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Gill led Hayden into a large room where I awaited her. Hayden seeing me seated across from her in the living room, wearing a suit and smoking a cigar in one hand while in my other I held a wine glass. Hayden recognized me. I was the same man who had been at the trendy nightclub in LA who she teased then refused my affections towards her. The same man Hayden had heard rumors and innuendos about and she was advised to steer clear of. I took a puff of my cigar, fixing Hayden with a hard stare. No one said anything while she stood there waiting for me. I smiled at Hayden. ” How’re you doing, Hayden? Long time no see.”

” I’m just as happy seeing you, John,” she said; both of them knew there were few words to be said. ” You must be pretty tired. Why don’t you rest on any one of the sofas,” I indicated at one not too far from me. She thanked me and then went to the sofa I meant and laid down on it. She is anxious and scared. ” You like teasing men?” I said to her. ” Why did you refuse to join me at the nightclub for a few drinks?” I smoked my cigar. ” I needed to leave,” She said sheepishly. ” Hmmm.” I paused to sip my wine, then got up from where I sat. ” Since you were kind enough to accept my invitation. We should get to know each other.” I turn to Hayden smiling. I hope my boys didn’t put you in any type of distress when they arrived at your home?” She sat up. ” Well, I was kind of frightened at first. I didn’t know who they were. But knowing they came from you … I guess I’m intrigued about whatever’s going on.”

I looked at her grinning like a devil at her. ” Aww.” I took one last drag on my cigar before turning around to a coffee table beside my chair extinguishing the cigar on an ash tray then turned back to face her. My eyes held hers in a firm gaze. It rattled Hayden to stare back at me. ” There is a price to pay for teasing then refusing my affections.” ” I don’t … I know nothing about any price,” she replied ” I know you don’t, Hayden. A shame the things people keep from others. I won’t bore you with the fine details. I’ll let you in on my part. What I want quite simply, is you.” Hayden brought a hand to her chest; her lips came open with startled surprise. ” Me … me?” I nodded. ” Yes, Hayden, you.” My fist held her from making a move, turning her to face me. ” I had been eyeing you for a long time, Hayden. As long as you try not to fight, you’ll see how much of a gentleman I really am.” Hayden looks at me. ” Whatever it is you want from me … I don’t know.” I smile at her. ” First, let’s see what you can do. Get down on your knees.”

Hayden’s heart is cart-wheeling in her chest with fright, she did as I wanted sliding downward to her knees till her face is aiming at my crotch. She sees the apparent bulge there, like something thick and big trying to break through my pants. Oh my God, please tell me that’s not his cock! She looks up at me and I smile down at her. ” It’s calling out to you, Hayden,” I said to her, pushing my crotch against her face. ” Be a good girl and unzip my fly and take my cock out of its hiding place, would you?”
Hayden is trembling as her hands work my pants pulling down on my fly’s zipper. She reaches inside, feeling she is dipping her hand into a dark hole, and encounters my jockey briefs. She reaches inside that one till she pulls out my semi-erect thick snake. Her eyes grow wide at its size and she mutters another gasping sound. ” Oh my God!” she moans.

I throw my head to the ceiling and shook with laughter then turn to look down at her. ” Don’t worry, babe. It’s not going to harm you. Not yet at least,” I chuckle. Almost immediately my voice barked harshly at her. ” Well, don’t keep me waiting. Put those beautiful lips of yours to that cock and start sucking, Hayden!” I grab the back of her head and roughly push her against my crotch, forcing my thick organ into her mouth. Hayden issues a grunting choke as she feels the head of my cock jam at the back of her throat, making her momentarily gag on it. I explode with mirth as I watch her get back herself. Still holding the side of her head, I thrust my cock all the way into her mouth, barely giving her chance to recuperate. Hayden shuts her eyes taking the punishment; she desperately wants to cry. The girth of my cock fills her mouth like a helium balloon. She tries desperately to relax her jaw muscles so as to accommodate me more. It is a struggle to swallow more and more of my cock.

