Taylor Ch. 01

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My days started as any normal day would. I was working from home when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. I was a little puzzled as no one was expected and no packages were expected today. When I got downstairs and open the door I found my daughter’s friend, Taylor standing on the porch. Her family had moved up north a few years back but we would see them from time-to-time as her grandmothers’s husband had family in the area. Over her one shoulder she was carrying a backpack and the other arm she had a duffel-bag.

“Oh please would you help me. I have no where else to go and no options left. Can I stay with you guys for a while till I figure out what I’m doing next?”

“Why of course,” I replied. “We have always made this a safe space for you.”

“Oh, god, Thank you,” as she dropped her bags and came to me to give me a big hug. She kissed me on the cheek and hugged me again. “I love you.” She held me like that for a minute as I hugged her and rubbed her back. She was clearly in need of some affectionate attention. After a few moment she broke the hug, turned back to the door and bent over to pickup her bags.

During the short time she was getting her stuff I was noticing the shape of her ass as I usually do when anyone is in a similar position. She was full figured and maybe a little bit on the hefty side. She has always been a big girl but as a blossoming woman she carried her weight well. She retrieved her bags and came inside.

“Heard about your wife. My condolences. How long has it been about a year?” she asked.

“Yea,” I replied, “not quite a year. Thank you for asking. And how about you?”

“You saying ‘Yes’ is the only truly good thing to happen to me in the past few months. That and graduating High School. My Gram passed away a few months ago. Her husband made it clear shortly after the funeral that once I graduated I need to make other arrangements for myself as he would no longer be able to afford me staying with him. About two weeks after graduation he hands me $300 dollars and told me to collect my stuff and get out. I stayed with a friend but that could only last a few days so I bought a bus ticket and came down here. I didn’t know where else to go.”

“That’s OK, I’ll help you figure things out. What about your brother?” I asked.

“He was sent back to his father. My mother is back in jail and my father is just a piece of shit as you know. So you see, I literally have nowhere else to turn.” she explained.

“Well the spare room at the top of the stairs is open. Take your things up there and settle in. I have some work to finish in my office. We can have lunch in a little bit.”

I helped her with her bags and returned to my office to continue work. At one point I caught my daughter online.

Me: “Hey”

DD: “Whazzup D”

Me: “Taylor showed up on my doorstep today. She’s in the guest room and will be staying for a while”

DD: “Ah. so that’s where she wound up. Good.”

DD: “She kinda disappeared a few weeks ago and I hadn’t heard from her since”

Me: “Well she is here and safe. See you Sunday.”

DD: “Great, Love you Dad.”

Me: “Love you too.”

A while later I needed take a bathroom break. As I passed the room she was in I could hear her crying. I figured I’d let her have her emotional time and get it all out.

Around noon I went to the room. I did not hear any sobbing so I knocked gently on the door. “How abouts some lunch? You hungry?” I asked.

A few moments later she opened the door. I could see on her face the dried tears. “Yes, thank you, I am.” she spoke in a soft voice.

“Are you OK? You look drained.”

“I think now I am. I’ve had a hard and stressful time recently. When I got in here I lost it and cried. Its like everything I was supposed to feel for the past few months suddenly came out of me.”

“Yea, It’s OK. I like to think this space is safe. At least no one is gonna come and take you away this time, and in a few weeks you will be 18. Nothing they can do at that point. My Daughter should be here for that so you have something to look forward to.”

“So when does she get here? I miss her so.” she asked.

“She flies in on Sunday. She will be here about 10 days then off again for her summer internship. So we will have at least some time to do stuff in town. Sandwiches for lunch?”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

“Good, clean yourself up and meet me in the kitchen.”

After a few minutes prepping lunch in the kitchen I heard her call to me, “Dad.” It has been common for her to refer to me as ‘Dad’ since she was 13 years old.

“What is it?” I said as I turned towards her. She was standing at the entrance of the kitchen wearing only a towel that barely covered her.

“Um, Soap. There is no soap in the upstairs bathroom.” she replied.

