Tennessee Heat

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Thank you to my good friend Ynotnow69 for editorial suggestions.


It’s early. The sky is milky pink from the sunrise. I only have a half mile to jog before I reach home, but the muggy Tennessee heat has me melting like cream cheese frosting on a warm sticky bun. My black spandex shorts and purple tank top are stuck to my skin, and sweat is dripping into my eyes. I pick up the pace, determined to finish strong. Don’t want to be late for work.

Maybe you have a picture in your mind of me as a slender woman with a sleek ponytail and an athletic build. You’d be wrong. I’m short and curvy. Not plus-size, but there is definitely a jiggle in my butt and a bounce in my bosom. Curly red hair and a few freckles complete the picture.

I get home and collapse on the front porch swing. The ceiling fan is whirring on high speed. I need a shower but know it won’t do any good until I cool off a little under the fan. I check my watch. Less than an hour to get showered, dressed, and into town for work.

I work for my husband, Bobby. He owns a body shop, and I’m in the office. In fact, I am the office. I do everything except fix the cars. People might think a husband and wife shouldn’t be in business together, but it works for us. When we first got married, my aunt gave us some advice that’s always helped us get along at work. “Treat each other like perfect strangers,” she said. Sounds wacky, but it’s effective. When we’re at work, we’re totally professional, we don’t argue, and we keep our hands off each other. Most of the time.

Bobby is one of the most easy-going guys I’ve ever known. He’s friendly, funny, and can talk to anyone about anything. Bobby’s a bit shorter than average and kind of stocky. A perfect fit for me. He’s a rascal sometimes, but I generally know how to handle him.

The screen door slams behind a barefoot Bobby as he steps out, dressed only in jeans. He’s freshly shaved, and his curly brown hair is still damp from his shower.

“Hey, Babe,” he says, in that smooth sexy drawl I never get tired of. “Stand up and give me a hug, you hot little thing!” He grips my hands and pulls me up.

“No way!” I protest. “Look how sweaty I am!”

“I am looking,” he says with a grin. He pulls me close and drags me back and forth against his bare chest. “You’re beautiful. Sweat is sexy.” He turns us so his solid back is to the road and suddenly grabs the bottom of my tank top and whips it over my head. Before I know it, he has my sports bra off, too — tossed on the swing with my tank.

“Bobby!” I squeal. “Stop it! People Bolu Escort will see!”

He just laughs and indicates the empty road. “What people?” He pulls me in again, pressing my sweaty torso against his hairy one. He’s blocking anyone’s view of me as he runs his callused hands all over my slick back and down to grip my ass and pull me closer. He kisses me long and sweet. As frustrated as I am with him for exposing me on the front porch, I can’t deny I love the feel of his hands all over me, and my nipples are hard as I relax into the kiss.

“Okay, now cut it out,” I say. “I’ve got to get into the shower, or we’ll be late opening the shop.”

He lets me go. I look over my shoulder to see him watching my backside as I flounce inside. I grab pink lacy panties and matching bra from the dresser drawer and head for the bathroom. On days like this, luke-warm water feels refreshing. I soap up my body, enjoying the sensation of my 34DD breasts in my hands as I wash and massage them. They feel soft, smooth, round, heavy. I flick my nipples with soapy fingers and instantly feel the corresponding pull down below. I’m tempted to move my fingers down my smooth tummy, lower to caress the sensitive area between my legs, but I don’t have time.

When I emerge from the bathroom dressed in bra and panties, I smack right into the hard body of my husband blocking the doorway.

“What are you doing?” I ask. “We have to get to the shop. You don’t even have your shirt on yet!”

He looks me up and down with appreciation and I see that his hand is rubbing the crotch of his jeans.

“Oh no,” I say firmly. “We have a guy coming in at 7:30. There’s no time for this.”

Bobby leans forward and licks a trickle of sweat that is sneaking down between my breasts in spite of the shower.

“Just touch me a little bit,” he begs. “We don’t have to do everything, but your sexy little body makes me so hard…”

He takes my hand and places it on his crotch, making me rub it up and down. I feel the outline of his stiff cock underneath the worn denim. Yes, I like the feel of that. Yes, it makes my pussy clench. But today isn’t a holiday, and people are counting on us.

When I take my hand away, Bobby groans his protest. The next thing I know, he has unzipped his jeans and his hard cock pops out.

“Geez!” I exclaim.

“Come on, Maryann,” he pleads. “Just stroke me for a minute. We have time.”

I love Bobby’s cock. It’s average in length, but super thick. I can’t resist running my finger around the ridge of the lovely purple circumcised head. A bit of pre-cum is leaking out, and I cover it with the palm of my hand and smear it around. I hold him Bolu Escort Bayan and squeeze, then slide my hand up and down his stiff rod. He hums his pleasure.

