Teasing Goddess Ch. 02

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She’s had me bound before, so I had a slight idea of what she had in mind. What I wish I had was a better understanding of what she was up to. When she showed me her collection, I thought I was in my own personal 50 Shades of Gray.

From riding crops to suspension hangers, and whips to clips, there was nothing she didn’t own one or more of. It was clear that she was capable of a great many things. The sight of some of them sent my mind reeling, to be sure.

One particular item that caught my eye was some of her restraints. I walked over and checked out her chains and such dangling precariously from the wall. Cold, unfeeling stainless chains, met with black leather cuffs. Six cuffs to be exact. Two for the ankles, two for the wrists, and what she explained to me were a neck collar and a collar that attached between a man’s legs. I was running my finger along one of the wrist cuffs, when she chuckled.

“Good memories, hun? We can always revisit those, if you like!”

The combination of this comment and the sight of her restraints, both gave me goosebumps and made my trousers tighten a bit. Though was I ready to climb into that position again, just yet? I decided I wanted to learn more about her collections and her intentions, before I was willing to find myself in those again.

I knew what the whips were capable of, and wasn’t quite in the mood for that yet. I moved past them and flipped through a couple pairs of petite clips. A collection of small alligator clips. Ranging from flat-lipped pieces with feathers, to sharp-toothed accessories with decorative chains hanging from them.

“Mmm, I always knew you liked a little pain with your pleasure, babe. I will remember that for later,” The words wafted from behind, but it sounded as if it came from all around.

My guide set the clips back down where I found them, and we continued this little tour into the life and times of fetishes. She worked my every nerve, getting me excited and frightened at the possibilities of what she had in store. There were harnesses with dildos the size of your forearm, anal plugs with animal tails extending from them, and even a collection of lubes to go with them.

At the end of the room, there was a closet that, just like the displays in the room, were dedicated to one purpose. Inside the collection continued. There were gimp suits, corsets, and even skimpy little fishnet items. Something for every occasion.

“Oh, I don’t think we’ll have any need for any of those just yet,” She muttered, “well, maybe a corset will be fun…”

I hadn’t noticed until now, but I saw her making gestures at some of the items, and I knew from previous experience what she was up to. She was making a mental list of what to grab, once she had me where she wanted me.

We walked into the next room, and found ourselves in a deep burgundy room, with almost no furnishings aside from one particular piece that I had yet to familiarize myself with.

“What in the world is that? I thought I knew most of the things available…” I was having difficulty wrapping my mind around its full use.

“Oh, this is my favorite, though sadly I don’t get to use it as often as I like. A lot of my friends are intimated by it.” There was a hint in her voice, that this was trouble indeed.

I couldn’t resist. “I admit I am nervous, but I am curious about it. Would you be willing to show me?”

No sooner did I finish my question, she repositioned like she was expecting it.

Standing in front of the door with her hands on her hips, she stated authoritatively, “Oh I could, but that will take some preparation on both our parts, little man. Do you think you are up for that?”

I felt my heart in my throat, and thought my throbbing rod was going to burst through my jeans. I got the impression that mercy was not her strong suit. If I agreed to this, my entire world would be shattered and rewritten.

“I.. er.. um.. Yes. I think I am up for that.” I fumbled my words, half disbelieving the words as they escaped me.

“You know the rules, my pet.” She strutted closer so she could whisper in my ear. With a full voice she tantalized me, “If you want this, you have to beg properly for it.”

My knees instantly felt like gelatin. I was sinking to my knees faster than I could acknowledge it. I got on my knees before her, hands folded in front of me, and begged to be broken.

“Please take me and use me. I want to be your plaything in your favorite playroom.” A single tear escaped my eye and my voice cracked, in anticipation of what was to come. “Will I make an acceptable toy for you?”

She clapped her hands in excitement. I rarely see her as excited. It was slightly unnerving.

“You just might, my dear.” She slowly walked a circle around me, sizing me up. “However, these things take time. Preparations need to be made. I will be in touch soon, and once I do, remember: you asked for this, and as such, you will not be able to back out of this arrangement. Once last time, are you sure this is what you want? You have Ataşehir Escort seen my collection of toys. I may even go shopping before our little playdate.”

