Teaching Our Daughter Ch. 03

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The next night I got surprised by my parents. After dinner my father told me:

“Sweetie, this will be the night for you to not forget. We will provide you with some practical lessons, are you ready for them?”

Unsure of what he was up to I just nodded, blushing and feeling the same flush of heat in my veins running through my whole body.

Instantly I felt horny. I really wanted to know what he was up to.

Questioningly I looked at mum. She just nodded and said:

“Please, take a shower and then come to our room. You will join us in bed tonight.”

Oh my God, I thought. My sexual fantasy will come true tonight. I not only will get to see my parents fuck but I am to join them. Boy, am I excited.

After coming out of the shower, I put on my pink girlie-nightie and went to my parent’s room. There I was caught by my dad, pulling me into his arms. He kissed me first very tenderly, but then he went on with roughly tongue-kissing me.

And I don’t know what hit me. I got one hot heat flash after another, almost burning in lust. More or less, I lost control. I let him do things with my tongue no one had ever done with it before.

And I liked kissing him.

Suddenly he pulled away, hugging me tight and mumbling into my ear:

“So, now sit down there and watch. I will now fuck your mother in front of your eyes. That’s what you wished for, right?”

I gulped in eagerness when I watched them undress. They both lay down in a kind of spooning position. I was a bit self-conscious, nervously waiting, anxiously anticipating what was about to happen in front of me.

Dad was on his left elbow, holding himself up to be able to watch everything. He was spooning mum and immediately he began touching and squeezing her boobs from behind.

Entranced I watched how mum stared back at me, licking her lips, smiling. I started to breathe harder, as the sight of my mum being fondled aroused me like nothing else before.

I liked seeing her lust grow in her eyes as dad moved his right hand down between her legs to stroke her there. I watched transfixed how he let all his fingers slip into her aroused swollen cunt.

I gulped and my lust grew enormously as I just thought how hot it was to watch her getting it.

Mum was still watching me, as I moved my hips right after opening my legs a bit only to close them again shortly after. I could tell that she knew that the view in front of me was getting to me, was making me hotter, was arousing as hell for me, making me even still hornier as I saw her getting it.

She knew. She stared at me, smiling.

And after both of them had let me seen his stroking fingers in her pussy, he began to drag rhythmically up and down her wet slit. I could see his fingers shining with her wetness. I moaned in lust. Unconsciously I let my fingers slip into my throbbing labia.

“Is this good for you, sweetie? Oh yes, I can see you like it. Look honey, she’s getting hot. She even masturbates her clit. Yes, sweetie, show us how you do yourself! Let us watch you, too.”

And with whispering these words he rubbed mum furiously until she panted breathlessly, still watching me. Between the breathless pants she still managed to make herself heard with groans and grunts of his name and some words that included “yes” and “fuck me, please”.

Then he suddenly rammed into her right after he had lifted her leg up to enter her. And I heard her groaning out of desire.

She still watched me staring at her, her eyes glazed with lust.

“You like watching us?” She croaked hoarsely before starting to breathe shallow in hard pants.

But before I could have said something, and believe me, I wasn’t able to, as transfixed as I was on them fucking each other, she started to beg him to have mercy, that she wanted to come, that she wanted to come right now and how badly she needed it.

My dad started to thrust into her faster, both moved in unison in an age-old rhythm of intercourse. And I got hotter every second. As much as I had to conceit, wanting to watch them was something so good, so hot that I never would have wanted to undo it.

My dad now had pushed his hand between her legs. He rubbed furiously through her slit, and noticing the wantonness in my mother’s eyes stopped me from gazing down there too long.

I saw her eyes sparkling with lust as she noticed that I got excited as I was watching her getting stimulated. Unconsciously I might have been rocking my hips in lust.

For a second he stopped doing her, watching me intensely and then my dad asked me:

“Sweetie, do you like watching and seeing your mother like this?”

I simply nodded in awe, couldn’t express how aroused that made me to see her in heat like this.

I didn’t exactly know what happened to me, I didn’t know how I had been ending up in their bed between the two of them, tongue-kissing my father again.

“Sweetie, do you enjoy this?”

“Yes daddy, I like kissing you.”

“Okay, then I will go on kissing you. And mummy will be tenderly arousing you now.”

