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Jennifer and I had been dating for a year and a half and living together for about a year when she told me her younger sister, Amanda, was going to use part of her spring break vacation from college to visit us. She asked if it would be okay if Amanda stayed with us for three or four days, and of course I had no problem with that. I had met her sister before and had hung out with her a little bit on a few occasions over the past year or so. While Jennifer is attractive, her younger sister is simply stunning. She is about five feet six inches tall, maybe one hundred twenty five pounds or so, with blond hair, a slightly curvy figure, and a beautiful pair of what I would guess are C-sized breasts. She also wears much tighter and more revealing tops than Jennifer does, and being a breast man, that really gets me going.

One afternoon the three of us were relaxing around the apartment, having spent the entirety of the previous day doing all sorts of touristy events. Everyone was in comfortable clothes, which for Amanda meant a tight, low-cut blue camisole with a built-in bra and a tiny pair of gray athletic shorts. Jennifer and Amanda had planned on making dinner for the three of us that evening, and we needed to do some grocery shopping to get all the ingredients. We were watching some mindless comedy movie on television, and about midway through, Jennifer, who was obviously bored, said she was going to run to the store to get things for dinner. Her sister and I were content to skip out on that bit of errand running, so Jennifer went to do the shopping by herself.

Amanda and I had done a little bit of flirting over the previous day or so, as we usually did when we were around each other. But it was very innocent stuff, as Jennifer was almost always around. As soon as Jennifer left for the store, though, the sexual tension between us increased tenfold. We were both sitting on the couch, her on one end and me on the other. When Jennifer left for the store, I got up to get a bottle of beer, grabbed a throw pillow and sat back down on the couch. Amanda was watching me as I sat down, and I told her she was welcome to put her head on the pillow in my lap and stretch out. She smiled a mischievous little smile and did just that, working her head into a comfortable position on the pillow. All of her shifting around really worked up a serious gebze escort erection for me, and it was obvious she noticed it through the somewhat thin pillow.

I felt like I had to say something, acknowledging it somehow. “I’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable,” was all I could come up with to ease the awkwardness.

Amanda turned her head a little bit, again with a smile, and said, “It doesn’t bother me. Aren’t you uncomfortable?”

“Oh, there’s ways for me to get more comfortable.”

Now she was ready to play. “Oh, really? Are you going to excuse yourself for a quick restroom trip?”

“Why would I do that? This is my apartment. I can unzip and take care of things right here.” I think we were both surprised at how quickly the stakes were being raised.

She began to taunt me. “Well, go ahead. I want to see it. I dare you to start going at it right here while I’m watching.”

I quickly responded, “Be careful what you ask for, you might get a little dirty. In fact, you’re the one who caused this, so maybe you should be the one to fix it.” I had thrown down the gauntlet. I would soon see just how real the sexual tension between us really was.

She thought about it for just a second as her eyes tracked down my body. “Well, I guess you’re right. I might be able to fix it.” At this point she sat up, giving me a wonderful view of her tits through the tight camisole, and sidled over next to me, rubbing my erection through my pants in the process. This was really going to happen. Once she got settled in, she slowly unzipped my pants and for several seconds ran her fingers over my boxers up and down the length of my shaft. She then moved her fingers to my waistband and slowly pulled downward, unleashing my throbbing erection.

After getting my boxers below my knees, she bent over, head in my lap, and slowly licked the head of my cock. A few flicks of the tongue later, she licked down the length of the shaft and all around my balls. After several seconds of this tongue bathing, she got off the couch and repositioned herself on the floor between my knees. She took the shaft of my cock in both hands and lowered her mouth around it. She took it deeper and deeper, swirling her tongue around my shaft, slightly bobbing her head up and down. She raised her head göztepe escort to the point where the head of my cock was just inside her mouth, and she lowered again, this time more quickly and with more violence. She looked up at me, her large, soft eyes begging for me to feed her more of my rock hard member. At this point she started to moan, at first quietly and then louder and louder as she bobbed quicker and quicker.

Now she started using her hands more, removing her left hand and pumping up and down the bottom half of my erection with her right. She continued bobbing her head, every now and then lingering at the bottom of my cock so she could deep throat it. The moaning continued, and her eyes continued to communicate her insatiable lust. She stopped bobbing her head, took my cock out of her mouth, and then pulled down the front of her tank top, exposing her supple, beautifully shaped breasts.

I cannot begin to describe how much I had always wanted to see those breasts. She moved both hands over her tits, squeezing her nipples. I reached down and put my hands over hers, and she quickly moved her hands away back to the shaft of my cock. I rolled her nipples between my fingers, and she threw her head back to give me even more access. I bent over from my position on the couch and took her right breast into my mouth, licking first her nipple and then back toward the center of her chest. I then moved over to her left breast, again licking all over and sucking hard on her nipple as I pulled her breast out of my mouth. All the while she had been pumping my cock rhythmically up and down.

I took my cock in my right hand and shifted toward the edge of the couch. I pushed my cock against the center of her chest and grabbed both her breasts and pushed them inward. One of my most common fantasies about Amanda was titty fucking her, and now I had my chance. She followed my lead and moved her hands to the side of her breasts, interlocking her fingers around the exposed portion of the shaft of my cock. I pushed in and out, up and down, generating as much friction as possible. Amanda kept up with her nearly inaudible whimpers and bent her head over, tongue out, kissing and licking the tip of my cock on each upstroke. After a minute or so of this, I grabbed my cock and shoved it haramidere escort roughly into Amanda’s open mouth, giving a deep pump or two nearly down to her throat.

She pushed my knees, requesting that I return to sitting against the back of the couch. She then bent her head over my cock to take it once more while she fondled her breasts. After a few more minutes of her ravishing my cock with her mouth, she moved her right hand down, underneath the elastic waistband of her shorts to her pussy and began fingering herself. The moans again became louder and louder as she expertly stimulated herself. Her breasts bounced up and down with her body, and it was then that I realized she was giving me the best blow job I had ever received.

I could not last much longer at this point. I bent over slightly and whispered, “I’m about to cum baby. Where do you want it?”

She raised her head off my cock, gasping, “On my face, all over my face”, and quickly resumed her up-and-down motion.

As I got close to finishing, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, started pumping it with one hand, and with the other I pulled back gently on her gorgeous blond hair. “Open your mouth, baby, show me that beautiful tongue.” She did just as I said. “You ready for it?”

“Yes,” she gasped, still fingering herself. She stuck her tongue back out, and I finally lost it. I shot one stream straight into her mouth, another across her nose and top lip, and the last one across the side of her mouth and her cheek.

I relaxed for half a second as I finished working myself over. “Come here baby, let me wipe this cock off on your face.” She leaned in with her face right next to my slowly softening cock, and I wiped the remaining cum on her clean cheek and her chin. I used my other hand to massage each of her breasts, one at a time. “You want to finish cleaning this off?” She nodded, smiling, and took my cock into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around the tip of my cock over and over again, deliberately pumping my shaft with her right hand, milking every ounce of cum I had into her mouth.

I played with her tits, again working her nipples between my fingertips. After she finished, she leaned back, sitting on her knees and propping herself up with her arms. Sitting there, with a wry smile on her face, her beautiful breasts exposed and much of my cum strewn across her face, she looked unbelievably sexy. I got up from the couch, took a step toward her, pushed my half-erect cock into her mouth for one last lick and a quick suck, then I pulled up my shorts and went to the kitchen while she went to the restroom to get straightened up. My girlfriend would be back from the grocery store before long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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