I simply nodded, stuttering, “I want nothing more than to enter your world, and for you to use me. I will look forward to your call.”

The days went by, and I could think of little else than that burgundy room and what unimaginable things would soon take place there. Exhilaration and hesitation both flood my head at a single consideration of it. But at this point, the deal has been made. I may be roasted on a spit for all I know.

After a few days went by, life had crept back in and the obsession of that room had began to fade. I had not seen or heard from her, and was beginning to think it was all a dream.

After about a week had passed I noticed a missed call on my cellphone, with a voicemail to match.

“OK lover. You said you wanted in to my little world, well now’s your chance,” she stated with authority. “Since you did not pick up the phone, here is what you need to know. One, be at my place promptly at 7pm. Two, Be showered and dress nice, I don’t want a slob showing up at my door. Oh, and three, you better not masturbate between now and then. I want you good and ready for me. Understand?”

That voicemail came in on Wednesday evening. I had almost two days to fester over what was going to happen. What preparations did she have to make before we could get started? For the next two days, I found my thoughts searching every possibility, looking at every man and woman that walked down the street. Were they somehow involved?

Friday finally came, and my heart was racing the entire day. 7pm could not come soon enough.

I rushed home from work as quick as I could. Laid out a nice button down shirt and slacks, along the lines of something I might wear on a first date. It was nothing too wild, but certainly better than what I would typically wear on a Friday night.

I washed up, dreaming of her and what she would be up to tonight. I meticulously scrubbed everything I could reach, wanting to be as pristine as possible. I admit, the thought of stroking myself off before going over to her house was overwhelming. However, I denied myself such a release. I wanted every single nerve to be at their full potential for what was about to come.

I combed my hair, brushed my teeth, and got dressed. Like any good date, I arrived about five minutes beforehand. Checking myself in the car mirror one last time before walking up to her door.

I checked the time, and made sure that that I knocked promptly at 7pm, no earlier and I would not risk being late.

The door crept open, and she was wearing a sleek black gown, stopping just about at the ankles, accompanied by a similar style of black open-toed high heels.

“You look amazing! I hope I’m not late.” I offered upon the sight of her decadent appearance.

“You’re right on time. And I see that you are able to follow directions. That is going to be important…” she trailed off, and I did not press her for an explanation.

“Well, don’t stand there gawking, dear. Come inside. We’ve got plans, do we not?” She gestured as she ushered me into the living room.

I felt her eyes looking me up and down. I was being checked out like a piece of meat. Now I know why you always hear women complaining about it. It is truly an awkward feeling, particularly when you are feeling vulnerable.

We sat briefly in the living room, and enjoyed a glass of white wine before the party started.

“Just so we are clear, you remember what we talked about right? Because of what you asked for, you are giving me complete control of you to do what I want. There will be no ‘safe words’, and even if you decide to say ‘no’ to something, your opinion will be ignored.”

All I could muster was a nod of the head. It was immediately clear that this was unacceptable to her.

Clearing her throat, “Now now, I need a verbal confirmation that you are giving up any control before we continue. Otherwise you can finish your glass of wine, and have a nice night. There is no point in continuing otherwise.”

“I… I remember,” my words fumbling as they left me. “I want you to have complete control. Any opinions from here on out are only yours.”

“That’s better,” she sat back in her seat, eyeballing me. “Enjoy your wine. We’ll begin in a few minutes.”

We made small talk while we finished our drinks. Afterwards, she enquired, “When you are ready to embark on this little adventure, leave your glass here on the table, and stand up. You will undress in front of me, fold your clothes and carry them to my bedroom. After which, you will walk to the playroom. The door will be locked, where you will stand with your back against the wall, and you will wait for me. Once inside the playroom, you will get on your knees and wait for me. In the meantime, you may call me ma’am, you may call me mistress, you may call me princess. Anything other than these, and you will be punished for Anadolu Yakası Escort your disobedience.”

