Teasing My Husband

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I can’t believe Wade shared that dirty story about us in the park. That was definitely one of the kinkiest things we had done, taking him in the park like that and having him drink from my lactating breasts, but when you’ve been married awhile you can do a lot. Since he already shared that one though, let me tell you about our anniversary just a couple days ago.

When we first got married we decided that we needed to make our anniversary special. We had no kids and no attachments, we could paint the town red! Unfortunately we also had no money whatsoever. A new young couple, still working the jobs we got in college, trying to find a way to make the expensive degrees we had work for us, McDonald’s was an extravagance. So we decided that we’d both take off work that one day and just spend the whole day fucking. Yep, just going at it like rabbits kept apart for a year. It would start the night before and go all through the next day just turning the whole day into one orgasmic blur. Over the years we added dinner and a movie as the finances got better, and hey we are a bit older now and need a small break, but it’s still the hottest day of the year.

Yesterday I got our kids Mark and Andi to their respective friends houses for sleepovers. Thank God we had a summer wedding! Pawning your kids off on some other unsuspecting family is a real help. I raced home and got through the kids’ laundry. I had just started ours when Wade came home early. I heard the wood floor in the hall creak but still jumped a bit as he came up behind me and grabbed me to him. I felt the smile on his face as he kissed my neck, his hands tracing the sides of my body. I was reaching down to set the washer and in my surprise put it on its highest spin setting as he ground himself against me, pinning me against the large now heavily vibrating machine.

“You better hurry dear, I have no clue when my husband might be home.” I moan as his hands travel up my thighs to my waist. His hands travel to the front and he pulls me away from the washer for a moment as he begins to open my jeans.

“Oh, my baby has jokes today. I think I’m going to have to punish you for that.” The rumble in his deep voice sends a thrill through my body. After all these years I can tell just from his tone of voice how aroused he is. His hands work quickly on the button and zipper and he peels the article of clothing off of me, kissing down my spine through my t-shirt as he lowers my jeans to my ankles. I step out of the jeans and kick them away.

His hands come back up quickly and grab the red lace panties I’m wearing and jerks them down too. The sound of them peeling from me fills the room. I’d been wet thinking about tonight and tomorrow. His hands run up my legs to my now completely bare thighs. I shudder at his touch. Then shriek as I feel his teeth on my left ass cheek. Little love bites begin assaulting me as he presses me forward into the machine. I’m tall enough that the main round knob presses against my mound, focusing the rhythmic energy into my pelvis. I moan as his hands come up and start gripping my ass hard, kneading my flesh as he continues nipping at me.

Then for a brief moment he’s gone, I’m fixing to turn around when I feel his hand come across my right ass cheek sharply. I yelp and involuntarily press harder into the washer machine. He waits a moment and then spanks me again. I’m doing what he wants over and over again before I figure out his twisted idea.

“You dirty bastard!” I cry out.

“What?” He asks with mock innocence as he spanks me again. I moan as my body reacts by driving me forward hard into the vibrating knob.

“You’re spanking me to make me hump this machine…mmmm…that’s sick and…aaah…twisted!” He picked up his pace while I spoke.

“Cheaper than that sybian you wanted to buy after we watched that one video.” He says with a laugh.

“Now I’m going to get horny every time I wash clothes!” I say trying to push back away from the machine I’m beginning to see as less than an appliance and more as my new sex toy.

I suddenly feel Wade press his whole body against mine, still fully clothed and uses his weight to force me back against the machine. “Sounds perfect to me. I get clean clothes and my wife revved up.”

His hands start rolling up my shirt, going towards releasing my massive breasts, his favorite part of my curvaceous body. “Jokes on you! I may just move in here, won’t need you any more. Just me and my fuck machine!”

I lift up my arms so he can get the shirt off of me, which meant when my breasts came free they fell down on top of the washer. I groaned as my nipples came to a rest on the vibrating surface, feeling them harden in a moment as ripples moved through my sensitive flesh. Wade kissed along my right shoulder as his hands came around me to begin massaging my chest where my breasts began to swell, down my mammaries, to press my nipples against the washer harder. He ground against me at the same time, I could feel his hardness through his slacks.

