Teacher’s Pet Pt. 02

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Ariana Marie

Sabrina Barnes woke up Monday morning with a smile on her face. The weekend had been both pleasant and productive, for her and Pamela Evans. Hopefully the girl would follow her instructions, and take her threat seriously.

Although Sabrina had a pretty good feeling young Pamela would do just that.

She had barely started eating her breakfast when her cell phone rang. Wondering who this was to be calling so early, she picked it up. “Hello?”

“Sabrina, it’s Rebecca.”

“Rebecca. Hello,” Sabrina said. “Is there something wrong?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong. I just wanted to let you know that I was going through a pile of internship applications and just happened to come across an app with Pam’s name on it. Apparently it was submitted well before she took your class.”

“Okay,” Sabrina said.

“You’re sure this girl is the one you want?”

“Yes. You can play with her, too, you know.”

“I know,” Rebecca said evenly. “I just wanted to make sure the new pet smell hasn’t washed off and you’re having second thoughts.”

“Nope,” Sabrina replied confidently. “I want Pamela Evans.”

“All right,” Rebecca replied, stretching the words out.

“What’s wrong with her?”

“Well,” Rebecca said, still speaking slowly, as if choosing her words carefully, “I wasn’t expecting you to choose a girl so young. Or black, for that matter.”

“You weren’t expressing any reservations at the party when you were fucking her, or eating her pussy.”

“I just wanted to make sure you weren’t having any doubts.”

“No doubts,” Sabrina said. “So would you stop asking? And if you want to play with her, just ask me, instead of this passive-aggressive bullshit that’s so unlike you.”

Sabrina heard a sigh, loud and clear. “Okay. I admit it. I want her. She’s just the kind of pet I’d want for myself.”

“Well then, hire her on permanently once she’s graduated from school and she would come with me when I go to stay the night at your house next time.”

“I suppose that’s fair. I’ll forward her application to our internship director.”

“That latina you hired?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Well, have her come to the party this weekend and she’ll get to meet Pam. Surely you pay Ana enough money?”

“More than enough. I’ll give her my invite. Her and the lady who’s going to be Pam’s supervisor.”

“Let her know she needs to behave. Both of them.”

“I will,” Rebecca promised. “Now, I have to go. I’m still getting ready for work.”

“Me, too. Talk later.”



Sabrina hung up with Rebecca, shaking her head. Men could be so much easier to deal with. They at least said what was on their mind, instead of making her guess. Even as a woman, Sabrina was sometimes not exactly right. Pretty close, but not on the bullseye.

As she continued to eat her breakfast, a thought crossed her mind. How was she going to communicate with Pam, once school was over with for the year, and especially when the girl was no longer her student? Calling the girl at home was sure to cause her parents to take notice. Next year, when Pam was no longer taking any classes from her, it would surely attract attention if Pam were to keep coming by her office — official attention.

That was something Sabrina did not want. Therefore, discretion was in order.

A few bites later, Sabrina had the answer to her problem. It was both simple and elegant.

* * * *

Pamela Evans was just on her way down the hall towards her creative writing class, when she spotted Jimmy Waters, by himself, for once. It had taken her the whole week, patiently biding her time, but she finally managed to catch him without any of his friends.

A funny feeling sparked way down deep inside her at the very sight of him, dressed in the school’s uniform, but no tie, his shirt unbuttoned to reveal his broad chest. Perhaps it had to do with seeing him fucking their professor. Or perhaps it had been the sight of his hard muscles, his chiseled pecs and abs, as well as the stubble on his jaw and chin.

But she shook off the memory and called out, “Jimmy. Hey, Jimmy.”

He turned around. “Yeah, Evans?”

“Hey, uhm…I wanted to, uhm…apologize. To you.”


“Yeah. For, uhm, you know. Using your stories. I’m sorry. That was wrong. It won’t happen again.”

Jimmy looked surprised. Pleased, but also surprised. But he only said, “Okay. Cool. I’m glad to hear that. I had to speak to Professor Barnes about that.”

“I know. I’m sorry.” Pamela swallowed.

“Don’t sweat it,” Jimmy told her. “Apology accepted. Class is about to start. See you there, Evans.”

And he walked off, turning the corner into their classroom. Pam found she could breathe again.

“Pam,” she muttered, sounding frustrated. “My name is Pam.”

Then she realized what time it was. Jimmy was right. She hurried the rest of the way down the hall to the classroom, sitting down just in time.