” That’s it, you tease,” I murmur encouragement at her oral activity while still thrusting my shaft in and out of her mouth. ” Yes … keep taking that big dick, babe … suck that cock like you were born to do it. And don’t think of stopping until I tell you, Hayden! I spat. Hayden had often prided herself to be a good cocksucker whenever she had the chance to handle her boyfriend’s prick. But what her boyfriend had is nothing comparable to the giant prick she is sucking right now. She feels humiliated just scarping her teeth over the cock’s foreskin, muttering gagging fits as on and on she sucks my cock. Her eyes watering with tears. Spit rolling off her mouth and down her chin. I hold my shaft in my hand at the same time holding her lower jaw. I put my fingers into her mouth, forcing it open. I’m grinning at her. I turn to Hayden and said to her, ” Now listen. I’m going to jam my cock in and out of your pretty mouth and I want you to leave it wide open like it is right now, you got it? Nod your head if you do.” Hayden nodded.

” Good. Here it comes.” My thick cock thrusting in and mouth of her mouth. My cock resembles a kid’s fist; its size is unlike any cock she ever knew any man, could carry. Hayden’s body shaking from the exercise and tears continue to down her face. When finally I stop fucking her mouth, I told her to remain where she was. Her hands unbuttoning her blouse and she reaches into her bra to caress her tits. I took off my jacket and begin stripping myself of my clothes, my erection jutting in front of my crotch. When I was naked, I came behind Hayden kneeling behind her. I push up her skirt moving her line of panties to the side. Hayden screamed when I shoved my monster cock between her legs. Hayden is pushed forward when she feels my cock penetrating her cunt lips and the cries that spewed from her lips reverberating around the room. The pain she feels is enormous; it is unlike anything she has ever felt before. She is moaning and gasping from the thrusting cock in her pussy.

I’m grunting from her pussy’s tightness and keep forcing my cock in and out of her. I did it steadily, her pussy releasing copious amounts of juice to compensate the wetness surrounding her cunt. She is giving high moans, the pain subsided after a while and Hayden is no longer hurting from it. Instead she is enjoying the size of my cock thrusting in and out of her. Hayden moaning from the force of my cock stabbing into her. Hayden fell face down flat on the carpet. I land on top of her, jerking my cock deep inside her. Her body convulsing and spasming under me. She reaches her hands behind her backside, urging me to get off her, to release her from the pain she is in. ” Take that cock!” I grunted in her ear. Sweat rolling down my face landing on her neck. Hayden feels my cock growing heavy inside her. She steels herself giving another piercing cry as she feels the roar of my cum shooting into her like a rocket, exploding galaxy of stars all the way past her womb and cervix. Her body stiffens as she climaxes again while I grunt more spurts of semen inside her. When I’m done, I pull out of her slapping her ass cheeks. Hayden moans as she feels my cock leave her pussy. She remains where she lay on the carpet, loving the soothing feeling that came upon her now.

” Hope you enjoyed the fucking,” she hears me say. ” There’s more where that came from.” I turn to a member of my house staff, ” Take her upstairs and have her clean herself up.” The staff member helped Hayden get off the floor. She falters on her feet, too weak, she had to put her arm around the shoulder for him to lead her along. There is a hole in her pussy, bayan escort gaziantep she thought. And it felt like it wasn’t ever going to close up again. Hayden passed out. When her eyes opened, she is in a shower stall, lying on the floor while water from the shower’s head high above her rained down on her. She touched herself, felt her hands over her mouth—there was a throbbing hurt on her lower jaw. Her hands came down to her tits. Everything about her tits felt normal, no harm or uninvited touch had come to them. She felt over her lower abdomen and around her thighs, finally coming to the one place she knew felt different aside from every other part of her system—her cunt.

Even as the water splattered down on her and streamed down her torso and thighs down to her cunt, it wasn’t enough to stem down the temperature her mind told her was raging in there. She winced as she ran a finger between her vagina and then plunged it into her pussy. She introduced a second finger and moaned like one caught in the clutches of a bad dream at the expanded texture that was her cunt. She could still picture the sight of my cock and was surprised he’d forced that big, prick of his all the way in her and she’d lived to tell the tale.

