in round two when things get interesting.” He glanced over at Bill’s gym bag.

This got a laugh from the other guys, and boasts about their staying power.

Trevor walked over to where the rope was tied around a cleat on the wall, and lowered my arms down. With Rocky’s help they picked me up and carried my squirming body over to a wide sofa. They laid me down on my back, and retied the rope over the the end of the sofa and down to its legs. I guess my arms were staying above my head for now! They did at least untie my ankles.

I watched as Rocky dropped his pants, and climbed on the sofa, spreading my legs as he did so. His cock was already hard as he kneeled there, so no stage fright for him. I guess it wasn’t his first time he’d had sex while most of this group watched.

He started rubbing his hands on my thighs, softly at first and then squeezing them. I felt a finger trace along my pussy lips for a few moments before he inserted it into my pussy, as I moaned. He wiggled it around a little, feeling the soft wet walls he was about to enjoy. Hanging naked in front of a bunch of horny guys always gets me ready!

“Ready bitch?” he asked, though not really a question as his fingering me had shown him I was. Without waiting for the answer, he roughly shoved his cock in my pussy. Still gagged, I was only able to make a small noise as he penetrated me.

“Oh, man, this pussy feels great. Glad I’m getting to use it while it’s still tight!” He then proceeded with a pretty standard missionary-position fuck. A nice start to what I hoped would be a lot more cocks in my pussy tonight!

Looking down at a girl whose arms were tied above her head, with a ball-gag in her mouth seemed to speed things along, and after a minute or two I felt him push hard against me and his warm cum filled my pussy. He had been quick — too quick to get me to my orgasm. Oh well, I felt sure I’d have more chances. They couldn’t all be that fast I hoped.

“Next!” yelled Trevor with a laugh.

Bill walked over and said, “Bitch, I can get a vanilla fuck any time. I’m going to show you why you’re here!”

He motioned to Marty and Trevor, who came over, untied me, and carried me over to an x-frame that was leaning against one of the walls. The two guys wasted no time in fastening my wrists and ankles to the frame, and there I was, naked and spread-eagled, ready for whatever my next use was going to be.

Bill didn’t leave me wondering long. Without a word, he stepped up and slapped my left tit. Hard. He paused, and then did the same to my right tit.

“This is just a warmup bitch. I like to work my way up to serious fun!”

He gave another downward slap, and immediately followed it with an upwards backhand to the same poor tit. Smiling, he repeated that on my other tit, and then set up a rhythm, alternating tits. He paused a little bit between slapping each tit to make sure I felt it. Oh, I felt it! Even though I’d just been fucked, it made me want another cock in my pussy right now!

While this went on, a couple of the guys had gotten undressed and were stroking their cocks as they watched the show. After a few minutes of this abuse, my tits were bright red and he stepped back to survey his handiwork.

“That’s one thing I really like about you light-skinned cunts – your tits show such a nice red color!”

“We’ll work on some other colors later, you can count on that,” he said as he walked over and sat down in a chair.

Marty stepped up and removed the ball gag from my mouth. It felt good to have that out, as it was beginning to get a little uncomfortable. As I moved my jaw to recover from being gagged, Trevor walked up to me, his cock in one hand and a couple of clothespins in the other.

“Thanks Marty.”

“She’s been too quiet,” he said as he put a clothespin on each nipple. He got the reaction he wanted, as I gave a small yell when they closed on each of my nipples.

“The problem with the x-frame is that it makes it hard to fuck a girl. Fortunately it gives us other ways to have fun.” With that, he returned carrying a few more clothespins. Holding them in front of my face, he said, “Guess where these are going!”

My fears were realized as he reached between gaziantep evi olan escort my legs. I felt him grab my pussy lip, pull it out, and clip one of the pins on it. That apparently got him the bigger yell he wanted, and he smiled as he gave my other lip the same treatment.

Marty said, “I want to play too,” and added a clothespin of his own to each already sore lip.

As I closed my eyes and moaned, Trevor said, “We’ll let her enjoy that sensation for a few minutes while we get things ready for Marty’s turn.”

With that, they left the room and went down a short hallway, leaving me with nothing to do but focus on my poor clothes-pinned pussy while I imagined what was coming next.