Her soft yet firm bubble butt barely touched the hard, wooden seat when Professor Barnes walked in, attired this time in a dark porno izle grey, sleeveless, ribbed-knit turtleneck dress and sky-high black patent leather peep-toe high heels.

Barnes also wore a very faint smile on her mouth as she looked at Pam.

Pam crossed her legs, scissor-tight. She could feel moisture in her panties. She squirmed in her seat. Now was not the time to get aroused.

Sabrina Barnes turned, put her attache case in the little cubbyhole in the lectern, and when she faced the assembled students, her face was all business.

“Good afternoon, class.”

“Good afternoon, professor,” the class replied back.

“I’m sure you’re all well aware of what time of year it is. Yes, spring break is coming up very soon. Next week, I believe.”

A ripple of laughter greeted these words.

“But I’m not referring to that. Specifically, for the second year students, it’s time to select a major. A lot of you will have already begun taking prep courses for your major this year. But this will be the time to officially declare your major.

“The only reason I mention it is that I will not be seeing some of you in any of the more advanced classes that I teach. I have enjoyed getting to know all of you. And I wish you all well in whatever major you choose. Now, please get out your textbooks, and turn to page one oh five.”

* * * *

Once class was done, Barnes said, “Please don’t forget to turn in your homework before you leave, class. And on the Monday after spring break, we’ll be discussing Chapter Ten of your textbook, so please come prepared for class.”

There was a rustle of a groan as the class rose collectively from their seats, and approached Barnes at her lectern.

With a certain amount of quiet pride, Pamela Evans took the stack of printed sheets from her school bag and gave them to Barnes.

Barnes didn’t say anything, but did give Pam an approving single nod.

Out in the hallway, Pam swallowed down her fear. She hoped that she wasn’t doomed to fail this one class. But she remembered what Barnes had told her.

“As long as it is your work, I will read it.”

Pam rested easy in the knowledge that, at the least, she had not borrowed from anyone’s work to complete the homework. Whether it was any good or not, Professor Barnes would have to say.

As she had explained to Professor Barnes after the party last weekend, her mother had grown concerned last year that Pam had not taken a creative writing class yet. She still had one general education class to take, and in the spirit of killing two birds with one shot, had signed up for Creative Writing 101 — The Basics of Creative Writing, only to find out, much to Pam’s terror, that she had not a whit of talent, leading to the chain of events that had led her to…the party last weekend.

It was Friday — near the end of the week, and right before spring break. Normally, Pam would be looking to crash a frat party and lying to her parents about it, but for some reason, that didn’t appeal to her any longer — the frat party, anyway.

Because she had a different kind of party to attend.

On Monday, that afternoon, after she got home from classes, Pam had gotten an email from Professor Barnes. It was a very long email, as well as peculiar. Mostly, it contained the username and password to an email address that Sabrina had set up for Pam.

As the email explained, Sabrina had set up the email account so she could send Pam instructions without raising any suspicions at school or at home, for when Sabrina was having one of her fetish parties that Pam was expected to attend. Pam had some latitude in exactly how she was dressed for these parties, but she was expected to wear what Sabrina asked of her.

For that, Sabrina Barnes explained she had an entire closet of the most beautiful outfits for Pam to wear, waiting for her at Sabrina’s house. Pam was pretty sure that every single item in that closet was made to fit Pam and only Pam.

Pam wasn’t sure how they got her measurements and didn’t know, but was just as sure she didn’t want to know.

As the email further explained, Sabrina couldn’t exactly give Pam her instructions in class. And extra visits to her office on campus would get people talking and rumors flying. Although Pam was pretty sure that was nothing compared to what would happen if she were to get calls at home. Especially since, after this school year, Sabrina was no longer going to be Pam’s professor, and it was just as obvious that creative writing was not going to be Pam’s major.

So Pam got in the habit of checking this email inbox at least once every day.

Pam was still adjusting to her new situation. But it was preferable to having her parents come pick her up at school after waiting in the campus quad, after being expelled for plagiarism.

So, that Friday afternoon, with all her classes over with, and all her tasks done for the day, she went back to the tiny dorm room she shared with her room-mate Frankie, booted up her laptop and accessed her, uh, “other” email inbox.

It was a good brazzers thing she did, for in that inbox was confirmation that Sabrina wanted her presence for a party this very evening. A car was being sent for her. There was a password for the driver. And the last line of the email was very peculiar. It said, “Be sure to brush your teeth, especially your tongue, and rinse with mouthwash.”

