Teller Drawer Audits

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Mae Darren started with the Charter Banks right out of high school. She was the promoted to the Lead Teller, and for the last five years, the Teller Supervisor by the Bank President Mr. Anaheim.

Mae’s husband Frank passed away of a heart attack around the time of her last promotion, and she would drive to her house in Saint Peters many evenings to an empty house. She went on a few dates, but there was an element of sex she would explore at a mature age of 59. Her late husband loved the sight of two women getting it on, and would buy videos and watched them unbeknown to Mae. One day she found these tapes after he passed away and watched one of them. She loved men, and never thought of herself as a lesbian, but after he died, she found herself becoming more and more turned on by this sight on video and would wonder what it was like to experience this firsthand.

Mae always had a nearly perfect hourglass shape, even with bearing two children and aging her figure went from a curvy size 10 to a voluptuous size 16. She always made it a point to wear business suits to somewhat hide her mammoth 42DD chest and 46-inch soft round ass. She had naturally curly reddish-brown hair she always kept meticulously groomed, worn with her stylish large-framed glasses.

Every Friday the drive up windows were opened until 7:00 p.m. At 6:00, Mae would have a random teller close their drive up window for their weekly drawer audit. These were surprise audits, so the tellers would not know who would be audited until that evening. The windows were quite spacious for only one teller to work in, with roomy counters and flooring, almost resembling a small office.

Today, Mae would audit the newest teller, Peggy Rohne. Peggy was 23 years old, had olive-brown skin and long thick brunette hair she kept in a bun to keep a banker’s appearance. While she was nowhere near as curvy as Mae, her lovely 36C tits and firm, youthful ass were inviting. Peggy would defy her conservative look on Fridays and although she was dressed in her blue pinned-striped suit, she wore no bra and a soft sheer pearl-button white blouse of which her dark brown nipples protruded türbanlı escort underneath her suit covering.

Peggy had been toying with her buttons all afternoon, unbuttoning one, then two buttons to show a hint of her bare cleavage as she waited on the customers. She removed her suit coat at one point and her obvious bare nipples poked through her soft blouse. One very attractive silver-haired gentleman flashed his rock-hard 10-inch dick to her as he left the window because as she was turned to her terminal, he could clearly see one of her nipples as she processed his transaction.

“Peggy, close your window!” Mae announced as she climbed up the stairs to the end teller’s window. “Don’t forget to turn on your close sign and pull down your shade.” This was so no one would drive up to the window and expect to be waited on during the audit. She nervously buttoned her blouse as Mae reached the top of the stairs to hide her secret voyeurism.

“Okay honey, I have to do your audit. I’ll do your coin vault first. Just have a seat and relax—this is just routine.”

Peggy sat on the stool in the corner of the window as Mae started the audit. Mae had to bend over to count the rolls of coin neatly stacked in the coin vault. As Mae bent over, Peggy’s eyes were locked on Mae’s full round ass. Peggy was immediately reminded of a counselor she had in high school named Mrs. Graf whose frame was similar to Mae’s. Peggy would fantasize as a teenager about Mrs. Graf, but never had the nerve to pursue the matter. Both women were the motherly-friendly type, and talking to Mae was so easy, as was Mrs. Graf in her high school days. This sparked the unexplored attraction Peggy had to older women.

Although Peggy had been doing so well as the new teller, this was her first audit and she started getting very nervous. She only had one balancing problem during her training, and was hoping her drawer would balance for Mae today. Without thinking, she removed her suit coat, and now her dark nipples swelled from the coolness of the air in the window.

Mae had just finished counting her cash bundles tüyap escort and loose cash, and pulled the calculator tape from the terminal to compare it with the teller balancing reports. As she turned to Peggy to tell her the audit found her in balance, she saw the dark swollen nipples displayed through Peggy’s sheer blouse.