Thinking about what had happened a couple of hours ago, she was glad that he did stick that huge cock to her. She’d never been so abundantly filled up by a cock, a monster cock for that matter. And the way he’d fucked her so mercilessly, making her climax almost suddenly … it was worth having his cock anytime. She struggles to pull herself to her feet, nearly slipping on the wet floor while she did. She took a bar of soap from dish by the wall and washed every bit of her body. There was a bottle of shampoo beside the soap dish and she used it to wash her hair. When she felt satisfied that she was clean enough, she turned off the shower and waited for the water to dry off her skin before stepping out of the stall and entering the bedroom.

There were some clothes on the bed. A short red blouse, black skirt and nylon garters with stockings; there wasn’t any panties. Hayden picked up the red blouse and held it to her chest; it stopped halfway of her belly. Still she put it on after she’d done drying her body, felt its tightness press against her body. The garter belt with the stockings came on next. The skirt was very light and it barely covered her butt cheeks when she wore on. Hayden thought that all she needed to complete the picture was a pair of maroon-coloured ‘fuck me’ type high heels to wear. She looked beside the foot of the bed and like magic, there was a pair of sleek black high heel shoes standing there just for her. No harm there, she sat on the bed and put them on and tested by walking from one end of the room to the other. Her legs were familiar with high heels but never one as outlandish as these; they made her look nearly six feet.

Suddenly the bedroom door came open. She turns her face away from the window like one who’d been caught at something and sees me standing there in my vest and pants, admiring her new outfit. She feels naked before my eyes and nearly feels the urge to search for something to cover herself with. ” Yes, that’s exactly the way I pictured you to be,” I murmur with agreement at how the blouse looked snug to her body. I closed the door behind me as I stepped further into the room. ” First time I saw you, I had this perfect picture in my head of you dressed like you are now. You’ve got a great body that looks like something only a ballerina would want to her.” I came to her caressing her lower abdomen, running my finger around her navel. This brought some excitement to her body.

Hayden is suddenly angry at me. ” I’m confused. I don’t know yet how to take any of this. I feel like my whole world just turned upside down. A few hours ago I was at my place having a suntan. Then you send some people to bring me here. You had sex with me. You tell me, I was now your property. Now your saying you’re not holding me here. Exactly what would you want me to believe?” My voice became as cold as a tombstone when I said, ” What I want you to believe is first of all, don’t ever raise your voice at me.” Hayden took a step back away from me, momentarily afraid. Just as I’d turned angry, like someone flicking a light switch off, the anger in my eyes instantly melted away and I resumed being my casual, seductive self, so too did my voice.
” I want you to feel my desire, Hayden. Know how much I want you, and how much you want me in you.” I draw her closer to me. My arms encircling her body against mine; she couldn’t resist. ” You didn’t see the look that was on your face when downstairs and you sucked my dick. I know you’ve never had one as big as mine before, or have you?” She shook her head against my chest. ” Your cock was so … so fucking big. I’ve never had a cock that big before, ever.”

” I know, but you did enjoy yourself, didn’t you?” My hands went down her backside cupping her buttocks under her skirt and she shivers as I begin caressing it. ” Tell me that when I shoved that cock down your throat that you didn’t like it. You felt so alive when you were handling me. Sucking my dick with so much love written in your eyes.” My words are like the ocean waters and she is the Titanic going down to the bottom. Before she realized it, she is moaning against my chest, her hands hold onto me as she vividly recalls the rush that came upon her when he’d served her his cock. She still recalled the taste, and with me standing here before her, there isn’t anything that can prevent her from having my cock again. She looks up at me and stretches her face towards me. Our lips met, and then it parted and I slid my tongue down into her mouth. We mashed our lips against each other’s. Her hands caressing the back of my head and shoulders while I keep squeezing her butt cheeks and giving them a playful slap.