“Yeah Bostancı Escort but can your machine do this?” He asked as his right hand left my chest only to feel it press between my legs. I spread my legs a bit for him as he rubbed his hand along my slit, gathering up the juices leaking out of me, then kept moving forward till his now wet fingers could grip my erect clit.

“FUCK!!” I shouted, my body trembling, I felt goosebumps as I break out in a hot sweat. His left hand still driving my nipples into the machine, his body rocking me into the knob to send vibrations coursing through my mound and now just pinching me softly but firmly as I writhed. I couldn’t take any more, I shoved myself away from the washer and turned around, grabbing the collar of his shirt and bringing him down to claim his mouth with mine.

We stood there for a moment our tongues and bodies entwined, then he pulled away. His hands came up to my hips and before I knew it I was lifted up to be placed seated on top of the washer machine. He pushed me back to lean my shoulders against the wall and placing his hands on my knees, spread my legs apart. He bent over till his nose was buried into my dense forest of pubic hair, breathing in my scent.

I began shouting my encouragement: demanding, begging, pleading for his mouth to claim me. Thankfully he wanted it as badly as I did. His hands glided up my thighs to grasp my pussy lips and roll and play with me as his mouth covered my hood and his tongue found my clit. His eyes stayed locked with mine till I couldn’t take it any more and I threw my head back in an ecstatic cry. That was when his right hand slid into me, pressing down on my pelvic floor hard before sliding up against my g-spot on the withdraw. There were no words, my brain snapped as he sucked and finger fucked me as I rode my now favorite appliance. The metal groaned as I bucked myself against him as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure coursed through me. He stayed working me till I finally reached out a hand to push his head away.

Backing up a step he helped me off the washer and kissed me. It was so hot tasting myself on his lips. I moved us till his back was against the wall.

“You treat me so good Wade! Here you are still fully clothed, taking care of your wife. You even got some of my juice on your collar babe. You’ve been an awfully good boy today.” My hands find his waist and I quickly unfasten his belt and open his pants. They fall from his narrow hips and then the thin fabric of his boxers is the only barrier between me and the manifestation of his lust. “Does my husband want his special treat for being such a good boy?”

He’s nodding his head vigorously, so hot at what he knows is coming he’s already trying not to cum. I decide to tease him a bit and take the shirt off of him first. I work the buttons open slowly as I kiss his neck, feeling his pulse race through my lips, smelling myself on his collar. Then I kiss my way down his chest till I’m on my knees. He’s looking down at me, breathing shallow.

“There something behind these boxers you want me to see?” I look up at him with a smile. He’s just nodding his head, swallowing hard in anticipation. I love that he’s still this hot for my body. I reach out a hand and press it against the bulge, the heat from him sends a fire through me. “Is this what you want me to take?” I ask as I roll his boxers down to his ankles, letting him now bob freely in the open air. He’s already glistening with precum which is oozing from the opening in his tip.

I reach up and gather my massive breasts together, presenting them to his hungry eyes. His eyes grope the large creamy mounds, seemingly tracing every vein that can be made out underneath the supple skin till he comes to my large rose blush areolas and the short but thick nipples that crown them. “Do you want my tits Wade? You want my soft, warm tits around your thick, hard cock? You want to feel my heart beat in my chest as you slide in and out of my deep cleavage? I need to hear you dear. I need to hear you beg me for what you want.” I gather a mouthful of saliva and let it pour out between my breasts, slicking them up even further when mixed with the sweat already making my whole body glisten.

“I, fuck! I…need you.”

“Need me to what?” I ask innocently as I bring my left breast up and without losing eye contact begin sucking on my own nipple.


I popped the nipple out of my mouth, “What?” I asked like I noticed him there for the first time.

“DAMN Kathy! I NEED you to tittyfuck me!”

I let my breasts go, he watched the titanic tittydrop with mouthwatering arousal, and grabbed his cock in my left hand. I brought my mouth close and spit on the broad tip of him and then used my hand to spread it all the way down his shaft. Then gathered my breasts up again and finally embraced him in their soft warmth.

I didn’t have to do much besides stay in place as he immediately began thrusting into my cleavage. I held myself to him tightly, trying to Kadıköy Escort keep him from pushing them out of my grip in his eagerness. His hands came up to rest on my head, his fingers curling through my black and silver mane.