At first appearing startled, she discreetly announced, “Peggy, Charter Bank does have a dress code for our tellers, and one of the first things we expect you to do is to wear the proper undergarments. We would not want to give our customers any wrong impressions…”

Peggy, now a shade of dark red from embarrassment, immediately put her suit coat back on. “Oh, Mae, I’m SO sorry! I didn’t mean to-“

“No need to explain Peg,” Mae replied as she removed her glasses. “It just makes the second part of my audit easier…”

Mae moved closer to Peggy and slowly raised her skirt. “What ARE you doing Mae?!!” Peggy blurted as Mae’s well-manicured burgundy-clad nails traveled up Peggy’s skirt to her silk panties.

“This is the part of the teller ‘drawer’ audit I REALLY look forward to!” Mae responded as she slid two fingers into Peggy’s crotch to find a well-lubricated pussy. “I didn’t say anything to you, but when I reached the top of the stairs, my nose sensed a hint of female excitement in the air. Mae’s fingers caressed Peggy’s warm, slick, clean-shaven hotbox, gently massaging her now swollen clitoris and randomly entering and exiting her wet pussy.

Mae then removed Peggy’s suit coat and unbuttoned each pearl button and let both softly fall to the floor, now exposing Peggy’s tits. She then took Peg’s right nipple into her mouth, sucking and then giving soft, long tongue laps to both nipples. Peggy thought she would faint from the excitement of her banking mentor’s intoxicating pleasures. Mae gently helped Peggy onto the counter of the teller window, removed her skirt and silky panties now totally soaked with Peggy’s pussy juices, and instructed her to let her firm ass face her. Peggy got on all fours, bend way over to give full view of her soaking wet tuzla escort cunt and puckered asshole. Mae expertly tongued Peggy’s wet pussy and stiffened her tongue to probe her tight asshole. Peggy had the hardest orgasm ever and Mae’s waiting mouth caught the cum juices that spewed from Peggy’s flowing hole.

Mae then removed her dark grey tweed suit coat/skirt, and eggshell pull over blouse. She stood in her black bra, black garter belt and stockings—and no panties.

“You see sweetie, you aren’t the only one in this stuffy bank that enjoys voyeurism. She then removed her bra and much to her relief, out flopped her luscious 42DD boobs with large caramel-brown areolas and nipples.

“Come on honey…let Mama nurse you with some sweet caramel milk!” Mae told Peggy as Peggy’s mouth quickly devoured Mae’s delicious delights. She was just like a kid in a candy store and swore she could actually smell caramel as she hungrily sucked on Mae’s rock hard nipples. Pussy nectar oozed from Mae’s hairy pussy. Mae undid Peggy’s hair bun and grabbed her by her long thick hair to lead her to the sweet female bush that was aching for Peggy’s oral relief.

Peggy had never eaten a woman before although she sucked her ex-boyfriend off several times. Mae’s gentle hands now cupped her face and she softly told Peggy, “just pretend like it’s a nice, juicy peach—with the fuzz…”

Peggy eyed Mae’s hairy vulva and the musky, but sweet scents prompted Peggy to softly lick Mae’s pussy lips. She then lightly licked the opening of Mae’s drenched cunt and the sensations from Peggy’s tongue caused Mae to let out a soft, deep moan of arousal. Peggy then sucked Mae’s large clitoris as if to savor the fragrant flesh from a lush peach’s seed. She would then insert her tongue into Mae’s pussy, quickly darting in and out. As Mae’s orgasm was close, she got on her knees and straddled Peggy’s face, now glistening with Mae’s juice. She thrust her pussy onto Peggy’s soft mouth and swiveled her full round ass while her cum overflowed and ran down Peggy’s mouth and cheeks.

Mae eased herself on top of Peggy and their breasts and hard nipples pressed together as they shared deep tongue-tangling kisses. It was five minutes after seven and Donald the bank guard yelled up the stairs, “Aren’t you finished with that teller drawer audit yet, Mae? It’s time to lock up!”

Mae looked at Peggy, winked and lifted her head to reply, “Yes, Donald—and she balanced perfectly!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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