I didn’t have the time to gaziantep escort think that information over or any time to protest or ask questions because I was too entranced with tongue kissing him. There I lay, between my naked parents, getting the kissing lesson of my life.

“Sweetie, scoot closer to your mum. Honey, touch our daughter. Make her feel good.”

Now mum started to stroke her fingers over my arms, my waist, circling on my stomach and with a hesitant look just as if asking me for permission she went on touching my boobs.

In my sex-fogged mind I slowly started to realize that my mum was feeling me up above my nightie. She let her fingers glide over my body, very languidly but arousing me all the same. I looked into her eyes and let her know how good this was feeling.

I felt her reaching up to my breast, pressing my mounds that send wonderful thrilling shots up my whole nerve system. I felt her mouth on my collarbone, travelling south over my nightie until she reached my already erect nipples. And then another flash of lust hit me as she took my nipple in between her lips dampening the cotton of my nightie. I deeply moaned in my father’s mouth.

“What is it, sweetie? Do you like what we’re doing?”

He asked, and I just nodded as I looked into his happy eyes. He kissed me again, but then trailed down with his mouth the side of my neck and then I felt not only my mother licking at my nipple but my daddy’s hand squeezing my other tit, too. He did not only squeeze my boob but did tender strokes with the whole of his palm down my stomach and back again.

And every time he reached my tit again he squeezed harder. With every hard stroke of his heated palm my skin was warming up. And then, my own body betrayed me. It arched like never before – into the hand of my father and the mouth of my mother.

I really, really liked it and I did tell them with the actions of my body and my voice, just incoherently stammering my lust to make it known to both my parents.

I couldn’t do anything but to watch myself getting fondled and tits sucked above my nightie.

Soon they both suckled on my nipples while their hands were roving over my chest, my lower abdomen, my hips, my thighs and back to my belly button.

I loved those double strokes, they made me even hotter.

And as both decided almost at the same time that my nightie has to be removed from my body, I felt a little anxious as they both watched me wordlessly.

They didn’t do anything, they just gazed at my heated body, jerking in impatience to feel more. They looked at each other and then both their mouths descended together on each of my nipples and sucked them hard.

“Oh my God, do that again!”

With lust-glazed eyes I saw my mum smiling at me as she asked:

“You like that, sweetie? Yeah?”

The strong will to also touch them was overwhelming but both of my arms were hold strongly above my head. I think my father held them in a fierce grip because one hand of my mother was caressing my throat and my chest. And the other joined the right hand of my father touching my lower abdomen and then both went further south.

Strong and powerful fingers were pushed in between my pussy lips and spread them apart, and then the thinner fingers of my mother dragged through my dripping wet cunt.

I inhaled very sharply in wondering anticipation.

Simultaneously both their index fingers slipped into my pussy and worked me magic there.

One slipped in me and one touched the little nub mom told me about not long ago.

In fact, after that masturbation lesson a week ago I had explored that little nub further and I was satisfied with my exploration.

I liked to touch it myself. But I liked it even more to be touched there, to feel another finger-pad on it, getting to feel the pressure of a hand’s heel or the persistent and hard rubbing of more fingers in a furious and rapid pace.

And so I started to jerk my hips into their hands, with every hump panting became more difficult because of the immense lust I felt getting finger-fucked.

I heard my mum whispering:

“Oh look, darling, how amazing our beautiful girl looks when she comes. Can you see?”

And then and there, I came.

In an orgasm as wild, mind-blowing, earth-shattering and wonderful as never before.

It was delicious, and to be fair that was a kind of an understatement. I was in a total lust-delirium as I released my sexual climax.

I released those quivers and shudders as open as I could because I didn’t want to disappoint my parents.

They had given me this wonderful experience and lesson to let loose, I think I owed them that.

Panting like a horse on a run, I screamed out of sheer lust:

“Oh my God, yes, yes…ooooh!”

“Now, you are ready, baby-girl!”

“Ready for what, mum?”

“For more”, She answered mysteriously and smiled.

She promised me more.

But I really couldn’t have imagined what was about to come.

Believe me, if I had known what was about happen to me next, gaziantep escort haberleri I would have declared someone as crazy.

In my sexual bliss I just noticed I got carried up and set down, and suddenly my sexual hunger was in overdrive again.