“That’s it baby! You fuck my tits so good! You like the way they feel don’t you? Still a bit firm yet yielding to your hard trusts with this great cock of yours. I love the way you drive yourself against me, feeling you rock my whole body as you claim my breasts over and over again!” I look up at him as I speak. His eyes are mostly closed as he feels me and listens to me drive him onward.

“You know what I need from you, don’t you baby? I haven’t eaten at all today Wade. I was hoping you’d bring home something I could slurp up. Do you have anything for your wife? A special treat to warm my belly?”

I feel him tense and quickly push him against the wall and drive my mouth down on his cock. My lips are barely over his tip before he roars his release. I don’t even have time to get further down his shaft as he erupts, filling my mouth. I’m swallowing as fast as I can but there’s just so much that I feel it leak out my lips and begin to travel down my chin. Still, I stay on him till the last bit is gone. Reveling in the taste and sheer pleasure at seeing what I can do to this otherwise stoic man. Making him lose his tight control is still so hot.

He slides down the wall and sits on the cold floor, pulling me to curl up into him. We don’t speak, just rest there, feeling the warmth of each other’s naked bodies pressed together. Just as content as Adam and Eve in the garden, not a care in the world as long as we’re together.

We did get up eventually and got dressed, went out for some real food. What? A girl can’t live on cum alone! He had made reservations at this cozy little Italian place and we enjoyed some really good food by candlelight. Afterwards we went home and watched a movie. Don’t really remember what, spent almost the whole thing necking like highschoolers in the backseat of a car. Then he led me to our bedroom. We took it slow, none of the frantic pace of earlier. Each of us exploring the other’s body like it was a first meeting. A slow simmering passion that lasted late into the night. No screams or dirty talk this time but confessions of love, promises spoken and unspoken till our bodies and hearts were one.

I don’t recall my dreams from that night, mostly just the impression of hands on me, caressing every inch of my body. I awoke a sweaty mess. I sat up slightly to see the clock on his nightstand over his shoulder. Just a bit after six in the morning. On a normal day he’d be up at 6:30 and gone by 7.

He rolled onto his back and began a light snoring. Well, light for him, sounded like a chainsaw in the distance. When we were first married I could barely sleep with all of his noise. Now though, after all these years together, I couldn’t sleep without it. Funny how that works right? I propped myself up on my elbow and watch the first weak rays of morning peak through our blinds to gently light his face and chest. All these years…

I couldn’t help as tears came to my eyes. How many of our friends and family had been divorced in the time we’d been together? Or even worse, stuck in marriages grown frigid through all the little slights and missteps people make when living together. Yet here we were, two kids being raised in a loving home, me still with a man I’m crazy about. A smile still comes to my face if I hear his car pull up in the driveway, my heart skips a beat when I hear him whisper my name, and my whole body still responds to his touch. I felt incredibly blessed in that moment. And more than a little horny.

What can I say? I’m not sorry! Like I said before, its our tradition to make this a day of pure hedonism. Just a long, non-stop orgy of just the two of us. That’s how we got our daughter. My parents were still alive then. I lied and said Wade was taking me out on the town, an art gallery, shopping, candlelit dinner. In reality I spent most of the day tied to our old bed at the time as Wade worshipped my body. I lost track of the number of times I came or of how many times he filled me with his hot cum. About three weeks later the test is telling me I’m pregnant again.

I’m lost in memory, my free hand just casually rubbing my left nipple as I’m thinking about that hot day, when his cellphone rings. I watch as he wakes up and his eyes adjust to the faint light. He smiles as I finally come into focus for him. Propped up on my right arm, hair falling down behind me, the sheet of our bed pulled up and under my breasts as I slowly work my nipple in my left hand with a dirty smile on my face.

He goes to speak when his phone chimes again. I can see the conflict on his face as learned behavior says he should answer a ringing phone but he doesn’t want to pull his eyes away from me. “Go ahead and answer, I’ll wait.”