Pam didn’t know what to make of that, but did it anyway. She hated to kiss a guy who hadn’t bothered to brush his teeth.

Leaving a quick note for Frankie written on a sticky note stuck to the mirror over the bathroom counter, Pam stripped off her school uniform and changed into a white tank top, matching drawstring shorts, grabbed a pair of sandals, put them on, and then ran out to meet the car that was being sent for her.

She barely came down the stairs and out to the parking lot, when the car pulled in.

The driver hopped out. “Pamela Evans?”

“Yes,” she said.

“I’ve been sent to fetch you.”

“What’s the password?”

The driver said the word in the email and held the back door open for her, so Pam got in, wondering what other students were thinking, if they were watching.

According to Sabrina’s email, the other students were to be left thinking Pam had met a rich boyfriend. Pam agreed with the need for discretion. It would be bad for both of them if people even suspected their, ah, relationship.

Pam was just a little overwhelmed by all the brisk efficiency.

After a surprisingly quick but leisurely half an hour drive, the car pulled up to a large, wrought iron gate, where the driver pulled out a cell phone and pressed two buttons.

“Yes. It’s me. I’ve got her.” And she gave a code word.

With a clank, the gate opened inwards.

The car began to slowly roll forward.

It was then, as the car rolled down the tree-lined road, that Pam noticed the driver was…pretty. Pam didn’t know how old the female driver was, only that she had beautiful china blue eyes, and pale, almost white-blonde hair, pinned up in a perky bun.

As she drove, the woman — girl, really — met Pam’s eyes in the mirror and smiled.

Pam blushed.

“I’m April,” the driver said.

“Hi. My name is Pam. But I guess you already knew that.”

“Yeah.” She winked. “Actually, I’ve noticed you around campus.”

“You have? You go to the same college?”

“Yep. I can see you’re trying to place me. We don’t take any classes together, at least not at the moment.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t start my major until next fall. I had a couple of general courses to take first.”

Pam rolled her eyes in sympathy. “Oh god, I hate general courses.”

“You can say that again,” she said dryly. “The reason why I say we don’t have any classes right now is cause my major is computer science, too.”

“Really? Cool.”

“Yeah!” April beamed at her in the mirror.

Then the car came out from the shade of the trees and emerged into a huge circular courtyard, complete with a huge fountain.

“Wow,” Pam said with a hushed tone.

“I know, right?”

Moments later, the car came to a complete stop. April said, “Hey, sweetie, see you later. I expect sometime in the fall.”

“Thanks, April. It was nice to meet you. Maybe I’ll see you around campus this semester. We still have a few weeks to go.”

April gave her another wink.

Then Linda came out to the car, dressed in her usual outfit of a black blazer, slacks and high heels, and opened the door for Pam.

Pam eased her legs out and put her feet on the crunchy gravel. “Hi, Linda.”

“Hello, dear.” Linda smiled back. She closed the car door and patted the roof. “It’s nice to see you again.”

The car drove off.

“It’s nice to see you, too.”

“Come on,” Linda said. “Let’s get you inside. Sabrina is expecting you.”


As the car drove around the fountain, Linda led Pam to the front door.

Linda held the front door open for Pam and closed it when they had both stepped inside. Then they started walking down the hall.

“So, when does the party start? It seems a little early for that.”

“Oh, don’t worry, dear. The party won’t start for a while yet. But come along. Miss Barnes will explain everything.”

“Right. Of course.”

A few minutes later, Linda took Pam into a room she recognized at once.

Pam felt her pussy give a twinge as she remembered being eaten and then fucked by Miss Barnes in a different room, then later, in this very room, being eaten and fucked by Rebecca London herself, and being eaten while being fucked, by Miss Barnes and Rebecca London.

Not too bad as losing her virginity went, she often thought.

Sabrina Barnes was waiting, seated primly on the couch, wearing a champagne satin blouse, black leather pencil skirt and black patent-leather heels.

At Pam’s entrance, Sabrina smiled brightly and said, “There she is!” She stood and extended her arms. “Come here, darling. Oh, it’s so good to see you!”

Her fake taxi porno arms still full of Pam, Sabrina turned to Linda and said, “Please go get that special item for me, Linda.”

“Right away, Miss Barnes.” Linda moved off at once.

Pam said, “Special item?”

Sabrina patted Pam’s cheek. “Not to worry, my darling. Please, have a seat!”

So Pam sat down with Sabrina on the very same latex-upholstered couch.