It felt like it was my father’s cock between my ass checks as he sat me down between his legs the same time he encircled me with both his arms and pressed sweet little kisses at my neck. I let out an aroused moan and both my parents chuckled as they heard that sound:

“See, told you, she’d love it. I knew she wanted more.”

“Is it true, baby, do you want more?”

“Yes…I guess!”

“You’re really sure?”

“Yes, mum!”

The same moment I felt my father’s fingertips in my wet slit again, touching my already over-sensitive little bud of nerves, I jerked up my hips, crying out loud:

“Oh my god!”

First he stopped shortly, stroked my inner thighs instead but as he used his legs to spread both of mine wider, he again pressed his fingers to my clit. This made me yelp out of thrilled excitement. I heard him whispering into my right ear:

“I knew you’d like it. And right now, you wanna be touched down there again, right?”

I just panted and nodded not only in consent, but with a telling eagerness that showed them the height of my desire to feel that again.

“You really want it again, sweetie, don’t you? Say it!”

“Ye-hessss, please, I want to feel that again, please! Can you make me feel that again?”

“Yes, sweetie, I can. But right now, I won’t be the one touching you.”

“Oh, please, do it. Please!”

“No, kid, are you ready for more?”

“Yes, please. Do it. Do it!”

“What would you say to a little tongue-play?”

“Oh, yes, daddy! I like kissing you.”

“No, sweetie, I wasn’t talking about me kissing you, I was talking about your mum using her tongue on you!”

Totally confused I looked at my mom. She lay in between our legs and already kissed my belly button. It tickled me, but I liked it. I coyly smiled at her.

“Yes, I think, I’d like kissing mom, too!”

“Okay, but give me a kiss first, baby girl.”

With this, my father turned my head to him and we both enjoyed a short but passionate kiss.

“Baby, now your mummy needs you to spread your legs wide open. Mummy won’t kissing your lips, sweetie, mummy will touch you now at every part of your body that responds to sexual stimulation with her hands and her tongue.”

“Tongue?” that came out as a small shriek but they couldn’t miss the anxious interest in my eager eyes.

“Yes, tongue, baby. You saw what I did to her the other day, right? Now she will be doing the same to you, she’ll be tongue-fucking you. Don’t chicken out now, kid, you asked for it, didn’t you?”

And then he tongue-kissed me again, sucking my lips in, surrounding my tongue, sucking on it, playing with it.

I almost missed that he spread my outer pussy lips with his fingers again. Only as I felt his fingertips on my nub, I groaned into his open mouth as a sign that I noticed.

Then, suddenly, my body jerked in an overwhelming shot of lust like on its own, as I felt something warm and wet moving into my labia.

I interrupted the passionate kiss with my father as I needed to see where this shot of lust had originated. I saw my mum licking me between my pussy lips and I almost fainted.

“Ah!” I let out the shot of pure lust I felt that moment.

I had never before experienced anything as erotic as this.

In unrestrained heat, I couldn’t help but squirm within the arms of my father. I really couldn’t help it.

The height of lust I felt at this moment couldn’t be described accurately. I was in a lust delirium already, even before I started to realize what was happening.

I almost sobbed in lust every time I felt my mom’s tongue sliding through my most inner lips. She did some long and slow licks and some faster licks pressure-centered at my clit while my father was croaking into my ear, sometimes nibbling at my lobe.

Suddenly this heavenly torture stopped, but in having more than obvious difficulties to suck much needed air in my lungs I didn’t have the strength and the voice to protest at first. Then I started to go wild with a burning desire to come. I jerked up my hips to meet my mother’s tongue. But I was stopped by my father.

“Okay, mustang, just for a moment, will you slow down, sweetie!? My, you’re horny, baby! Shush, slow down there for a minute, will you?”

With joy visible on my face I gazed down to my mom, seeing her grinning at me.

“Baby, believe me, I will finish you. But first your dad and I want to kiss properly.”

She leant over me to bring her face to my fathers and they both kissed right above my head. I witnessed a really sexed-up and really hot lover’s kiss. And on her way down she kissed me, too. And it was so different from the kiss I shared with dad before. It was sweet, wet, lust-provoking, too. But I didn’t feel any stings, it didn’t tickle. gaziantep escort hikayeleri It was more sensitive. And I even felt her tongue chasing mine, sucking mine in.

