Tennis Courting

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Big Dicks

The team had bussed in for the Collegiate tennis Championships and was very excited about their prospects of victory. There was great excitement that they had a chance to win both the men’s and ladies’ events. Jimmy, who was named after Jimmy Connors was thought to have a great chance to take out the men’s title. He was 6 foot 4 and had a good all court game.

Most of the team had not seen the latest addition to the ladies team who was newly arrived. Nobody knew what her real name was because they could not pronounce it so she was called Aggie. She was said to be a real champion and had won several events in Europe representing a country that nobody recognized by name – they thought it was somewhere near Russia. In fact Aggie was one of those tall leggy blonde girls who seemingly came off a conveyor belt of similar tennis players with real talent.

On the first morning of the tournament everybody headed out to the courts for their matches. Jimmy was checking out the other players when he came across this new girl in his team and he stopped to watch. The fact that she was walloping her opponent was not nearly as interesting as the fact that she was wearing a very short skirt and had legs that went up to her armpits.

She was very tall and had a cute ponytail. Jimmy was transfixed as he watched her little bum sneak out from under her skirt and occasionally he could see her white panties. He had never taken this much interest in a tennis player before and he watched her every move. She was really good.

Aggie became aware that somebody was watching but took little notice because she was concentrating on demolishing her opponent. At the end of her set Jimmy went away to play his own match which he won and then went to look at the draw to see who his next opponent would be and also where Aggie would be playing next. He went to the court to see her demolishing another opponent. She really was good.

At the end of the match Jimmy introduced himself and they got talking. She spoke very good English and her accent was seductive. Aggie came over to watch Jimmy’s next match which he won easily.

Could this be a dream come true? Aggie had had a boyfriend for many years and was obsessed with just three things – being a very good tennis player and going to live in the USA and playing with dicks and here was a really nice boy.

Jimmy knew he wanted to see more and suggested that at the end of the day they could have a hit together and he could perhaps help her in some way.

Around 6 PM when it was still light and everybody else had left, Jimmy and Aggie found a vacant court and started hitting back and forth. They both appreciated the fact that they were able to give each other tips to improve their games. They kept hitting up and ended up facing each other on the other side of the net to pick up the balls.

By this time Aggie was completely smitten with Jimmy. She had had a boyfriend back home and they had done everything but make love, even though she wanted to. She thought he was too frightened because of the commitment it would make and his religious beliefs and knew he wasn’t ready for it. In fact he was terrified of making her pregnant.

Aggie understood the other sex very well and was ready to do anything to make Jimmy hers and hers alone. He was taller than her and a very good player and she liked his cool, sophisticated approach which was so different to the boys she was used to back home. After 30 minutes the manager of the courts came and suggested that it was time to finish because he wanted to close up.

Jimmy suggested that he could close up if he was given the keys and he promised to be there early in the morning to open up again. They continued to play and a little later, with keys in hand, they went back to the clubhouse, had a quick shower and a cuddle. Both were keen to show that they liked the other person but a bit reticent to go too fast.

Jimmy was very happy to play with her breasts and kiss her and Aggie was very happy to know that he was interested in her. The feel of his hand on her breasts excited her immensely as she remembered how excited she became when her boyfriend did that and more. Aggie loved being sexy not only in appearance but in action.

That night her mind would race as to what the future might hold the next day. They went back to their accommodation for the night and had a meal together. Jimmy and Aggie talked for a long while and had a further cuddle before going to sleep for the night. Aggie’s mind was racing.

The next morning, Jimmy, true to his word, was at the courts very early with the keys. Aggie came later and he watched her play and win her matches during the day. She watched him win his matches. Jimmy was completely taken with Aggie and wanted nothing more than to get into her pants which she revealed every so often in the course of running and serving.

He arranged with her to have another hit up her at the end of the day. Again the manager came and Jimmy took the key from him so that he could close up. They Gaziantep Cumhuriyet Escort had a good workout which they enjoyed very much. They approached the net to pick up the balls on either side of the net when Aggie spoke, “What are you thinking about?”