“So, darling,” Sabrina said. “How have things been? I know it hasn’t been long, but tell me, how do you feel? Different, I would imagine.”

“Well, yes. Very different.”

“I would certainly think so. Don’t be surprised if you become sexually aroused by the sight of both boys and girls around campus.”

Pam blushed but didn’t answer.

Sabrina then said, “And I noticed you did the homework I assigned you last weekend.”

“Yes, Professor,” Pam said. “Actually, I felt a little bit of pride when I turned in that story to you in class.”

“Because it was your own work, I assume?”

“Yes. Of course, Miss Barnes.”

“I hope so, Pamela. Don’t forget what I said last weekend.”

“I won’t,” Pam promised.

“I won’t say another word,” Sabrina said. “Well, tonight we begin your other education.”

“Yes.” Pam blushed.

Sabrina reached over and patted Pam’s arm. “Don’t worry. But before we start, I did want to tell you that I was able to speak with your mother.”

Pam’s face fell. “Yeah? What did she say?”

“Well, I won’t lie to you. She was rather disappointed that you won’t be following in her footsteps. But she also agreed that you would have a lot of pressure to deal with, and it would be best for you to follow your own path.”

Pam clapped her hand over her mouth. “Oh my god! So she agreed to this internship thing?”

“Yes.” Sabrina smiled. “She did.”

Pam didn’t know what to say. She only knew that the single largest obstacle to the career of her choice had been cleared away.

Sabrina patted her arm again. “Which brings us to tonight.”

“Yes. Okay.”

“Okay. This night is going to be a little unusual, but in a good way. It won’t be so much a leather and latex night as a satin and lace night. All the ladies will be wearing lingerie.”

“Oh,” Pam said.

“I know. It’s going to be a little different. But that’s not all. A couple of Rebecca London’s employees will be guests at tonight’s party. This will be their chance to meet you and get to know you.”

“Right.” Pam blushed brighter.

“Don’t worry. They both know how to behave themselves, if they want to keep getting invited.”

“Okay,” Pam said, sounding a little nervous, all the same. “So, what’s the lesson for tonight?”

Linda appeared promptly at that moment, carrying a small silver tray, which held a single object — a blindfold.

“Thank you, Linda,” Sabrina said. “Please leave us. I’ll let you know when I need you.” Linda left again, her high heels beating a crisp cadence on the floor.

“Uhm…what’s that for, professor?” Pam asked Sabrina.

“Your lesson for tonight. You have to trust me, Pamela.”

“I trust you, professor.”

“Good. Hold still while I put this on.”

Pam closed her eyes while Sabrina held the blindfold in place as she slipped the strap around the back of Pam’s head.

Pam, meanwhile, found out something — even though she couldn’t see, she wasn’t blind. In fact, she could feel air moving as someone sat next to her.

Then that someone leaned in very close, indeed. Pam knew that someone was female because of the scent of their perfume.

And then, that someone was kissing her! The kisses were soft, slightly moist. Whoever they were had full lips and knew how to kiss. Despite herself, Pam felt her nipples hardening.

Suddenly the kissing stopped. Pam felt herself leaning forward to chase the kisser, not wanting the kisses to stop.

Just as suddenly, Sabrina removed the blindfold. Pam sat, blinking for a moment.

Without another word, Sabrina reached over and pressed a button.

Moments later, Linda reappeared. “Yes, Miss Barnes?”

“Linda, have the salon ladies arrived yet?”

“Yes, Miss Barnes. They just arrived, in fact. About five minutes ago.”

“Excellent,” Sabrina purred. “Have them get Pam ready for the party.”

“Yes, Miss Barnes.” Linda turned to Pam. “This way, sweetheart. You’re going to love this.”

* * * *

Pam had disappeared down the stairs with Linda, when the two ladies from Rebecca’s company, Ana and Kari, sat to confer with Sabrina.

Ana was a true Latina, except that at the moment her hair was colored chestnut blonde. Kari, on the other hand, was a natural blonde, all the way down to her pubic hair.

As soon as Pam was whisked away downstairs, they were directed to a private meeting with Sabrina Barnes herself.

“Hi, ladies,” she said. “It’s nice to meet you both.”

“You, too,” they chorused, clearly excited to be invited to one of her parties.

“So, I just wanted to impress upon you the need to be gentle.” Sabrina paused to let that sink in. “If this were a leather and latex party, you would have been able to get away with being a little rougher. But I’m going to ask you to hold back and be gentle. That and because this girl is my pet, and your soon to be intern.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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