“Ah, sorry. Noone’s been living up there since the Holidays. I never thought to restock it. In the pantry, bottom shelf.” She walked past me opened the pantry door and bent over to get the soap. I could küçükçekmece escort just make out the bottom of her young ass and a slight hint of her vagina as she was bent over.

“Thanks, I’ll be down shortly.” as she stood back up and departed the kitchen. I watched as he went upstairs. Towards the top of the stairs I caught another glimpse of the bottom of her ass as she walked. I took my time prepping lunch and setting the table as I tried to get her young ass out of my mind. I just sat down at the table and she came downstairs to join me wearing just an oversized t-shirt.

“Sit. Eat.” I said and motioned her to the seat next to mine. She sat down and started to eat her sandwich. “So, how was your trip down here?”

“It was terrible. Three days on a Bus. I was exhausted and tired when I got here.”

“So why didn’t you call? I could have made arrangements or gotten you myself with the RV.”

“After he threw me out my phone stopped working the next day. Besides, I…I was afraid that you might have said No. I just could have not risked rejection that at the time. I needed to believe you would take me in. And if not, well at least I’d have a better chance than in Michigan.” was her answer.

I gave her a stern look. “First off, I don’t appreciate that type of manipulation. There will be no more of that here. Ok.”

“Yea, I’m sorry…I guess I…”

Cutting her off, “…Secondly, you know better than that. Whenever I have turned you away? Never. Oh sure I called your grandmother those time you just showed up after some argument or another. Never were you sent away and never were you sent back to a hot environment. When you were here in those situations your grandmother knew you were safe and allowed the anger on both sides to dissipate. This would let cooler heads prevail.”

“So you really had no other options, what about your boyfriend?” I continued.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” then she paused, “Who would date a fat ugly thing like me.”

“STOP RIGHT THERE.” I responded. “You are NOT fat, and you are most definitely NOT ugly.”

“Well the boys at school though I was. I mean, four years of high school, and I had three boyfriends each for a brief time. All they want to date are the skinny blonds with perfect boobs.”

I looked her straight in the eyes and told her, “Don’t let the opinion of an immature demographic be the validation of your own self worth.”

“You’re just saying that because you’re Dad.”

I cut her off again, “…And don’t use me a validation of your own self-deprecation. I think you are very beautiful.”

“Really? You think so.”

“Yes.” I replied.

She got up from the table, “I Love you.” she said as she gave me a strong hug.

“I guess it’s good I never slept with any of them. I mean we played around some but it never really went too far.”

“Really?” as she indirectly revealed the status of her virginity to me. “Sounds to me like none of them were really worthy of such an intimate gift.”

I never believed in the shaming or masking of personal intimacy. We had always been open and frank about sex discussions. We may have toned things down around other peoples children out of respect for their parents way of doing things but direct questions received direct factual answers.

“Your daughter was a big help for me. I’m assuming most of the advice she had given me over the years came from you guys.”

“Oh, I am most certain of that.”

We finished lunch and I got up from the table. I told her that I had to get back to work in my home office. I kissed her on the top of the head and returned to working.

A little after 3pm I came downstairs to take a short break and get something to drink. I saw Taylor asleep on the couch. Her legs were slightly spread and I had a clear view of the faded pink panties she wore. They were a little too old and a little too tight for her. Even at at distance I could make out the contours of her vagina. I stood on the landing halfway down the stairs and just took in the view of her for a few moments. She was relaxed and comfortable as she slept. Sexy without trying to be sexual. If I were an artist I could have painted this picture. I continued downstairs and walked up next to her a gave her a nudge. “Hey.” Her eyes opened and looked at me. “You don’t want to screw-up your clock too much or you won’t sleep tonight.”

“Thanks” she replied as she got up from the couch and headed for the bathroom.

As I left the kitchen with my drink she came out of the bathroom. “How about you take some time, unpack your stuff and settle in while I finish work. I don’t feel much like cooking so I think we will head out for dinner. Sound good to you?”

“Yea, that would be great.”

I returned to my office and began to wonder if these little peaks were intentional or just a byproduct of how casual she felt around my place. My gut feeling was that it was probably a mix of the two.