The problem is that it’s never enough for either of us. When I see that beautiful veiny cock, my mouth waters and my pussy starts to get wet. I lower to my knees and guide his cock to my lips. I grasp the base of his shaft and slowly stroke him as I kiss and lick his manhood. I use my other to play with his smooth balls. “Oh my god…,” he moans, his head dropping back as I begin sucking on the head.

“Mmmm,” I hum. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth. I love the taste of it. The velvety smoothness, the hardness, the thickness that stretches my lips to take him in. I swirl my tongue around the tip and flick the underside of his head. I suck him like a lollipop, lips and tongue stroking, teasing, licking, sucking, taking him as deep as I can. I look into Bobby’s eyes and see how much enjoys this. His hands are in my hair, and I know he wants to flex his hips and fuck my mouth.

Then I snap back to reality. We are going to be late! As I stand back up, he sneaks a hand to my crotch to see if my panties are wet. Naturally they are, and he smirks while his thick cock waves in front of me.

I stomp my foot in exasperation. “Look what you’ve done. Now I have to change my panties. Put that cock away!”

I stalk over to the dresser drawer and pull out a pair of black bikini panties with little flowers on them. Of course, if I change my panties, I have to change my bra, too, or they won’t match. I like my lingerie to match. I’m irritated at Bobby for acting like a horny teenager, though I have to admit that I was kind of into it.

Before I can finish putting the fresh underwear on, I feel Bobby behind me, breath on the back of my neck. His arms go to either side of me, trapping me between his body and the dresser.

“Why are you following me around like this?” I fume. “Get dressed.”

“Wait a minute, Babe,” he says. “Let me feel those beautiful tits before you put them back in their cage.”

He reaches around me and cups my breasts. We’re both watching in the mirror as he strokes gently and softly. I feel a thrill of need between my legs.

“You’re perfect,” he whispers. “These feel so good.”

His nose is in my hair, sniffing and nuzzling. He plants soft kisses down the side of my neck as he makes my breasts jiggle. I want to say, “NO,” but I moan, feeling weak in the knees. I lean back against him, loving the way he touches me. Bobby trails a finger around each light pink areola. I arch my back and push my breasts into his hands, wanting more. He flicks both Escort Bolu nipples, and I gasp. He flicks, pinches, soothes, and strokes until I think I’m going to go crazy! I feel his swollen shaft pressing against my buttocks and I can’t help pushing back. I wiggle my full round ass, enjoying the feel of his hardness as I grind against him. I’m heated up to boiling.

Then he flips me around and sucks one nipple into his hot mouth. He works me with his tongue until I lose track of time and place. He runs a hand down my tummy to my springy red curls. I widen my stance, welcoming his fingers as he teases and strokes my pussy lips. One finger finds its way to my wet opening and slides in and out, then caresses my slippery valley. His thumb finds my clit and he rubs it with the lightest touch. I can’t remember why I was resisting him because this feels wonderful.

“Okay, I give up,” I groan. “Just fuck me already!”

Bobby chuckles with satisfaction. He doesn’t have to be asked twice. He walks me over to the bed and bends me face down over the edge. My ass is in the air and my hot, wet pussy is fully exposed to him. He grasps his throbbing cock and guides it to my dripping pussy. He teases me by running the head up and down through my slit until I’m whimpering and begging him to fill me up. He slowly pushes in, making my pussy stretch to accommodate his thickness. I push back, inviting him deeper. We both moan with pleasure. I love the delicious feeling of fulness his thick cock gives me. He grips my ample hips and adjusts me to the position he wants me, then he plunges in all the way and starts fucking in earnest.

We get our rhythm going, me rocking back each time he thrusts. It’s fast, furious, hot, and wet. Our bodies are slapping together as he slides in and out, slippery sweat, panting, groaning, thrusting, fucking. My pussy clenches and squeezes his cock as I get closer to my climax. How does he bring me here so quickly? He reaches one hand underneath and presses my clit, bringing me right to the edge.

“Come for me,” he roars. “Now!”

Waves of pleasure roll through me, and I wail like a siren. He grunts with each thrust as he drives into me. His cock swells even more, and one final thrust sends his cum spurting inside me. He yells a guttural, “Fuck!” and I feel his cock pulse as continues to empty himself.

Bobby collapses on top of me, chest heaving. We’re a hot sticky mess. It feels great.

With a groan he lifts himself off me. He slaps my ass and says, “Let’s get going. Don’t want to be late.”


I tell him to just go on into town. I’m gonna have to start over with another shower. He grins and assures me the boss will cut me some slack if I’m late today.

That rascal!

Bobby thinks he got the better of me, but I know how to get back at him. After he leaves, I put my normal uniform of jeans and button up shirt back in the closet and take out my “hot secretary” outfit…

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