I bend down towards her legs lifting her up into the air. Hayden gasps with sudden fright, fearing for her life as I lift her higher till she rests her legs over my shoulders. She holds onto the far wall while her other hand pushes up her skirt which partly now rests over my face. Within seconds she feels my tongue blowing air at the outer skin of her labia. She holds back the hem of her skirt watching the top of my face bury itself between the open ‘V’ of her legs. My tongue licking up her pussy once, making her gasp momentarily. It slips up her pussy a second time, then a third, and then went into her like a missile beginning to suck her pussy steadily. Hayden giving whimpering pants. Her hands run over my head repeatedly while her feet kick the air behind my back. I hold her deftly in my hands. My biceps stood out as I continue to balance her weight in front of my face while my lips peruses her wet pussy with sucking vigor.

I move forward lowering her to the bed. Still holding her legs up, I never once lefting up my head from where it is buried at. Hayden’s pussy seems to scream at me for more, not wanting me to stop any time soon. Her hands hold my face down while her hips keep pushing up to get more of my questing tongue. A raging fire is building from deep within her and it is speed-balling into a flaming orgasm, one that makes her shudder and convulse under me. I keep my face glued to her pussy, as she squirts juice upon my face. She is gasping and panting wildly while her abdomen and pelvis rocked her body in half. ” Ahh … Ohhhh … God! Oh my God!” she whimpers as the orgasm gradually dies down. “Ohhh God …John, I’ve never had it so good!” I look up at her, my lower face covered with her cum.

” Yes,” she complied without hesitation even though she is still panting. ” Yes, John. Thank you for making me cum like that. Oh God, it was wonderful.” ” Don’t thank me yet, Hayden. I still want some more your pussy.” I climbed on top of her, balancing my bulk on one hand as if I’m doing a one-hand push-up exercise, and my other hand wrapped around my cock, I rub its knob head against her pussy entrance. Hayden drew in a deep breath, her body shaking, especially her legs as she feels the presence of my cock pushing through her walls, entering her. A humming sound emanated from her lips as she feels her pussy begin to expand, and it grew into a moan, and from there progressed into a screeching as the head of my cock went into her along with several inches more. ” Ougghhh … Awwhhh … fuck!” Hayden thrashing her head from side to side as I thrust more of my cock then withdrew backwards, then thrusts more again. Her hands encircling my shoulders but her legs with the high heels remain suspended in the air as if frightened of what might happen should they come down.

I went into her steadily, thrusting my way through like I’m breaking down an impenetrable wall, loving the feel of her cum juice soaking my cock. It isn’t until I feel satisfied that I’d gotten easy access that I laid carefully on top of her and started owning her pussy. My hands crawl under her buttocks pushing her hips upwards to meet my pelvis while my buttocks went up and down rhythmically on her. Hayden senses her pussy juice pouring out of her cunt staining the sheets. Her hands reach behind for the bed’s headboard and she is moaning from the pain and lust I’m meting upon her. My face is inches from hers. I inhale her panting breath and she did the same of my exhaling grunts. My lips close over hers and our kiss is passionate, I never lost focus from the rhythm of my cock sinking deep in her. Hayden slams her face to the side, her features squeezed in pain. The anguish brought with it searing heat and exquisite delight. It is unlike anything she’d ever experienced before with a man.

” Tell me what I’m doing to you,” I said to her gruffly at the same time breathing down on her face., punctuating my words with each stroke my cock made into her. ” What am I doing to you, Hayden?” For Hayden, it is an uphill struggle to put what I’m doing to her in words. ” You’re … Uhhgghh … you’re fucking me … you’re fucking me, John!” she groans. ” You love what I’m doing to you … don’t you, Hayden?” ” Yes … yes, I fucking love it … Ohhhh …” ” You’re going to learn to love this dick for a long time,” sweat dribbling off my forehead staining her face. ” You’re going to love my dick every time!” Caught in her ecstatic delirium, she responds that she is loving it already. I pull out of her turning to lie on my back, pulling her along. Her pussy is now screaming for my cock to come back and fuck it; her juice trickling down from her legs as she came on top of me guiding my cock into her awaiting entrance then sinking herself downward to receive my offering. Her mouth opens and she exhals a whimpering cry as my cock slides in deep inside her again.