I signed up for this, and now it was becoming a reality. My immediate future was nothing but obedience, so I began to act as instructed.

Starting with my loafers and socks, I pulled them off one at a time. I folded the socks and set them aside with the shoes.

Unbuttoning my dress shirt, I slid each arm from inside one at a time. I was sure to fold it just as I would when I worked in retail. Once that was done, my dress pants were next.

The belt was unlatched, and the button unbuttoned. I had a moment of nervousness, and looked over at her. Met with nothing but a lifted eyebrow, I knew I had to continue.

Sliding down the zipper, I allowed the pants to fall to the ground. I then hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my boxer shorts, allowing them to follow suit. I bent down and collected my shorts first. They were quickly folded and set aside in the pile with the other discarded clothing. Finally, I reached down and collected my pants. Standing entirely nude in front of her, I folded the pants and collected the rest of my attire.

“Here we go,” I thought.

I walked down the hall to her open bedroom, and placed my things on the chair across from the bed. Once that was done, I emerged from the bedroom and made my way to the playroom. Just as she said, the door was indeed locked.

I stood next to the door as directed, waiting for her. I was entirely on display for her, and she was enjoying the anticipation that was running through my head.

I had not noticed that I was drinking my wine much quicker than she, as she still had her glass in hand, now with a beaming smile on her face. Her living room was at the opposite end of the hall, so that she can see the door to both her bedroom and playroom from where she sat. I had been on display the entire time.

She sat there, taking in the view. Her nervous little plaything standing there waiting for her, with only a minor idea of what is in store for him.

After she sat there for a few minutes, watching her latest plaything fidget, she finished her glass of wine, and placed the glass next to mine. I watched as she strutted her way down the hall toward me. My excitement soon became visible as she approached.

Snickering, she commented, “I see you approve.”

She brought her hand down firmly against my standing soldier, beginning our experience together. I flinched with discomfort, but did my best not to move.

“Change of plans, darling. You will stay here while I grab something first.”

I had agreed not to disagree, so I did as I was told. She disappeared into the door of the playroom. After about 5 minutes she returned. She had swapped out her sleek black gown for a sheer black gown, displaying a red and black lace-covered corset beneath. In her hands were a few short chains, one with a small black strap at either end, while the other had a larger strap that seemed to match her corset.

“These little numbers are for you. Just a little insurance that you will be compliant for me. You are familiar with leashes aren’t you? These are just another version of that.”

The matching strap was a collar that she fit around my neck. The chain was approximately three feet long, and hung before me for the time being. Then she crouched down in front of me, and took my manhood in her hands. I had to initially fight the idea to fidget around while she was there. She was positioning a strap around my rod and around my sack. There was a steel ring with a chain connected to this as well. Unlike the collar the chain was approximately six feet long and limp for the moment.

“You look SO much better now!” She grabbed the handles to the chains. “I don’t think I will need this one just yet, so I’ll let you hang on to it,” the handle to my collar was now in my hand. Which only left the alternate leash.

“Why don’t we proceed into the playroom.” She stated matter-of-factly, with the handle to my southern leash in tow. The chain was only long enough for me to be a few steps behind her. She led me to the center of the toyroom, where she had me kneel while she prepared.

She made it look like she was on a shopping spree. One bottle of lube, two anal toys, and half-a-dozen other unrecognizable items later, and then she disappeared into the next room.

She grabbed my lower lead once more, and guided me into the next room, the play room itself. She moved a table into the room, so she had a place to set her array of devices as she went. I saw the furniture in the middle of the room, and expected to be led there right away.

Instead, she decided to lead me toward an open space in the room across from the table.

From the table, she produced a pair of pink furry handcuffs.

“We don’t want these things getting in the way, now do we? Put your hands behind your back hun.”

She clicked my hands into those cuffs like she has done that a time or two. They weren’t too tight as Kartal Escort to be uncomfortable, but snug enough that I would have to be a magician to slip out of them.