Not going to wait at all. The moment he swipes his finger to answer that phone I’ve thrown Göztepe Escort the sheet off of our nude forms. He is about to say something but stops as he realizes the phone is on. I’m free to move down the bed till I can see his already partially erect cock. I wait till he’s got the phone against his ear to lean over and start kissing at his hip while I start to just lightly touch the hair on his balls. He’s barely able to change the moan that was escaping into a dry cough. I draw a diagonal line with my lips from his hip bone to his balls. I gently blow on them, making him squirm as he goes from partially aroused to fully hard. I don’t hear a word he stumbles over as he tries to keep his voice steady while my tongue comes out to lick his large testicles. Then I lean forward a bit more and start kissing up that towering shaft. I work up to the tip and then lean over and guide him in with my tongue. He struggles to keep his breathing from giving himself away to whoever is the unwitting voyeur on the other end of the line. Instead of working him into my throat, I opt to just play with the head of him, rubbing that bulbous tip against the roof of my mouth while attacking it with my tongue.

His whole body stiffens as he tries desperately to keep his voice under control. He reaches out with his free hand and pushes against my forehead. Pushing me away? I let him go as a knot suddenly forms in my stomach. Is it one of the kids? Someone get hurt? A thousand nightmares play through my mind as I quickly get up and start trying to find clothes to put on.

“Okay, I’ll be there soon.” He says, his voice low.

I find a pair of yoga pants and start sliding into them when I noticed he’s hung up. “It’s Andi isn’t it? I knew she sounded congested yesterday! How bad is the asthma attack? Did they call an ambulance?”

Wade comes up and grips my shoulders and steadies me till I finally just look up at him. “Andi’s fine, it wasn’t the Cullens on the phone. You can get back to bed.”

Relief floods through me and I just lean against him as the adrenaline stops pumping. Wait, I can get back to bed? “What about you?”

He took a deep breath and I could read the look on his face. Bad news he didn’t want to tell me. He didn’t look me in the eye as he said, “That was my boss. Three people called in today, apparently the crab dip at lunch yesterday was a bad idea. I’ve…damn…I’ve got to go in to work.”

Now I know I should be understanding in this moment. It wasn’t his fault at all, could happen at any time. He had just requested a personal day, it wasn’t like he was cancelling a week’s vacation to the tropics. But this was our special time and Wade just gave it up like it wasn’t a big deal. So yeah, I got mad. He pleaded for a bit for me to try to understand but that soon changed to him yelling back. Name calling, dredging up of slights decades old, all the old ways that couples have of just reducing each other to rubble. He didn’t kiss me goodbye and I probably would have slapped him for trying. Yeah, great anniversary.

I get back into my now empty bed and try to go back to sleep. I tossed and turned for a bit but it was no use. I was awake and there was no getting around that. I was also completely alone, no husband and no kids. The amount of things I could actually get done today was astounding. So I hopped out of bed and decided to start giving the house a cleaning my mother would have appreciated.

The vacuuming was done in a hurry. Only three rooms with carpet and one runner in the hallway. Then out came the mop and bucket for the tile in the kitchen. Once finished with the floor of the kitchen I decided to take stock of everything else in there. The cupboard was missing about three cups, two or three plates, and about the same number of forks. That meant going to Mark’s room.

Mark was 13 now, still a good kid, but beginning to desire his own space. I knew he was transitioning from the “No Girls Allowed!” part of his life to the “No Mom’s Allowed!” and I wanted to respect his privacy, but he also had a habit of eating in his room and leaving everything in there. So I put on a brave face and walked into the room of a teenage boy.

It was carnage! I don’t think he’d picked up an article of clothing in months! I guess after I washed his clothes he would just drop them on the floor instead of putting them in his dresser. Posters of bands covered almost every bit of space on the walls, even overlapped in some spots. And the smell, dirty socks and days old food! None of the cups, plates or forks were immediately visible so that meant I had to dig.

Found everything I was looking for and one thing I most definitely wasn’t. You don’t expect to find any magazines in a kid’s room these days. If your going to find something it will be on their computer or phone, something you’d have to search for. Yet here was an old porn magazine! I checked the date, mid 80’s and the postage mark had it going to a Chad Markham. I thought about that for a bit, Charles! Of course it would be Charles Markham! Mark was best friends with Tony, Charles and Valerie’s son. Must have been playing around the house one day and found the dirty magazines he had as a kid. Well that was definitely one way around the parental controls on the computer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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