” Awwwhhh … fuck! Fuck me!” I slap her buttocks as she spurs herself to rocking her ass back and forth on my cock. She leans forward against the head board, her tits bouncing and jiggling above my face. She gazes down at her me, but didn’t really see me. The world is getting blurry before her eyes. My hands slap her butt cheeks once more, making a loud crack that made her holler. ” Move that ass, Hayden!” I slap her butt again. ” Fucking move that ass!” She is on top of me, riding me, but in reality I’m the rider and she is the horse. Her hips buck against me as I keep thrusting my cock against her cervix. I pull her butt cheeks as far apart as my hands can and plough my shaft deep inside her harder and harder, my balls slapping up and down as my cock went in and out of her.

Hayden braces herself for another splitting orgasm. This one coming to her like the rush of a bullet train. She falls on top of me whimpering loudly, beating her fists on my arms, begging me to stop, I didn’t. My cock fucking her like automaton, not giving her a chance to catch her breath. The bed shaking under us. I finger fuck her ass hole and nib on her ear lobe at the same time. Just as she is recovering from the shock of the orgasm she just had, within minutes she is having another. Hayden gives a last cry and jumps up from me at the last minute. A tidal wave of her juices gushing out of her like a broken dam; she massages her clit while it pours out of her wetting my body.

“OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGODDDDD!” she shrieks. I slid my cock back into her went on pounding her pussy. I came up minutes later turning her back on the bed resuming fucking her again. By now Hayden is getting frustrated at the same time admiring me in awe that all this time I hadn’t climaxed yet. The moment came less than two minutes later. My hands under her buttocks and my muscle member fucking her to the bed, I mutter a satisfying groan as I let go of my deluge of semen flooding her pussy and irrigating every inch of her womb. She is lucky that she is still on the pill. By the time I pull out of her, her pussy feels so wide, she could have delivered a baby right there and then and never would have felt it. I came to the end of the bed where her face was and dangled his prick before her eyes; its shaft was coated with her cum.

” You’re going to be my bitch, Hayden,” I said. ” You’re going to be my cum slut for as long as I want. I’m going to fuck you however I want, whenever I want and wherever I want, and you’re never to say no to me.” Hayden slept then four hours later she woke up. She slid off her panties and returned to the den. I’m smiling as she re-enters the den. Somewhat shocked, she sees me with the front of my shorts unzipped. There is a bulge that is noticeably there. ” John, I had better go and not stay any longer.” she stated with anger. ” Hayden, please do not leave. Come over here, relax with me.” Hayden, hesitant, did not want to anger me. Thinking that she can be friendly and entertain. ” Come and sit back on my lap and we shall continue to get aquinted,” I stated smoothly. Hayden slowly sat beside me but I insisted that she sit on my lap. ” John, your pants are unzipped. I do not want it touching me again. I’m sorry I was rude and I feel uncomfortable by a man’s nakedness. “she answers.

By now the herb tea has begun to have it’s effects on Hayden again and she feels listless except for the pulsating in her pussy. I pull her up on my lap with her facing me. Hayden pushes herself away then my hands grab her holding her on my lap. Hayden feels my throbbing cock under my shorts rubbing against her ass as she wiggles my cock got harder. Again, I caress her and Hayden begins to relax. She is becoming higher from the herb each minute and as she has tried not to do previously, she slowly rests her ass on my crotch. This pleases me, I slowly move my arms around her waist and shoulders. My arms feel like tentacles embracing her. Hayden is feeling captive and an unexpected excitement begins to embrace her again. She is helpless as she gazes at me. ” Please, please don’t hold me this way. I feel so strange and helpless. She pleads. ” Shii, do not resist my affection Hayden. It is time for you, to again to pleasure me. A very rich man that can make or break your career in LA.”

