Test Drive

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Aidra Fox

When my van was stolen during a booking in Philadelphia I felt like my world had turned upside down. I was on stage when the manager came to tell me and I just broke down. I cancelled the rest of the booking and managed to work out a ride back home to Florida where I intended to sulk for a while and lick my wounds.

I stayed home for a couple of weeks and the sulking was going quite well, but I also knew that I had another booking coming up and I couldn’t avoid it any longer…I had to go buy another vehicle. At the time I’d been traveling in a conversion van that was big enough to hold all my costumes and props and it had worked out pretty well. There was a TV and a bench seat that folded down into a bed. It had been perfect for those long long drives across the country and I missed it already.. Well, at least I knew what I was looking for. Now the trick was buying it without losing my mind.

I dressed down as much as possible, just a black sweater and a long flowing skirt, but when I walked into the dealership all of the salesmen and the other customers stopped and stared. I don’t mind so much, I’m pretty used to it by now, but the salesman that approached me was already staring at my boobs as he greeted me. As I told him what I was looking for his gaze kept flicking back and forth from my face to my chest and it started to irritate me. After what I’d been through I just wasn’t in the mood, you know what I mean?

He led me out to the back lot where they kept their vans and showed me several of them, one of which I really liked. When I started asking questions about it he kept trying to talk to me about one of the others. He couldn’t seem to accept that I knew what I wanted, and then he sealed his fate by hitting on me. That just royally pissed me off. I gave him my answer using a hand sign that’s very popular in traffic, then I headed back to the showroom to give someone a large piece of my mind.

I yanked the door open and started into the showroom but I didn’t get far before a woman I hadn’t previously seen intercepted me. I guess she’d been watching from the window and had pretty much figured out what had happened. She introduced herself as Darlene, told me she was the assistant manager and asked me to step into her office. I was still pretty mad and started to say so but she cut me short by putting her hand on my arm and smiling. “Come on,” she said, and turned to lead me to her office. For some reason all the fire went out of me then and I just wanted to sit down.

I followed her across the room and I couldn’t help but think about how nice she looked. I guessed her to be between 35 and 40. She was about 5’10” with long curly auburn hair and beautiful blue eyes. She wore a dark business suit that was cut so that it accented her curves. The jacket was open and showed the pretty white blouse she had on. All in all she was a very appealing lady and as it will, my mind started to wander. What can I say, I’d been home for two weeks and hadn’t had any sex for three before that. I was primed.

We sat in her office for a while and talked. I told her all about what had happened, and she told me not to worry, that she’d deal with him in her own way. I liked her voice and her easy laughter soon had me smiling and feeling better than I had for a while. It was nice to unburden myself to a stranger, and she was surprisingly easy to talk to. I told her all about the theft and that I still needed to buy a van, and I asked if she could sell me the one that I wanted. I wasn’t up for dealing with another guy right then, and sighed with relief when she told that she’d be happy to.

She grabbed the keys and we walked back out to the lot. I checked out the van and to my delight found that the interior was even nicer that the one I’d lost. It had the same TV/bed setup but this one also had two captain’s chairs behind the sex izle driver and passenger seats, and the rear windows were all darkly tinted. I loved it.

She handed me the keys and we climbed in to take a test drive. We talked about the van as we drove and it took me a few minutes before I noticed that while I was watching the road, she was staring openly at my breasts. It was the first sign she’d given to indicate she was interested, and it made me smile inside. I leaned back and stretched against the highbacked seat to give her a good long look, then deliberately hit a bump so it would make them bounce without looking like I was trying to. I kept waiting for her to say something but she just stayed casual, talking about the van and asking me questions about the places I’ve been and the things I’ve done. Whenever I turned toward her she always met my gaze, but I could see her staring out of the corner of my eye when I was looking ahead, thinking I didn’t know. In my mind a plan began to unfold…

I made the turn down the road to the beach I go to occasionally and Darlene never noticed until I turned into the shell parking area. There weren’t any other cars in the lot at that time of day in the middle of the week, just as I’d hoped. I drove down to the end of the last row and parked under the trees, angling so we could see the water. I left the van running and the air on, then turned toward her. She looked at me questioningly and I smiled. “Do you want to see?” I asked her softly. She stammered when she tried to speak, then settled for a nod. I locked the doors, then slipped between the front seats and settled in one of the captain’s chairs. I moved the lever at the base and turned the chair toward her. “Then come here and see for yourself,” I whispered.