While I was adjusting to the new restraints, she produced more toys to play with. First was the flat-lipped gator clips. Noticing there were more than one set, I began to wonder.

Placing one clip on each nipple, she wasted no time showing me that she was in charge, and was going to have fun at my expense. The other two clips, I learned, were destined to lie south of the border.

She grabbed my flaccid member and extended it with her left hand. This allowed her to attach the clips to the underside of my shaft, first one near the base, then a second closer to the head. My only thought was that I was glad she did not reach for the sharp-toothed set for this application.

“There, let’s start things off with a little pressure play. Nothing too crazy as of yet.”

She reached over to the table and picked up a soft leather crop, and began gently running it up and down my body, pausing and smacking me as she saw fit. She took her time teasing with it, before hitting my nipples with it. The contact make my nipples feel on fire.

“A little stimulation will wake you up, won’t it?” Alternating between the two, she paused long enough between them that the feelings began to cool off before being ignited again.

After half a dozen smacks, she decided to drag the crop beyond my nipples, smacking along my belly before beating my thighs. The anticipation of what was in store was intense. After a few smacks on each thigh, when I thought she was going for the remaining clips, I unconsciously pulled back from her movements. Instead of going for the clips, she hit me fast and hard full on the ass.

“You do not have permission to shy away from me. Remember, you are here for whatever I wish. Now, as punishment, you will take some more smacks before we continue, and you will thank me for punishing you.

“I’m sorry mistress,” I whimpered, “I will try to do better for you.”

“That’s better, but you are not getting out of your punishment. Now, you will bend over and bare your ass to me. Only then will we continue.”

I was learning that she was not playing around here. I did as she commanded, and turned to face from her. My ass in the air, ready for whatever she deemed sufficient.

“Now, for your first offense, we won’t go too crazy. You will be spanked as hard as I like. After each swat, you will say “thank you for punishing me mistress”. I do not want to hear anything else come out of your mouth until we complete this. Clench your ass cheeks if you understand.

I expected the spanking, but did not figure on needing to thank her for it. I clenched my hindquarters together, and took a deep breath.

She administered the first spank, and it wasn’t terrible. She went easy at first, though I’m certain it would not stay that way.

“Thank you for my punishment, mistress.” I stated. I had been wrong, and was now paying the price.

The second smack came, and it was much firmer this time, and her hand lingered, leaving a strange feeling after.

“Thank you for punishing me mistress.”

I felt her moving around behind me, and was not sure what to expect next.

With a crack, my ass felt on fire. She must have grabbed a 2×4 for that one, holy cow.

“Thank you mistress,” my voice cracked, “for my punishment.”

One more smack came down, only this time, it was light, and was from the crop.

“Thank you for punishing me mistress.”

She was rubbing my sensitive ass by this point, “Have you learned your lesson now? There is no shying away from me?”

“Yes mistress, I have learned my lesson.”

“Good, now where were we? Oh, that’s right…”

Her words trailed off as she led the crop toward the clips between my legs. How I managed to take the spankings and forget about the new attachments below, is beyond me. Clearly she was not planning of letting me forget.

She slid the crop between the clips and bounced it back and forth. Every ounce of my manhood was tingling at the thought of her having me at her whim. With almost no effort at all, she could put me in a world of hurt. That was not her intention though.

Her movements became more intense as she went. The last of which, she brought the crop down to the top of my rod with enough force that I could feel the sensation down to my knees, and in to my stomach.

“You seem to have adjusted to our way of doing things. I am glad you came around without too much discipline.” She seemed delighted to have me defenseless like I was.

She removed the clips from my nipples, and then from my aching prick. It took a few minutes for the sensations to come back to normal.

She bent me over once more, with my hands still cuffed behind me. My face was against the rug, and my ass hung out wild in the air. After what felt like five minutes, I felt a new sensation. A strange sensation.

She was wasting no time with putting me in my place. This time there was a cold wet feeling between my cheeks. It took all my wits to not object, but I had learned my lesson as not to argue. She was lubing me up for something. Taking her time to spread the gel around my virgin asshole, as well as inside me.

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