“You are thinking about something. I can see it in your eyes. Your eyes are staring into space. Something is on your mind.”

“Well actually I was thinking about playing a set with you without your panties on.”

“You’re crazy”

“It was just a thought”


“Yes. Really.”

“You know two years ago I played another girl and we both took our panties off just for fun. It was strange.”


“Would you do it again?”


“Aw, come on.”

“Okay. OK if you want. We will play a set and the person who loses a game has to take their pants down.”

Jimmy knew that there wasn’t a chance in the world that he would lose a game against this girl and he would be sure to see his desire fulfilled. Aggie knew what she was doing and worked out how she could win and beat Jimmy in the most spectacular way.

She had played with her boyfriend’s dick before and she wanted to play with Jimmy’s. She liked the idea of that. From her own expert observations she had developed the idea that there must be something very large dangling between his legs and she wanted to see it. This would be fun.

They tossed and Aggie served first. The first game was over in a blur as Aggie didn’t stand a chance. She pulled her panties down and provocatively pointed at her pussy.

“Do you like that?” She separated her legs because she knew that would get him even more excited.

Jimmy was much more familiar with young girls who reluctantly revealed their naked pussies and was quite stunned at how naturally and provocatively she revealed herself. He was surprised to see that she had not shaved like most of the girls he knew. She walked towards him provocatively and said, “You’ve got your wish. Good luck.”

It was now Jimmy’s turn to serve and he prepared himself. In that split second after bouncing the ball ready to serve, he glanced, as you always did, to see where the opponent was, and was completely thrown off balance when he saw Aggie lifting her little skirt up to reveal her little blonde pubic patch.

It was enough to put Jimmy’s timing off completely and he sprayed the ball way off course and the same with the second serve and it was a double fault. In that split second Aggie had destroyed his rhythm. Jimmy went to serve on the other side and at precisely the same moment as she had lifted her skirt, she now lifted her top to reveal a pair of very small breasts. The size didn’t matter but it was enough to blow his mind again and another double fault followed.

Jimmy said, “You’re cheating”

“No I’m not. There is nothing in the rule books about this.”

“Not fair.”

“Play on.”

When Aggie went to pick up balls she managed to turn her bottom towards Jimmy and then bent over to reveal her hairy crack. Not only that but she managed to stay in that position for a longer time than necessary. Jimmy had never seen a girl display herself like that before.

To add insult to injury his concentration was now totally broken and all he could think of was the Promised Land in front of his eyes. Jimmy had encountered some teasers in his life but nothing like this. Jimmy initially didn’t think that there was any ulterior motive in Aggie doing this except to win the set. He didn’t see that she had an interior motive.

Jimmy tried to serve again but by this time he was suffering from a severe impediment in his shorts. His erection was getting in the way of easy movement. Aggie was enjoying herself. She could see what had happened and continued her tactics of showing alternatively her pubic patch or her breasts.

Jimmy had never foreseen the possibility that he might actually have to take his pants down and said, “You cheated.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did.”

This banter continued back and forth for a while as Aggie looked around to make sure that there was nobody in the court area and walked around the net post to pull Jimmy’s pants down and release his raging erection. She was immensely satisfied to see that his dick was even bigger than her boyfriend’s back home. This was going to be fun.

She pulled his head down with one motion and kissed him while her other hand encircled his dick. It was so extraordinary that Jimmy found himself in this embarrassing situation in public. He had never expected anything like this.

Jimmy said, “Let’s go back in and have a shower.”

Jimmy had never exposed himself in public before and felt very uncomfortable. The fact that she had clasped his dick so expertly sent a clear message in his mind that she wanted to go further. The question was would she go all the way?

Jimmy pulled his pants up just in case there was somebody lurking somewhere that he could not see. Aggie’s mind was racing as she felt the first dick she had felt since she left home. If the invitation for her to get the scholarship had not arrived out of the blue, she would have slept with her boyfriend already. Or so she hoped.