For şişli escort dinner we went out to a nearby restaurant. Mostly she told me the details of her trip down here. The smelly person two seats over. The jabber-mouth behind her that wouldn’t stop talking. I pitied her the trip.

After dinner I suggested we take a walk at a nearby park. She was happy to join me.

“You know, my wife and I would take walks in this park all the time. Since her passing I havn’t been here much. Kinda lonely to do this alone.”

“Well, I’m here now so you don’t have to be alone when you walk.” she said trying to comfort me.

“It’s more than that. You see that big tree up ahead. There is a small trail just past it. A little ways down that trail there is a clearing a bit off the trail. A very private spot we would go from time-to-time. Just the two of us.”

“You miss her don’t you? I can hear it in your voice.” I nodded to her in an acknowledgement. “Well maybe you could take me there sometime.”

“I don’t know. That place is of more intimate memories. Not entirely appropriate for the moment.”

“So why are you telling me this?”

“I don’t know.” I responded, “I guess its because you are here and enough of an adult now that I can talk to you. It does feel better to have someone to talk with.” She looked intently down the narrow trail as we walked by.

“Anything else?” she said as she turned her attention towards me.

“Oh, you have no idea.” she leaned into my side and wrapped her arm around behind me. I did the same to her and we walked the rest of the path like that.

We returned home and settled in to watch a movie. Afterwards I bid her goodnight. Kissed her on the top of the head and went to bed.

The next day was Saturday. After breakfast we went out to do a little shopping. I bought her some new outfits that fit her properly. Some new jeans, a few blouses, some skirts (I like girls in skirts) and girl supplies. I also took her to Victoria’s Secret and bought her some nice properly fit underwear and bras which she modeled for me with enthusiasm. After that we had lunch out.

“Why are you doing all this for me?” she asked as we sat and had our lunch together.

“Many years ago,” I explained, “I found my family and myself at the mercy of another’s generosity. It was a debt that I could morally never repay. Nor was I expected. Instead, the obligation I was given was to pay it forward to others. And thus the obligation is passed on to you now. At some point in the future, when is unimportant, it could be years from now or even decades, you will find yourself in a state of abundance AND the opportunity to help another. Your assistance need not be a sacrifice for yourself. It just needs to be sincere. You will do so without expectation of repayment but rather will obligate your recipients with the same responsibility.”

“So, because someone else helped you, you are now helping me. I in turn must one day must help another and propagate that legacy?”

“Actually two, but yes, the key is that the assistance must be impact-full. It must change someones life for the better so that they will eventually be able to help another. If each person that has an abundance made the effort to help two others over the course of their life many of the problems of our world would be solved within 100 years.”

“Wow, that’s deep.” was all she had to say about that.

After eating we went back home. We wound up making it an early night as tomorrow was expected to be a busy day.

The next day around 11 o’clock we found ourselves at the airport waiting to pickup my daughter. The reunion was all hugs and kisses for everyone. We stopped to eat on the way back. The girls started to catch-up on each other’s lives. I made an early night of it and left the girls to their own devices.

The next few days are deliberately subdue. I had to be in the office and the girls were busy being girls. After that I planned to take a couple of days off so we could all do stuff together. We did the museums and the zoo together. I think Taylor appreciation was more for the fact we were doing ‘family stuff’ together. Dinners out and the like. Then we packed into the RV and spent a few days at a neighboring city doing tourist stuff. We also celebrated Taylor’s 18th birthday while on the road.

While we were driving home my daughter tried to probe Taylor for what she planned to do next. When it was clear that she had no response I was quick to interrupt. “Girls, its summer break. Our plans for the moment are to enjoy the time we have together. This break is well deserved by all. When we get back and everyone settles themselves we will figure out a plan for the future.”

The next few days we stayed at home and relaxed till we finally found ourselves at the airport again. Taylor and myself were waiving bye to my daughter after she cleared security and went to her gate to catch her flight.

I really dislike şirinevler escort good-byes. The ride home was a bit more quite then usual especially with a teenager in the car.

When we got into the house Taylor asked, “Are you ok Dad?”

