Tea For Two

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We meet as arranged and I am pleasantly surprised by how pretty you are. Not just pretty by also exuding a certain sensuality that I hadn’t expected. Perhaps it’s just that I haven’t before met a woman so open with her sexuality, perhaps it’s the slight bulge of suspender belt ties just above the hemline of your skirt.

I follow you up the stairs to the cafe you have in mind. Surely you are aware that I’m simply taking the opportunity to ogle your tightly clad arse as you climb. An added bonus is the waft of scent you trail behind – how alluring.

Of course I should do the manly thing and take the lead but I’m in your thrall and follow somewhat dumbly as we approach the sparsely occupied cafe and find a table. You turn to me and I gather my wits enough to suggest a table set a discreet distant apart from most of the others, shielded from fellow customers by a short partition and just cosy enough for subtle intimacy.

I draw back a chair and suggest you sit with your back to the partition, then sit myself down opposite. I suppose the done thing is to sit alongside one’s partner but I much prefer to look at the person with whom I am about to share a pleasurable conversation.

Though you are dressed conservatively, you look radiant. A shortish skirt but not so short as to be crude, a light blouse with a delicate cornflower pattern and a small pendant hanging from your neck, pointing down to the cleavage which hints at the sumptuous softness of your breasts. You place your hands surprisingly demurely on the table top and I m drawn to the slender beauty of your wrists. Though you are by no means skinny, your wrists are delicate and I find myself suddenly longing to kiss them.

We begin to chat and I nervously tap the table top, every beat drawing my fingertips closer to your. You notice this and I spot your lips open as you give a little gasp and gently move your left hand closer to my right. I stop the tapping and stroke the outside of your hand with my small finger. At this touch we look into one another’s eyes. I see in yours a reflection of the desire that must be so evident in my own.

The tea arrives; one pot, two cups and the usual assortment of sugar, milk etc. We act like business colleagues while the waitress sets everything down and I take a moment to lean back into my chair. Would you detect the subtle adjusting I have to perform in order to shift my growing erection to a more comfortable position in my trousers?

Once the waitress is gone I lean forward and we talk. You tell me about how and why you placed the ad that brought us together and I listen in rapt attention. Your cleavage Kartal escort draws my attention as the skin on your chest and neck has begun to flush in an oh-so delightful manner.

Having spoken you now lean back in your chair, taking a sip from your cup of tea and opening your legs just enough to give me a glance of your stocking tops and the soft warm flesh beyond.

How I love stockings. That gentle tautness and the enticing bulge at the top, where thigh escapes silk and points the way to the scented valley beyond.

Still leaning forward I begin my story – finding Lit, seeing your ad, exchanging emails, phone calls and here we are.

As I speak I find myself stroking the rim of the teapot; back and forth, round and round – sublimating my desire to do the same to your breasts, your nipples and your soft slick pussy lips. You get the message though and your open legs grant me sight of your panties. They are delicate, match the cornflower blue of your blouse pattern and are very clearly damp. Oh that I could show you my arousal too!

My hand moves from the teapot to your hand and I gently stroke the inside of your wrist. You respond by running the tips of your fingers over the top of my hand – how did you know that I love such a touch?

Our conversation continues and our flirtation becomes ever bolder. You sit up and pull your seat closer to the table and I reciprocate. Now your legs are within touching distance and I take a glance about me before gently placing one hand upon your left knee. Though your knee is covered by stockings I can feel its warmth. You shift in your seat and I’m convinced I can detect the odor of your arousal. How can we proceed?

We finish the tea and there’s a pregnant pause as we look at one another. My hand is stroking further and further up your leg and though we are hid from view by the partition it seems certain that our flirtatious behaviour will be spotted. Still, it is too late to back off and we fall towards one another for a brief but passionate kiss. Your breath is warm in my mouth as you whisper, “Do you think they have a rest room we can use?”

With a mock wink I stand and walk over to the cash counter to settle our bill. The waitress who had served us smiles knowingly and I ask her about a rest room. She nods her head towards a door back in a corner of the café and I walk on air as I return to our table.

“Follow me in a moment hun. After all, we wouldn’t want to attract attention, would we?” You blow me a silent kiss as I walk to the rest room.

In mere moments you join me in the surprisingly clean rest room. Aside Kurtköy Escort from the toilet and sink, there is a small table is set into one wall and an open window allows a fresh breeze to cool the room. You lock the door behind you and in a flash we have our arms about one another while we kiss, lips bruising lips and crotch pressed hard against crotch.

