Teachers Pet Ch. 02

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Friday came all too quick and at eight I was in the locker room at the schools gym. The door opened and in came Mr. White and Mr. Brown sweaty after their game.

“What are you doing in here slut? Didn’t I tell you to meet us in the shower? Get in there and undress, I think we have to punish you so that you understand that it is best for you to obey us.” With trembling knees I went in to the shower room and took of all my clothes and laid them on a bench. When I was done Mr. White and Mr. Brown came in naked, both beginning to get an hard on.

“Lets see if you have done your homework,” Mr. Brown said with a big grin on his face.

“Lube up and put on a show for us while you do.”

He threw me a bottle of lubricant.

I put some on my fingers and started to massage my asshole. Slowly I inserted one, two and then three fingers. I was bent over and facing away from my audience. When I felt that my ass started to relax I put some lube on the lube bottle. It wasn’t easy getting it past the sphincter but slowly, slowly it was gliding in. I felt so expanded that I thought that I had reached my maximum, it felt like I had a coke bottle shoved up my ass. When I had it passed my sphincter and a few centimeters more I started fucking myself with the bottle.

Apparently the show was good enough because now my teaches wanted in on the action. Mr. White removed my hand and told me to shit out the tube. So I started pushing and slowly it was going out. With a “plop” it left my now gaping asshole. Mr. White took up the tube and put some lube on his throbbing dick before he in one thrust shoved it right in to the hilt. I gasped in pain and Mr. Brown took the opportunity to put his dick in my mouth.

Mr. White kept a steady pace shoveling his dick in as far as possible and then going almost completely out. I felt sex izle very uncomfortable and very used. Also very turned on.

At my other end Mr. Brown tried to get as much cock as possible inside my mouth. I licked furiously at his cock head while stroking the shaft and massaging his balls. After a while I moved back to his anus and since he seemed to like that I inserted my index finger and started fucking him with it.

Meanwhile Mr. White was banging me as fast and hard as he could. At first it hurt like hell but after a while I started fucking back at him.

“Shit, here I come!”

Mr. White drove it in a final time before his sperm exploded into my anus. When his dick went limp and he stepped back Mr. Brown decided that it was his turn to get a piece of my ass. He let go of my head and went for the lube bottle. Then he placed a big glob on his enormous dick and spread it out.

Mr. White ordered me to suck him clean so I knelt before him and licked him clean. It tasted of his semen and my ass juices.

Mr. Brown pulled at my hips so that I got in position for him to access my asshole. He probed my hole with his fingers and decided that it wasn’t relaxed enough since I had clamped up in fear of his big dick. He went out to his bag and came back with a big dildo, even bigger than Mr. Whites dick and almost as big as Mr. Browns. It was purple with veins on the sides and a suction cup at the base so that you could put it on a wall and fuck it.

Slowly he pushed it about ten centimeters in and the he begun fucking it in and out. After a while I felt my ass loosen up and getting used to the intruder. Then he tried to insert his finger at the same time as the dildo. I almost bit down on Mr. Whites now clean and hard cock but in it went. He tried a second finger but wasn’t able to get it in so he took fransız porno out the dildo and took a picture of my gaping and cum dripping asshole. He placed his dick at my opening and started pushing. It hurt and I moaned in pain with my mouth full of Mr. Whites cock. It came past my sphincter which I was sure now was busted.

“Yeah, you tight man-whore. Take it!”

Now he was almost completely in and I felt so full. I now noticed that Mr. White has managed to get his cock down my throat while I was preoccupied with the invasion in my ass. I started gagging so he withdrew a bit so I could get some air and then he went in again. This he repeated over and over again and I was getting more and more lightheaded, certain that I was about to pass out.

Mr. Brown was pumping away as crazy and my asshole started to get raw. His big piston going in and out, in and out. This is what fisting must fell like I thought while getting more and more dizzy.

At last Mr. Brown had had enough. His legs spasmed and his cock started shooting out his huge cum load in my expanded ass. At the same time Mr. White came with his dick all the way down my throat, pumping his sperm straight down into my throat.

As they both released my I fell down on knees and hands with my burning ass up in the air. I heard them taking more photos of my gaping asshole with now two men’s cum running out of. I was so spent that I didn’t care what they did.

Suddenly I felt something spraying straight into my open asshole. Was he hosing me off with hot water? I turned my head and saw that it was Mr. White taking a piss, filling up my sore and open asshole with his pee. Soon Mr. Brown joined him but he started peeing in my hair and the at my face.

“Open your mouth pet.”

I opened my mouth and let his warm teen porno salty pee fill my mouth as well. I didn’t swallow, just let it run out of my mouth and down my chest.

When they both were done they told me to stay in place while they cleaned me off with the water hose.

I guess they were only interested in cleaning my asshole since they where kept aiming at it with the water. Then Mr. White turned the water down and thinking they were done I started to get up. But Mr. Brown pushed me down again and started to insert the tip of the hose into my asshole. The rough edges of the hose hurt like hell going in to my asshole, raw from fucking Mr. Brown, but I stayed in place. Not that I had much choice with Mr. Brown holding me down. Mr. White turned the water slightly on again and I felt my bowels starting to fill up.

“Hnn, I can’t take anymore!”

“Just a little bit more.” Said Mr. Brown said rubbing my belly.

When they decided that I was full Mr. White turned of the water and Mr. Brown drew out the hose. A little dribble of water came out with the hose before I could clench my asshole shut. That wasn’t easy with all the water pressing from the inside.

“Ok, boy. You are free to go to the toilet if you can make it that far” Mr. Brown said with a smile on his face.

I tried to stand up but felt that it would be a mistake so I started crawling on all four towards the toilet. But I didn’t come far before I couldn’t hold it in anymore. The water sprayed out of my ass like a geyser, spraying the floor and the wall behind me with a mixture of water and cum. My teachers laughed at me and went out to get dressed. They left the big dildo and said that I could need the practice for what they had planned for me next.

When I was able to get up they were since long gone. I figured that I had to clean up in the shower room before I left so that the janitor wouldn’t wonder why someone had had an enema in the shower. When I was done my asshole still hadn’t closed but I packed my things including the new dildo, get dressed and slowly started to walk home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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