Aggie was a girl who got what she wanted. They marched off the court arm in arm and went into the building and headed for the showers. Jimmy locked the front door of the building to make sure nobody could come in and went into the men’s showers and Aggie went into the ladies’ showers.

He knocked on the door of the ladies’ showers and walked in to see water cascading over Aggie’s glistening naked body. Her hairy bush was now wet and more prominent than ever. Jimmy threw his towel off and walked into the shower with her?

Their bodies entwined and they kissed again and again taking no notice of the warm water cascading over them. Jimmy could feel her little breasts pressing into his chest while his arm encircled her. They continued to kiss without saying anything and then Jimmy’s long arm reached down from behind her bum and his finger found its way into the middle of her very moist crack.

Aggie knew he would get a big surprise because her boyfriend had told her that she had the biggest clitoris he had ever seen. She was not wrong. As Jimmy’s finger slid up her crack it alighted on a big fleshy semi hard protrusion that was probably four times larger than he had ever felt. It was nice. His finger moved around it in every direction as if he was trying to make a 3D impression in his mind.

Aggie had never discussed it with anybody but felt that if men compare their dicks and the one who had the biggest one was the proudest one, then she should certainly be proud of what she had. Just as other girls were overtly proud of the fact that their breasts were large, so Aggie was secretly proud of the fact that her clitoris was larger than theirs.

Nature had compensated her for having small breasts by giving her a big clitoris. The other girls at school were very intrigued and everybody knew that she had a big clitoris. Often they asked to look at it and sometimes to touch it which Aggie agreed to only if they allowed Aggie to touch theirs.

It was in this way that Aggie was certain that she had an unusually big clitoris. Even though none of the girls were lesbians, sometimes they touched each other to the point of orgasm. Aggie was very successful at reaching a climax but most of the other girls took a long time and sometimes never got there.

There were 8000 nerve endings on a normal clitoris how many more were there on hers? All she knew was that the moment any finger, either hers or her boyfriend’s touched her clitoris, glorious sensations went to her brain and caused her to progress quickly to an orgasm.

Absence makes the part grow fonder and the release of tension came faster and more intensively than ever before. Her arms were still around Jimmy’s chest and, if they had not been supporting her, she may have collapsed onto the floor of the shower.

Jimmy felt like a bear with its hand stuck in the jar of honey – his hand was trapped between her thighs and he could not remove it. That was bunkum of course because he did not want to remove it. In the briefest time imaginable her body was throbbing with another orgasm.

Aggie was beside herself with pleasure but felt drained by the violence of the orgasms. Somehow they were bigger and better than anything she had ever experienced before and she wondered whether the fact that she was holding tightly the biggest and hardest dick she had ever held was involved. Of course it was.

It was because the image in her mind as the contractions throbbed through her pussy was that of this big dick in her hand moving in and out of her pussy. She had never actually been penetrated but the thought of what it must be like suffused her mind and brought with it unprecedented excitement.

She knew she had to stop – a third orgasm sometimes overwhelmed her and wasn’t pleasant at all. She squeezed her buttocks together as if to squeeze Jimmy’s hand away from her clitoris and then she looked down at his large piece of flesh surrounded by her fingers. After a few rapid moments she knelt down in front of him and her lips surrounded his dick.

She heard Jimmy suck in air at the first contact and then her mouth moved back and forth as if it was a substitute pussy. Aggie knew he could not stand too much of this and soon felt the pulsing of his semen in her mouth. She spat it out and could see it coursing towards the drain. She then stood up and kissed Jimmy in a moment of passion.

In moments of lucidity she had calculated that this was probably the safest time in her cycle to have sex. She did not know how many times she calculated and recalculated and recalculated to make sure but she was finally satisfied that it was okay.

She knew from many experiences with her boyfriend back home that he could ejaculate many times before slowing down and she determined that she wanted her first fuck with Jimmy to be nice and slow and long-lasting.