” Please, don’t hurt me again. I had never been taken by a man as large as you….I will never tease any man again,” Hayden protested. She mutters, her feelings from the herb begin to render her helpless. She feels my arms pull her tightly to my lap and her head begins to tilt backward. With a light motion I unzip her dress pulling up and off. Her beautiful breasts appear. Hayden, still in a trance, offers no resistance. I become more aroused, my lips kissing down her neck and shoulder beginning to kiss and suck on her breast. Her body tingles all over while goose bumps rise on her arms. Here she is with a older man kissing her breasts as she sat straddling my lap. She feels helpless yet mesmerized by the touch of my maleness again.

I then slightly pull and raise Hayden from my lap while not taking my eyes off hers. Hayden is motionless with no expression except for her mouth partially open. I hold her back with one hand while my other hand slowly releases my throbbing cock from my shorts. I then let Hayden back down on my lap. Hayden did not have any panties on so it is only moments before she feels my cock rubbing against her pussy again. It is warm hard and big. I again massaged her breast. Hayden is mesmerized and under my spell as she offers little resistance except to softly mutter, ” please don’t.” I replied,” relax Hayden, and let us bond together again. I want you to feel the joys of manhood. I offer no harm.” Hayden, although under my spell, she is frightened. But the captive feeling of my cock again rubbing against her vaginal lips along with the erotic feeling of being held by me is overcoming along with the high from the herb. She is a beautiful woman succumbing to sex again with a man so experienced her loins are on fire and her juices flowing. She is shaking yet mesmerized.

The big head of my penis has again found her entrance. I guide it with my right hand slowly pressing it softly until the head partially slides inside her again. Hayden is very wet her juices soaking the head. With a small thrust, I press the entire head of my cock inside her. Hayden yelps and again pleades, Noooo, pleaseee, nooo. With her dress off my two arms holding her, I slowly impale a couple of inches of my cock inside her. Her tightness is now broken. Her eyes are fixed on me yet as her protests grow silent and her eyes widened as she begins to feel my meat again inside of her. I pull Hayden’s arms up around my neck and slowly laid back on the floor with her bare breasts on me. Hayden is moaning as I work another inch of my cock inside her.

Her legs, with knees bent along with her feet dangling in the air. My large cock head stuck inside her seems again too big to enter tight pussy again. Hayden is squirming as I hold her tight. I place my large hand on her ass. Another inch pushes inside her. There is no escape from this lusting man now. I pull my cock out slowly, rolling her on her side. I hold up her left leg with my hand while my other arm tightly holds her back. My cock is harder now as it again finds her vaginal lips. I press the head in again as Hayden moans. With each small stroke I press more of my shaft inside her. After a couple of minutes a third of my cock is inside her. Her body is held against me by my muscular arms. She begins to feel like she is being split in two as she is impaled on my cock. In a daze, her eyes left mine peeking over my shoulder. Her eyes have a pleading look seemingly wanting help. The trance had worn off and reality has set in. ” Please help me, please,” she mutters.

Hayden’s eyes become glassy again. Her eyes roll back and her mouth opens. Her head slides from view as her body is dwarfed and covered by me pressing against her. I stroke a couple of more inches into her and now half of my cock is in her moving in and out. Hayden is moaning and grunting as she begins enjoying an erotic feeling. I’m pleasured to the extreme and again find her lips kissing them. My hand tightly holds her ass while I keep thrusting my cock into her. I roll Hayden completely on her back with my arm around the back of her neck and my right hand tightly holding her ass. My chest pressing her to the floor. Hayden is small compared to me that only two legs are visible along with her arms clinching to my neck. Her legs are now quivering and her breathing is heavy. Her mouth is open as saliva dribbles from the edges. I begin jerking more with her now completely under my thrusting cock.