I could just barely hear them talking as I hung there, and mostly could not make out what they were saying. The occasional phrase like “…that tight?” and “She won’t have any choice…”.

And they took their time. Why not? I was their’s for the night, they weren’t in a hurry.

The pain in my pussy-lips went from the sharp sting when they first went on to just sort of an ongoing ache. My breasts had stopped throbbing, and I was happy to see them starting to return to their normal color. After maybe five minutes they filed back in.

I decided to give a little test, see if I could look forward to really being treated like their property for the night, or if they were going to be considerate.

I said “These clothespins really hurt – please take them off!”

“Soon bitch, soon”, said Marty.

So “no” then. That was the kind of answer that I was hoping for, and I smiled to myself.

He and Rocky unhooked my cuffs from the X-Frame and hooked my wrists together behind my back. Each of them grabbed a nipple and pulled, giving me no choice about following them down the hall. It’s not easy to try and walk with your legs open to not rub clothespins attached to your pussy, especially when the guys holding your nipples didn’t care if you wanted to slow down!

We entered the room at the end of the hall. it was a bedroom, but it didn’t look like the kind where anyone actually slept.

In the center was a normal-looking king-size bed, bare with just a sheet. Around the walls were six or seven comfortable looking chairs, all facing the bed. The main decorations were a variety of framed color a bunch of pulleys and hooks fastened to the walls and ceiling.

“Theaters usually have a screen, not a bed,” I said.

Ignoring my attempt at humor, Rocky just said, “We like to be comfortable while we watch the show.”

They turned me around and pushed me down on the bed, my cuffed arms beneath me. Off to the side of the bed were two ropes that ran through pulleys near the ceiling. They attached each ankle-cuff to a rope, and then held my legs as Trevor started pulling one of the ropes. When my leg was pulled back pretty far, he tied the rope off walked over to the other rope and did the same.

I ended up with my legs spread wide and up, my ankles being pulled towards the walls. I was just thinking it was fairly comfortable when Marty pulled the rope on my left leg even tighter.

“Hey, how flexible do you think I am?” I exclaimed, purely for their benefit. As you know, I’m very flexible, although these ropes were pulling my legs not just spreading them open.

Ignoring me, he did the same to the rope on my right leg. I was now spread even wider. I wiggled around to try and relieve some of the strain but with my arms under me, it was a pointless effort.

“You know you can just fuck me, you don’t need to tie my legs open.”

“I like you tied open,” he growled.

“You’ll see why you’re tied soon enough bitch,” laughed Rocky as he headed towards one of the chairs.

By this time the rest of the group was comfortably seated. Marty undressed, showing me a cock that was…

…pretty normal.

So why did Marty want me tied down?

He reached down removed each of the clothespins from my pussy-lips, causing me to gasp at their removal.

My question was answered as he roughly plunged into my pussy and started fucking me.

“Fucking” doesn’t really describe it. He slammed his cock into me with each thrust. I don’t think I’d ever been fucked that hard. And not that fast! Oh, maybe a couple thrusts like that just as a guy was finishing up. Maybe. But every one of his thrusts rocked my entire body.

So this was the show! Marty was unstoppable, his cock pounding in and out of my pussy at a rapid rate. I was in heaven.

Combined with the soreness caused by those clothespins, I couldn’t help but wordlessly exclaim each time he hammered into me. I could tell that was what turned him on. His goal was to make each thrust an assault on my pussy.

He’d tied me down because he assumed no girl who had a choice would have let herself be fucked so relentlessly. Little did he know!

After several minutes, my pussy was getting sore, but Marty showed no sign of slowing down.

“How gaziantep evi olan escort bayan long has he been giving it to her?” asked Bill?

“4 minutes,” said Rocky, looking at his watch. “Might be a new record”.

“Keep fucking her!” said Bill. “I’ve got 20 bucks on you doing her for at least five minutes!”

The thought of guys betting on how long I would be fucked was all I needed. I yelled as my first orgasm of the night tore through me. Marty didn’t even change his rhythm, although he did start breathing faster.