She took the soap and washed his dick so that it was nice and slippery until he came again onto the floor of the shower. Without hesitation and without stopping she did it again and said to herself, “I’m ready and so is he.”

There was no thought in her mind that losing her virginity was important. To all intents and purposes she had done everything except put this long piece of human flesh inside her vagina. She had seen porn movies of other couples having sex in the shower and they all did it from behind but when she presented herself to Jimmy, he didn’t take the bait.

The simple fact was that Jimmy was a visual person and dying to see the massive clitoris that he had been playing with. There was only one thing to do – lay out his towel on the massage table and enter from in front.

He took his towel and began to dry himself but Aggie had other ideas. He could dry his own body but she wanted to dry his cock and balls and she took about her task with a willingness that soon had Jimmy erect and hard again. Aggie took her own towel and started to dry herself.

Jimmy could think of nothing better than to dry her all over himself. The towel lingered between her legs much more than necessary but eventually she was dry. Jimmy took the opportunity to play with her nipples which became very erect and hard even though they were small

Jimmy said, “Let’s go over to the massage table. I’ll put my towel down.”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

Aggie positioned herself in front of the table facing Jimmy and sat down. She knew what was coming and fell back onto the massage table with her knees in the air. Jimmy looked down and saw her light-colored bush and her crack and her protruding clitoris.

He had never seen anything like it before and the idea that he was going to stimulate it excited him more than ever. She opened her legs and there it was, completely visible. It was not like some of those little, almost invisible ones he had come across. He thought it was the prettiest pussy he had never seen and proceeded to rub up and down with his fingers moving the clitoral hood back to reveal her shiny button. Oh God this is heaven.

Nobody had ever licked Aggie’s clitoris before and when Jimmy’s tongue descended gently onto it, a delicious sensation swept through her body. Jimmy continued for some minutes doing this until Aggie had an orgasm and pulled his head away.

She drew Jimmy closer to her and guided his dick into her vagina. She knew it wouldn’t hurt but she was a bit worried that it might be too long but she forgot that she had a longer vagina than normal and was easily able to take it all in and feel it knocking against her cervix. The exertions with Jimmy’s dick in the shower meant that he did not come almost immediately but was able to move back and forth for a few minutes. Aggie was not like some timid little virgin on her wedding night who did not know which end went in first.

She was only too aware of the immense pleasure that can come from sex and especially with a man. Without a second thought her middle finger descended onto her clitoris until she had a massive orgasm. The spasms moving through the lower part of her body and her bucking pussy brought Jimmy to a climax and he released his sperm into her vagina. Aggie pulled his head forward and kissed him vigorously.

Her only words were, “That was great. That was great. I loved it. That was great.”

While Jimmy’s penis was moving in and out her mind cast back to the first time that a boy had squeezed his fingers between her knees and forced them open and then slowly moved them up the inside of her thighs and how sensitive the skin was.

It was the first time that a man had put his hand there. She remembered how excitement levels rose the closer he got to her pussy. It was as if each sensational touch opened the gate for him to move closer and closer until he finally slipped his finger into her crack.

She felt the same sensation now, not only of his dick in her vagina but the rubbing of his thighs against her thighs and the banging of his groin against hers and all the sexual enjoyment that brought. She had never felt anything like this before and knew that it was better than anything she had ever experienced. It was warm flesh against warm flesh and she reflected on how natural it was for his dick to be inside her pussy. This was absolutely the best sensation she had ever had.

Jimmy was still semi hard when he pulled out but Aggie had other ideas than to finish then and there. She stood up turned around and bent forward over the massage table with her bum in the air and offered her open pussy to his dick. Jimmy’s dick sprang into action immediately and he guided his dick between her lips until she came again.

She could not see what he was doing in this position which heightened the touchy, feely sensations all the more. It was the most animal way to have sex and brought delights of its own to them both. It was getting late and Jimmy said, “We’ve got to stop. I’ve got a championship match on tomorrow and so have you and we better get some rest.”

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