As she lets out a loud moan I covered her lips with mine and my buttocks again thrusts up and down. I tried to hold back but the excitement of taking this blonde beauty is overwhelming and my shaft stiffens even more as I can no longer hold my cum from pouring into her. Finally I pull my lips from hers and let out a primal moan as I spew my cum into her belly. Although only half in her, Hayden feels my cock swelling as it is splitting her ass. Due to her smallness I had mercifully not pressed all of my shaft into her. I didn’t need to, her ass is packed with my cock She will recieve more of my massive size soon.

My cock begins to burst. Hayden’s eyes grew wide and her mouth opens wide as she yelps. Her body tingling all over with orgasms. I suddenly begin spewing loads of warm cum into her belly as this woman looks like a ragged doll shaking in my clutches. My arms clutch her as her two legs rose in the air shaking and then clasps my buttocks. It seems like I filled her with everything I had yet I’m slowly pushing my cock back into her minutes afterward. Slowly oozing every drop my cum into her belly.
Hayden lay on the floor completely exhausted and full of my spunk. Her body is limp and her eyes are glazed over. She is young and now a woman. She is soaked from my sweat and her loins are burning from the lust that had invaded her body. I rose and left the room.

An hour later I grab Hayden by the arm taking her back into the room, forcing her to aly on the floor. I force her legs apart climbing between them again. With my left hand around her neck my right hand begins to guide my hardened manhood between her thighs. Hayden pleads, ” please, don’t, I’m exhausted. I don’t want your cock in me….please.don’t, not now.” Her pleas fall on deaf ears as I slowly press my cock into her. Hayden’s vagina is lubricated from the spunk left in her by me eariler so this time my cock slides in smoothly. She tries to push me away but as she did I grab her wrists tightly holding them to the floor while thrusting my cock deeper into her.

A look of fear and helplessness is all over her face. Her eyes are wide and her lips quivering as she becomes impaled again on my pulsating cock. Weak from fear and being ravaged, Hayden slowly laid back on the floor. She is no match for stopping me from invading her body again. I chided her. ” Just lay there Hayden and feel this throbbing dick in you. I’m gonna fuck you, spew in you and there is nothing you can do about it.” I’m not gentle time. I want all of my shaft in her as I begin vigorously pressing more of my 9″ hard cock into her. Hayden feels pain again and whimpers, ” Oh no, please no, it is too big and is splitting me in two.
“Shut up Hayden and get use to it. You are going to have my cock in you any time, and any where.” I continue to ravage her. Her head bobbled up and down while her legs wiggled around my buttocks. She is pinned to the floor by my hands around her wrists. Hayden is now groaning and sputtering as I’m thrusting between her loins. Her eyes are rolled back, mouth open as sweat from me is dripping on her. ” Oh my god….it hurts, but it feels sooooo good,” She moans. Her head rolls from side to side. My buttocks thrusting up and down while Hayden’s legs shook in the air. Another orgasm bolting through her as her eyes grow wide again and her mouth sucks for air. Then her legs clasp my buttocks as her wrists are held tightly to the floor.

Almost all my shaft is in her and so rigid that my cock is pulling her ass off the floor as I grind it into her. Mercifully, it only took a few minutes. I feel my cock swelling and wanting to burst. I want so badly to spew into this beauty and surrender her body to my deep lust again. Finally, I cannot hold it any longer, I let out a growl, “AAAhhhh, I cum in you, I cum in you, Hayden feel my jism spew in you,” as I shook violently with my hard cock buried deep in her. Another almost not ending orgasm races through her as her mouth is sucked by me and she feels my cum exploding in her. I release her wrists and she grabs my neck and her legs again rose in the air and shook.

With a final few thrusts, my semen filling Haden again. Loads my cum begins pouring out of her ass. Hayden’s eyes are again wide and glazed. Her mouth quivering as her exhausted legs lower to the floor. Hayden is again fucked. I lay on top of her limp body as the room grew silent. Hayden almost passes out. Hayden has never felt anything like this. She is disgusted from having sex with me yet she feels more like a woman and is beyond sexually satisfied. As sickening the thought of being pressed against me, there is also something titillating about being truly fucked and my sperm filling and pouring out of her loins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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