That was when I noticed her pussy humping my stomach. I was stunned. My mother was a sexual creature, too. She probably liked it as much as I did, feeling those shots of lust in between her legs. So I humped back. This made my dad groan out loud.

“Honey, give it to her now! Do her! I wanna see her having an orgasm again!”

And a second later I felt my mum’s tongue sliding through my puffy swollen lips again. Then I also felt her fingers, spreading my lips.

And then another sensation I hadn’t experienced before made it through my lust-fogged mind.

Feeling warm air being breathed against my quivering pink flesh rippled through me like a hurricane.

I grunted in deep lust.

And unexpectedly, I felt a shot of a complete new desire running through me as I registered that she entered me with the tip of her tongue.

My mom was pushing her tongue in me, the next second she pulled it out again. She thrust her tongue in a few times, before I felt her sucking on my clit again.

I couldn’t help but scream in utmost heat. I was almost going crazy.

“I … (pant) I … (pant) … want to … (pant) … oh, yeeeee!”

“What is it, baby? What do you want? Come on, tell us what you want!”

“I … (pant) … wanna … (pant) … explode.”

This time I felt the tip of her tongue nearing my clitoris, circling there before I started to scream again.

Like through thick clouds I heard my dad croaking:

“Yes, honey, lick her! Make her come again, I wanna watch her coming!”

But when she started to suck my clit in between her lips and tore it up before letting loose again while her nose tickled my pelvis, I felt her doing some slow licks again.

Her hands pressing down on my lower abdomen, and I was back to almost whimpering in pleasure.

Nothing I experienced up to this point compared to this ultimately wonderful sensation.

And I tumbled into my next orgasm, being held in strong arms, not being able to jerk around and being attacked in such a wonderful way, I could only surrender in letting those waves quivering through me, and it seemed like endless.

Being almost in tears after this bizarre experience I couldn’t have done anything.

So I just laid there half upright between my father’s legs, leaning on his chest who was kissing my neck, my shoulders and my cheeks after putting away some strands of damp hair, and my mother kissing tenderly my stomach and belly button.

“How was it for you, small one? Was it as good for you as you look?”

I nodded, my eyes closed in sexual afterglow.

“Ok then, then your dad can finally fuck me. I’m so hot right now. I can’t help it. Please, honey, fuck me. Let her see how wild you can fuck me.”

My mother pulled my dad behind her and ducked her head sideways on a pillow, watching me. With two, three strokes on his cock he was ready to enter her slowly. I watched like in trance, finally seeing how his shiny wet prick disappeared in my mother’s slopping wet pink heat.

Whoa, this is … so hot!

Having the chance to witness this, made me hot all over again. I groaned in heat again.

“So, sweetie, do tell, how do you like it watching your father dog-fucking me? Enjoy it?”

I gulped, couldn’t tear my eyes of his cock sliding in my mother. It was such a sensual sight I just nodded like in trance.

Suddenly she rose and it shocked me again.

The sight in front of me was still a lot more sensual than the one before. Now I could see her pussy from the front, how his dick widened her pussy for a moment with every thrust in and stroked her clit for a second before retreating again.

I was struck right there in front of me with a horny and wild fucking couple, fucking like rabbits, panting like dogs, both looking at me watching them.

“Honey, I find it hot like hell, I mean her watching us. But I can’t control myself any longer. I need to come”.

My father panted, kissing my mom on her shoulder, almost biting her.

“Ok, honey. I’m almost there, but I need some help here.” My mom, holding herself on his arms that surrounded her body, panted over her shoulder.

And so my father helped her. He pushed his hand down and rubbed her clit furiously while he fucked her senseless with his cock from behind. Both panted like wild horses.

And this was where I really knew for sure I would see them both having orgasms.

Any second now.

I got excited all the more with this thought.

And I can assure you, really nothing compares to watching your mother having an orgasm while you see her jerking in your father’s arms, his fingers in her pussy, humping her from behind like a dog.

Having the chance to see her facial expression when she finally came in a long and hard orgasm, it was so overwhelming.

And seeing your father scrunching up his face while ejaculating into your mother while she was screaming bloody hell, this was pretty much topping that.

See, my dreams come true! Now I know what my classmate meant.

I really had come harder than ever before. But now I’ve finally been watching them climaxing I was even hotter than before I had gotten it from both of them. I was so wanton I had to close my eyes as I grunted in utmost lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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