“No, but I will be. Its moments like this. Saying good-bye that leave me feeling sullen.” I answered. I went to the bed room and changed into more comfortable clothing then returned to the living room. She too had changed into an oversized t-shirt.

Sitting on the couch she asked, “Anything I can do for you?”

As I sat down on the couch I explained, “What I need at the moment is beyond anything I could expect from you. It would also be inappropriate for me to ask.”

“Honestly, anything you need.” she offered as she laid her head on my leg.

“If I have to tell you what I need then unfortunately you are unable to help me.”

“Oh.” was all that she said. I could see she was thinking things over in her head as she rested against my leg. “Then let me help you.” Her fingers traced along the inside of my thigh for a few minutes. The feeling was exquisite. She shifted her head up further and it nudged against my stiffening cock as she lightly ran her finger along me. “I have been wanting to do this for years,” she said as she looked up at me. She shifted position and knelt in front of me without breaking eye contact. She took the waistband of my sweatpants and pulled them down to release my stiff cock. She then looked down at my cock and smiled. A lust-full hunger washed over her face. She opened her mouth and took my cock in it. The feeling was pure pleasure as she started to suck on my cock taking more and more into her mouth. Slowly her head sank down further until she had its entire length past her fabulous lips. The pleasure was immense and washed over my body as she swallowed on my entire length. As she withdrew my cock from her mouth she continued to suck on it. Then she stopped and removed it. “For nearly as long as I have known you I have fantasized about this moment.” she said to me. With her one hand she started to play with herself and the other hand she wrapped around my cock then resumed to giving me one fabulous blowjob. The feeling was indescribable pleasure. She clearly wanted this. She wanted my cock in her mouth and was eager to pleasure my cock. It wasn’t long before I felt my pending orgasm build. I laid back and allowed her to massage the length of my cock with her hand and mouth.

I tried to tell her that I was about to cum but was unable to actually say anything. She did however understand and worked my cock with increased vigor. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms across her back and behind her head as I started to orgasm. Leaning over her head I felt my cum erupt and shot into her mouth and throat. With that initial release I felt a year’s worth of loneliness and desire released from my body. She sucked harder swallowing my seaman. Each spurt brought a new wave of pleasure across my body and deposited it into her hot waiting mouth. It felt like I was cumming forever. I didn’t want this to end. Finally I laid back on the couch and allowed the feelings take over my consciousness. Not once did she stop or back away. As my cock began to shrink she continued to play with it using her mouth milking it for every last drop of my cum. Once she was satisfied that she had all that I was able to give her at the moment she withdrew from my cock and moved to sit next to me on the couch.

“My dear, that was the most wonderful experience I have had since, well, since before my wife departed this world.” I then leaned towards her and kissed her passionately.

She then sat up and took-off her t-shirt and spread it out on the couch beside me. She carried a little extra weight around her middle. It gave her a full looking figure. Then she unfastened her bra revealing her young pert breasts and laid down on the shirt resting her head on my leg. Her breasts were a little smaller than I had imagined but nicely shaped. A natural shape and perky. Her areola were small and a light pink color. I ran my hand down her back and up along her side. Then I reached around and cupped her breast in my hand. She took in a deep breath as I started to slowly massage her breast. The skin was smooth. Her breast was firm.

“Has there been anyone else since, well…, you know, you are a good looking man and all.”

“There has been no one else. I’ve had a lot to work through. And besides I have some particular tastes. I am more interested in the right kind of encounter then just any encounter.”

“And this?” she asked.

“A gift. One that I very much appreciate and will treasure.”

“I was just thinking that well this and all..”

“Slow down,” I said as I cut in. “I am under no illusions of anything with you or anyone else for that matter. You should not be either.” I let that sink in for a moment. “We are in completely different places in our live at the moment. You are literally at the very beginning of adulthood. I on the other hand have an ‘End Game’ which is important that I plan for.”

“But I just want to be here with you.” I could see tears starting to well up in her eyes.

“Just because we are in a different space does not mean we can’t share similar paths for a time. We have to each acknowledge where the other is in an honest frame of mind.”

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