I feel the mound of your pudenda press against my hard cock, its very softness heightening my firmness. My hands fall below your waist and I fondle your ass cheeks as you stroke my back and clasp me behind my neck to pull me in for a deep breathy kiss.

We whisper words of passionate encouragement to one another as we fondle and frottage and undo our clothing. You open my shirt to the waist and pull it from my trousers and lean forward to kiss my chest as I slip my hands beneath your skirt and give your ass cheeks a squeeze. How arm and soft they are; the softness added to by the silkiness of your pale blue panties.

Sliding my hand down and cupping the bottom of one butt cheek I allow one finger, the same one I used to circle the teapot lid, to slide along the edge of your panty gusset and slowly find the gooey wetness that lies between the lips of your pussy slit. My finger is carried along on a river of oily arousal and finds the deep, hot heart of your cunt. You moan as I enter you and your hips begin a grinding rotation, as my finger is pulled deeper into your womanhood.

As I finger you, you grapple with the hook and zip at the back of your skirt and I have to slip out of you as your skirt drops to the floor. Stepping back I gaze into your eyes and take a slow suck of my finger before undoing my trousers and stepping towards the table by the wall. You pad over, looking at once demure and slutty — your blouse still buttoned up but your wet panties on display. I am stunned as I watch you walk over; stocking clad legs stepping silently towards me, thighs pale and alluring in contrast to the blackness of the stockings. Standing before me you run the palm of one hand along the outline of my stiff cock, which protrudes from the briefs I am wearing and threatens to sneak over the waistline. As you slide your hand down my clothed member you do indeed pull my briefs own with it and my cockhead emerges from its confinement.

“We have to be quick,” you gasp as you grab my briefs with both hands and squat to pull them roughly down my legs. My cock springs up and you give it a quick peck as you stand up again — oh to feel you lips on me again!

Pressing yourself against me you rub my cock and pull my hand towards your crotch. Maltepe Escort “Finger!” you spit. I comply, sliding not one, but two fingers into your panties and up into your pussy. You are so wet, so warm and slick that there is no resistance, no clumsy tangling with your labia. Just a swift penetration and the fierce heat of your cunt hole.

With my other hand I slide your panties down and you wriggle your legs as you kick the panties off onto the rest room floor. Then you turn me about so that it is you who are resting your ass against the tabletop. “Now fuck me.”

I press forward and you guide my cock towards your pussy mound, sliding the cockhead against your clit. You lean against the table and raise your legs as you pull my cock into your slippery cleft.

My cock slides along your slit and catches briefly on the rim of your cunt hole before it plunges into you with one thrust. We are fucking. Slowly at first, but the tempo soon speeds up as you hump your pussy towards me and I push back. Faster and faster we thrust against one another and I lean toward you to kiss that oh-so pretty mouth. Your tongue slips and slides about my mouth and you wrap your hands around my back, clutching at me as we fuck and thrust and writhe and grind together.

Your moans get louder, as do mine. We are gasping with pleasure and I’m sure we’ll be found out but you seem oblivious to anything but the lust that has consumed us.

Your legs drop and you slide your ass forward so that your clit can have greater contact with my cock shaft and your moans grow sharper and more rapid. “Cumming. Cumming …” you gasp.

I increase the pace, thrusting and fucking harder and faster as you urge me on. Your hands now grab my ass cheeks as you pull me harder against your pussy, now rotating your hips as you grind your clit against me and push your cunt onto me.

We fuck. Oh so gloriously, so urgently we fuck. You slap your thighs against my legs as my cock pistons in and out of your pussy. You moan and I moan. You push and I push. Then we cum. Your orgasm accompanied by a moan which you stifle by biting one of my shoulders and mine by tooth-grinding grunt of pure sexual joy. I shoot jets of cum into you and you ejaculate your sweet scented pussy juice onto me as we lose ourselves in a singular moment of sexual ecstasy.

How long ago was it that we had first met for our ‘cup of tea and a chat’? How long since we sat at that table? Who knows and who cares? All that matters is this moment, this union.

As our orgasms subside we collapse against one another and hold each other tight. You lean your head back though and offer a wry smile and I am once more enthralled. Despite the passion of our lovemaking it is this subtle beauty of yours that has so taken me by surprise and so left me wanting more. I know then that we must have many more such cups of tea as we have shared today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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