She quickly followed me, kneeling in front of the chair on the thick carpeting. She looked out the windows nervously, then gazed raptly at me as her hands began to caress my breasts, circling and kneading them softly, her fingers following the line of my bra. The sensation thrilled me and I sighed with pleasure. Her nimble fingers started undoing the buttons on my sweater but fumbled a little in her haste. I laughed and said, “Take your time, there’s no rush.”

I placed my hands on either side of her face, then leaned in to kiss her. Our lips met I as slid my fingers back through her luxuriant hair, my tongue slipping into her mouth, meeting her own and she moaned softly. We kissed long and slow, our tongues probing and dancing together as she finished unbuttoning me. She pulled back and watched as she opened my sweater to reveal my straining white lacy bra, her eyes glued to the sight. She pressed her breasts against mine as she reached around to unclasp my bra, and I slid my hands under her jacket and cupped them gently. I could feel her hard nipples straining for release and I pinched them between my thumbs and forefingers, making her gasp as my bra straps sprang forward in release. She slid her hands up and under the shoulder straps, sliding them down my arms and pulling my bra off. Her eyes widened at the first sight of my bare breasts, then a wide smile slowly spread over her face. “My god,” she whispered, “They’re huge.” She slipped a hand under my right breast and lifted it a little, then said, “And they’re heavy!”

I laughed again, then hissed as she sucked my nipple into her mouth. With both hands holding my breast she nursed me, biting lightly and laving my stiff nip with her tongue, sending shocks down through my body. My pussy instantly moistened as she nuzzled first one breast, then switched to the other while I thrilled at the sight and feeling of her indulging in the basic human need to nurse. I caressed her head as she lost herself in the moment, making small noises as she ministered to my heaving breasts.

After a few minutes I gently alt yazılı porno pushed her back and my nipple popped from her mouth with a smacking sound. She looked up at me, her breathing ragged and her face flushed. I lifted her jacket back off her shoulders and she shrugged out of it, laying it on the other seat. She started unbuttoning her blouse and I sat back to watch. She wasted no time stripping it off and adding it to the growing pile on the seat. Her hands were sliding up and down her body, over her pretty pink bra and squeezing her full breasts, then down her torso and between her legs. She cupped her pussy through her slacks, bumping her hips forward as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, moaning softly. I responded to her teasing by sliding my skirt up and hooking my right leg over the arm of my chair. When she looked forward again the sight that greeted her was my skirt bunched about my waist and my left hand caressing my very wet pussy. No panties for me, I like to feel naughty.

That was all it took. Reaching behind her back, Darlene unsnapped her bra and laid it on the pile, her heavy breasts swinging with the movement. My mouth watered for them. I wanted her dark, stiff nips in my mouth and I reached for her with my right hand, my left still busy between my widely parted legs. Instead of coming to me she leaned back and pulled off her shoes, then reached to unbutton her slacks. She slid them down to her knees, exposing her matching pink panties. She sat down then and rocked backward, sliding her slacks down and off. And the pile grew a little higher.

Rising back to her knees she presented herself to me, swaying slightly as she touched herself, one hand cupping her left breast and the other pressed tightly to her panty covered pussy. I’d been fingering myself during her little performance and my motor was off and running! I slid off the seat and pushed my skirt down, then worked it off. I moved forward on my knees until my breasts were pressing against hers and we kissed again, our hands around each other, both of us ready and eager for more.

Breaking the kiss I leaned down and took her left nipple into my mouth, licking and sucking it gently as I caressed her soft breasts. She groaned and wrapped her fingers in my hair, holding me to her. I alternated sucking and pinching her swollen nipples until her breathing became even more agitated, then moved back up and kissed her deeply once more.

I hooked my thumbs in the sides of her panties and slid them down over her hips, then cupped her swollen pussy with one hand while feeling her tight ass with the other. She moaned into my mouth and pushed hard against my hand. She was so wet that my middle finger slipped right inside her. She bucked against me in response and thrust her tongue into my mouth as I started finger fucking her. It was my turn to moan when she slid not one but two fingers deep into my slippery pussy. We held each other tightly, soul kissing as our free hands rubbed and pinched nipples while we pumped fingers into hungry holes, going ever faster and grinding hard against the hands that were pleasuring us so very nicely.