The soreness from the clothespins had faded, but after my orgasm I could now feel my entire mons venus aching from the pounding it was receiving.

I couldn’t believe this wasn’t hurting Marty too. Maybe he was used to it. Or maybe he thought it was worth some pain to get to do this to a girl.

Whatever his secret was, he was outdoing himself tonight apparently, because Rocky had just crowed “6 minutes!” when Marty started slamming me even harder and then I felt his final push as he came.

He collapsed on top of me, and laid there breathing heavily. His weight on top of me was uncomfortable but it felt good to be just laying there. The discomfort of my stretched legs started to make itself known now that I could notice anything other than my pussy being jackhammered.

After a minute or two, he crawled off of me. The crowd stared at his accomplishment – my reddened and abused crotch.

“There, that’s how bitches are supposed to be fucked!” he said as he wiped his wet cock off on my outstretched leg.

I lay there hoping for one of the audience to then take a turn (what can I say, apparently I’m a slut) but to my surprise they just started to untie me. I lowered my legs, sprawled on the bed with my eyes closed, and waited for the aching between my legs to fade.

The Pullee

My brief moments of peace came to an end as Bill returned to the bedroom with his gym bag. He set it down on the floor, opened it, and pulled out several bundles of rope in varying thicknesses and lengths. The rope was followed by a large pulley, and a thick bar a foot or so long.

Bill told me to stand up, so I got off the bed and stood in front of him, wondering what he had in mind. Trevor took my arms and snapped the cuffs together with my arms yet again behind my back. From somewhere in the room the ball gag appeared, and he wedged it into my mouth, buckling it tightly behind my head.

“Bend over,” said Bill, and I did, as he started at my dangling breasts. I was now starting to get an idea of what came next.

He selected a length of the rope that was about clothes-line thickness. Leaving about a foot of one end loose, he started winding it around the base of my left breast. He added several turns, pulling each one a little tighter than the last.

“Oh, yeah, these tie up nice,” he said approvingly. He stopped once he had my breast taut and round like a ball. It was a little painful, but mainly just made my breast feel tight. Taking the original loose end, he tied it to the long end of the rope, keeping my breast firmly bound.

He did the same to my right breast, and then stood me up straight.

Trevor said, “Her tits stick out like they’re held up with a bra or something.”

“Better than a bra,” said Bill, and he gave one of them a hard squeeze, making me yelp at the sudden pain. “You still get to squeeze a nice bare tit.”

Bill grabbed the bar he’d brought, climbed up on the bed, and attached the large pulley to one of the many hooks that were screwed into the ceiling above the bed. Rocky handed him the end of one of the thicker coils of rope, and he threaded it through the pulley, and brought the end down where he tied it to a ring at the center of the bar.

Bill looked at me and said, “Kneel here, bitch.” He gestured at the spot where the rope hung.

Trevor smacked my ass and said, “You heard him, get on that bed.” He sounded excited. I guess he’d also figured out what Bill had in mind, and was looking forward to it.

I climbed onto the bed, and knelt in front of Bill. He’d centered the knots at the top of each breast, and now he took the length of rope from each and tied them to rings at each end of the bar, which were spaced a little wider than the distance from nipple to nipple.

Rocky gave the far end a pull and took the slack out, pulling the bar up above my head, with the ropes to each of my tits straight down on either side of my face.

“Wow, look at how tight those titties look,” said Rocky. He’d taken his pants off after helping Bill with the rope, and I watched him start stroking his cock. He was clearly getting turned on by my situation. Looking around, I saw Trevor doing the same.

“Trevor, you wanna go first?” Bill said, as he climbed off the bed.

Trevor did. He climbed on the bed, inserting his legs between mine and sliding down to where his hard cock was between my spread thighs. Reaching down, he grabbed my legs and thrust his cock up into my wet pussy.

As soon as he did, Bill pulled on the rope, and I flexed my legs trying to raise up and relieve some of the pressure as my tits were pulled up. Trevor started fucking me from below, and seemingly at random, Bill would pull on the rope or release the tension. It felt amazing when Trevor would thrust up into me as my tits were pulled up hard, combining the pleasure and pain in a way that had me screaming into the ball gag.

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