She hit her peak first but I was only a second behind her when my orgasm exploded through me. I could feel her tight little pussy spasming, squeezing my finger as she cried out in ecstasy, her moans matching my own as my body jerked with pleasure. We held each other for a minute or two, breathing hard and slowly coming back from the ultimate point of delight we’d shared.

She must have been as hot as I still was because she pulled away from me and moved to the back bench and reached behind it to flip the lever that lowered the back, making it into a bed. She turned to me with a wicked smile and said, “Let me demonstrate one of the features of your new van.” As she crawled altyazılı sex izle up onto the bed I marveled at how fast she’d gone from being the straight business woman to a horny bitch with an itchy pussy like mine.

I quickly followed her and she motioned for me to lay on my back. As I did she turned around and swung her leg over my boobs, positioning her pussy over my face. I grabbed her beautiful ass with both hands and pulled her down, sliding my tongue deep inside her delicious cunt just as she did the same to me. Ahhh…god it was good! The weeks of being deprived sex were built up inside me to the bursting point even though I had just cum moments before, and I knew my fuse was very short. Her tongue was magic in my pussy as she probed deeply, then sucked my clit like it was a tiny cock, making me push my hips up at her hungry mouth as I squeezed and kneaded her ass. She tasted so fucking good, it was like I couldn’t get enough of her as I reamed her pussy with my thrusting tongue, drinking in her succulent juices as I suckled her clit. Her ass was moving in rhythm with my tongue and I could feel her moaning into my pussy with every lick and suck.

I knew I was going to cum again and it was going to be a hard one…and I wanted her with me when it happened! I ate her yummy cunt viciously, hungrily, wanting every drop and wanting her to know what she was doing to me, how she was driving me crazy with her talented mouth. I felt her tummy tense and I knew she was there, with me, on the brink, and as I started to cum I licked straight up and stabbed my tongue into her ass. Her reaction was electric! She clamped her lips down on my clit and sucked hard as her body bucked on top of me. I rammed my tongue back into her pussy and pressed my chin against her clit, grinding against her as her sweet cum ran into my mouth and I writhed beneath her in orgasmic joy. She screamed in pleasure as she abandoned my throbbing pussy and pushed herself up with her arms, pushing backward against my face as I held her tightly. She cried out over and over as she came, then with a last gasp she collapsed on top of me, wrapping her arms around my legs and holding them tightly as the last wonderful spasms surged through both of us. After a minute or so she rolled off of me and turned around, crawling up next to me. I turned on my side and held her, kissing her deeply. I could taste myself on her lips and I knew she could as well…and it was amazing.

We lay there together for a while, then crawled back to the chairs to retrieve our clothes. When we’d finished dressing I moved back to the driver’s seat on shaky legs. I watched as she pulled the visor down and used the mirror to fix her makeup and hair. Folding it back up she turned to me and smiled. “That was incredible,” she said, “I’ve never done anything like that before.” I told her, “Well, for a beginner you could have fooled me.” She actually blushed at that, and once again I was taken by the transformation she’d made from elegant business woman to wanton slut and back. Smiling, I put the van in gear and drove us back to the dealership.

After the deal was finished she stood and came around from behind her desk. She shook my hand, and then glancing furtively around, leaned in and kissed me one last time, leaving me with the sweet taste of her tongue. As we walked out of her office a man approached us. Nice looking, around 45 or so I guessed, dressed impeccably in a well-cut suit.

Darlene said, “This is Adam, our general manager.” From the look she gave him I knew that there was something between them, and it made me smile.

He said, “I heard what happened before and I want you to know that I’ve taken care of it. I’m very sorry, and I hope that Darlene was able to make you feel better about it.”

“Yes,” I replied, looking her in the eye. “I have to say that for the first time buying a new vehicle was an absolute pleasure. I’ll be happy to come again soon.”

I had to give it to her, she had control. I only saw a shadow of a blush as she took my hand, handed me her business card and said, “Thanks, the pleasure was all mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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